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With all the main characters that I write, it's always

With all the main characters that I write, it’s always very important to me that they have good and bad aspects of their personality. It’s important to me that they’re complicated and that they’re human.
Jesmyn Ward
I think it’s my interaction with journalists that has pegged me more as political than my actual records, although they have obviously political aspects to them as well.
Serj Tankian
Portraits are about revealing aspects of an individual.
Kehinde Wiley
There’s politics in all aspects of our daily lives.
Michael Moore
I saw many aspects of the country which I needed to see in order that I might know what we need to do.
Aung San Suu Kyi
I was brought up by a single mom in a poor town in Arkansas and while some aspects of small-town life were really positive – like the fact that everyone there is really sweet and hospitable – there is also this close-minded mentality, and that naturally made me want to rebel.
Beth Ditto
We used to go to movies to see stories about ourselves. It would transport us to new worlds and we’d see aspects of ourselves reflected back.
Travis Knight
Sloganeering and name-calling have been some of the most unsavoury aspects of Leave/Remain conflicts over the past few years.
Claire Fox
Television is a good training ground for aspiring stars. You can experiment and get away, imbibing the positive and viable aspects. Whereas, in cinema, the stakes are high. If something goes wrong, the film falls flat.
R. Madhavan
BUT, in terms of attractiveness, speaking in terms of physical aspects only I think that Argentinean, Italian, Mexican, and Spanish men are among the most attractive men.
Alicia Machado
You just let your lower self go, and then it takes on all these aspects of the society – the city with horns blowing, the people yelling things at each other, and the all-in-all violence and chaos of the city. Put that on stage with music, and that’s what this is.
Alice Cooper
I want to live all aspects of my life, not just acting.
Craig Horner
My husband and I spend every single evening together and often see each other a lot throughout the day. I’m his wife and the mother of his children. But he’s the first person to say, ‘I want you to be my girlfriend too,’ and it’s important to keep all those aspects of your relationship.
Hilaria Baldwin
I like to peruse the Full Contact Poker online forums to read and comment on posts about interesting poker hands and whether they were played properly. I find that many of the contributors consistently suffer from the same problem: they are far too preoccupied with statistically insignificant aspects of a poker hand.
Daniel Negreanu
There are so many aspects to science that I couldn’t give up – the rigor, the discoveries, the teaching. The impact that science has on the world around us is something I’m enthralled with. I don’t think anyone could ever take that out of me.
Pardis Sabeti
I am hopeful that the concept of ‘cultural appropriation’ is a passing fad: people with different backgrounds rubbing up against each other and exchanging ideas and practices is self-evidently one of the most productive, fascinating aspects of modern urban life.
Lionel Shriver
Unlike regular digital or film cameras, which can only record a scene in two dimensions, light field cameras capture all of the light rays traveling in every direction through a scene. This means that some aspects of a picture can be manipulated after the fact.
Ren Ng
That’s what you gonna get with me: the dark aspects of life. Of course, you’ve got to have some type of light in there, but if it was all light, you’d be blinded. You’ve got to balance them out.
Denzel Curry
My life has always been compartmentalized into different aspects. I have my speed skating Olympic pursuits, I have my personal life and have my business life and have my entertainment – TV – Hollywood – whatever have you – always compartmentalizing every aspect of my life.
Apolo Ohno
Suppose that every prospective parent in the world stopped having children naturally, and instead produced clones of themselves. What would the world be like in another 20 or 30 years? The answer is: much like today. Cloning would only copy the genetic aspects of people who are already here.
Nathan Myhrvold
As a writer of historical fiction, I believe you don’t want to fictionalize gratuitously; you want the fictional aspects to prod and pressure the history into new and exciting reactions.
Matthew Pearl
From reading a previous answer, you know that I consider all those aspects to be part of American cultural myth and thus they figure into good American poetry, whether the poet is aware of what he is doing or not.
Diane Wakoski
Growing up, I always liked so many different sounds from so many different genres – the different aspects they could bring.
Lil Nas X
In the normal process of evaluating the end of the season, I meet with key executives for thorough discussions and evaluations of all aspects of football operations.
Jeffrey Lurie
There are people who don’t understand some of the core aspects of being a decent human being.
France has been mired in people’s minds for years. In reality, our children are taught that they have every reason to criticize her, to see only the darkest historical aspects.
Marine Le Pen
As an actor, we have to be so vulnerable that it’s really hard to involve yourself with the other aspects of filmmaking.
Regina King
I started my life as an admiring fan, and fortunate am I to marry him and see the different aspects and qualities of this great human being who was not like any of the people I had met and spoken to.
Saira Banu
An entrepreneur need not know everything but he or she should lead a team of persons who are thorough in different aspects.
Ananya Birla
School districts around the country, and the taxpayers that support them, have a moral right to the information the NFL might have concerning the medical aspects of the game, and to assess the risks to the students in their charge. Colleges have a moral right to that information for the same reasons.
Charlie Pierce
It’s important to just kind of get away from your sport until you miss it. It’s about taking time to enjoy other aspects of life or learn new things. It helps rejuvenate.
Misty May-Treanor
I have always been attracted to the bleaker aspects of

I have always been attracted to the bleaker aspects of life. I love drama.
Marianne Faithfull
I had to know that for me to be successful in all aspects of my life, I have to work.
La La Anthony
I don’t function well in certain aspects of society, and you can read into that what you will.
James Vincent McMorrow
Basically, I try to get across my striking, wrestling and grappling, and jujitsu. Every day, across the board, I try to get an equal amount of sessions throughout the week because I need to improve in all aspects of my fighting.
Robert Whittaker
I’m interested in what would normally be considered the worst aspects of commercial art. I think it’s the tension between what seems to be so rigid and cliched and the fact that art really can’t be this way.
Roy Lichtenstein
The death penalty and the arguments it inspires don’t only involve ethics, morals, and justice. There are bureaucratic and economic aspects to it as well. All these different aspects commingle in ways that convince me we should take whatever steps we can to abolish the death penalty.
Reid Hoffman
Similarly, the problem of the rights of the state in the disposition of inheritances left by individuals presents social aspects of the first importance.
Rene Cassin
You make yourself do the physical aspects for a Christopher Nolan film!
Fionn Whitehead
For a nation that spends a lot of time talking about the weather, we don’t seem to realise just how much sunshine we actually get. Maybe that’s because we tend to concentrate on the negative aspects.
Dick Strawbridge
When you have a dominant big man, that changes the aspects of the game.
Jahlil Okafor
My whole thing now is I know how to think properly to be successful in all aspects of my life. It’s not about ultra running or being a SEAL or pull-up records: it’s about if you want to be better you, have to change your perceived limitations and take the barriers down.
David Goggins
What frustrates me a lot about some aspects of filmmaking is people thinking everyone is really dumb and that we have to make everything really obvious.
Whit Stillman
In setting out the walls of a city the choice of a healthy situation is of the first importance: it should be on high ground, neither subject to fogs nor rains; its aspects should be neither violently hot nor intensely cold, but temperate in both respects.
My own experience of gender has been about a lot of fluidity. In drag, I like to combine aspects of masculinity and femininity and rewrite the rules for those.
Sasha Velour
One of the aspects of form that I have been very interested in is stasis – the concept of form which is not so directional in time, not so much climactic form, but rather form which allows time, to stand still.
La Monte Young
If your attention is on superfluous aspects that are not part of the story, then you can’t be concentrating on the human realities of the piece.
Miguel Ferrer
Films and hotels have many aspects that are the same. For example, there is always a big vision, an idea.
Francis Ford Coppola
Intersectionality draws attention to invisibilities that exist in feminism, in anti-racism, in class politics, so, obviously, it takes a lot of work to consistently challenge ourselves to be attentive to aspects of power that we don’t ourselves experience.
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
I’ve always tried to explore the humorous aspects of life.
Ted Lange
Imperfection and perfection go so hand in hand, and our dark and our light are so intertwined, that by trying to push the darkness or the so-called negative aspects of our life to the side… we are preventing ourselves from the fullness of life.
Jeff Bridges