Top 50 Fraction Quotes

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More than a billion people use the Internet, yet only a

More than a billion people use the Internet, yet only a tiny fraction contribute their knowledge to it.
Adam D’Angelo
I’m not opposed to the idea of helping regions that are struggling to get a reasonable fraction of federal research spending.
Bill Foster
I often think about the many remarkable things that my personal computer can do which I never ask it to do. I probably use a small fraction of its capabilities. I often wonder if the same dynamic occurs with our capacity for creativity.
Geoffrey S. Fletcher
When I want to quickly take a measurement, I use my Stanley Laser Distance Measurer. You just put it on the wall, and it shoots a laser and instantly tells you the exact distance to the other wall within a fraction of an inch.
Drew Scott
Perhaps, more importantly, I think that most human beings realise only a fraction of the true potential of their minds, so the spiritual or mystical, the things which remain mysterious or unexplained have always drawn me to include them in any scheme for a novel.
Rose Tremain
A Rook is of the value of five Pawns and a fraction, and may be exchanged for a minor Piece and two Pawns. Two Rooks may be exchanged for three minor Pieces.
Howard Staunton
If you were to actually travel around schools and universities and listen in on lectures about evolution, you might find a fairly substantial fraction of young people, without knowing what it is they disapprove of, think they disapprove of it, because they’ve been brought up to.
Richard Dawkins
My interest in space started early, but for many years, I could not find any space-related investments that really penciled-out for venture. That changed in 2009 when Elon Musk came to us with a big vision to explore Mars while producing rockets at a fraction of a price and making space accessible.
Steve Jurvetson
Non-commercial general aviation flights serve as a lifeline to thousands of communities where airlines do not fly, while contributing a fraction of total U.S. air traffic congestion.
Mike Pompeo
Although Customs and Border Protection analyzes cargo and other information to target specific shipments for closer inspection, it still physically inspects only a small fraction of the containers under its purview.
Mike Fitzpatrick
There are so many previously unknown sites and structures all over the world. And I think most importantly what satellites help to show us is we’ve actually only found a fraction of a percent of ancient settlements and sites all over the world.
Sarah Parcak
My mom and dad have always, always, and continue to be the most incredible citizens of the world and most generous in quiet ways, that I strive to do even a fraction of what they do.
Gavin Creel
Our conviction that green cheese makes up a negligible fraction of the Moon’s interior comes not from direct observation but from the gross incompatibility of that idea with other things we think we know.
Sean M. Carroll
During the year, our schools are busy slashing P.E. and recess to make more time for math. During the summer, we get ourselves worked into a tizzy that our children will forget their fractions.
Darell Hammond
The actual teaching itself becomes lost in a sea of paperwork and teachers soon realise that the very reason they entered this profession constitutes only a fraction of their working day.
Layla Moran
A very receptive state of mind… not unlike a sheet of film itself – seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second’s exposure conceives a life in it.
Minor White
It makes me happy to think that this world of art-as-investment is a minuscule fraction of the art world overall. Most people who create, trade and own art do it for a much simpler reason. They just like it.
Adam Davidson
Glass really rewards risk. A lot of times with glass, you’re just waiting for the piece to cool down or for some temperature to adjust, and there’s split seconds where you’ve got a fraction of a second where you get to make a move a particular way, and you don’t get to repeat it if you do it wrong.
Jim McKelvey
If you are a great news organization, you can’t have the best obtainable version of the truth if your vision and your scale is reduced to a fraction of its former self.
Carl Bernstein
Most religious people in America fully embrace science. So the argument that religion has some issue with science applies to a small fraction of those who declare that they are religious. They just happen to be a very vocal fraction, so you got the impression that there are more of them than there actually is.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I had now arrived at my seventeenth year, and had attained my full height, a fraction over six feet. I was well endowed with youthful energy, and was of an extremely sanguine temperament.
Henry Bessemer
Then in a fraction of a second, I realized that these sportsmen were not anyone’s enemies.
Bill Toomey
I love math and was a math teacher for many years, so it was fun for me to write several math books, including ‘Fraction Fun,’ ‘Calculator Riddles,’ and ‘Shape Up!’ ‘Fun with Triangles and Other Polygons.’
David A. Adler
I do have hobbies – I garden and bike, for example – but there’s nothing in the world that gives me even a fraction of the pleasure that I derive from hanging around with my wife and daughter.
Chris Bohjalian
When people left on the Oregon Trail from St. Louis, they knew that only a fraction of them would make it to the West Coast. But they went anyway.
John M. Grunsfeld
The Super Bowl is the biggest event in America, the biggest event in television. The preparation and all of the behind-the-scenes detail is immense. The Final Four is just a fraction behind that in terms of the preparation.
Jim Nantz
Although when Christianity appeared the total population of the planet was only a fraction of that of the twentieth century, most of the earth’s surface was quite outside the Mediterranean world, Persia, India, and China.
Kenneth Scott Latourette
If the BJP government, like the Congress party, had asked what were the numbers on the fraction of people under a particular income, would I have not told them the truth? I would have told them exactly. I would have been as willing.
Abhijit Banerjee
Machine learning is the most popular course for people from India. There is a window of time when India can embrace and capture a large fraction of the AI opportunity. But it will not remain open for ever.
Andrew Ng
God gives different people different gifts, and there are some people that can listen to an instrument and within a fraction of a second tell, you know, where it’s off key or what note doesn’t resonate correctly.
I don’t know other couples that work together a fraction as much as Nick and I do. We met in a play, and we’ve done TV and movies, and we just did ‘Annapurna,’ our off-Broadway show, and we’ve done theater together several times, so it’s just a little bit of everything.
Megan Mullally
An important fraction of United States industry adheres

An important fraction of United States industry adheres to the idea that research of a fundamental character is worthwhile from a practical point of view.
William Shockley
A single neuron in the brain is an incredibly complex machine that even today we don’t understand. A single ‘neuron’ in a neural network is an incredibly simple mathematical function that captures a minuscule fraction of the complexity of a biological neuron.
Andrew Ng
I love that sense of discovery. You’re experiencing something for the first time, and your parents aren’t in on it, previous generations aren’t in on it. It has a chance to belong to you and your generation in a way that nothing has. If ‘Pacific Rim’ is a fraction of that, I would be very proud.
Travis Beacham
There’s no way Daniel Bryan can beat me in a Royal Rumble match. It’s ridiculous. He’s nowhere near as heavy as me; he doesn’t have a fraction of the strength I have. There are a lot of ways that Daniel Bryan can possibly beat me.
Roman Reigns
Many different elements can form isomers, but only a few elements on the periodic table, like hafnium, can form isomers that last more than fractions of a second – and might therefore be turned into weapons.
Sam Kean
The film ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,’ based the book of the same name, has a line that enlightens and comforts me. The protagonist, who has lost all ability to move except one eye, discusses his role as a father. He notes, ‘Even a fraction of a father is still a father.’
Steve Gleason
There are a lot of apps that are fun to use – they’re utility apps; they’re fine. But there are a fraction of apps that are in the cream of the crop. You just need to be in the cream of the crop to get noticed.
Kevin Systrom
If you were to hold me down and tickle me to pick my favorite ‘plus-comic,’ it would have to be Kevin James, a broad physical pratfaller capable of deadpan underplay, a technique honed from years of reaction-shot close-ups on TV, where every teeny fraction of a squint registers.
James Wolcott
I am a huge, raving fan of writer Matt Fraction. His semi-indie ‘Casanova’ series is an ongoing masterpiece of 21st-century American comics – and his run on ‘Immortal Iron Fist’ with Ed Brubaker was pure, yummy martial-arts-fantasy deliciousness.
Michael Chabon
What’s happened with society is that we have created these devices, computers, which already can register and process huge amounts of information, which is a significant fraction of the amount of information that human beings themselves, as a species, can process.
Seth Lloyd
We Americans love original ideas. But truly, there are already plenty of good ones out there, ours for the taking. If I were too proud to copy the ideas of others, I likely wouldn’t have even a fraction of my current success.
Mohnish Pabrai
Universities should be supporting Teach First, actively promoting it among their students and financially supporting them to join the scheme, using a small fraction of their income from higher fees for this purpose.
Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis