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My brother still lives in the house my parents owned in

My brother still lives in the house my parents owned in Fairborn. I go back there a lot to visit friends and keep my connection to the National Museum of the Air Force and my membership with the Dayton Engineers Club.
Gregory H. Johnson
My childhood is in my brother’s house, and I like to visit there and be reminded.
Ellen Gilchrist
Well, whenever I visit New York it feels pretty romantic, so I sometimes think about coming back here. But then I wonder if it’s just ’cause I’m visiting that it feels so good. But also, Minnesota. I could imagine myself finding a place in Minneapolis.
Adrianne Lenker
You know what I like about San Francisco? The women are beautiful, fashionable and smart. San Francisco is one of the only cities I like to visit. I love New York and Chicago – I studied there, and L.A. has the same people as New York.
LeRoy Neiman
When I went to visit this rice cake plant, I hadn’t realized how the rice cakes were made. As soon as I saw the molds of rice and how the heat pops it like popcorn, the light bulb went off. This is popped. This isn’t baked or fried.
Keith Belling
To wind up in Cooperstown is surreal for me. To go into the Hall of Fame is one thing. When you think of all the other Yankees that are in here, it’s pretty special. This is just a shrine. To visit it, much less be inducted, it’s still sort of unbelievable to me.
Joe Torre
You can tap into culture by exploring what’s grown or produced in the region, like going into the Blue Mountains in Jamaica to visit a coffee plantation or a rum distillery in Barbados.
Katie Lee
One of the benefits of having an audience is that it requires a regimen, a need to create on a regular basis. I don’t believe in waiting for the muse to visit.
Keri Smith
This is my first visit to Africa, a region where President Bush has voiced a deep passion for fostering and encouraging economic development, investment and trade.
Donald Evans
When you visit a foreign city you are in it, but not of it, separated by a glass wall. Once, while a student, I was getting dressed in my ground-floor room when a family of Italians crossed the grass to watch, as if I were laid on for their amusement and instruction.
Simon Hoggart
At present, black children are more segregated in their public schools than at any time since 1968. In the inner-city schools I visit, minority children typically represent 95 percent to 99 percent of class enrollment.
Jonathan Kozol
When we were making ‘Toy Story,’ my grandmother was very ill, and she knew she was not going to make it. I went back to visit her, and there was a moment during that visit that I had to say goodbye, and I knew I’d never be seeing her again. I looked at her and knew that I was looking at her for the last time.
Lee Unkrich
A group of us started a community center in Santa Monica. We’ve tried different programs, and three have worked really well. A poetry group. Once a week we visit Venice High and talk to girls at risk.
Lisa Bonet
As long as there is a demand for me to visit other cities – and hopefully, other countries – that’s what I want to do.
Chad Michaels
New York is my favorite city to visit because there is always something to do, someone to meet, and something to discover.
Michael Seibel
Last year I traveled to the Middle East to visit with troops in Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Kenny Marchant
As a man may know about Africa either by going there personally or by reading descriptions written by travelers who have been there, so may he visit the super-physical realms if he will but qualify himself therefor, or he may learn what others who have so qualified themselves report as a result of their investigations.
Max Heindel
We may be small in size but we have a lot to offer. Visit us – that would be great. Live in Monaco if there is room – that would be wonderful.
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
I’m an anglophile. I visit England regularly, sometimes three or four times a year, at least once a year.
George Takei
For me, conferences are like little mental vacations: a chance to go visit an interesting place for a couple of days, and come back rested and refreshed with new ideas and perspectives.
Erin McKean
And my parents live down in West Virginia, and I have to drive through the Shenandoah Valley pretty often to go visit them. You actually drive right by Gettysburg and some other spots where there were huge battles.
Aaron Dessner
I never wanted to be an actor. I only came to Hollywood to drive my mother out to visit my grandmother.
Fred MacMurray
My life is an awkward visit from the kids table.
Chris Colfer
Just because I make movies in the scary world doesn’t mean I want to visit scary worlds.
James Wan
It seems that half the point of being in Miami Beach – particularly the northern end of South Beach – is to be observed by people-watchers like me, and the display along Ocean Drive during my visit was, as always, sublime.
Susan Orlean
My agent in Sweden used to send off interview tapes but I decided to take it upon myself and come to London to visit casting directors which is when things first started taking off for me. I love Sweden but the industry out here is quite small so when I was given the chance to go internationally I took it.
Alicia Vikander
Every year, till class ninth, I used to visit Kanpur during my vacations. I still remember during vacations, I used to have great fun with my relatives.
Gautam Rode
We were determined to be in the fashion, and to visit the various delightful watering places on Long Island Sound. Of course, it would be necessary to combine business with pleasure and pursue our calling as beggars.
W. H. Davies
I actually wanna go back to the Philippines, not the old house that I used to live in but I would want to visit the Philippines.
Bella Poarch
I then wrought at my trade as a tailor; carefully attended meetings for worship and discipline; and found an enlargement of gospel love in my mind, and therein a concern to visit Friends in some of the back settlements of Pennsylvania and Virginia.
John Woolman
New Zealand is my favorite country to visit.
Tom Curren
Visit and you'll find thousands of directorates

Visit and you’ll find thousands of directorates, agencies, boards, offices, and services replete with overlapping responsibilities, ancient priorities, and divided accountability.
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
I adore water, so it would be a real adventure to visit the Amazon before they chop down all the trees.
Michelle Ryan
And then I went to visit my sister in the states and all of a sudden it was just like, it’s like… it’s like the movie Wizard of Oz when all of a sudden it changes from Black and White to glorious Technicolor.
John Mahoney
I used to visit London when I was younger with my family. I feel very close to the city.
Rachel Platten
I used to leave my house at 6:30 in the morning, and I would visit 10 shops every Saturday, starting at the furthest shop I’d decided to go to that day, ending up in Oxford Street 12 hours later.
Philip Green
If you’re in a small town somewhere and you can go and visit Paris, you can go to the top of Everest, that’s just cool. It’s worth it because you become more educated in something.
Jason Momoa
You don’t need to visit a prison to know that racial inequality exists. There’s enough talk about it, especially in Silicon Valley, to know that there’s a diversity problem.
Christine Tsai
Each of us has an inner room where we can visit to be cleansed of fear-based thoughts and feelings. This room, the holy of holies, is a sanctuary of light.
Marianne Williamson
I am always friendly with people. When media asks me for a picture or interview, I readily do it. However, I wouldn’t like them clicking my picture when I am eating or when I visit a temple. I don’t want to be big in front of God.
Preity Zinta
It is always a good time when I visit the ‘Melissa Harris Perry Show’ on MSNBC.
Carl Hart
I was fascinated by my parents as I would visit them on the sets. Since we were a nuclear family I always accompanied my parents to their shoots and I liked the atmosphere there.
Meghana Raj
I love the story of ‘Lamborghini Doors,’ a record with Meek Mill and myself – it came together when I went to visit him during his incarceration.
Rick Ross
I do try to get to a new part of London every week, visit a museum once or twice a week if possible.
Felipe Anderson
In between films I like to travel and hope to visit every continent before I become a mother.
Diane Kruger
At the close of my visit, my Hawaiian friends urged me strongly to publish my impressions and experiences, on the ground that the best books already existing, besides being old, treat chiefly of aboriginal customs and habits now extinct, and of the introduction of Christianity and subsequent historical events.
Isabella Bird
What you see at a bachelor or bachelorette party is what happens on a recruiting visit.
Jalen Rose
My sister lived in England for a while when I was 12, and I came to visit her, and I spent most of the time in her flat reading.
Karin Slaughter
I do not read newspaper comics unless they happen to be out when I visit my parents, but I follow several online comics, which I check every morning while I drink my coffee and wake up for the day.
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
I could spend all my time on a plane visiting multiple countries, and I would never visit enough.
Pierre Nanterme
The first trip I can remember would have to be to Marianna, Arkansas. My mother’s parents are from there, and we’d go every year to visit the church where they were buried. We’d attend church service that day, put flowers around their tombstones, and visit with family and friends that still lived there.
Sterling K. Brown
It should be a firmly established part of the curriculum that children should visit theatres and concert halls.
Philip Pullman
While I’ve lived in L.A. since 1985, I’ll always consider Chicago my home town and have much affection for it. My parents and sister still live there so I try to visit as often as I’m able.
Douglas Wood