Top 50 Egotistical Quotes

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Acting itself is quite scary. Some people say that acto

Acting itself is quite scary. Some people say that actors are show-offs, very egotistical and all that kind of stuff, but it is quite scary.
Michael Sheen
I always liked church. I was one of those kids who was desperate for the statue of Mary to talk to me, which is a very egotistical approach to your faith. I just wanted somebody to pay attention to me.
Carrie Coon
All artists are egotistical maniacs with inferiority complexes.
Lionel Richie
There’s a balance of feminine and masculine energy. Unfortunately, it’s an imbalanced world because of the people that are in charge, and that’s egotistical men.
If I had been egotistical about the movies, I have been brought back to earth.
Justin Long
A lot of my best parts I’ve been the second choice for, so you never get too egotistical about anything.
Michael Caine
Dr. King, if he were alive today, probably would simply be a minister, a pastor. His initial intent was, indeed, just to be a preacher. He didn’t have any egotistical desire or need to be a public figure or celebrity. He got drafted – or, really, dragged into it – initially in Montgomery.
David Garrow
I’m not too secure about my looks. They can always change. I was heavy and overweight as a teenager, so it’s hard to be cocky or egotistical.
Lorenzo Lamas
The more self-centered and egotistical a guy is, the better ballplayer he’s going to be.
Bill Lee
That Shaw is the most egotistical thing! He hogged the camera and spent more time with the hairdresser and the makeup man than any actor on the lot!
Lana Turner
I’m so different from the egotistical, self-centred person I was when I did those things. And to watch someone acting out your memories on the screen is like reliving it. Like someone taking you back and showing you what you did.
Frank Abagnale
Men and women are not the same in the kitchen. Women tend to be uninhibited and instinctive. Men are inconsistent, egotistical show-offs.
John Torode
I’m a very egotistical person.
Joe Jamail
I’ve become a functioning cog in the machine called The Roots, but in my youth I was comin’ from a more braggadocious, egotistical perspective.
Black Thought
When I would be myself, I was being big-headed. I was being egotistical. I was a megalomaniac, when it really was just having not to be a monkey for a few hours a day. And fulfilling the need to be a man.
Jerry Lewis
Twitter died when the company banned me from its platform. I know that sounds egotistical. But remember what I just said. I’m right about everything.
Milo Yiannopoulos
I don’t really have an aversion to watching myself. I think I’ve been doing it for long enough that I have a system of separating it in my brain from my egotistical neuroses for the most part.
Mae Whitman
I feel that Britain is a rather self-deprecating nation: you’re almost considered egotistical to say you’re good at anything.
Rachel Shenton
I am a gorgeous woman. That’s not me being egotistical or narcissistic. It’s just a fact, I’m a knockout.
Princess Nokia
I was considered a comedy magician. And – how do I put this without sounding egotistical? – it didn’t take me long to realize that comedy magicians usually couldn’t do comedy or magic.
Ricky Jay
I’m much too egotistical to move outside the acting realm.
Tamlyn Tomita
I’m a big old egotistical baby and that’s okay. I can accept it.
Whoopi Goldberg
Generally speaking, the term, ‘vanity,’ itself can be perceived as negative, superficial and egotistical, but I see it as being unapologetic for celebrating other sides of my artistry.
BeBe Zahara Benet
There’s a line between being egotistical and being genius or great.
I don’t have an ego; I’m not egotistical or anything like that.
Mario Williams
I don’t like to sound egotistical, but every time I stepped up to the plate with a bat in my hands, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the pitcher.
Rogers Hornsby
My egotistical concern was less that I would fail to relate to my classmates than that they would know nothing of my uniquely tortured life’s course and, thus, me.
John Thorn
I think when you work with older actors, who are so good, it’s rare that they are egotistical.
Ruth Bradley
I’m a random guy. I shake a hand and make a friend. I don’t do egotistical things.
Vanilla Ice
Women and gay men have something in common after all: in that they are trying to deal with this goofy egotistical monster called a man.
Edmund White
My story was that I was egotistical, arrogant, and an absolute jerk to everyone who brags about everything – and I will – but I’ve been very fortunate to take everything and learn from it.
The Miz
It's just too egotistical to think that we are the only

It’s just too egotistical to think that we are the only lifeform in the universe.
Kathleen Quinlan
When I was 28 years old, I thought it would be great to have a movie about my life. I was egotistical and self-centered.
Frank Abagnale
To be an entertainer, you gotta be a little gutsy, a little egotistical, so you have to pull back sometimes when people say, ‘Well, he’s stuck-up.’ ‘Stuck-up’ is only another word for self-conscious.
Johnny Carson
Politics in Slovakia had long been a battle between egotistical men. Caputova sought to be the anti-ego alternative.
Anne Applebaum
The thing about Prince Harry is that he has no choice. He’s not some egotistical rock star who wants loads of attention. That is his life. He didn’t ask for it, but he just has to deal with it.
Caroline Flack
A lot of the things I did – it’s not going to sound anything but egotistical – if I’m lucky and I did the right thing, they will be at Zara way before I can get them in the store, and I don’t like that.
Tom Ford
If you are not egotistical, you will welcome the opportunity to learn more.
John Templeton
Men are much more egotistical. But that means women can accept criticism and improve easier than men can.
Susie Wolff
Our brains are very animal but also very strange and egotistical. We’re narcissistic.
Zoe Saldana
Personally, I have as little to do with politicians as possible. The ones that I’ve met I’ve found very boring. They’re extremely egotistical, incredibly self-important. If I can help it, I try to stay as far away from them as possible.
Peter Capaldi
I was heavy and overweight as a teenager, so it’s hard to be cocky or egotistical.
Lorenzo Lamas
Listen, if you don’t talk big game, you never get anywhere. If you don’t think big, you don’t get big. Some people call it egotistical, some people call it high hopes, some people call it confidence. It’s all in how you want to dissect it.
Vanilla Ice
I think life on the road really suits very egotistical men. It’s set up for kings.
Annie Lennox
I came up from growing up with a lot of Catholic guilt, a lot of punk rock, hipster guilt in the later years where I think people have thrown a lot of things on me. Where I always felt like I’m not supposed to tell the horn section what to play or I don’t want to come off egotistical.
Jack White
It’s such an egotistical thing to be able to just stand there and say, ‘Action!’ It’s like being a little mini-god.
Brian Helgeland
I’m not a big fan of those who are egotistical and so outspoken.
Eric Heiden
I don’t think enough people admit that there’s just something fun about being in front of people. And that’s not a self-centered, egotistical thing.
Timothee Chalamet
Call it egotistical or narcissist, but I think that’s what we all look for in books – the right stories that help us make sense of the world that we, on a very personal level, live in every day.
John Corey Whaley
We’re not proud, we’re not egotistical. If someone is doing something better than we are, let’s copy and paste when we should and when we can.
Doug McMillon