Top 45 Invincible Quotes

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I don't think I'm unusual in that, in my 20s, like many

I don’t think I’m unusual in that, in my 20s, like many people, I felt invincible.
Amanda Lindhout
A lot of people have a misconception about artists, that they’re invincible, you know, they’re on a different plateau. But I’m just a human being.
There’s no experience like going down an empty freeway toward a hurricane and then looking in the opposite lane and seeing bumper-to-bumper traffic, people fleeing that scene. Or going to a toxic spill and seeing people go the other way. You talk yourself into thinking you’re invincible in order to do that.
Lester Holt
I shall be glad when you have strangled the invincible respectability that dogs your steps.
D. H. Lawrence
Writing is taking a risk, and it is actually fighting invisible and invincible enemies. They are over-confidence, stupidity, expectation and narcissism.
Andrea Hirata
Then I despair… I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been murderers and tyrants, and for a time they can seem invincible. But in the end they always fall. Think of it always.
Andre Malraux
I find the character of Jarasandh, the King of Magadha, captivating and challenging since he was invincible.
Puneet Issar
Talent is a combination of perfect comic timing, diction, modulation, great script writing and most importantly, an invincible will, if you may call it so.
Oppression that is clearly inexorable and invincible does not give rise to revolt but to submission.
Simone Weil
I coach my mentees to act as if they are invincible – to act as if they could accomplish anything!
Dan Pena
I do not know Rep. Weiner. But I do know he seems to have the features of a narcissist. Narcissists feel empty. Narcissists feel invincible. But their emotional landscape is barren.
Drew Pinsky
I got to the point of insanity, but I also got out, but during the insane times, I felt invincible, and I felt creative and wonderful, too, but I was also hiding something.
Duff McKagan
Chinese combatants, men and women, inheritors of a millennial culture, are people of uncommon intelligence and an invincible spirit of struggle.
Fidel Castro
I’m not invincible.
Zoe Bell
I moved to Liverpool in 2012, and they were really ambitious, bringing in top players. In 2013, we beat Arsenal – who seemed invincible – 4-0. It was the shock of the century.
Lucy Bronze
The first time I saw my father, he was chained. Gone was the mirage of the invincible man, the man who would protect me once I found him. At the age of 12, I finally saw my father – in an orange jumpsuit, looking weak and vulnerable.
Michael Tubbs
Indestructible does not mean utterly invincible.
Mark Waid
Messi is the best player in the world, but he’s not invincible.
I don’t feel invincible because I’m human.
Mariano Rivera
A lot of us think we’re invincible… but we have to start putting ourselves on the to-do list.
Giuliana Rancic
To all of a sudden go from feeling almost invincible to being temporarily paralyzed to then having rods and screws in my neck and not really being able to move around to seeing my body change, I definitely, definitely, definitely did not feel myself at all.
Tyson Kidd
Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
Helen Keller
The man who doesn’t want anything is invincible.
Antonio Banderas
When you’re younger you feel more invincible – that nothing is ever going to get you down or beat you. When you get a bit older, you realise the fragility of things, how easy it is to get caught out by things – and Ant did.
Declan Donnelly
Inflexible in faith, invincible in arms.
James Beattie
Queer is invincible because people have tried everything – haven’t they? What haven’t they tried to do to queer people? And horrible things happened. But you never stop, because it’s the truth of who you are.
Ben Hopkins
I was invincible, at least that’s what I wanted you to think, and I wanted me to think it, too.
John Sweeney
To the rest of us the supreme vindication of the scholar’s view lies in their invincible allegiance to the Jewish heritage – a steadfastness that has been matched only by that of their rescuers.
Henrietta Szold
I shall be glad when you have strangled the invincible respectability that dogs your steps.
D. H. Lawrence
A lot of the characters I’ve played before are heroic or invincible in some ways and not tuned into fear and anxiety and pain.
Jason Statham
Youth is incredible because you really do feel invincible.
Paul Stanley
Hey, I was lucky twice. I know it's three strikes and y

Hey, I was lucky twice. I know it’s three strikes and you’re out. I don’t think of myself as being invincible anymore.
Curtis Sliwa
The minute you got the Nobel Peace Prize, things that I said yesterday, with nobody paying too much attention, I say the same things after I got it – oh! It was quite crucial for people, and it helped our morale because apartheid did look invincible.
Desmond Tutu
Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.
George Orwell
When you’ve got a mask on, you’re kind of invincible. It’s almost like nobody can see you, and you can do what you want to do without consequences.
Jim Root
The difference between men is in energy, in the strong will, in the settled purpose and in the invincible determination.
Vince Lombardi
My early and invincible love of reading I would not exchange for all the riches of India.
Edward Gibbon
What is at a peak is certain to decline. He who shows his hand will surely be defeated. He who can prevail in battle by taking advantage of his enemy’s doubts is invincible.
Cao Cao
Curiosity is the one thing invincible in Nature.
Freya Stark
I was invincible. I believed all my problems were gone and I finally made it, that L.A. was my answer to everything.
Bonnie McKee
An invincible determination can accomplish almost anything and in this lies the great distinction between great men and little men.
Thomas Fuller
No man is invincible.
Keyshawn Johnson
I do not say that, when brought to the test, I shall be invincible.
James Otis
Being halfway through my life, I think we start feeling less invincible and we start thinking more about the important things.
Pamela Anderson
Young people like to think they’re invincible. They don’t like to face any situation where they’ve gotten weaker instead of stronger.
V. E. Schwab