Top 50 Setbacks Quotes

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Science is so incremental and so full of setbacks and s

Science is so incremental and so full of setbacks and small steps forward. In order to really thrive in this business, you have to be able to glean as much joy from the failure days and from the small increments as you do from the breakthroughs.
Hope Jahren
Do not allow setbacks to set you back.
Stacey Abrams
Every child deserves to grow up knowing their potential and feeling confident that they won’t fall at the first hurdle – that they cope with life’s setbacks.
Kate Middleton
You don’t have to start with your dream job, and your idea of what the dream job might be will change during a working life that will have its share of ups and downs, setbacks and advances.
Deborah Meaden
There’s nothing like work to take your mind off setbacks.
Aditya Roy Kapur
We’re finding that many parents endorse a growth mindset, but they still respond to their children’s errors, setbacks or failures as though they’re damaging and harmful. If they show anxiety or overconcern, those kids are going toward a more fixed mindset.
Carol S. Dweck
I’ve had a series of setbacks in my life, which I’ve written about.
Anthony Scaramucci
I’m very determined, and I know I can achieve, so I don’t let little setbacks put me down.
Ana Ivanovic
I think the questions on the grit scale about not letting setbacks disappoint you, finishing what you begin, doing things with focus, I think that those are things I would aspire to or hope for for all our children.
Angela Duckworth
People just see the shine. They don’t see the grind, the bags under my eyes. It was a lot of grinding, setbacks… I ain’t finna let nothing stop me. Wherever I stop at, I already know who I am.
Kodak Black
The skills you acquire can always be effectively redeployed. You will look back on setbacks and be grateful for the catalyst that came not a moment too soon.
Tom Freston
I reason that as long as I’m smiling 90 percent of the time, I can handle the setbacks that occur 10 percent of the time.
Payal Kadakia
I contend that not only can you laugh at adversity, but it is essential to do so if you are to deal with setbacks without defeat.
Allen Klein
New leaders must also expect and manage setbacks. In post-revolutionary times, expectations are high, and the obstacles to meeting them are enormous.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
I have had a lot of setbacks that I have learned from.
Susan Wojcicki
President-elect Donald Trump says he’s looking for a simple plan for defeating ISIS within his first 30 days of taking office. But even as ISIS has suffered setbacks in Iraq and Syria, its violent ideology continues to spread.
John Dickerson
Along the way, I learned a lot about being told I didn’t have the right skills for the jobs I wanted and how to overcome the setbacks and keep pushing forward. This is why I’ve become an Ambassador for LifeSkills, a programme created by Barclays to help one million young people get the skills they need for work.
Jameela Jamil
I am the underdog, and I want to prove that one can follow one’s dreams despite all the flaws and setbacks.
Winnie Harlow
I’ve learned that it’s not a straight road to the top, and there are going to be setbacks along the way. You have to be patient, and you have to keep believing in what you’re doing. And keep believing in yourself, no matter what is happening. And then eventually you’ll get there.
Eugenie Bouchard
Mentally strong people overcome setbacks with confidence because adversity only makes them better.
Amy Morin
The benefits from stardom as Klinger outweigh any setbacks. It’s a double-edged sword. What makes you famous is what interferes with getting other roles.
Jamie Farr
Common sense would suggest that having ability, like being smart, inspires confidence. It does, but only while the going is easy. The deciding factor in life is how you handle setbacks and challenges. People with a growth mindset welcome setbacks with open arms.
Travis Bradberry
Notwithstanding these setbacks, the dream of a beautiful American orchestra goes on, and I share Dr. King’s faith that each year we move inexorably closer to a magnificent opening night.
Adam Schiff
I’ve had some real hard setbacks in this sport and I learned to realize that you can’t really build who you are on what people say. That’s ultimately building your foundation in sand.
Rashad Evans
We have to accept that making movies is a never-ending process of occasional progress, frequent setbacks, and unexpected curveballs being thrown our way. Navigating that process requires stamina, curiosity, openness, and creative fire.
Karyn Kusama
Feminists are disappointed in each other a lot, a natural side effect of being involved in a movement, which naturally implies that progress toward the ultimate goal is the only measure of success and that setbacks are always disasters.
Michelle Dean
We are succeeding in Iraq. It’s a tough struggle with setbacks, but we are succeeding.
Iyad Allawi
I believe my past setbacks are part of what it takes to build a champion. After all, how can you fully appreciate winning without knowing what it’s like to lose?
Roderick Strong
A successful entrepreneur can’t be afraid of failures or setbacks. An initial setback can be a great opportunity to take a new and more promising approach to any problem, to come back stronger than ever.
John Roos
I was uploading on YouTube and stuff, and they were liking it or whatever. I just kept elevating and elevating. I had little setbacks, but I used them as stepping stones.
Kodak Black
Competition got me off the farm and trained me to seek out challenges and to endure setbacks; and in combination with my faith, it sustains me now in my fight with Alzheimer’s disease.
Pat Summitt
In any war, there is a concealment of certain kinds of

In any war, there is a concealment of certain kinds of setbacks because it’s propaganda for the enemy.
Kate Adie
Things don’t always go your way in football: there are always good and bad times. At the end of the day, you have to have a positive attitude and a strong mentality and not let any setbacks get you down. And that’s what I’ve done – I’ve tried to keep my composure, even when things aren’t going the way I’d like.
Giovani Dos Santos
We’ve all got setbacks.
Tiny Tim
The most successful families embrace and elevate their family history, particularly their failures, setbacks and other missteps.
Bruce Feiler
Obviously I’ve had my setbacks, but those have enabled me to be the man I am today.
Daniel Jacobs
For the birth of one champion, there are many young boxers behind them who had setbacks. In terms of that, I think boxing is very dramatic.
Takashi Miike
I’ve met so many young women who are interested in being involved in music and I think, ‘Why are you not actually doing it?’ And I hope that if I tell my story, about the setbacks I had, they might not be afraid.
Kate Nash
The biggest problem for badminton is wind direction and lighting. If those problems are not solved, it seriously impacts players’ performances on the court. If a high-level player’s performance is affected by these factors, they suffer setbacks and cannot be fully satisfied on the court.
Lin Dan
I’ve had disappointments and heartbreaks and setbacks and roles I didn’t get, but something always came along that either made me better or was an even better role.
Lee Majors
You know how we always said ‘Devil May Cry 5”s themes were about photorealism and the uncanny valley? That was a lie. The real themes centered around setbacks and awakenings.
Hideaki Itsuno
Women, who enjoyed a high social status and levels of education under Saddam, saw terrible setbacks as Iraq fell into civil war. As a result of the sectarian violence from 2005-2007, women retreated to their homes and fell from public view.
Richard Engel
If you so choose, even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities. If you so choose, you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance.
Ralph Marston
Spring starts in January in the Ozarks, lurches on in a complicated way, with spurts and setbacks, until May. Then, early in May, there is a cold spell known as blackberry winter because it comes when blackberries bloom. It is a worrisome week for anyone who farms.
Sue Hubbell
My body is really worn out. This pain is part of my life, and I play the match with it. And since no other player has gone through what I’ve gone through in terms of injury, setbacks, it’s hard for them to understand.
Juan Martin del Potro
When you’re at the highest point of your career at the highest level in your sport, any moment that you have these setbacks and injuries is devastating. You have to start back from zero, and you never know if you’re going to get back to where you once were.
Ali Krieger
If you get knocked down – setbacks in life, like applying for a job if they don’t hire you – keep trying, keep getting up, keep doing it.
Mr. T
People often say that a bad event is a ‘blessing in disguise.’ Trust me, experience will teach you that some are unbelievably well disguised. Everyone gets fired, or decides to make a radical change at some point. Everyone suffers setbacks.
Tom Freston
I suffered a lot of setbacks when I started; I didn’t have any work experience and no real confidence to go after the career that I knew in the back of my mind I really wanted. It affected my confidence as knock-back after knock-back left me feeling like I might never succeed.
Jameela Jamil
Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.
Henry Ford