Top 50 Cue Quotes

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One of the best moments of any Liars show is hearing th

One of the best moments of any Liars show is hearing the crowd squawk ‘We’re doomed! We’re doomed!’ on cue during ‘We Fenced Other Houses with the Bones of Our Own.’ Maybe not the most uplifting audience sing-along in the indie rock world, but one of the most reliably entertaining.
Rob Sheffield
Unlike movies, on stage there are no second chances. Everything is live. If someone messes up, forgets a line, gives the wrong cue, you need to have the presence of mind to move the play along.
Poonam Dhillon
To apply spin with security, you must learn to make a snug bridge with your forefinger looped over the cue. When you hit the cueball, follow straight through; don’t let your cue rise in the air after impact.
Robert Byrne
It’s easy to make a cue last a lifetime. Don’t boil it or freeze it in the trunk of a car. Don’t lean it against a wall for years. If you lose a game to a complete idiot, hit the edge of the table in anger with something other than your cue.
Robert Byrne
There is a time in the life of every predicament where it is ripe for resolution. Emotions provide the cue to act when a problem is big enough to see, yet still small enough to solve. By understanding your emotions, you can move adeptly through your current challenges and prevent future ones.
Travis Bradberry
I’ve always looked at guys who I’ve admired, like John Williams and Lalo Schifrin and Max Steiner, and looked at the choices they made and always try to take a cue from that.
Michael Giacchino
When you’re doing a film, you’re on a set and you have retakes and you have time to get it right. And on ‘SNL’ it’s just go, go, go. If you can’t read the cue cards or miss your mark, you’re just left to sort of screw up. So there’s a lot more pressure doing a live TV show.
Megan Fox
In school, my biggest fear was that I couldn’t produce emotion on cue.
Christian Borle
The tip I would give is that once you play the shot, make sure your chin is touching the cue after you hit the cue ball.
Stephen Hendry
Pool, it became clear to me, is all about angles. First, there are simple angles, as you must hit the cue ball to either side when you are not straight on.
Robert Greene
All over the world when you test men and women for facial cue recognition, women test… better. It’s a negotiation tool.
Michael Gurian
In snooker, it’s very important to keep very still on the shot and allow the cue to do the work.
Stephen Hendry
Every project I got, whether I was playing a friend or doing television, I just wanted to prove myself: every single take, cue, and rehearsal is an audition. That’s my approach.
Vikrant Massey
On screen, I may hate a co-star, have a stomach ache, but I have to convince you of that emotion that is demanded on cue. There are times when I feel like dancing, but on ‘action,’ I’ll have to cry.
Parineeti Chopra
It’s certainly strange to do sketch comedy with cue cards at midnight in a skyscraper as opposed to in a basement with your friends.
Casey Wilson
If I walk into the editing room, it’s six hours lost. I’m massaging frames. I’m, like, ‘Oh, take six frames off that shot. Hit the music cue right there.’ I will drive everybody crazy if left to my own devices in that room. So I try to do everything I can by staying out of the way.
Julie Plec
I can laugh on cue, and it sounds real. People laugh with me.
Ruth Buzzi
One of the most difficult things I find as an actor is to laugh on cue. It is way harder than crying or other emotions. It’s sometimes harder than yawning on cue.
Sayani Gupta
When I started on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I had the choice of wearing contact lenses, which I had never worn before, or glasses, in order to be able to read the cue cards.
Tina Fey
Never look encouragingly at the brass, except with a short glance to give an important cue.
Richard Strauss
Podcast listening carries with it a faint aura of cultural snobbery, a notion that to cue up an episode is to do something highbrow and personally enriching, whether it’s a history lecture broadcast from a university or an amateur talk show recorded in someone’s garage.
Michelle Dean
It’s hard to stop loving someone on cue, especially when he’s still so kind and loving toward you.
Kristan Higgins
When you get into a production, there are a lot of things you have to hit to make the show work – like my cues or a cue for another person or making sure you don’t mess up the beat, and you can let all of that get in the way.
Matthew James Thomas
Music makes or breaks an atmosphere. It helps to create the mood and also is a very important aural cue; simply shut off the music when you want people to leave.
Lisa Vanderpump
My unworldliness, even at 21, was abnormal. Not only had I never smoked tobacco nor touched alcohol of any description, but I had never yet set foot inside a theatre, or gone to a race course I had never seen, nor held a billiard cue, nor touched a card.
Algernon Blackwood
A long break can cause long-term damage to a player’s technique. It can be dangerous for a snooker player to go 2-3 months without even touching a cue.
Neil Robertson
I’m not one of those people who can cry on cue. If I have to cry in an audition, I’m like, ‘Okay, let me see what I can do.’
Melanie Lynskey
During a performance of ‘Blood Brothers’ in 1990, I forgot to sing. I was so moved by what my co-star Kiki Dee was doing, that I completely missed my cue.
Sarah Lancashire
As with real families, my fictional family on ‘Life Goes On’ had its ups and downs, and as part of the fictional downers, the actors were often called to cry on cue. This absolutely terrified me, because I was a pretty happy kid who didn’t have much to cry about.
Kellie Martin
We were doing a gig in Spain and yet again had four hotel rooms that never get used. We always share a bed. So we’re all in bed together and we’ve all got wind. And we thought it would be funny to put it on Instagram. Farting on cue.
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
When I was 13, my parents bought me a mini snooker set for my birthday. From the moment I first held a cue in my hands, I was transfixed.
Stephen Hendry
I'm convinced that I've been hired for jobs because I c

I’m convinced that I’ve been hired for jobs because I can cry on cue.
Kelli Williams
I’ve taken my cue from people here and from viewers, especially survivors-who said, ‘When it’s time to literally flip your wig, you’ll know.’
Robin Roberts
I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards. If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse.
Juan Manuel Fangio
When I went to acting school, the kids that got the best grades were the kids that could cry on cue. But it didn’t really translate into careers for any of them, because the external is the easy part.
Albert Brooks
Cue actor platitude, but I’ve been very fortunate and worked pretty consistently and have felt rather annoyingly grateful that I got to do what I got to do.
Jack Davenport
We call the Creator father, because we rely upon Him to protect us, guide us, feed us, keep us warm, to discipline us and all those things. I try to take my cue from the Creator, with regard to my children.
Terrence Howard
I’ve always looked to that play, ‘Virginia Woolf,’ for a cue – as far as any cue I might need as an actor for inspiration or as a writer.
Alice Ripley
‘Cue for Treason,’ by Geoffrey Trease, radicalized my young girl brain and made me want to be a gender-bending, sonnet-writing anarchist. It really made something roar to life inside of me.
Miriam Toews
Ronnie is the greatest player to have ever picked up a snooker cue. People have said that about me. But although I won 50 or so tournaments I never picked up the world championship. That was a little bit of a disappointment.
Jimmy White
The laugh track was invented to cue the audience to the jokes and encourage laughter in response. But it has another effect: if you hear people laughing and you’re not, you start to question if maybe there’s something wrong with you for not getting it.
Sarah Cooper
At Kobe, whither I fled from Hong Kong, I took a step of great importance. I cut off my cue, which had been growing all my life.
Sun Yat-sen
I think I was the most natural, charismatic player who ever lifted a cue.
Alex Higgins
Acting is the ability to dream on cue.
Ralph Richardson
At 24, my head was as shiny as a cue ball on a billiard table. I naturally thought this meant curtains. Actually, I found it helped. When I was too young to play real character parts, they mistook me for older because of the bald noggin. I got juicy roles right from the start.
Frank Cady
Once, I was going to a film event, and someone told me not to wear high heels to it. They said that it might intimidate the men. For some reason, I was ready to take their cue, but about an hour later, something in my head started ringing, and I thought, ‘That is the worst advice anybody’s ever given me.’
Evelyne Brochu
It’s true, most of my days are spent alone in a dark room! I don’t really want anyone to see me trying and failing to nail the 40th take of a simple piano cue.
Steven Price
When I was a teenager, my dad used to call me ‘Hollywood’ because I wore sunglasses all the time, even at night. Cue song.
Michael Weatherly
Banking types should take their cue from Gordon Gekko. Or pick the best-looking banker in their firm and copy him.
Tom Ford
But if you put a script up in front of me to read, or a cue card, I couldn’t do it without stuttering.
Mel Tillis