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I have been a few times to Manchester United to have a

I have been a few times to Manchester United to have a look. I got a tour and spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson. Being a 15-year-old and being able to talk with him is great!
Andreas Pereira
In course of time the Brothers Cowper removed the manufacture of their printing machines from London, to Manchester. There they found skilled and energetic workmen, ready to carry their plans into effect.
James Nasmyth
I knew in advance I was coming to maybe the biggest club in the world, so I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to play – otherwise I would have stayed in Bilbao. But I love the challenge; I love to have the chance to play for Manchester United.
Ander Herrera
Schweinsteiger has got class, he’s won the World Cup, he’s won everything in the game and he’s got experience and that’s massive, especially at Manchester United.
Phil Jones
When I appeared in ‘Coronation Street,’ I lived in Manchester and enjoyed it very much.
Ian Mckellen
We want to win everything. That is the Manchester United way.
Patrice Evra
Manchester United never die.
Patrice Evra
I think we have really integrated well around Manchester. This is the place where we feel at home. We like it here, we love the English way of life and we prefer it much, much more than the south of Europe.
Ruud van Nistelrooy
I love the derby because of the banter and rivalry. If you live outside of Manchester, you can take it out of context sometimes, where you can think it’s all hate, and I don’t think it is.
Vincent Kompany
It’s true that an offer from Manchester United was on the table – I was really close to leaving Inter.
Ivan Perisic
I am fortunate to stay at lots of lovely hotels when I’m on tour, but my favourite hotel group in Britain is Malmaison. I recently stayed at the Malmaison in Manchester, which was pretty amazing. It had a fabulous bar and restaurants, as well as fantastic rooms with mood lighting.
Olly Murs
At Manchester United, we play to win. That’s my first mentality when I get onto the pitch. Then everything else comes with it.
Romelu Lukaku
I feel privileged to play for Manchester United. It is something, when I’m old, I will always be proud of.
Juan Mata
I found leaving Manchester United very, very hard.
Eric Cantona
Because I was called a flop ever since I got here, my only intention is to be part of Manchester United’s history.
I think the city isn’t talked about enough, there are not enough people championing Birmingham. When I was at university in Manchester I wasn’t a fan, I was a bit down on my home city. But as I’ve got older I love living here. It’s easy to get around the country to gigs, and it’s a calming, friendly city.
Joe Lycett
I think that Manchester United, since I was young – and I’m not just saying this because I’m here; I’m an honest guy, and I never lie – I think it’s the biggest club in England. That’s what I think.
Alexis Sanchez
When I was young and visited England with my auntie, as somebody who was football crazy, I simply had to come back with a shirt. I can’t remember why, but I came back with an Arsenal shirt and my brother had a Manchester United one.
Per Mertesacker
It is important that Manchester United keeps its identity. Their heritage is to produce and develop players, something that started with Sir Matt and continued with Sir Alex Ferguson.
Peter Schmeichel
I always wanted to be an actor. I did drama at Manchester University and then had a stand-up comedy double act with a guy called Bruce MacKinnon.
Mathew Horne
To play at Old Trafford in a Manchester shirt I think is something special.
Nemanja Matic
Obviously, at Manchester United, I want to be working hard, and I have been doing that ever since I was a young kid.
Danny Welbeck
Manchester has always been a massively innovative city, loads of great scientific findings have come from Manchester. The first computer in the world was there and took up a whole building. So Manchester has always been very innovative.
Lisa Stansfield
Whenever I go back home to Nigeria now, I always bring a bag full of Manchester City shirts for the kids.
Kelechi Iheanacho
I want to be the best I can and if it is possible be remembered like one of the best in Manchester.
Bruno Fernandes
I am very excited – it’s a big opportunity for me to play for Manchester United, a new challenge for me. I will try to do my best.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan
I always said as a kid that I’d like to play for United, and I once spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson about it. We chatted for around 20 minutes, and I told him that my dream was to come here to Manchester United.
Alexis Sanchez
I looked at Manchester with more interest when Cristiano was here because it’s normal when you have Portuguese players in some teams, you look at them more than other teams.
Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United are a huge club on the global stage. I came here to win everything. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here.
Alexis Sanchez
I talked with Manuel Pellegrini before he left Malaga. I knew of his intention to take me with him to Manchester City. But I was unsure whether he would stick with the same keepers he had already.
Willy Caballero
I would have loved to play for Liverpool, Manchester United or Chelsea.
In the Spanish league I root for Barcelona and in the P

In the Spanish league I root for Barcelona and in the Premier League I root for Manchester United.
Al Horford
I’d spent the whole summer working in Manchester filming Citizen Khan and then went straight into the last couple of weeks of my wife’s pregnancy.
Kris Marshall
I’ve played in Birmingham and Manchester where there are supporters of rival clubs too. You have to adjust to your surroundings. You can’t go wandering around Glasgow in the wrong areas. As a Celtic player you can’t do that.
Dion Dublin
The English clubs Arsenal and Manchester United focus on continuity with the same coaches for years.
Joachim Low
I want to see Pogba being a Manchester United player and being as good as everything else he does in life. He’s absolutely brilliant on social media, and he’s projecting himself to be this incredibly modern player.
Peter Schmeichel
I can just remember the blitz of Manchester, or perhaps my father’s tales about the blitz of Manchester. I can remember the blackout, the powdered eggs, and the gas masks. But I think no British person should pretend that being resident in England could count as being in the thick of the action.
Norman Davies
I like Manchester – I’ve played it many times. The people have a lot of chein, a lot of heart, and the audiences are very receptive.
Neil Sedaka
How can you create a team and bring all these egos together? The main goal for Manchester United is for them to play well – and not have a player saying, ‘I play well; I scored two goals’. Because if I score two goals, but three goals go into our net, then we lose.
Johan Cruyff
I like Manchester, I love the fans. They are great with me, the club is great with me. But I’m not happy if I don’t play, and all the time I don’t play.
Carlos Tevez
I was always attracted most to joining City, and I am pleased to be at such a good club with such a big ambition as Manchester City.
Edin Dzeko
I won the league at Middlesbrough with Manchester United, and I wore my medal for the next two or three days because I thought, ‘I want this again – and the best want it again and again’.
Phil Neville
I would never have looked at cycling as something I could do had I not got ill and lived in Manchester where British Cycling is.
Kadeena Cox
I belonged to Stratford Children’s Theater when I was a boy growing up in Manchester. Even then, I was always doing character parts.
John Mahoney
It would be fair to say that the start of my life in Manchester was not perfect, but there have been many other times when I’ve had setbacks, and I have never given up.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan
I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter or Real Madrid. It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time. Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem.
Sam Allardyce
One of my most treasured possessions is the letter my father wrote to me when I left home to join the Manchester United Class of 92.
Robbie Savage
As a goalkeeper, I’m well aware that any mistake can be magnified by the fans. But it’s true that here at Manchester United, there’s added pressure.
David de Gea
I respect what Gary Neville achieved as a player. He was brilliant at Manchester United and hats off to him.
Marko Arnautovic
People talk about the history of Manchester United or Liverpool, but look what Arsenal achieved with the team of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira.
As a professional, you want to get as much as you can out of your career, play at the top level, and win trophies. Playing with top players at Manchester City, I’ve got a great chance of doing that, and I just want to keep improving.
James Milner
I’d been coaching since the end of my playing career, first with England’s Under 21s, then Manchester United, and finally, in Spain with Valencia.
Phil Neville
It’s a shame the Manchester United situation turned sour.
Paul Ince
At United, there are great traditions, which you can’t buy in one or two years. They are created by victories. You need to prove again and again that you are better than the others. Manchester United have always done this, and are still doing it, so they are the best.
Cristiano Ronaldo
I received many offers – namely from Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Milan – but I preferred the tranquillity of playing for Fiorentina.
Gabriel Batistuta
I was looking forward to playing soccer, playing more minutes on the pitch, and I didn’t have the chance to play more minutes in Manchester. So I came here to the Chicago Fire.
Bastian Schweinsteiger
I went to Manchester poly for two years.
Grant Shapps
I remember once Manchester United were ahead of Manchester City by eight points and ended up losing it, so everything is possible in this life.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan