Top 50 Conflicting Quotes

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It is the conflicting interests of the man and the woma

It is the conflicting interests of the man and the woman, the home and the shop, the Church and the State, which cause the economic struggle, the war and the strife with which mankind is cursed and which make all long and pray for the reign of peace.
Max Heindel
Avoiding inflation is not an absolute imperative but rather is one of a number of conflicting goals that we must pursue and that we may often have to compromise.
Paul Samuelson
In a way, writing is an incredible act of individualism, producing your language, and yet to use it from the heart of a crowd as opposed to as an individual performance is a conflicting thing. I do stand alone, and yet it’s not about being an individual or being ambitious.
Arundhati Roy
Though my grandmother had picked up modern ideas in America, she still had some conflicting 19th-century Irish notions. She believed that daughters, educated though they may be, should continue to live at home until they were married.
Rosemary Mahoney
The reason I spend so much of my time doing science is that the whole point of science is to help people resolve conflicting claims by saying: ‘Show me the data.’
Dean Ornish
In all disputes between conflicting governments, it is our interest not less than our duty to remain strictly neutral.
Zachary Taylor
I usually just try to do whatever’s on the page because I’ve done research before – including a lot of analysis – but you end up with conflicting data. To me, the script is king.
Michael Pena
The Bible… provides no guide to reading the Bible. In fact, it is full of such inconsistencies, contradictions, lacunae, obscurities, baffling tales, and poetic imagery that to quote it at all is to select from conflicting alternative passages. Every quotation is therefore necessarily an interpretation.
James P. Carse
Vetting and verifying information is one thing. Having our government sending out conflicting messages to the American people when conflict can be avoided is another.
Vito Fossella
Moms get their fair share of conflicting advice, with a heaping of unsolicited advice. Parents debate the pros/cons of different types of disposable diapers, whether the supposed carcinogens in Johnson & Johnson baby products hurt their kids who used it, which method of sleep training to use.
Christine Tsai
Once you go outside of Atlanta, there are still a lot of Klan rallies and whatnot. There are a lot of conflicting elements that are trying to solve itself in that city.
Hiro Murai
War and love – they have much in common. You can theorize about them, but until you have experienced them, you cannot know them, for the emotions that they engender are as complicated and as conflicting, as noble and as ignoble, as any that life has to offer.
Christopher Robin Milne
Faulkner’s ‘As I Lay Dying’ had an immense effect on me, and most of my novels bear the burn marks of this experience, those short chapters with their conflicting points of view, truth expressed by multiple perspectives. The other attractive thing about ‘As I Lay Dying’ was the way it gave rich voices to the poor.
Peter Carey
According to the U.S. Census, the most common reason people give for not voting is that they were too busy or had conflicting work or school schedules.
Jeff Miller
When one deals with urban issues, one never deals with clear black-and-white issues; they’re all trade-offs. Important urban issues present conflicting values.
Cesar Pelli
What conflicting ideas that we love and embrace these women, and entrust them to raise our children and to feed us and to bathe us, but we keep something as silly as a bathroom separate.
Kathryn Stockett
I have been one of the guys who have been skeptical of global warming from the beginning. The jury is obviously still out on it. We see nothing but conflicting reports from across the globe. I’m not sure; I’m not a scientist.
Michael Grimm
The American culture is pursue your own happiness, follow your dreams. The Chinese side is sacrifice everything for your family; it’s all about the group. Those conflicting ideas were always a battle in my head.
Jon M. Chu
I wish feminism wasn’t so scary to people. It should be an evolving concept. I think it’s an umbrella term to embrace conflicting ideas.
Merritt Wever
Desires collide; the wish to eat bumping up against the wish to be thin, the desire to indulge conflicting with the injunction to restrain. Small wonder food makes a woman nervous.
Caroline Knapp
I think there’s so much to play in adolescence; there’s so many conflicting things happening and so many changes, and there’s just a lot of good stuff to play there as an actor.
Alexis Bledel
Conflicting views and contrasting ideas are the essence of all great debates throughout history, from the Greeks to the Oxford Union Debating Society. Today, we turn to television for the creative clash of ideas on matters that touch our lives.
John J. McLaughlin
Movies can provide tear-inducing or comically-entertaining representations of love, but many agree that its deeper conflicting complexities often seem unfathomable.
During my solitude, conflicting thoughts increased; but much exercise of soul had the effect of causing the scriptures to gain complete ascendancy over me.
John Nelson Darby
My mum is incredibly leftwing, and my dad was quite rightwing – no surprise they didn’t stay together – and so I had two very conflicting political opinions as a child, neither of which I was interested in taking any notice of, being a sort of little reprobate.
Nick Love
Put two or three men in positions of conflicting authority. This will force them to work at loggerheads, allowing you to be the ultimate arbiter.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Politicians have conflicting values but not conflicting knowledge.
Louis B. Rosenberg
I do not know what got me interested in technology. What was very clear to me very early on was that I was not interested in religion and that naturally increased my curiosity about science and technology, and I fundamentally believe the two are conflicting.
Vinod Khosla
If somebody did a new show that, within a family, had conflicting political views, that would be great.
Justine Bateman
Like so many other young South Asians in America, I am the product of two cultures whose conflicting values pull at me with equal urgency. Never have I felt as torn between the two as I do about the question of marriage.
Sabaa Tahir
I read a great number of press reports and find comfort in the fact that they are nearly always conflicting.
Harold MacMillan
The development of the New Architecture encountered ser

The development of the New Architecture encountered serious obstacles at a very early stage of its development. Conflicting theories and the dogmas enunciated in architects’ personal manifestos all helped to confuse the main issue.
Walter Gropius
There is so much conflicting advice for mothers. Women finding out what works for them is the most important aspect. For me, being connected to myself helps me make decisions better to take care of my children.
Carrie-Anne Moss
What a dichotomy. What conflicting ideas that we love and embrace these women, and entrust them to raise our children and to feed us and to bathe us, but we keep something as silly as a bathroom separate.
Kathryn Stockett
I’ve got weird conflicting feelings about my generation.
Adam Driver
Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in concert with others, but to survive as ourselves, rather than simply as cogs in a wheel, we have to act alone.
Deborah Tannen
There are many conflicting interests in Europe.
Angela Merkel
It is both impractical and very harmful for each state to enact differing and conflicting privacy burdens on broadband providers, many of which serve multiple states, if not the entire country.
Michael O’Rielly
Conflicting legislation and regulations, overlapping mandates, unwillingness to enforce land use, elite capture, entrenched attitudes, and lack of incentives to influence behavior are rife in many resource-rich countries.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
I’ve always known that there are conflicting issues going on where I’m from. It’s always been that way.
Jason Isbell
Pick a co-founder that communicates in the same fashion that you do. If you are a screamer, then the only way you will ever listen to a conflicting point of view is to find someone who is passionate enough to yell back at you.
Jay Samit
Some people harbour an awkward clash of feelings – homosexual attraction on the one hand and shame or embarrassment about that attraction on the other. It is well known that the mind struggles to sustain conflicting views.
Evan Davis
We like Batman – we understand him, we suffer with him. On the other hand, we want to be Superman. But they’re conflicting philosophies. Let’s bring them together in one movie and see how we, as an audience, wrestle with our inner demons.
Wolfgang Petersen
Voters want conflicting things. They want a lot of government spending, but they don’t want higher taxes.
Bruce Rauner
Here we encounter two conflicting concepts with which we must come to grips in our time: the idea of national solidarity and the idea of international cooperation.
Gustav Stresemann
I’ve always felt that a person’s intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting points of view he can entertain simultaneously on the same topic.
Abigail Adams
Was Sen. Barack Obama a Muslim? Did he ever practice Islam? The presidential candidate officially rejects the claims, but the issue of Obama’s personal faith has re-emerged amid conflicting accounts of his enrollment as a Muslim during elementary school in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation.
Aaron Klein
I wouldn’t be able to date someone who had conflicting ideas on abortion, no. Because it’s every woman’s right to do whatever they do.
Daisy Lowe