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You cannot expect teams to be up for a final every Satu

You cannot expect teams to be up for a final every Saturday, but you have to in the Six Nations, and that is the difficulty we have.
Alun Wyn Jones
The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.
Yogi Berra
If you can get your team to that point of being able to be in that playoff race mindset every week, that’s something that most teams can’t do.
Kevin Harvick
I was on some bad teams, and I played bad as a young player, certainly, at times. And that all mounts. Yeah, that all mounts. The perception. Everything that goes into that. And so, yeah, I think to kind of get over the hump of that, to change perception, it can be difficult. It’s a tall task. And it takes a long time.
Alex Smith
Waking up early was the first example I noticed in the SEAL Teams in which discipline was really the difference between being good and being exceptional.
Jocko Willink
There are not many Chicagos, where people go out and support their sports teams, whether they are struggling or not.
Troy Aikman
I don’t see any baseball expansion right now. If it were up to me, I would contract two teams. But I certainly don’t think expansion on the horizon.
Jerry Reinsdorf
Teams are trying to get the advantage over the other team by what kind of reads we can get, how can we measure guys if they’re tired – all these things.
Kyle Korver
Their practice habits are terrific. I’ve been around some really good guys from different teams in terms of bringing it to practice. When I was in San Francisco, Bryant Young was that way. Every practice on it.
Dan Quinn
If you have Real to face, you have to think about them – they are one of the best teams in the world.
Sadio Mane
Organizations must shift away from repetitive-function hierarchies with rules and enforcement and walls. Instead, we must migrate rapidly to becoming a global ‘team of teams’ that comes together in whatever combination necessary to add the greatest value to the changes underway.
Bill Drayton
I played in the playoffs with teams that were known for flopping and you do not get respect.
Chris Webber
I’ve been with some great teams and had good wins and great success at certain periods of time in my career.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
You go to the draft board and think, ‘Here’s a nose tackle. Who needs a nose tackle?’ Well, eight teams in front of you need a nose tackle, and there’s two nose tackles. It’s something you have to figure out where you can get the players to play in your system.
Bill Belichick
I think it’s fair to say that all of the teams that have been in the playoffs have played very physically.
Gary Bettman
It’s funny because everybody has injuries, and different teams handle them differently.
Jason Kidd
What the SEAL teams do, what our training does, is it chips away the outer that layer and shows you what you’re capable of and not capable of.
Marcus Luttrell
The day it becomes impossible for teams like Palace to get results against City, the league might as well just fold up, and we’ll do everything on paper.
Roy Hodgson
The teams that you come across, they are not physically super-human, they are just very good. So it is asking what do we about that. How do we take on the challenge?
Sean Dyche
Sometimes it’s tougher against bad teams because you can’t really get a read on them.
Draymond Green
Van Gaal has a good vision of football, but it is not mine. He wants to gel winning teams and has a militaristic way of working with his tactics. I want individuals to think for themselves.
Johan Cruyff
During my time, there might have been one pitcher or two that were top pitchers on a team. Teams that won maybe had three, but today they have a lot of depth. They have a lot of long relievers, short relievers, and the strategy is different.
Ernie Banks
Broadway shows in New York draw two times the attendance of all New York sports teams put together.
John Lahr
It’s almost impossible to explain how little the NBA amounted to when I started covering it in 1963. It wasn’t fair to call it bush, although everybody did. It was simply small – only nine teams – and insignificant.
Frank Deford
A lot of companies have teams, but they are not really independent. They still have to get stuff approved by the boss. You have to change how and where decisions are made. If the hierarchy makes the decision, it will be based on politics.
Scott Cook
First of all the name, and the color purple, I think those two things distinguish the Vikings as much as anything. You go anywhere in the country and say ‘Vikings,’ they know exactly where you are. You say ‘Cardinals,’ well, Cardinals who? There are a dozen Cardinals teams in the country in professional and amateur sports.
Bud Grant
Mourinho’s teams work especially hard, all the players. He has a special, winning mentality, so it is always difficult to face teams that Mourinho manages.
Jesus Navas
I’ve been a very lucky guy. I played on championship teams. I played for Canada. I’ve won some awards and I’m very proud of those accomplishments. But I don’t think there’s anything greater than to come home and to be recognized at home. This is the pinnacle.
Bobby Orr
If you look at Barcelona and the way they press high, or Bayern Munich, the way they press high… that’s what makes them the best teams, because when they lose the ball, in the first three seconds, that’s when they get the ball back, really, really high.
Samir Nasri
Every kid who just played basketball knew about the Boston Celtics. They’re one of the few teams who were always on national TV along with the Lakers.
Paul Pierce
I played soccer for 12 years on three different teams at a time.
Portia Doubleday
The first time I played against Seattle was the only ti

The first time I played against Seattle was the only time I felt destroyed. Vin Baker just manhandled me. The whole thing, their double teams, their movement, everything. I must’ve had eight turnovers. Which isn’t a big deal for me because I turn the ball over a lot.
Tim Duncan
I think the French teams sometimes doubt themselves. They play some beautiful games but, when it comes down to it, do not go through.
Patrice Evra
African soccer has grown to the extent that the majority of its players are playing for European teams and that is very good as they are becoming role models for the youngsters on the continent.
Great execution. That’s what you have to do when you’re playing great teams.
Tracy McGrady
I’m a numbers guy, and I think numbers sometimes tell stories and sometimes they don’t. When you look at the NBA, when teams shoot 45% or better from the floor, what is their record? And if they shoot under that what is their record?
Doug Collins
I have hundreds of poems memorized. Mostly by others, but also my own. I use the poems when I lead retreats for management groups on topics like creating teams, or coming up with a more entrepreneurial system, or creating more excitement.
David Whyte
I would like to see Premier League teams play in Ligue 1 so we could see how good they are.
Edinson Cavani
I love being in the present. When I was playing for my school, the only thing I wanted to do was get selected for the under-16 or the under-19 district teams. When I was selected for the district, I would think about the next level, which was getting selected for the state side. I’m a person who lives very in the moment.
MS Dhoni
Some of the best tape that I’ve ever studied was Mike Shanahan and John Elway in Denver, back-to-back Super Bowl win teams.
Jon Gruden
When there’s a clear vision, and you’ve got the creative teams working toward that goal, each on their own, it can then come together quite elegantly at the endpoint.
Greg Rucka
In my situation, unlike some players who retire because they have no choice – either teams don’t want them or injuries have caused them to retire, and they just can’t do it – for me, I really had never thought I would give out mentally before I gave out physically, but I think that was the case.
Brett Favre
I was into all of the Pennsylvania teams at some point in my childhood. I would flip back and forth between the Pirates and the Phillies, and I was always a Steelers fan but not much of an Eagles fan. Then I became kind of a band nerd in school, and I went the music route.
Ed Kowalczyk
It is good to play strong teams.
Son Heung-min
At issue when professional sports teams take the name of Native Americans is the problem of mimicry: having appropriated the land and wealth of America’s vanquished peoples, settler culture then appropriates the supposed values and spirit of the vanquished as well.
Greg Grandin
If you want to win, you have to beat the big teams in Europe, and Juventus are awesome.
Pep Guardiola
These are Canadian and United States intelligence and law enforcement offices who are working in teams and who are using good intelligence and good law enforcement to really stop the criminals and terrorists before they ever get to the border.
Paul Cellucci
A sportswriter’s life means never sitting with your wife or family at the games. Still working after everyone has gone to the party… Digging beneath a coach’s lies, not to forget those of athletic directors and general managers and owners of pro teams. Keeping a confidence. Risking it.
Dan Jenkins
It’s not about big markets or small markets. It’s not about dominant teams or not. It’s about the actual competition and how good the games are, how good the series turn out. That’s what I think is the most important for fans.
Gary Bettman
Football is definitely present in the tennis world. Given the mix of nationalities that exists in the changing rooms, there’s inevitably a bit of a rivalry between the players, especially in terms of the UEFA Champions League or competitions in which national teams compete.
Gael Monfils
To be a great game, one of the teams has to score first.
Mark Lawrenson
I’ve seen people be effective, even among local teams, by offering something that improves wellbeing in a small way – people who get passionate about smart investment strategies and managing finances for retirement, for example.
Tom Rath