Top 50 Long Hair Quotes

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I always tell people that I went through long hair. I w

I always tell people that I went through long hair. I was a typical art school scruff. It was good then.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
I was a geek and had long hair. Life changed when I joined engineering in Manipal. I joined a group of 7 friends. From then, my journey was simply beautiful, and I cherish it to this date.
Rajeev Suri
With summer in Chennai, I am struggling with my long hair. I do my own hair-dos which are comfortable.
Suhasini Maniratnam
If I have long hair, I go for more… fitting, like a miniskirt dress or a very tight black leather outfit.
Jamie Park
I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt. It’s filled with cowlicks and kinks and curls and frizz – and it was taking too much time in the morning.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I always thought we had more in common with punk than with anything else, but we had long hair, so we didn’t fit in that box.
It’s true that when I started out, I was more a fan of attacking players and one in particular: the Brazilian Ronaldo, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. Another of my idols was Claudio Caniggia, an Argentinian forward with long hair, who I liked a lot. It’s because of him that I started to grow my hair long!
Sergio Ramos
Michael Hayes was the one that brought me up to be part of ECW. I had long hair, a braided goatee.
Lance Archer
Young people have always established themselves in an anti-establishment way – I don’t care if it’s wearing long hair, wearing bell bottoms, wearing miniskirts. But there was always an adult that said, ‘Cut your hair, make that skirt longer.’ There was always a way to correct it, and that’s the role of our schools.
Eric Adams
I feel women with long hair have a completely different charm – they can attract more attention and if I may say so, they look so Indian!
Ayesha Takia
When the Beatles first came out, you had to go to a certain amount of trouble to have long hair. You just couldn’t have it immediately. Anything you can just go out and get – like platform shoes – is not going to inspire people as much as something they have to go through a little bit of hell to have.
Todd Rundgren
Like when I had long hair, you kind of got male attention from everything. But when you had short hair, it was a different kind of man that was attracted to you or I found coming up.
Ashley Scott
I was told by people who wanted to ‘help’ me that, although I had checked the box on the skills they wanted to see in the quarterly evaluation, they thought that I might want to cut my long hair so that I looked less young.
Caroline Ghosn
I absolutely think it is more acceptable for people who were assigned female at birth to dress in a typically gender non-conforming way. There was a time when people of all genders had long hair and anyone who wanted to wore jewelry – it was more a sign of status than a sign of femininity, per se.
Asia Kate Dillon
Polynesian women are known for their long hair, glowing skin, and thick nails. And that comes from the local diet, which is mostly plant based with a little bit of fish and a lot of natural fats and oils.
Nikki Reed
At the end of the day, stick up for yourself whether you have spiky hair, long hair, blonde hair, black hair, whatever it is, stick up for yourself and go for your dreams because at the end of the day, you can pretty much accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.
Michael Sorrentino
You know, if I tell the press that I like long blonde hair, the next day there will be girls with long hair wigs outside waiting for me.
Andy Lau
Hey, our Founding Fathers wore long hair and powdered wigs – I don’t see anybody trying to look like them today, either… But we do look to them as role models.
Leigh Steinberg
I had really long hair, and we had this hairdresser, Laverne, that was in Athens. And she did my hair up really big. And she said, ‘Honey, when you hang your head over the bed and make love, that hair is not going to move.’
Kate Pierson
As I was finding my musical style, I found my personal style as well, and moving from Germany to L.A. was part of that, raiding the secondhand stores in L.A. trying out different beauty themes, finding my love for huge lashes and big, long hair extensions.
Kim Petras
I have really long hair, so I don’t cut it all that often. Sometimes, when I’m working, I just have the stylist on set trim it for me. I don’t dye my hair. When I was a teenager, I dyed my hair five colors at one time. It was all different shades of red going from more orange to more purple. I thought I looked so cool.
Zhu Zhu
Long hair doesn’t look good on me because my hair is fine.
Sue Perkins
I don’t envy people with long hair. So, I’m glad mine is gone.
Baron Corbin
I went with a pixie cut when my daughter was really young. It was easy – I mean, it was really easy. But I missed my long hair. Especially after a long winter, all I want is sexy summer hair.
Katie Holmes
I at least have to cut my hair. I can’t do the whole man bun, funky long hair thing anymore.
Michael Chiesa
I feel like Nashville has watched me grow up in front of them, which is cool, but it kind of sucks at the same time because you get pigeonholed, like, ‘Oh, she’s the girl with the long hair that wears fairy dresses.’ That was me at one point because I was new and I was young. But we all grow up.
I am just old-fashioned enough to prefer long hair.
Erich von Stroheim
I’ve always liked long hair. My dad’s always had long hair, but he always tells me, ‘I never had it in a ponytail.’ And I say to him, ‘You weren’t an England goalie either, were ya.’
David Seaman
Every few years, I change my look for the simple reason that I get bored. If you Google Image me, you will see so many different looks: long hair, short hair, clean shaven, beard, etc.
Johnny Iuzzini
If you’re an L.C.N. guy, you don’t have facial hair and you don’t have long hair. You have to be neat all the time. It’s the rule.
Joseph D. Pistone
I had a really good time in New Orleans, although I had some very tragic times in Baton Rouge. Some guys beat me up and threw my horn away. ‘Cause I had a beard, then, and long hair like the Beatles.
Ornette Coleman
I would have liked to grow up in Liverpool and become a

I would have liked to grow up in Liverpool and become a rocker. I would have put my boots on, jeans and a leather jacket, and long hair and played the guitar.
Hasso Plattner
I used to have long hair and get it done every two weeks, and it was never worth it to me. I would just walk out of the salon and put it in a ponytail anyway.
I’ve always had long hair and it’s something I’m proud of.
Rhea Chakraborty
Having long hair has allowed me to enter orthodox or religiously conservative situations with slightly more ease.
Hailey Gates
When I had long hair, I used to tie it back, so the guys would say I would look like the ‘Gypsy.’ I used to hate that, but the less you like a nickname, the more it sticks.
Junior dos Santos
Hair is a huge part of who I am and what I obsess over – I’ve had long hair my entire life.
Rachel Zoe
I’ve hidden behind my hair more than clothes. Sometimes having long hair with a fringe is very useful when you don’t want to look at people. I used to have very short hair, but long hair is my thing – a black nocturnal shield.
Bat for Lashes
I have long hair because I’m American Indian. I’m an Oklahoma boy, and I’m very proud of my heritage.
Christian Kane
I always had long hair. When you lose it, you realise just how important it is to your identity.
Delta Goodrem
The short hair fits my personality more. I think maybe, with long hair, it was a role – I was playing dress-up a bit.
Natalie Maines
Our redneck reputation back then was originally just because we had long hair. Back in the ’60s and the early ’70s, in the South that was kind of a no-no. At all the Army and Navy bases we’d play, we would get into fights with the soldiers over our hair. But I think our music overshadowed everything else.
Gary Rossington
It’s disrespectful to the older generation to have long hair. They fought in two world wars; they didn’t fight for us to grow our hair and look like girls.
Bernard Sumner
I wanted to get a cropped hairdo, but Sreenu Vaitla loves my look in ‘Chiruta,’ so he suggested that I keep the long hair.
Ram Charan
I can’t imagine having long hair anymore; it’s weird.
Robin Wright
I grew up in Dallas, with cowboys. I was the only guy in sixth grade with long hair and an earring. Let’s just say I got a lot of, er, flak for being different.
Barry Watson
One of the reasons why I don’t leave Northampton is that the people don’t treat me like a celebrity. I’ve been here for years; I’m just that bloke with long hair.
Alan Moore
I used to tell myself that I am a good actor, I have a good body, I have a pretty face, have long hair, have a good soul, so if there is one thing I don’t have, don’t make a big issue of it.
Neena Gupta
I had this awesome tennis teacher when I was 12 who was Icelandic. He looked like a Viking: long hair, and he was built like a rock and spoke with this accent.
Eline Powell
It was great to get rid of the long hair. It’s such a pain that, if you look at it, it’s always wet when guys wrestle: you dump gallons of conditioner in it to keep it wet so you’re not choking on it. You have all kinds of stuff in it, and just maintaining it is a lot of work.
Baron Corbin