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I think that baseball is still the most entertaining ga

I think that baseball is still the most entertaining game because it’s the simplest to watch.
Joe Garagiola
But if you have a point of view and you’re an artist or a writer, it’s kind of crazy to not take advantage of that, especially if you can do something that’s entertaining as well. I’ve done a number of things like that over the years.
David Lloyd
MMA is all about putting on a show and entertaining the fans, and that’s the one thing I’ve known from the get-go.
Roy Nelson
My jiu-jitsu style is definitely not the most entertaining one, so I’d rather do boxing and entertain the fans a little more.
Glover Teixeira
It’s good to go out and entertain these people, and you’ve got them on the edge of their seat, they’re standing up. Then you know that you’ve done your job, you’ve entertained them. My way of entertaining them is going out and wrestling. Everyone’s got their different ways.
Owen Hart
When I was little, I always used to like to tell stories cuz it was entertaining to people.
Slick Rick
Are you used to entertaining everyone with your tales of drama and conflict? Do you get attention and feel important every time you complain about how awful this man is? Stop settling for attention for the negative stuff in your life.
Karen Salmansohn
I will entertain things that are entertaining and sound interesting and challenge me. But acting just doesn’t come second-nature to me.
Sharon Van Etten
I love to see goals and attacking play; I want us to be entertaining. But it’s no good if you’re shipping goals.
David Moyes
I could write an entertaining novel about rejection slips, but I fear it would be overly long.
Louise Brown
The essays are very solipsistic and self-absorbed, I’m totally conscious of that. To me, book writing is fun, and I basically just write about things that are entertaining to myself.
Chuck Klosterman
I love entertaining people and making them laugh. It’s my favorite thing to do.
Miranda Cosgrove
Now, having had this experience, I can’t say really what they were looking for. I don’t know their minds. But every time I see a reality show, it seems that the most entertaining parts on other reality shows are when they make their guests look foolish.
Liza Minnelli
Los Angeles is a good city in which to be a reporter. Always entertaining, always an incubator.
Dana Goodyear
All we can do as players and ambassadors of the game is try to set an example, playing in the right way and make it as entertaining as possible for people watching.
Joe Root
I’m just trying to tell a good story and make thought-provoking, entertaining films. I just try and draw upon the great culture we have as a people, from music, novels, the streets.
Spike Lee
I’ve been entertaining since I was kid.
Nick Kyrgios
My job is to teach someone something they never knew, but it should not be like you’re in a prisoner-of-war camp. I’m supposed to be teaching you but also entertaining you. You’re giving me an hour of your time. It should be lively. We’re on a hunt, it’s a mystery, and it’s amazing.
Bonnie Bassler
I have late onset ADHD. I take on too much and end up spinning plates, but it’s entertaining, and it helps you make quick connections if you’re a comedian, if you have a brain that can dance around too much.
Rory Bremner
One of the nice things about writing is you can take essentially painful things in your life and turn them into something that might be useful, or at least entertaining, to somebody else.
Patrick deWitt
I think all the music I do, which ties together, as far as I’m concerned, is fun and entertaining.
Ry Cooder
I would love to do realistic films that are entertaining.
I love entertaining.
Katharine McPhee
My siblings were a bit younger than me, and I was always entertaining them and making up stories.
Patti Smith
Most women put off entertaining until the kids are grown.
Erma Bombeck
It is an extremely difficult task to make an entertaining movie, which is completely aesthetic and you can watch again and again.
Farah Khan
A song like ‘Kilimanjaro,’ which is such a fun, entertaining track… Singing the song was an amazing experience.
My principal job is to make interesting and entertaining films, and I’m not proud of which format or which particular technique I use. I just wanted the film to look good.
Guy Ritchie
Reading and writing isn’t supposed to be this exclusive club; it’s just supposed to be entertaining.
Anna Todd
‘Lucha Underground’ is a combination of new psychology, new moves, and a new take on wrestling: an evolution of wrestling. In my opinion, it is entertaining. It is the kind of wrestling I want to watch. It is the kind of stories I want to tell, which is why I intend to be part of it.
John Morrison
I would sooner read a time-table or a catalogue than nothing at all. They are much more entertaining than half the novels that are written.
W. Somerset Maugham
I will make a conscious effort to pick up roles which g

I will make a conscious effort to pick up roles which give a social message besides being entertaining.
Pankaj Tripathi
Lucifer has a sense of fun about life; he just likes to play with people. But the sense of humor of the show is what makes the show entertaining as opposed to dark.
Tom Ellis
When I was nine, we’d take a bus to the seaside. Coming back, we’d take turns entertaining, singing songs and the like. I tried some stand-up comedy. I had a captive audience in that bus. Then I realized I wanted to do more than that.
Jim Dale
Flashy characters are more entertaining to people because you get it. You don’t have to work to get someone who says what they mean and says what they think. They’re out there. It’s harder to play a quiet character because everything happens in their stream of consciousness.
Viola Davis
I think that a good movie creates its own world, and that world needn’t refer to anything that’s real. If it’s consistent, if it’s entertaining, if it’s interesting, it justifies its being there.
Christopher Walken
My husband, Gabriele, is a musician, and I love music, so you can bet it’s a really important part of our home entertaining repertoire, even if it means Gabriele making a really good playlist for a dinner party.
Debi Mazar
Now, admittedly, Twitter can be entertaining on occasion, as it turns out that 140 characters offers a great chance to be misunderstood – and an even greater chance one will expose his inner troglodyte.
David Harsanyi
It is a weird thing that actors have people applaud when they’re done working. I still find that entertaining.
Val Kilmer
People may expect too much of journalism. Not only do they expect it to be entertaining, they expect it to be true.
Lewis H. Lapham
The great thing for me about ‘The Resurrection of Gavin Stone’ is it’s a throwback to the old fashioned Hollywood movie that you can watch with your family, has a message, and is funny and entertaining. They didn’t call them faith-based movies; they just called them good movies.
D. B. Sweeney
I don’t like the tag of comedy. I think I have done all kind of roles – negative, serious and entertaining.
Rajpal Yadav
Any woman who diets all the time can’t help but be grouchy. Nobody can be amusing or entertaining on a diet.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
I was always the lead role in plays. I like entertaining people. I like when you’re on stage doing crazy stuff and the audience gets it.
Vinny Guadagnino
This is something I love to do. I’ve never had any other job. I love singing and entertaining.
Stephanie Mills
I used to do skits for my mom… and I was always entertaining as a kid.
Leah Remini
My name is very often associated with parties and entertaining, but it’s not true. I am not such a party person.
Roberto Cavalli
In my opinion, if you’re entertaining guests, you should do everything possible to make them comfortable.
Kim Zolciak-Biermann
At the end of the day, the job is to tell the story that you promised to tell and do it in the most entertaining and perhaps surprising way you can think of.
Timothy Olyphant
Ezekiel Boone’s books, starting with ‘The Hatching’ series, are meant to be big, sprawling, smart, entertaining books that are fun above all else; the literary novels written under my real name, Alexi Zentner, are certainly a little more quiet.
Alexi Zentner
I will admit that I often spend weekends after each ‘House of Cards’ season is released binge-watching the show for hours. But I watch it because it is entertaining, not because it reminds me of my day-to-day.
Valerie Jarrett
I think people are getting bored of parties, and hosts are terrified nobody’s going to show up. So they have to start entertaining them before the party even starts.
Jerry Della Femina
‘Top Chef’ is always entertaining – it’s hard to stop watching, like a good hockey fight, but no one gets hurt. It’s great that the format is so inherently dramatic and can make cooking so entertaining to people who might not ordinarily be interested in a cooking show. Good for the industry all round.
Wylie Dufresne
My character is such an entertaining character that it is a whole other element to the show, so once they put me and Carmella together it was like, okay, now I have something to do.
‘One Minute Mentoring’ is written in the parable style Spencer Johnson and I popularized in ‘The One Minute Manager.’ It’s an entertaining story about the mentorship between a young salesperson, Josh, and a seasoned executive named Diane. As the characters learn about mentoring, so does the reader.
Ken Blanchard
I commend Chris Brown and Soulja Boy for going out there for so many years and entertaining the people.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
‘The Interceptor’ has an excitement and grittiness to it, but it’s also very entertaining. It lives in this sphere of a slightly heightened reality where, although you completely identify and recognise all the characters in it, they’re fun and exciting to watch.
O. T. Fagbenle
Standing in mass on Sundays with 500 other people, shaking hands with the people around you, catching the eye of small children, entertaining the prospect of causing a scene, to make them laugh, is an opportunity to feel part of something bigger than yourself, and rooted in your community.
Dawn Foster