Top 45 Musical Theatre Quotes

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Having grown up in musical theatre, I know what works a

Having grown up in musical theatre, I know what works and what doesn’t.
Michael Ball
I did musical theatre for about four years. One time, I did six shows in one year whilst juggling school.
Sam Smith
I love musical theatre. It’s a passion of mine.
I’ve always loved musical theatre. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do.
Judy Norton
I’m trained in musical theatre and ‘Pitch Perfect’ is the first movie where I get to really belt out. I beat Adele for that role.
Rebel Wilson
I started singing in my church choir, and then when I got to middle school, I had the coolest musical theatre director, and we actually did ‘The Wiz’ in seventh grade, and I was Addaperle, and my grandma was like, ‘Why didn’t you audition for Dorothy?’ But I was too nervous for that.
Shanice Williams
My mother was majorly into musical theatre – that’s how this happened. That’s how I became the gayest person in the world.
Randy Rainbow
Physical comedy and musical theatre were never actually in my main focus at school. I was more of a dramatic actor. I always thought I was better at that.
Ethan Slater
I went into musical theatre, which I’m not really cut out for – I’m not as skilled at it as other people.
Richard C. Armitage
Great architects like Taut, Mendelsohn, and Gropius built some astonishing buildings which were to change the way architects around the world thought. Brecht and Weill forever changed musical theatre; Kaethe Kollwitz and others changed German perceptions of the purposes of art.
Justin Cartwright
I teach a lot of young musical theatre actors, and I notice that a lot of them say that they have a harder time connecting the classic repertoire.
Lindsay Mendez
I can never say that I will never return to musical theatre. There may be a part in the future that I really want to do. I love plays as well. I am very open to ideas. I hope to do many things in the future.
Sarah Brightman
I did commercials and voice-overs as a kid, and it just lead to musical theatre opportunities.
Jennifer Damiano
I was doing musical theatre ’til I was, like, 17, and then I started realising I could use my voice in a more, like, current way.
If it wasn’t for musical theatre I wouldn’t have met my wife, McFly wouldn’t exist, none of it would have happened.
Tom Fletcher
The one thing I have always felt about musical theatre is that it is, to an extraordinary degree, about construction.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
I was really, really, really enthusiastic as a kid. I was up for anything. I was hugely into music and theatre. I was a big musical theatre kid; I loved reading.
Amanda Marshall
I went to the University of Michigan and have a BFA in Musical Theatre.
Helene Yorke
My father was a classical singer of baroque music, and my older sister was in musical theatre, and I thought about doing the same thing but then realised straight acting was for me.
Antonia Thomas
Musical theatre history is littered with bad reviews for now classic pieces.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
I began with dance, doing ballet at 3, then tap, jazz, modern. Then I sang in church choirs, learned how to play clarinet and drums, sang with rock bands and only then did I get into musical theatre.
Samantha Barks
When you’re young, it’s hard to see the reality behind such a demanding career, but I loved it, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. So in my mind, from the minute I had to seriously start thinking about my future, I knew musical theatre was it for me.
Taylor Louderman
If you go back to before me doing comedy, my background was dancing and then it was musical theatre, but Im a bit of a comedian as far as my careers gone. You evolve in your career and I think thats a good thing.
Danny John-Jules
When I write songs, I’m just writing stories, and being in musical theatre taught me how to act them out through singing.
In musical theatre you’re also supposed to be able to dance and everything, so I’ve always tried to take dance lessons, but I’ve realized that martial arts comes to me so much more easily than dancing ever has.
Isa Briones
As we get older… I don’t know a single person who has devoted their life to musical theatre who hasn’t had a couple of misses as well as a bunch of hits. The misses, we learn a great deal from them.
Maury Yeston
I collect musical theatre anthologies. I have a whole library of them.
Tituss Burgess
I love musical theatre because I love doing a live performance eight times a week.
Gareth Gates
Obviously musical theatre is not my thing, but dramatic theatre is much more up my alley.
Jason Priestley
I have a camp fascination with all things musical theatre – I’ve even got the box set of ‘Britannia High.’
Karla Crome
I’m an obsessive musical theatre person, so some of the most formative albums for me were, you know, the ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ soundtrack or ‘Into The Woods.’
Allison Williams
I used to do puppet theatre and also mime and musical t

I used to do puppet theatre and also mime and musical theatre in Florida for competitions and festivals, which was great. I was very much involved in theatre when I was in college.
Wesley Snipes
I was a musical theatre geek in high school and college.
Toks Olagundoye
As a performer, once you’ve understood the genre of musical theatre, you can tire very quickly of the two-dimensional stuff. With Sondheim, it’s always a challenge. It’s difficult and exhilarating and he’s so good on the complexities of relationships and on things going wrong.
Michael Ball
I started dancing at age three and then got involved in musical theatre and acting around age seven. I think I’ve probably known since then that I want to be a professional actor.
Tiya Sircar
I grew up in musical theatre and love to perform on stage.
A. J. McLean
I grew up doing certain little things in the musical theatre realm, but I didn’t really understand that you could… make a career out of it.
Diana DeGarmo
I’m grateful to be working. The most exciting thing for me is that I never get bored – I’ve done comedy, drama, musical theatre and now Shakespeare.
Sheridan Smith
I have written a lot of musical theatre over my life – two Olivier Award-winning musicals – and I still don’t think I’m ready to be the boss in the room.
Tim Minchin
I grew up in Los Angeles, and my first musical theatre experiences were at the Music Center in downtown L.A.
Josh Groban
I came to musical theatre from straight acting, and a lot of my friends have a real prejudice about musical theatre – one I probably shared.
Bertie Carvel
I love the intimacy of making movies. The focus is deeper and much more intense than musical theatre.
Sarah Brightman
Who would have thought that a story about a professor of phonetics would result in it being probably one of the great shows ever for musical theatre? It’s a seemingly odd subject.
Julie Andrews
I have fallen deeply in love with songs – musical theatre songs included – over the years, and this experience has taught me to hear and honor the writer’s voice in my soul.
Alice Ripley
Musical theatre is, for sure, my first love.
Jordan Fisher