Top 45 Snobbery Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Snobbery Quotes from famous people such as Meghan McCain, Viv Albertine, Thomas Bangalter, Tamzin Outhwaite, Gregg Wallace, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

The right-wing conservatives are so entitled in their s

The right-wing conservatives are so entitled in their snobbery that no one is ever good enough for them, so the rest of us, especially moderates, must suffer.
Meghan McCain
It’s the people who transcend their backgrounds who are interesting to me. I have got a bit of inverted snobbery.
Viv Albertine
Music was segregated in the ’80s, and then in the ’90s the boundaries started to break down, and rock kids got into electronic music. But then you got this reverse snobbery where people would only listen to electronic music and not rock.
Thomas Bangalter
If there is a snobbery, then they haven’t been on set to see how a show like ‘EastEnders’ works. Because I know for a fact that some of my favourite actors are still not capable of doing what these guys do.
Tamzin Outhwaite
Food is the only snobbery allowed. Imagine pulling up in your expensive car alongside somebody at the lights with a cheap car and saying, ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ But people do it with food.
Gregg Wallace
It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.
Albert Camus
There is a lot of snobbery towards pop music, to me and pop in general – it’s kind of a despised art form.
Robbie Williams
Critics established a snobbery toward me.
Esther Williams
Wine is wonderful stuff. But so many people are put off by the snobbery of it.
John Cleese
In the snobbery of science, each branch attempts to rise in the social scale by imitating the methods of the next higher science and by ignoring the methods and phenomena of the sciences beneath.
Gilbert Newton Lewis
We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.
Yves Saint Laurent
In TV, film, and music there’s a lot of snobbery, and I don’t like it. I’ve never been a cultural snob.
Simon Cowell
All the people I know have been conditioned by snobbery.
Louis MacNeice
Inverted snobbery is just as dangerous as snobbery itself, you know – that pride in having nothing.
Pete Doherty
Of course, there’s a certain type of person who feels that anything which becomes mainstream has to be rejected immediately. And that’s part of the indie-alternative snobbery and hierarchy and elitism.
Alex Kapranos
Is class snobbery a social reality in the United States? Absolutely, and the kind that’s codified by meritocracy is probably more toxic than the old-fashioned kind based on bloodlines.
Timothy Noah
Laughter would be bereaved if snobbery died.
Peter Ustinov
I’ll tell you what I love. Sending back bottles of wine that aren’t right in restaurants in France! Whoa! I love the French, but I do find their wine snobbery something unbearable.
Rod Stewart
The British are actually a lot more appreciative of the comic. In Canada, if you’re perceived as a comic writer, there’s a real snobbery, and you can’t be serious. You’re not a big hitter.
Miriam Toews
My mum especially listens to music in a way that is incredibly feelings-based. There’s virtually no snobbery about what sounds are in it, she just wants to hear a song and that is quite refreshing.
James Blake
I deeply detest social distinction and snobbery, and in that lies my strong aversion to titular honours.
Helen Clark
At least when it comes to food, there’s no snobbery in Singapore.
Kevin Kwan
There’s a real kind of snobbery in the U.K. about horror films.
Neil Marshall
I feel that I have an impractical and deleterious snobbery about the relation of literature to the market. I thought, ‘I’ve become the kind of crap you buy at airports!’ It was exciting, but it was not a fantasy I’d ever had.
Claire Messud
There’s a snobbery at work in architecture. The subject is too often treated as a fine art, delicately wrapped in mumbo-jumbo. In reality, it’s an all-embracing discipline taking in science, art, maths, engineering, climate, nature, politics, economics.
Norman Foster
I think sometimes with politics, young people especially have become disillusioned with it, because they can’t relate to it, there’s a lot of snobbery and people are a lot older.
Georgia Toffolo
There is an intellectual snobbery that, regrettably, many academics suffer from. They are proud their paper is only read by a small group of people – makes it very exclusive. Let’s get rid of that. If it’s truly important, people should be excited about it.
Gad Saad
We learned pretty early on in this band that you can’t have snobbery in music.
Mike Shinoda
There’s no snobbery in me.
Lena Headey
At 18 years old, you don’t think about the impact the job will have on the future. You’re not completely switched on to how society views women, so while it was such a great experience there is still a snobbery about ‘Page 3,’ which is a huge shame.
Keeley Hazell
Don’t get me wrong – intellectual snobbery is vulgar and gauche.
Robert Webb
There's been a kind of inverse snobbery about culture.

There’s been a kind of inverse snobbery about culture. I get the feeling some people would look at Shakespeare and say, that’s a bit too intimidating for working-class people.
Munira Mirza