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I'm not advocating we should all be back in the kitchen

I’m not advocating we should all be back in the kitchen and cooking all the time, because life’s too short and we’ve got more interesting things to do. But to rediscover the intense pleasure of making a cake and putting it down on the table is ridiculously satisfying, out of all proportion to the work.
Jane Asher
Gratitude, warm, sincere, intense, when it takes possession of the bosom, fills the soul to overflowing and scarce leaves room for any other sentiment or thought.
John Quincy Adams
It’s a very immersive and intense form of travel to walk around with an interpreter and stop random people on the street and ask them about their lives.
Brandon Stanton
I wrote ‘The Spy Who Came in from the Cold’ at the age of 30 under intense, unshared personal stress and in extreme privacy. As an intelligence officer in the guise of a junior diplomat at the British Embassy in Bonn, I was a secret to my colleagues, and much of the time to myself.
John le Carre
I try to see my films just once. it’s like a dream you’ve been through when it’s been intense, and you just have to go through it once more just to make sure you’ve had it.
Juliette Binoche
It’s really intense in our rehearsals; you have to get ready and condition your body.
Rozonda Thomas
One or two people have named their children after characters in my songs. That’s pretty intense.
John Darnielle
Bleachers comes from a different place. It’s personal. It’s just me putting myself out there as myself. It’s very intense.
Jack Antonoff
My parents really doted on me in so many ways. They had an intense love and participation in my well-being.
Nicole Fosse
I started off with films similar to ‘Blood Money’ – intense, emotional dramas. But as is often the case, the industry and audience typecast me and I decided to break away. Hence, followed a spate of comedies.
Kunal Khemu
I didn’t know there was this sort of immediate camaraderie that’s very intense when you make a movie because you’re all in this together. You tend to get really close to people really fast.
Kelly Marie Tran
That feeling of being 19 or 20 and ‘hot’ in Hollywood was so intense.
Elizabeth McGovern
My father has played at Celtic before. He has told me it is really intense, and it is good to grow as a footballer by playing for this club.
Timothy Weah
It’s fun to get really intense and emotionally detailed and complicated.
Laura San Giacomo
Writing requires an intense inner focus, and sometimes you need to express outward, physically or socially.
Mary Gaitskill
Part of being an actor is the rhythm of the life of being an actor, and that involves coming together with a group of people, making something together that is intense and requires a lot of intimacy, and then walking away from it with the possibility that you will never see any of those people again.
Carrie Coon
Jim Brooks is a very powerful director and it was a lot of intense work.
Tea Leoni
Competing is intense among humans, and within a group, selfish individuals always win. But in contests between groups, groups of altruists always beat groups of selfish individuals.
E. O. Wilson
I think it’s very important to recognize talent in all facets of filmmaking. Making a movie is such a lengthy and intense experience, so it’s wonderful to honour actors, directors, producers and all crew members who put so much hard work and passion into a project.
Eva Green
A novel can enlarge the empathy and imagination of both its author and its reader, and my experience, that sense of enlargement is most intense when I’m transported beyond the narrow limits of my daily life.
Anthony Marra
I therefore shared fully the intense chagrin of the New York and other State delegations when, on the third ballot, Abraham Lincoln received a larger vote than Seward.
Henry Villard
I used to sit on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue and wonder why the Senate was always going into recess, until in my first year I realized how intense the pressure was.
Hillary Clinton
I’m yet to attack French cooking, you know, where it’s intense, following recipes and stuff. I’m more of a ‘make it up’ kind of thing.
Sam Smith
‘Homeland’ is intense, and I think it would be a hard show to watch if it were intense for 60 straight minutes.
Morgan Saylor
Even when I wasn’t doing much ‘science for the public’ stuff, I found that four or five hours of intense work in physics was all my brain could take on a given day.
Brian Greene
If I’m in a room full of intense people, I’m pretty normal. If I’m in a room full of people who aren’t, maybe I’m intense.
Ken Leung
I think doing dramas kind of wears on you. It’s just intense.
Christine Ebersole
Football is a passionate game, and the emotions are intense. As long you respect the people around you, I don’t see any problem with that.
Nuno Espirito Santo
I write speculative fiction, and in my view, speculative fiction is really just a very intense version of the work of literature in general.
Ken Liu
I get very intense: I get to the show five hours early. If we’re on at 8 P.M., I’m there at 3 in the afternoon.
Meat Loaf
My first job on the screen was ‘Sea Patrol,’ and that was quite intense, but I guess my first big break was ‘SLiDE.’
Brenton Thwaites
All of those art-based fields are similar in that they'

All of those art-based fields are similar in that they’re all hard to make a living in and they all require an intense amount of training and discipline.
Alicia Witt
I became more aggressive, more dedicated, more intense – taking it match by match, night by night – to literally crawl and scratch my way back to the top.
During the summer of 2009, the debate on health care reform was emotional and intense. At its best, it represented the free exchange of ideas that makes this country great. At its worst, it generated death threats and acts of violence.
Chellie Pingree
I have Internet fame. Real fame is more intense.
Gary Vaynerchuk
Magic is crazy. He is that crazy wild guy on the basketball court that is very intense and very serious. He is the guy who lives and eats and breathes basketball.
Magic Johnson
Millions of Americans and people around the world, especially young people who face intense financial challenges today, haven’t been taught how to take control of their financial future.
Robert Kiyosaki
Before filming I’ll be constantly thinking about my role at the back of my mind and slowly build up the intensity until I can explode on set. There is a very fine line between not quite getting there, and getting that bit too intense.
Daniel Mays
Economies are embedded inside ecosystems. Companies dependent on tourism, for example, are affected by low rainfall – there’s less snow for skiers, and forest fires are more intense.
Paolo Bacigalupi
When you say was it you being silly or letting yourself go, or is it you being intense? I would say it was me being me. I would say that me being me is probably yes to all of that. So having fun, playing with passion, it matters to me, competitive.
Kirk Cousins
Innovation requires resources to invest, and you can see many companies pulling back and going into an intense protective mode in a major extended period of financial distress.
Peter Senge
During the 1980s, international interest in the Nicaraguan war was intense. No conflict since the Spanish civil war had provoked such passion around the world. It was a classic good-versus-evil war.
Stephen Kinzer
I don’t want to take myself too seriously, thinking that I’m always having to be this cathartic, intense and deep person, because I certainly enjoy silliness.
Tig Notaro
After 12 intense years of rock music, I was happy to get away from making a record and going out on a tour. When I did it, I wanted to feel inspired. After a while I finally had my fill working on other people’s music, and I started coming up with music on my own and said, ‘This could be for me.’
James Iha
This idea that a book can either be about character and feeling, or about politics and idea, is just a false binary. Ideas are an expression of the feelings and the intense emotions we hold about the world.
Richard Powers
Running is a way for me to relax. With one hour of intense running, I can get a lot of physical exercise. I can relax my body. I feel a tension in my muscles when I don’t run. In that sense, I need to get out a few times a week in order to do my work as a scientist, which involves a lot of sitting still.
Wolfgang Ketterle
On my face, I use Creme De La Mer The Eye Balm Intense and Tatcha Deep Brightening Serum.
Meghan Markle
I had some great matches with ‘Macho Man,’ but the one at Halloween Havoc in 1997 was intense, and Havoc was the perfect venue for a Last Man Standing Match.
Diamond Dallas Page
There is always one person on the set who has a lot of anxiety, an actor who is really intense and has to stay in character and holds himself away from the rest of us.
Maria Bello
If you don’t have very strong emotions or very intense thoughts about something, you cannot get depressed.
Jaggi Vasudev
As an actor, you see a sliver of how the show is made, but to see the actual writing process and the re-writing process and the casting process and art direction and set design – all of this is happening in a very intense period.
John Slattery
I’m intense. I play hard, and I love to show that.
Glenn Gronkowski
I have many intense friendships with artists. I don’t mean we have intense one-day conversations but ongoing conversations that last in some cases for years.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Noveller make soundscapes that are creepy, ethereal, really beautiful and all over the place. They can be intense, dark, and groovy but also dreamlike and happy.
Sharon Van Etten
I wrote ‘Science For Her!’ because I found normal, manly science textbooks to be too intense for my small size-0 brain, and I found normal science textbooks to have covers too heavy for my dainty size-0/size-2-with-bloat hands.
Megan Amram
In addition to intense workouts, you need to be mindful of what you are feeding your body in order to keep it looking trim and tight.
David Kirsch
I got typecast early in my career as the guy who is very intense. Once you get into a certain mold, people see you that way, as much as it’s disproved time and again.
D. B. Sweeney
Our schedule is intense. We do this for five nights a week, so injuries can happen very easily with the demands of the job. It’s just the nature of what we do and sports in general.
The attack on the transgender troops – disgusting, disgraceful, outrageous. It’s just endless. And then you try to do your day job of finding good bipartisan work across the aisle… You’re doing both all the time. I guess I would describe it as intense. Everything is very intense.
Kirsten Gillibrand
You hear stories of intense actors who can’t shed their character and who don’t know who they are for a week or two after. I’m not that guy, man.
Brad Pitt
Before Liszt, a conductor was someone who just facilitated the performance, who would keep people together or beat the time, indicate the entries. After Liszt, that was no longer the case; a conductor was someone who shaped the music in an intense musical way, who played the orchestra as an instrument.
Stephen Hough
Whether in light touches or for a more glamorous look, I never go out without make-up – even if it’s only a lick of mascara. And I always wear perfume, a light or more intense version.
Dree Hemingway
'The Red' delivers intense action, leavened by a genuin

‘The Red’ delivers intense action, leavened by a genuinely sympathetic portrait of soldiers caught up in battles they never chose.
Annalee Newitz
On ‘Glee,’ the director can be like, ‘Hey, your face is looking a little too intense here.’ And they can show me the screen, and I can be like, ‘I know exactly what to do here.’
Samuel Larsen
Relationships are like the world’s most intense yoga! It’s a daily practice.
Tracy McMillan
I would rather have one article a day of this sort; and these ten or twenty lines might readily represent a whole day’s hard work in the way of concentrated, intense thinking and revision, polish of style, weighing of words.
Joseph Pulitzer
‘Drama’ was put together quickly; there were a lot of intense, 16-hour days. Despite the pressure, it was a lot of fun, and the end result was an album I’m very proud of.
Chris Squire
If I had to do a lot of promotion as a kid, it would have been very intense. I’m really glad I got to go through high school, have a college experience, and have the last five years since then, just… being a person.
Alden Ehrenreich
It sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.
Eric Hoffer
The act of longing for something will always be more intense than the requiting of it.
Gail Godwin
Marty and I are playing with the same intensity. That’s the beautiful thing, man, we’re actually better now than ever, probably more intense now than ever, tighter now than ever.
Alan Vega
I remember looking at James Joyce’s journals. It was just amazing – it looked like ants had written on the page. So much writing on one page, every corner of the page was filled. Some of the lines were underlined in yellow or blue or red. A lot of color, intense writing.
Juan Felipe Herrera
The level of sacrifice in the world of dancing is incredibly intense, that work ethic if nothing else – get up, go to class, rehearsal, performance, get up, go to class – that’s your life, and it’s like that for a finite time, usually.
Anne-Marie Duff
I know that sounds almost horribly cheesy, but that is what has to happen if you’re gonna make a relationship work for a long time: You have to keep learning new things that are interesting about this person or having them catch you off guard and have these little moments of intense appreciation.
Andy Grammer
I’ve written several deeply personal songs this year, which I really love. Some of them came out of intense sadness. This has been an extremely difficult year for me.
David Friedman
Not only that, but when I first met Joe, to my intense delight, he showed me that he was a collector. He was collecting some of the early Tarzan pages by Hal Foster, and, later, early Flash Gordons; and I found that we were both absolutely interested in the same type of thing.
Joe Shuster
Dance has such an intensity to it. You become, in a way, an intense person.
Mia Wasikowska
A lot of people seem to feel that joy is only the most intense version of pleasure, arrived at by the same road – you simply have to go a little further down the track. That has not been my experience.
Zadie Smith
Sometimes it helps to take a couple days off, as weird as that sounds. Every once in a while, I could just shoot so many shots. You can get so, like, intense with it all. It’s like in life, right? We’re all created for a sabbath day or for a day of rest. You sometimes need that in shooting, too.
Kyle Korver
I’m an actor because I love acting, and my romance with this craft called acting is too intense. I’m in this business for a very selfish reason, and that is me, and nobody else. The audience loving it is by chance.
Manoj Bajpayee
Wong Kar Wai is a very intense character, very personable, and I believe in general he does not like and he would not want his actors to show their true looks and their true personality on screen.
Andy Lau
I’m a pretty intense person at the racetrack, but when I’m not thinking about my race car or in the garage doing my job, I’m pretty laid back, and I like to be organized and do normal things.
Kevin Harvick
I have been a teacher myself all my life. I have an intense passion to share with people. Our only salvation is in knowledge, in learning.
Leo Buscaglia
Nixon had this remarkably effective, deeply intense will to power. Reagan and I have a will to ideas.
Newt Gingrich
I’ve enjoyed the process of understanding who I am through my work and who I am in relation to others: the intense collaboration that acting requires and thrives in.
Holly Hunter
I was interested in telescopes and the way they worked because I had an intense desire to see what things looked like, so I learned how to use telescopes and find things in the sky.
Clyde Tombaugh
Playing chess can make you a better poker player because it forces you to think several moves ahead. That kind of intense mental exercise develops a deeper level of thinking than is typically encountered when playing poker.
Daniel Negreanu
In terms of working out, I’m in the gym, maximum, twice a week, but for a pretty intense period of time: two or two and a half hours nonstop. Most of the exercises are body weight. We’re talking pull-ups, chin-ups, decline rows, elevated push-ups.
Scott Glenn
For me an object is something living. This cigarette or this box of matches contains a secret life much more intense than that of certain human beings.
Joan Miro
I don’t know what I was expecting the World Cup to be like. I never thought to ask anybody; maybe I should have. I’ve never played in a stadium with, like, 20,000 watching. It was an intense sensory experience.
Karen Bardsley
The level of competition on ‘Iron Chef’ was very intense. In fact, I feel like the show provides chefs with a stamp of approval and in many ways lets them know that ‘they’ve arrived.’ It was a tough journey, to say the least, but in the end, it provided me with an example how hard work and persistence pays off.
Maneet Chauhan
I suppose I reached the limit of what I could do with nonfiction books, perhaps because they never felt quite intense enough – it’s a journalistic enterprise, ultimately, even if you are using the memoir as a form.
Lawrence Osborne
As a teenager, you’re still discovering who you are, what your life is about, and who you want to be as a person. It’s very intense.
Kaya Scodelario
Many people in London - and in the rest of Europe - vie

Many people in London – and in the rest of Europe – view giant American technology companies, and Uber in particular, with intense suspicion and resentment.
James B. Stewart
High school is very intense for everyone. But at a boarding school, because you’re there 24 hours a day, everything gets magnified.
Curtis Sittenfeld
Every league game is like the World Cup. The passion… intense, the desire for points.
David Luiz
I get angry about stuff, I get very emotionally intense about stuff and that’s how I get it out – with books, with the band, on my own onstage, but it’s always kind of a wail.
Henry Rollins
Games already pretty much have reached the point of photo-realism. Working on more intense graphics is not the only path we can take anymore. Simply relying on the sheer horsepower of the machine will not bring the industry a bright future.
Satoru Iwata
I’m a difficult person, sometimes, to work with because I’m so intense about this stuff sometimes, and I get focused in ways that I think can be overwhelming for me and also the people I work with, where I’ll get so about every little bug in the thing, every little line.
Scott Snyder
Sometimes I can’t get out of the character because the story is very intense.
Diana Krall
I’ve always been in love with samurais, that kind of classic idea about a hero who has a sword with an intense skill and is very stoic and doesn’t talk much.
Genndy Tartakovsky
When I’m working, especially when the role is very intense or very demanding, I actually tend to relax just innately afterwards because work relaxes me more than anything.
India Eisley
The relationship between director and subject can become very intense. It’s a bit like therapy, with lots of transferences going on. It’s easy to feel guilty.
Kevin Macdonald
I didn’t want my daughter to grow up in that intense attention – wherever we went, we’d get paparazzi. There are bigger, better superstars in America, so I thought, ‘I’ll go there for a quick holiday, and relax.’ And my holiday just turned into me loving it and wanting to stay there longer and longer.
Mel B
I usually bring along a bottle of kombucha, thinking, ‘This will be really good for me.’ But I never actually drink it. The fermented mushroom-y flavor is too intense for me.
Lena Headey
I’m a serious-minded and intense little devil, terribly gauche and so tense I don’t see how people stay in the same room with me. I know I wouldn’t tolerate myself.
James Dean
I’ve always been an intense guy. Sometimes it goes over the line, sometimes it gets a team energized.
Jermaine O’Neal
Part of growing up is realizing the frustrating, heartbreaking truth that intense and sustained long-term effort is needed to effect change.
Jack Schlossberg
Certainly, your characters – whether they are superheroes are not – should have foibles. They should have problems; they should have things that their powers can’t solve. That’s what makes them nuanced, interesting characters. They can have intense motivations. They should have intense motivations to do what they do.
Mark Waid
I consider myself a very driven and intense fighter.
Clay Guida
I gravitate toward edgy, intense, dark films that just grab you by the throat.
Aaron Paul
Some black women hug me and walk away. A lot of black men talk about dating white women and how they’ve been there, too. People open up about their racial experiences. I feel like I’m a walking therapy session. It’s quite intense. But it means a lot to people.
Daniel Kaluuya
All of us feel, I think, that our experiences can be the worst possible thing you can go through and that we’re alone in it, which is isolating and intense and insurmountable. But we can get over it.
Game designers are obsessed with emotion. How do we create the emotions that we want gamers to feel, and how can we really make it this intense, emotional experience?
Jane McGonigal
I try and work out every day if possible, or as many times as possible in a week. I concentrate on one body part at a time, and spend at least two to two-and-a-half hours on really intense weight training.
Prateik Babbar
Baby-carrying means your hearts are close together. It’s a very intense and beautiful way to bond with your baby, very intimate. It’s also easier than a stroller.
Kelly Cutrone
Beyond diversity, the story of Obama’s influence on the courts is more complex. Indeed, it could serve as a metaphor for his Presidency: symbolically rich but substantively hazy. Obama took office after years of intense conservative focus on the courts.
Jeffrey Toobin
I guess I strike people as very serious, or very intense.
Deidre Hall
To have your parents get divorced at a young age, there’s a lot of turbulence. We all grew up together, in some way. It was not idyllic. It was intense, vibrant, sometimes oppressive. I felt I was very much in a world of my own. I didn’t meld much in school. I was kind of a loner.
Reid Hoffman
I’ve written some standalone novels, but a book series allows fans in. There’s much more intense involvement.
George R. R. Martin
I don’t think I’m intense.
Lydia Leonard
I feel often that we don’t have the right language to talk about emotions in disasters. Everyone is on edge, of course, but it also pulls people away from a lot of trivial anxieties and past and future concerns and gratuitous preoccupations that we have, and refocuses us in a very intense way.
Rebecca Solnit
Human induced climate change is real, and the evidence is right in front of us. It threatens our shores. It promises to bring intense heat waves and powerful storms. It has the power to disrupt our economy, endanger our food supply, and imperil global stability. We must take action to stop it.
Letitia James
I don’t like going to the gym because I don’t like being with people I don’t know in that intense environment.
Utada Hikaru
There's this very intense pressure to look like you did

There’s this very intense pressure to look like you didn’t have a baby two days after you had a baby.
Haylie Duff
The last two years with the Eagles were pretty intense times. There was a lot of drinking and we were all getting high a lot. My parents were relieved when I got off the Eagles treadmill.
Glenn Frey
I wanted to do a naval film and I flirted with different ideas, most of which ended up being too intense. So when the idea of ‘Battleship’ was first suggested, I was instantly drawn to the challenge – could I invent a movie around the idea of five ships fighting five ships?
Peter Berg
I still do intense interval training. I like miles and quarters best. In races I can set my mind, and I believe I could break 2:20 again.
Catherine Ndereba
We should note that this latter type of shift was successfully amplified to a considerable extent by Russian physicists using the intense light of a ruby laser whose wavelength is close to that of a transition of the potassium atom.
Alfred Kastler
An Emraan Hashmi film has come to guarantee certain ingredients: An intense, grey central character, a beautiful girl – if he gets lucky, then two – couple of kisses, a few bold scenes, fabulous music and a climatic twist.
Emraan Hashmi
The club shows are really intense and powerful, but for a shorter time, and the audiences are in close proximity than when I’m performing at The Palace Theatre.
Deborah Cox
Attacking the indecency of life in much of the Southern Hemisphere is no longer a matter of grace, of charity, of patronizing kindness. It is a matter of intense self-interest.
Anthony Lewis
I’m recording an album. It’s sort of techno mixed with garbage – you, know, intense in-your-face music.
Christy Romano
I love films where you go into the cinema and loosen the edges of yourself and you hopefully enter into the world of the film. You’re watching something unfold before you. I prefer the idea of wonder or intense wonder over shock or something.
Julia Leigh
I played at being someone else in movies and live theater, and at being myself in life’s most intense, fascinating game – the game of love.
Monica Vitti
Stevie Ray Vaughan was very intense. Maybe that’s what caught everybody’s attention. As a player, he didn’t do anything amazing.
Ritchie Blackmore
I do not know why I have always been fascinated by science or why I have been driven by the intense desire to make some original contribution. And although I have had some degree of success as a scientist, it is hard to say precisely why.
Jack W. Szostak
Shooting this show is pretty intense. You lose your life. But I have no life, so it’s perfect!
David Krumholtz
In life, there are always intense battles, and yet we must practise the lessons from the Gita.
Ajay Piramal
It’s nowhere near as intense as what I imagine an actor experiences backstage, but I feel a fluttering nervousness before a curtain goes up on a play. I mean, any play, anywhere – on Broadway or the Bowery or in a church basement.
Ben Brantley
Successful cult memes induce intense social interaction behaviour between cult members. This trips the attention detectors.
Keith Henson
War is complicated and intense, and it takes time and thoughts to understand what it was.
Phil Klay
Fenway Park is a fun place to pitch in. You’ve got 38,000 fans all cheering against you. It’s an intense atmosphere.
Max Scherzer
The more intense the nature of a man, the more readily will he find meditation, and the more successfully will he practice it.
James Allen
I grew up with the idea of the cyborg and the robot, but at the same time I felt this intense disconnection between the things I was engaged with and inspired by in terms of fun and play. It seemed like paintings and drawings were so static.
Aaron Koblin
Poets deal in writing about feelings and trying to find the language and images for intense feelings.
Carol Ann Duffy
The Lilith Fair thing was Bummer Town – hey, hop aboard the marginalizing train. I guess you had people come out of that and have careers, but I think there was a pretty intense backlash, too.
St. Vincent
I studied religions and all kinds of other things in college. I took a Shakespearean villain course for English literature. It was really intense. I think that sort of rounds a person. In this business, it’s really important for us to be interesting… and have interests.
Chris Wood
Even though we work in the same field, we have an intense private life away from our professional lives.
Adrian Edmondson
Honestly, the Carolina games I played in every year were more intense than the national championship games I played in – they had a better environment.
Christian Laettner
I often find myself feeling that filming music is somehow the purest form of filmmaking. This crazed collision of sound and images, the intense collaboration, these incredibly cinematic performances. And for the nights you’re filming, a non-player like me gets to feel somehow part of the band.
Jonathan Demme
Whether art is defined as a representation of or response to reality, it demands an intense engagement with things we haven’t managed to understand fully.
Joanna Scott
I get the sense people sort of imagine that in my personal religious life I must be an intense rigorist wearing a hair shirt under my clothes while scourging myself. And, really, I’m not a rigorist by temperament.
Ross Douthat
I don’t think movies can ever be too intense, but people have to understand why you’re showing them the things you are showing them.
Edward Zwick
I always find myself very distrustful of intense crowd phenomena, and I think those are things that we should always try to question, especially critically.
Peter Thiel
You have to eat before you train. Otherwise, that reall

You have to eat before you train. Otherwise, that really intense training, after about 40 minutes you start to flag.
Hugh Jackman
Sometimes when you’re playing a very intense character, a disturbed character, you find other layers. That’s much more interesting to me, rather than just playing ‘intense.’ I find it too boring.
Irrfan Khan
Even during the years of the Cold War, the intense confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States, we always avoided any direct clash between our civilians and, most certainly, between our military.
Vladimir Putin
I’ve gotten to go to far-off places in the world, have very unique, isolated, intense experiences for four or five months at a time, and then, kind of like a dream, those things disappear. You may see those people again, but it’s never, ever going to be as intense as it was for that time period.
Leonardo DiCaprio
When I was a child, I had an intense fear of going to prison. I wasn’t on the run or anything – my crimes were small and they were all against fashion. But I had nightmares about accidentally killing someone, or being falsely accused.
Sara Pascoe
People can undergo a sudden change of thinking and loyalties under threat of death or intense social pressure and isolation from friends and family.
Keith Henson
Slipknot’s music is very technical and intense, and it’s not easy to play, but that’s what makes it special. What’s so gratifying about playing a show that is that intense is when you get off the stage, and you know you really delivered at the top of your ability and performance; that is what makes it all worthwhile.
Joey Jordison
I think I land somewhere between Scorsese and Capra in what I’m drawn to emotionally; I’m drawn to very intense emotion. Capra freaked people out when they saw Jimmy Stewart lose it in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’
David O. Russell
There’s this intense media spotlight; there’s a need to be transparent, and, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m also trying to fight a war at the same time.’ It’s a challenge, but it goes with the job.
Stanley A. McChrystal
Plays are always about intense relationships, whether they’re intense love relationships or family relationships or existential relationships.
David Ives
The problem was to sustain at any cost the feeling you had in the theater that you were watching a real person, yes, but an intense condensation of his experience, not simply a realistic series of episodes.
Arthur Miller
I’m pursuing soundtrack work in the southern California area and down the line I plan to make a moody, intense acoustic album. Not all acoustic, but an acoustic – oriented guitar record that I’ve already written most of the material for.
Ronnie Montrose
Pimenton gets its intense flavor because it is dried over wood smoke. You can try hot, sweet or bittersweet, though sweet is probably the most commonly used.
Jose Andres
I hate this quality, but I can go to dark levels when we lose. It’s not a panic attack, but there’s anxiety. I’m inconsolable. I’m a train wreck. I’m being myself. Then I get this crazy, intense focus, where I get desperate not to be embarrassed again. That dark spot is what I tap into. Creativity comes from there.
Erik Spoelstra
The NBA is intense, but the NFL is a whole ‘nother level of intensity and dramatic, game-changing plays.
Paul Allen
I don’t think I would live outside of the Northwest. I think the quality of life in Portland is really good. People move from intense, high-powered jobs, and move to Portland, work half as much and live twice as good.
Carrie Brownstein
I think I draw most inspiration from writers like Richelle Mead and filmmakers like John Hughes. They both really understand the experience of being a teenager and how insistent and intense everything feels, but they’re also smart, savvy, and fun.
Amanda Hocking
I do think there was a period there when my sanity was under intense pressure, and I didn’t know what to say or do or how to act. I was literally living from day to day.
Salman Rushdie
When I hear a singer, I want them to be passionate and intense, and soul singers like Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett always seemed to do exactly that.
Jimmy Barnes
Leadership is an intense journey into yourself. You can use your own style to get anything done. It’s about being self-aware. Every morning, I look in the mirror and say, ‘I could have done three things better yesterday.’
Jeffrey R. Immelt
Most novelists I know went through a period of intense self-examination and self-loathing after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. I certainly did.
Jay McInerney
Our church was a very spiritual church, and we were a very chosen people. The body was small, but the spirit was intense and very evident to anyone who passed by or came in.
Marvin Gaye
I was always humorous by nature but, maybe, no one noticed it. Or, maybe, I looked just too intense or serious to others.
Abhinav Bindra
I’ve always been aware of having feelings that were pretty intense at times. I imagine most people have had that, or they wouldn’t be human.
Iris Dement
You just want to play. You don’t think about the money, how many followers you’ve got on Instagram. You just want to make it. You don’t understand the demands, how intense it is at times – the scrutiny you’re going to get.
Ashley Cole
I do a lot of weight training, and my workouts are intense, which include cardios, core body workouts, and functional training.
Karan Patel
Drama school is a pretty intense experience, and I think it changes who you are.
David Tennant
A lot of people, quite frankly, think intense attachments to animals are weird and suspect, the domain of people who can’t quite handle attachments to humans.
Caroline Knapp
The business of working at getting work is pretty intense. But you don’t get the rewards of actually working.
Didi Conn
I really thought ‘El Tango Roxanne’ was perfect for Halloween night. It’s creepy and intense.
Jenna Johnson
I grew up around a whole bunch of girls, and one thing I realized is what they had on their plate was very different than what I had on mine. The things girls are made to be responsible for is a heavy burden – take care of your younger siblings, do good in school, have some extracurriculars. The pressure is intense.
Jason Reynolds
Looking at acting, in the movies or the theater, and th

Looking at acting, in the movies or the theater, and the way I like to look at it, it’s just an extension of childhood play… Kids play and imagine in a very intense fashion and they don’t need any director telling them, ‘You really have to believe in it.’ They believe in it completely.
Viggo Mortensen
I think it’s fair to say I’m attracted to playing characters who are rather intense.
Mandy Patinkin
If peace activists really want to make changes, they have to start putting intense pressure on their elected officials. Of course, everything should be non-violent, because we are trying to create a peaceful world, and violence can’t produce peace – no matter what George W. Bush and his buddies say.
Cindy Sheehan
My own approach has always been to push intense emotions down and attempt to deal with them later.
Alanis Morissette
Many people say that recovery from an aneurysm is like having a layer of skin ripped off – your experience of life is more intense.
Maryam D’Abo
Any film featuring Bradley Cooper’s gorgeous blue eyes is automatically on my must-see list and they did not disappoint in ‘The Words,’ which is so intense and confusing that I was pretty lost by the end!
Gayle King
A role needs a certain tone, so your own tone also changes. It’s not like I lock myself up in a room to get into the zone. It is based on what I am feeling, because the minute you try too much, weird things happen. Of course, for an intense role you need some silence, and you need to do a lot of thinking.
Alia Bhatt
The first year or so on The Daily Show is pretty intense in terms of travel. You’re going to the worst places in the country, talking to the craziest people in the world.
Rob Corddry
Sometimes our childhood experiences are emotionally intense, which can create strong mental models. These experiences and our assumptions about them are then reinforced in our memory and can continue to drive our behavior as adults.
Elizabeth Thornton
They’ve been learning technique since they were babies. That’s their focus and emphasis. For example, in England, the day after a game is usually a day off or some gentle warm-downs, but in Spain, we come in and do really intense passing drills and technical work.
Toni Duggan
War of attrition, war of wills. That’s what the Stanley Cup playoffs are – more intense, more physical and more prolonged than the playoffs of any other sport.
George Vecsey
The weirdest thing about a mind is that you can have the most intense things going on in there, but no one else can see them.
Matt Haig
When you’re mid-season, in very intense situations, it’s hard not to take that home with you. Especially when you’re sleeping, you can’t control what you dream about. And it sneaks into the unconscious.
Aaron Paul
I get angry very fast, and it’s intense. I start breathing heavily, and don’t like it.
Vishnu Vishal
Opera is a very stimulating place to work, and I believe it offers the most intense theatrical experience possible.
Robert Lepage
A considerable number of persons are able to protect themselves against the outbreak of serious neurotic phenomena only through intense work.
Karl Abraham
You don’t have to have angst to be an artist, but it’s grist to the mill. If you want to explore the whole emotional spectrum in your work, it helps to have experienced intense emotions.
Cornelia Parker
One of the things that defines YA is a really strong narrative. Adults love YA because, at the end of the day, they’re good stories and page-turners. The other element is emotion. The teen years are a very emotional and intense time, and I think it’s a time we that we can all relate to and remember.
Rebecca Serle
Intense love does not measure, it just gives.
Mother Teresa
You’ve got to remember there’s intense competition between Microsoft and Amazon.
Steve Ballmer
Even though the third season of ‘Necessary Roughness’ was only ten episodes, they were an extremely intense bunch of episodes, especially toward the finale.
Callie Thorne
Just take terrorism, for example. We have a team of more than 200 people working on counterterrorism. I mean, that’s pretty intense. That’s not like what people think about what Facebook is.
Mark Zuckerberg
I was told so many times when I was a kid, ‘I can’t be friends with you, you’re too intense, you’re too sad all the time.’ I really thought that when I made the first album that everyone would understand me, all the people who weren’t my friends would become my friends.
Fiona Apple
There’s something about being in front of a live audience that’s fun. It’s a really interesting, very electric, very alive, and intense experience, and you can’t get it anywhere else. And I’ve been doing it since I was 23, so it’s part of my being – it’s part of my fabric as a person.
Steven Wright
I gallop and jump and ride young horses with intense pleasure.
Jane Smiley
After the World Cup, it was so intense, and a lot of pressure was put on me – unfairly, I thought, at times – and it is always a worry, but you get older, you get a better support team, and I haven’t hidden the fact about my past, and I never will because I’m not ashamed of it.
Karen Carney
Trauma survivors have a deficiency in their capacity to regulate emotions – they’re too prolonged and too intense and too negative. As a corollary to affect regulation, self-esteem, sense of self and inter-personal functioning all goes downhill. And that’s a chronic thing that’s solved in an-inter personal context.
Drew Pinsky
‘Luther’ is absolutely a monster-of-the-week show. Although it’s post-watershed and is rendered in intense graphic novel-style images, it’s inspiration is not that different from ‘Doctor Who’ as in both cases you’ve got a trickster figure who fights the monster of the week and is eventually successful.
Neil Cross
The thing is that when you make a film, it is such an intense experience. It’s like being married.
Mani Ratnam
Coming back to Dinosaur Jr. and actually writing songs for the band was really intense for me.
Lou Barlow
I moved to New York last year and I love it. It’s a huge change and I’ve always wanted to spend time there. It’s like a more intense London, and everything’s up a few notches. The lights are brighter, the pace is faster and the food’s better.
Rachel Weisz
I will do all genres. I will do intense roles, along wi

I will do all genres. I will do intense roles, along with the kind of films that I have grown up watching, like ‘Biwi No. 1’ and ‘Judwaa.’ But I won’t do films where, if you take me out of the script, nothing changes.
Taapsee Pannu
It was really intense for me to start having conversations with God, when according to the man-made laws in my religion – to be homosexual is evil.
Ricky Martin
I wanted to take nouvelle cuisine further, to the point where we were breaking down the essence of taste and sensation, reconfiguring food as a series of really intense hits on the tongue.
Ferran Adria
When I was talking to strangers over the Internet in the 1990s, there would be a much more intense connection because they’re disembodied, so it’s just your brain and your soul interacting with this other person, and it just frees you up in this incredibly empowering way.
Glenn Greenwald
Creativity is always intense.
Neil Blumenthal
During the 1990s, San Francisco lived through one of the most intense economic booms of its history.
Gavin Newsom
I’ve really fought to get into rooms, and I’m a big believer in auditioning. It’s hard, because I’m insecure, but I have an intense desire to prove myself to people.
Alexandra Daddario
I do believe that music has an intense power to connect us together, to inspire us to become ourselves.
Ani DiFranco
If you watch young children play, you will notice that they create games, characters, situations, whole worlds in which they immerse themselves with intense concentration.
Daniel Greenberg
Love is jealous, and ingenious in self-torture in proportion as it is pure and intense.
Victor Hugo
This whole business feels kind of intense, like a bad fit. Round peg, square hole. But whatever, I’ll take it.
Paul Giamatti
Thank God I’ve never had the sort of intense fame that means you can’t walk up the road. That sort of blazing stardom must be difficult to cope with and maintain; my career has just bubbled along happily.
Jane Asher
I think Gotye is really dope. The music that I enjoy listening to isn’t as intense as my music is.
I find, in film, we’re always making things and having these intense friendships and then losing track of people. When I first start a job, I’m quite nervous, and it takes me a while to find my place, and then it feels like I’m just really loving it and feeling great, and it’s all over.
Miranda Otto
I could never ever say enough about Matt Amato. He has an indescribable presence; this warm, loving, serene calm with intense interest and excitement bubbling beneath his exterior.
Madi Diaz
Education is a bubble in a classic sense. To call something a bubble, it must be overpriced, and there must be an intense belief in it.
Peter Thiel
Nothing lasts in New York. The life that is lived there, however, is as intense as it gets.
Edmund White
Margot Livesey, my dear friend, reads all the drafts of what I write, and I read hers. We have an intense working relationship. I’ve been really lucky to know her. She’s a great reader and teacher as well as an astonishingly good writer.
Andrea Barrett
The tragic conditions at detention facilities are the result of an intense surge in migration across the border.
Will Hurd
The pressure to look good is intense. It is hard to be immune to that and the self-consciousness that comes with it.
Lucy Boynton
I’m an intense person.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I do like books to be quite an intense experience, and that’s the kind of novel I respond to as a reader.
Jed Mercurio
Playing roles that are intense and damaged has always come more easily to me than doing comedies or lighter stuff – that would be taking a huge risk for me.
Sarah Polley
Tennis players need to be very focused and very intense, and I can show tennis players are not just hitting the little yellow ball and moving in between the white lines. I’m always trying to show my personality outside of the court.
Tomas Berdych
I think the role of science fiction is not at all to prophesy. I think it is to tell interesting, vivid, strange stories that at their best are dreamlike intense versions and visions of today.
China Mieville
One of the funny things of being a producer, you have these fleeting, intense relationships with people, and they go off to global megastardom, and you don’t see them.
Paul Epworth
I have very intense conversations with friends, people I really interconnect with. We talk about politics, important things. I like to talk about ideas and get people to be specific.
Jacqueline Bisset
NBA players are intense competitors, and it is truly humbling to know that my peers see me as someone who exhibits sportsmanship and respect on the court.
Kemba Walker
We save paradise by an intense education program where you get people that you can trust to talk sanely about the environment and hope that the message will get through.
Arthur Boyd
I think there are always phases in life when things get intense or difficult, whether it’s the sheer volume of work or personal circumstances. And I’ve definitely had tough moments. The way I approach them is just to tell myself that this, too, will pass, and take it one day at a time.
Marianne Lake
After Rilo Kiley broke up and a few really intense personal things happened, I completely melted down. It nearly destroyed me. I had such severe insomnia that, at one point, I didn’t sleep for five straight nights.
Jenny Lewis
Cutting to featherweight took months of intense weight

Cutting to featherweight took months of intense weight cutting and training. Going to lightweight, I can fight more often.
Dustin Poirier
It’s a sad indication of where Washington has come, where policy differences almost necessarily become questions of integrity. I came to Washington in the late ’70s, and people had the ability in the past to have intense policy differences but didn’t feel the need to question the other person’s character.
Eric Holder
‘Scream Queens’ was so much fun, kind of like a big sorority. And ‘American Horror Story’ is very serious, like a really hip family of middle-aged women. The deaths were fun on ‘Scream Queens’; the deaths on ‘Horror Story’ are very real and intense, and you have to be emotionally prepped for them.
Billie Lourd
Part of how you grapple with intense opposition is by creating real, organic momentum: by actually doing something for people, and then they rightfully buy into it.
Bill de Blasio
I’m just so intense when I fight, and I think a lot of fans love that.
Tito Ortiz
There’s a point you get to on the stage where you’re not remembering lines but living them, and you reach this pure moment which, really, is more intense than what you can achieve in life.
Bill Pullman
Watching Jodie on this is incredible; it’s the perfect role for her. It’s so intense and so emotional. She just jumped right into it and is so professional.
Erika Christensen
Love as intense as ice, love as remote as blackness.
Liu Xiaobo
The training is intense here at Nova Uniao.
Jose Aldo
I produce more movies than I write, but when I write, it is such an immersive, intense process that it probably takes as much or more time than producing multiple movies.
Simon Kinberg
The intense perfumes of the wild herbs as we trod them underfoot made us feel almost drunk.
Jacqueline du Pre
The whole process of telling my story to my ghostwriter was so intense, after all, because he would ask me questions that no journalist would ask me. Things like, ‘How did it smell at your grandmother’s house?’
Conchita Wurst
When you become a wrestler at 35 and your career takes off at 40, nobody believes in you. But there are some people out there who watch how I did it, and I did it through intense work ethic.
Diamond Dallas Page
The very idea of a bird is a symbol and a suggestion to the poet. A bird seems to be at the top of the scale, so vehement and intense is his life, large-brained, large-lunged, hot, ecstatic, his frame charged with buoyancy and his heart with song.
John Burroughs
I see myself more as an action director. All right, I do enjoy intense, bloodthirsty action but I like to blend and cross genres. I don’t want to be too predictable.
Neil Marshall
From the end of 2006 until the end of 2008 I think I met with Abu Mazen more often than any Israeli leader has ever met any Arab leader. I met him more than 35 times. They were intense, serious negotiations.
Ehud Olmert
If you’re in Hollywood, with no track record, it’s pretty odds-on that you can get swamped and overwhelmed by the sheer scale of it all; particularly with the intense commercial push that you feel there.
Lenny Abrahamson
I think I can get a little passionate about things that I believe in and maybe that can be a little intense for people. And I think a lot of that stuff comes out of the need of wanting to belong, and being insecure and uncomfortable.
Liza Weil
My work life is intense. But I love what I do.
David Rubenstein
Some days are more intense and quiet, and then other days, you feel more relaxed and are able to open up on set. It just depends on what you’re doing that day. I like to imagine that all the choices you make during the day that you’re doing a particular scene are going to feed into the creation of that scene.
Thomas Jane
There is a volatile mix, and that’s because we’re all intense. And there’s no denying that.
Alex Van Halen
The poetry I grew up on is really an intense form of poetry; it’s so pure and powerful.
We teenage girls are faced with a quandary: we know what we want but are forced to wait for our male counterparts to grow up. We are ready for intense and meaningful relationships, but research indicates that males will not reach maturity until their mid-20s.
Alexandra Adornetto
I had the opportunity to train with Natalie Portman for ‘Black Swan,’ and the program we created was intense and involved a lot of travel.
Mary Helen Bowers
I think, when you survive any intense experience, people try to moralize you; a lot of people just try to raise you high, and it’s so not fair to you and to everybody else.
Clemantine Wamariya
I was a real serious kid, real intense, and there were a lot of things that I was doing by myself I took seriously, like organizing little pieces of paper, cutting out things from magazines, and filing them away.
Andrew W.K.
I don’t call myself a method actor, but the thing is, when you meet Reynolds Woodcock, who is always Reynolds Woodcock, you kind of are Alma, and you kind of become Alma all the time. I think after the first day, Vicky was going, ‘Oh gosh.’ It was so intense, and I couldn’t understand why it was so intense.
Vicky Krieps
While ‘The Help’ is in so many ways a celebration of these women’s friendships and what they overcome, it’s also very truthful and very painful, and it was intense for my mom to read that.
Bryce Dallas Howard
I have heard repeated stories of meth users leaving their children unattended for days as they cook, use and then sleep off the intense effects of methamphetamine.
Rick Larsen
I would describe our concerts as pretty intense.
Suzuka Nakamoto
The pressures are intense, because the rewards for success and the penalty for failure are more and more.
Alan Hansen
Parenting advice is mostly useless because every family

Parenting advice is mostly useless because every family is uniquely its own; artistic advice is mostly useless because every artist works in their own way. Thus, figuring out how to balance the two has an intense specificity.
Rumaan Alam
When you’re on stage, the real world just drops away for that time. It’s pretty intense.
Robert Smith
On my walks, that’s when the good ideas come. The kind of hard, gritty work is when you’re sitting at the computer and it’s kind of intense and you’re kind of in super control of it – the walks are when you let go. That’s when the really big breakthroughs come in, and it’s very strange.
Maria Semple
Yeah, I’ve always been accused of having a sense of mischief and I’m very flattered that you say you can see it in the roles I play, because I think that’s important, even if I do play intense characters, like especially Christine Cagney.
Sharon Gless
Everybody got into the rugged outdoors business and into lifestyle merchandising and so forth and so on. And everybody was getting into catalogs and e-commerce and – you name it. It was just intense.
Leon Gorman
My wife, Bojana, is a doctor; we both work intense hours and have months when we barely see each other. It isn’t easy, but we realize nobody said it was supposed to be!
Michael Weatherly
The process to resolve post-Islamic State issues will be difficult and intense.
David Petraeus
Something really intense happened to me during the ‘SNL’ performance. It felt like the person I was made to be faced the person I’m becoming. It was the first time I felt like I was able to make any sense of ownership of my work.
Maggie Rogers
I had an interesting moment with ‘Wonder Woman’ where, when I first thought about doing ‘Wonder Woman 2,’ I thought, ‘Well, these are so intense, making these movies. It’s a lot to think about doing more.’ But then I had an epiphany, and I thought, ‘Oh, it’s not more – it’s better.’
Patty Jenkins
I love R&B and hard-hitting, slappy, intense music with deep chords and moody chords. But I also have a thing for bubbly lullaby music. Kind of like ice-cream truck rap.
Doja Cat
Psychologists maintain that the dizzying feeling of intense romantic love lasts only about 18 months to – at best – three years.
Helen Fisher
I’ve found that my athletes run their best races after about 10 weeks of intense training.
Alberto Salazar
I went to Poland for the Warsaw Film Festival, and it was quite an intense experience. I didn’t think it would be, but it did feel quite emotional to go back to this place I’d heard so much about.
Lenny Abrahamson
My own approach has always been to push intense emotions down and attempt to deal with them later. When I was younger, I was terrified to express anger because it would often kick-start a horrible reaction in the men in my life.
Alanis Morissette
I try to create songs that are really massive and intense, but at the same time remaining honest and raw.
Zola Jesus
I’m an old guy, so I started out playing ‘Pong’ with my brothers, and ‘Mario Bros.’ and whatnot. But we really got involved and got intense when ‘Tecmo Super Bowl’ came out. That’s when we really started playing video games, and it got intense.
Kevin Dillon
The heart of the theater is the play itself, how it dramatizes life to make it meaningful entertainment. To achieve depth and universality, the playwright must subject himself to intense critique, to know human character and behavior, and finally to construct art from the most mundane of human experience.
F. Sionil Jose
I don’t have synesthesia, but I think when music is really intense, it’s almost like it’s more than just hearing. If you’re at a gig, and there’s just something amazing going on, it’s not really just hearing: it’s more of a total body sense, isn’t it? You get transported, and all your senses kind of join up.
Max Richter
An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.
Samuel Smiles
I like everything in my room has to be in order. If there’s a wrinkle in the comforter, I’m stretching it out. But this is only when it comes to my room. Outside of there, I’m not as intense.
Jacob Latimore
Every intense desire is perhaps a desire to be different from what we are.
Eric Hoffer
An intense temperament has convinced me to teach not only from books but from what I have learned from experience. So I try to impress upon young doctors and graduate students that tumultuousness, if coupled to discipline and a cool mind, is not such a bad sort of thing.
Kay Redfield Jamison
Anytime you’re in fear for your life, it’s intense.
Jason Clarke
A lot of people have compared being an NBA rookie to being a fraternity pledge. It’s not really intense like that. It’s more like being an intern.
C. J. McCollum
Writing a novel is an intense and lonely business, but you have the reward at the end of a very direct dialogue between you and the reader.
Neil Cross
Even if you’re an angry, intense person, you also have to have intense joy about life and intense feelings about the world.
Kate McKinnon
‘Longmire’ is an incredibly hard shooting schedule because the locations are usually an hour away every morning, and I come home every weekend. I fly back to L.A. for about 26 hours a weekend, just to touch base back at home. It’s a lot of work. It’s four really intense months.
Katee Sackhoff
When we started, it was so intense: it was like a religion. And when you played with Duane Allman, you either gave it your all or you got out.
Butch Trucks
Just because I try to read a lot of stuff doesn’t mean I can fully conceptualize all of these intense, big, abstract ideas.
James Ransone
I’m an intense guy, I want to do more and my mind is racing at 100mph.
Fabian Delph
I’ve always been very intense about everything I do.
Our shows are just like that. The screaming is constant

Our shows are just like that. The screaming is constant, nonstop, and there’s not one minute of silence during the show. It’s pretty intense.
Kevin Jonas
I’m 38 and I’m single, and I’m having my most intense and gratifying relationship with a dog. But we all learn about love in different ways, and this way happens to be mine.
Caroline Knapp
I wish I could spend more time in Africa. I have this intense sense of complete relaxation and normality here.
Prince Harry
A regular workout for me is 30 minutes of intense cardio followed by lifting weights.
Nina Agdal
I think ‘Oz’ is the type of show that makes you turn away in fear and in horror, so for a television show, that’s pretty intense.
Jon Hurwitz
For whatever reason, I tend to get reporters who are maybe in the middle of intense therapy, and they turn what’s supposed to be a professional interview into therapy for themselves.
Douglas Coupland
I went through a lot of pretty intense struggles in my life, through my head injury, whether it was mental or psychological.
Brady Jandreau
I felt the most intense pleasure in piercing the stone in order to make an abstract form and space; quite a different sensation from that of doing it for the purpose of realism.
Barbara Hepworth
A tour is the most intense, stimulating way to hear music; it’s the best form to receive it. There’s genuine excitement from people. I feel like we’ve stepped up a level.
Julian Casablancas
The best advice for building up confidence in the kitchen – start small. Don’t go after the super intense Julia Child coq au vin recipe. Pick something simple and tackle it.
Haylie Duff
The closer a man approaches tragedy the more intense is his concentration of emotion upon the fixed point of his commitment, which is to say the closer he approaches what in life we call fanaticism.
Arthur Miller
Parenthood is a very, very intense experience.
Julianne Moore
Hollywood is an illusion. These intense workplaces, with very close relationships, a few months at a time – and then it ends.
John C. Reilly
My brain is a pretty intense, wacky place, and that’s kind of where Miranda lives. But that’s why I like the rest of my life and my stuff to be more clean, white, and simple without a lot of clutter.
Colleen Ballinger
When I see David Attenborough talking about how chimps live, big apes, I just remember my dad and the way he’d look at you. He couldn’t speak, but everything else about him was, ‘This is us, a family.’ Relationships are just as intense as they are for people who can speak. Probably more so.
Richard Griffiths
Something like ‘Rust and Bone’ would be a dream. Very pared down. ‘Orphan Black’ is such a challenge. I just need something that isn’t as full-on intense as that.
Tatiana Maslany
The psychology of sport is so important. When you are standing at the crease, in front of a stadium full of people, it’s a pretty intense experience. So you need to have the psychological tools to control your mind and deliver your best performance.
Jos Buttler
I think that all of the deep, intense things, a lot of different abuse, and all kinds of crazy stuff – I think it made me really strong and it made me learn how to appreciate every day, appreciate people in my life, so it’s just another good example of sometimes bad things make us appreciate the beautiful every day.
Maria Brink
In my opinion, long and intense study of the human figure is the necessary foundation for a sculptor.
Henry Moore
Football is so intense you don’t have time to sit back and look at what you have achieved.
Vincent Kompany
I do Nike Training Club, which is actually really hard and intense. I’m surprised every time I do it. I also use Map My Ride and Map My Run.
Julia Mancuso
Not being locked into one set of feelings, which you run the risk of mistaking for the truth, you have greater and more intense access to all feeling states, including those you would never choose to act out.
Mary Gaitskill
How do you observe something you can’t see? This is the basic question of somebody who’s interested in finding and studying black holes. Because black holes are objects whose pull of gravity is so intense that nothing can escape it, not even light, so you can’t see it directly.
Andrea M. Ghez
I have an intense dislike for artificial society. In France, one could lead a free life – to do what one wanted to do without interference or criticism from one’s neighbors.
Robert W. Service
Those who have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of mutual love have missed the best thing that life has to give.
Bertrand Russell
The Cold War was obviously driven by a very intense ideological struggle that was very clearly defined.
Fiona Hill
I’m a lot more serious on the court. I’m probably a lot more intense than some of these guys thought I would be. Off the court, I’m a totally different dude. But my passion’s to win, and I’m a perfectionist out there.
Chauncey Billups
I love the intimacy of making movies. The focus is deeper and much more intense than musical theatre.
Sarah Brightman
The competitive pressure to produce, buy, and sell to our global multi-national companies is so intense that contractors in supply chains are motivated to pay low wages, intensify exploitative conditions, keep workers fearful with insecure work contracts, or simply sack workers who have formed a union to fight back.
Sharan Burrow
Becoming a solo singer is like going from an eau de toilette to a perfume. It’s much more intense.
Geri Halliwell
I’m usually a pretty intense person. Give me an inch, and I’m going to go.
Kevin Plank
'Southcliffe' is extremely dark. It's an extremely depr

‘Southcliffe’ is extremely dark. It’s an extremely depressing, intense story, but the shoot was like being at Disneyland. It was unbelievably different from what we were filming.
Kaya Scodelario
On ’30 Rock,’ the hours were really intense, and I was often on set. I’m glad I didn’t have a kid then because I don’t think I would have ever seen her. I would work 15-hour days, and weekends, too.
Kay Cannon
In every city where there are two teams, the rivalry is very intense. Rome, Milan, everywhere – it’s very strong.
Roberto Mancini
I see history as really cyclical in terms of the intense idealism and the desire to create a better life outside of societal norms. In America, possibly because of whatever the American dream is, this happens over and over again. These eras repeat.
Lauren Groff
One of the beautiful things about having kids is I had no idea how much it will make you look into yourself and who you are and what you believe in and what your past was like and all that kind of stuff. I think it’s made me really look at life in a much more intense way.
Jamie Cullum
I remember writing ‘5 Dollars’ out of intense listening sessions of Bruce Springsteen. I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I was obsessed with how limpid Bruce Springsteen’s melodies are: It’s such a great way to do storytelling and to still be melodic and catchy.
Christine and the Queens
Vulnerability is important in life, I feel. That’s what allows you to experience intense emotions, whether it’s joy or pain or sadness.
Kalki Koechlin
I am proudest of that first novel, ‘Trust,’ of anything I have written. I don’t think I’ve had such intense energy since.
Cynthia Ozick
The kind of society which we still have is maybe, in some cases, getting worse. Competition is becoming a virtue. Intense competition drives people to go more and more into self-interest. Even to see other folks as competition.
Major Owens
Power as an experience is as intense as sex. Power is more pervasive and unremitting. Sex has periods of remission.
John J. McLaughlin
Both ‘iCarly’ and ‘Victorious’ fans are so hardcore and intense.
Jennette McCurdy
It’s a big criticism of Greenaway films that they are far too interested in formalism and not enough interested in notions of emotional content. It’s a criticism I can fully understand from a public that has been brought up by Hollywood movies that demand intense emotional rapport.
Peter Greenaway
In cross-country skiing, athletes propel themselves over distances of ten and twenty miles – a physical challenge that places intense demands on the ability of their red blood cells to deliver oxygen to their muscles.
Malcolm Gladwell
Luckily with ’24,’ for the most part, each moment is so intense, and your objective is all about that moment right then.
Annie Wersching
It’s the basic rule of musicals: Characters sing when their emotions become so intense that they can’t do anything else.
Tom Kitt
I want Infosys to be a company which is globally respected and in where people belonging to different nationalities, races and religious beliefs will work with intense competition but utmost courtesy, dignity and co-operation in adding greater value to our stakeholders day after day.
N. R. Narayana Murthy
Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts of Stone Mountain, Georgia, was the darkest! I mean, he could’ve been a movie villain, he was so intense! He also had the hardest finishing move of all time, the DDT.
Killer Mike
Certain foods are good for preparing your body for an intense workout and giving you the energy you need to endure it. Others are great for after exercising to help you maintain calorie burning, build muscle, and prevent cramping.
Marcus Samuelsson
One time, I went bodysurfing in St. Bart’s with a friend. The waves were so intense, and my body was just getting torn up by them. But it was so freeing… but also I’m never doing that again.
Lana Condor
Regardless of the cultural system, social pressure to appear straight seems to be fairly intense cross-culturally. Indeed, one is inclined to wonder, if being straight is just natural, why does it require quite so much policing?
Alice Dreger
I think people often think of me as very intense. I’m a congressman and all, but I’m actually very laid back.
Seth Moulton
I do feel it’s tougher to make a comic scene work than performing an intense scene, for example.
Mahira Khan
This was totally influenced by me and the direction that I am writing about and the stuff that I am writing about. There is just no way that you can be as intense as what I have been through in my life over a drum beat machine, sample, or loop; it’s just not going to happen.
Vanilla Ice
I put a lot of pressure on myself and I think I am quite… well, intense about driving other people.
Matthew Fox
Tennis is all about mental toughness, and you have to keep your head in the game. I make time to relax away from competition pressures, travel and intense training schedules to make sure I’m looking after myself. Taking time out with family and friends helps to maintain the work-life balance everyone needs.
Samantha Stosur
I do enjoy intense, bloodthirsty action, but I like to blend and cross genres. I don’t want to be too predictable.
Neil Marshall
I always wonder about the word ‘intense.’ ‘Intense’ is used to describe women. Guys are intense, but they don’t get described that way.
Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Writing songs has always been a process where I divulge a lot, just because music is a tool for me to sift through and process intense emotions. But having music be my primary occupation has changed how I interact with art.
Julien Baker
I have a very healthy relationship to my work, and I find that if a scene is working, no matter how intense it is, you have the catharsis on screen, and you can let it go. I think it’s, if at the end of the day you feel like you haven’t cracked it, that’s when you go home and it’s more difficult to switch off.
Cate Blanchett
I had been to New Mexico many times. I loved it. It’s a very exotic, interesting, severely crazy environment. I don’t know if I could live there all year. It’s such an intense place.
Campbell Scott
I crave the variety, I really do. I’d probably say standup as I think that’s what I do best, if I may say so. But it can be a really self-absorbed, obsessive way to live your life, whereas doing theatre is very collaborative and creative and intense, I’d hate to miss out on that.
Ardal O’Hanlon
There are so many ingredients that are contained in 'Th

There are so many ingredients that are contained in ‘The Wall’ that were not necessarily contained in other Pink Floyd records, particularly following on from ‘Animals,’ which was very spare and sparse. Production on it was much more massive, the complexity of the recording was much more intense.
Nick Mason
I don’t get sick of being naked, but the added pressure is staying in really good shape, because naked shape is a different kind of shape than just regular TV shape. Regular, having-your-clothes-on TV shape is intense, but naked TV shape is, I mean, you really have to watch what you eat.
Sam Trammell
In my junior year of high school, I went to a boarding school for the arts: a school called the Governor’s School for The Arts and Humanities. It was basically a mini-Juilliard – an intense training conservatory for the arts.
Teyonah Parris
Momma’s girls are different. They are intense.
I don’t know many better training grounds than being mayor of San Francisco – those were pretty intense years in terms of reporting and scrutiny.
Gavin Newsom
My version of makeup is a really intense skin regimen. I just think it’s a healthier way to look at beauty.
Paloma Elsesser
And I’ve shot in Prince Edward Island winters, I mean, I’ve shot in some intense, intense temperatures.
Elliot Page
I love essential oils – there’s one for every problem. It’s kind of like nature’s answers for what to put on your skin. I had acne when I was a teenager, and I did a pretty intense tea tree thing. You dilute it in a base oil, like carrot seed oil, which is good because it gives your face a little glow.
Weyes Blood
Doing a series of ‘Facejacker’ takes about nine months. It’s pretty intense.
Kayvan Novak
I am not a prophet in any sense of the word, and I entertain an active and intense dislike of the foregoing mixture of optimism, fatalism, and conservatism.
Herbert Croly
A woman’s life can really be a succession of lives, each revolving around some emotionally compelling situation or challenge, and each marked off by some intense experience.
Wallis Simpson
You date somebody, and you have this obviously intense experience where you share a life together in whatever way that is for how many years.
Liz Tuccillo
We are told that talent creates its own opportunities. But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities, but its own talents.
Eric Hoffer
Oprah has this intense curiosity that I haven’t found with any interviewer.
Genevieve Gorder
When you think about it, we’re strapping strange planks of wood to our feet and launching off of giant snow walls. It’s pretty intense.
Shaun White
There is only one admirable form of the imagination: the imagination that is so intense that it creates a new reality, that it makes things happen.
Sean O’Faolain
I think an office is just a microcosm of life and the different kinds of people that you will come across and interactions there, and I think if you all sit in a room together, then it gets a bit more intense and fun for people to watch, maybe.
Himesh Patel
Winning the BBC Music Sound Of 2016 poll has left me feeling pretty stunned at the end of one of the most emotionally and physically intense years of my life.
Jack Garratt
I have a pretty intense work ethic. If something’s not done, I cannot let go until I get it done.
Emily V. Gordon
The regulatory systems in place disincentive innovation. It’s intense to fight the red tape.
Travis Kalanick
Abstraction brings the world into more complex, variable relations; it can extract beauty, alternative topographies, ugliness, and intense actualities from seeming nothingness.
Jerry Saltz
If you play an intense way, an aggressive way, we are good, we can score, we can create chances.
Ralph Hasenhuttl
I just love doing broader work – I always get asked to do fairly heavy-duty, intense dramas and interesting, psychologically intense characters. But you know, it’s nice to make people laugh sometimes.
Julian Sands
I am someone that is very hard to handle. I’m very picante, intense… Sometimes I’m very outgoing and spontaneous and super hyper. Latinas, we love to touch each other – like, cuddle. That’s why a lot of people are intimidated.
Lele Pons
That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.
Edgar Allan Poe
You only need two waves in a heat, so I try and keep my surfs short and sweet and not too draining. Keep them intense and try and get the two best waves I can.
Joel Parkinson
Losing one grounds you a bit. I learned a lot after losing the title in 2009, learned that I was probably too intense that year, and when I didn’t win, I just felt horrible.
Joel Parkinson
In every democracy, it is the people’s will that is supreme. We should translate the intense yearning of the people of India and Pakistan for friendship into meaningful measures of cooperation in every walk of life.
Rajiv Gandhi
The noblest men of all ages, Christian saints of the most transcendent spirituality have attained their wonderful development through the spiritual rays of this planet because of the intense feeling of Oneness with the divine and with all that lives and breathes in the universe.
Max Heindel
What makes a specific quality or quantity of innovation retain its intense newness over the years?
Brian Ferneyhough
You can have intense food experience with less food. Europeans have intense food experiences but eat less food.
Michael Pollan
Being on a Michael Bay set is... well, it's the only se

Being on a Michael Bay set is… well, it’s the only set I’ve ever been on. But I would imagine there’s no set that’s run quite like it. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s powerful, it’s intense, it’s dirty, it’s hot, it’s sweaty – and it’s really exciting. There’s never a dull moment; there’s never a quiet moment.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
With actors, I have very close, intense working relationships with actors in theater.
George C. Wolfe
My wife gives me a hard time, whether it’s playing games with people we don’t know too well and I’m intense. I could probably turn off a few people to probably being around me because of that.
Ryan Tannehill
Fashion is just so intense. It really has to be your passion, and it wasn’t my passion.
Julia Fox
I played with the youth national team, I played in some CONCACAF games, and it’s always physical; it’s always intense.
Christian Pulisic
The touring for this album was definitely going to be the most intense touring we’ve done.
Daniel Johns
Longing, for everyone, is always there, isn’t it? More intense at some times than others. You get closer to less longing – an odd metaphoric phrasing, I realize – then, you are further and longing more than ever again.
Susan Minot
My father was very intense, passionate and over-the-top. He was my hero and my tyrant.
June Jordan
The game of basketball has been everything to me. My place of refuge, place I’ve always gone where I needed comfort and peace. It’s been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction. It’s a relationship that has evolved over time, given me the greatest respect and love for the game.
Michael Jordan
I am always acting, be at a party, at work or in office. My attitude changes from meeting to meeting, from being serious to intense to funny, depending on who is in the room.
Karan Johar
This is precisely why you choose to run for office and get elected. You’re asking the people to let you be their voice. I don’t think there is a more powerful and intense experience than the opportunity to be the voice of the 307 million people living in this country.
Xavier Becerra
I love being a Go-Go. It definitely has its ups and downs, and we have a very intense energy with each other.
Jane Wiedlin
The dish that changed my life was tom yum kum. You start with a pot of water, add lemongrass, lime leaves, lime juice, coriander, mushrooms, and shrimp; ten minutes later, you have the most incredible, intense soup.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
If there’s competition in training, then the training is intense, and then you have the pressure of a weekend that if you don’t put in good performances, then your place is maybe up for grabs.
Andrew Robertson
The most striking quality common to all primitive art is its intense vitality. It is something made by a people with a direct and immediate response to life.
Henry Moore
Stadiums are full, pitches are good, the press is different, people are different, the football culture is different. Everyone talks highly of England and I’d like to experience it one day. You see more space, more opportunity to enjoy your football. It’s more physical, more intense, but I think I’d be comfortable.
Sergio Busquets
Sometimes I need a boost, and I go for something that’s a little bit more intense and a bigger beat.
Caroline Wozniacki
My job is intense. It’s very physical.
Joan Jett
‘Suffragette’ is an intense drama that tracks the story of the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement as they fight for the right to vote.
Sarah Gavron
Undeniable though it is that many Indian Muslims misguidedly consider Pakistan their haven, the immeasurably greater number who take intense pride in being Indian and who connect deeply with the country are hurt and angered at our patriotism being under scrutiny.
Naseeruddin Shah
Shame is such an intense emotion. It just can drive you.
Kyra Sedgwick
It’s the tabloids, with their intense commercial need to get scoops to bring in readers, that run a regime of fear, where reporters are bullied, shouted at. That’s where things go wrong.
Nick Davies
Immediately surrounding the tranquil eye is the most violent part of the hurricane: the eye wall. The most intense wind speeds at the surface are found there.
Ginger Zee
Nostalgia can be extremely powerful in the right hands: think of the intense longing in the films Andrei Tarkovsky made after he left the U.S.S.R. They wring your soul.
Neel Mukherjee
I really like coming-of-age dramas. It’s probably the most intense period in anyone’s life, those years before you become an adult. Dramatically, there’s so much to explore there. And it’s nice to be around young talent coming through.
Aidan Gillen
Before pregnancy, I would box, do SoulCycle, and do some pretty intense circuit training in the gym. When I got pregnant, I realized I’d need to tone some of that stuff down and remove some altogether, but was determined to maintain the mental and physical health benefits of exercise.
Jedediah Bila
I can be intense in a lot of ways, but not the way you see the guy in ‘The Salvation.’
Mads Mikkelsen
I think that veganism is a totally great choice with incredible benefits, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect other people to be vegan or to expect everybody to be vegan. You can proselytize all you want, but being vegan is a pretty intense choice for a lot of people.
Adam Conover
I came from an anxious, overly intense East Coast academic family. That was the way of our tribe.
Lev Grossman
Cable shows do 13 episodes. I get that. I can wrap my head around 13 episodes. You make them all, you post them all, and then you get to air them. The network cycle is way more intense. There’s more episodes.
Nahnatchka Khan
I’ve had so many hot, cheesy, corny loves of music in my life. I had a very intense Billy Joel period. So once you’ve really Joeled it up – there’s some good periods of Joel; it’s not all hot cheese. But I can’t judge anyone else for their cheese. I’ve deep-sea dived in the Gouda.
Jack Black
For a while, I was all sports all the time. Then, as I

For a while, I was all sports all the time. Then, as I started to get into theater, they dropped away, but I hung on tight with a highly competitive Ultimate Frisbee team. It was probably less intense than I remember, but it was fun.
Colin Donnell
The reason that ISIL was so successful, yes, it had to do with their capabilities and prowess on the battlefield, but they were dealing with a receptive constituency in northern Iraq because of the intense hatred of the Maliki government, which of course is imposing the Shia view on them.
James Clapper
I’m a late developer in everything. I have a fast mind and fast metabolism, and I’m an intense worker, but in terms of life development, I’m way behind.
Richard C. Armitage
Sunspots are hubs of intense magnetic activity and they trigger solar flares that launch charged particles, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation and radio waves at the Earth.
Simon Singh
The challenge to our national economies and the collective economy of Europe will become – with the growth of China and the continuing productivity growth of the US – even more intense in the decades to come.
John Hutton
As I get older, I find that cardio is less important to me. What I want to do more of is intense stretching.
Kim Cattrall
I find the pressure to be funny when you’re being interviewed live – quite intense.
Julian Barratt
Today, our actions must be motivated only by our intense desire to achieve a just and lasting peace. The compassion and charity of the American people should be reflected in this legislation, though sadly, they are silenced.
Nick Rahall
I know it sounds Pollyannish and ‘Kumbaya’-like, but I find that the more that you expose Americans to the diversity of what’s going on in China and vice versa, the more people find that there is this broad middle path. And so I’m a strong advocate of intense visits and dialogue back and forth.
Dennis C. Blair
I’m an intense person. My own vision of life has always been heavy.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I have an intense obsession with making films. I not only love to make films, I perhaps need to make films.
Jacqueline Bisset
When doctors tell you that your only hope for survival is 14 straight days of intense chemotherapy, 24 hours a day, you sit there, and you count down the 336 hours. You see, each day is a blessing.
Craig Sager
The whole excitement for writing anything is quite intense. And for a day or two, you think you’ve done everything extremely well. The problems start on the third day, and continues for the rest of your life.
Tom Stoppard
If I’m in a room full of intense people, I’m pretty normal. If I’m in a room full of people who aren’t, maybe I’m intense. I don’t know, I don’t think of it that way.
Ken Leung
I just think white light generation is just one of these remarkable things to see, and actually, you know, one colour of light goes in to just water or any clear anything and out comes all the colours of the rainbow when the pulses are short and intense enough.
Donna Strickland
I’ve worked with a few coaches, and I did theater camp when I was younger, and I think what was good was when I was younger, it was never intense Interlochen theater camp.
Tavi Gevinson
People tell me I’m doing all these intense women and that I should lighten up. Then I do a comedy that I’m not happy with, and I think, ‘Let’s go back to heavy, heart-breaking drama; it’s so much more fun.’
Isabelle Adjani
There is a very pensive and intense side to me that even I did not know someone could capture.
Sushmita Sen
Great music seems to come from a lot of angst, and that angst is from great musicians getting together with intense chemistry. When that chemistry isn’t there, people tend not to write great music.
Peter Hook
I find that nothing but very close and intense application to subjects of a scientific nature now seems at all to keep my imagination from running wild, or to stop up the void which seems to be left in my mind from a want of excitement.
Ada Lovelace
The intense campaigns against domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, and inequity in the schools all too often depend on an image of women as weak and victimized.
Katherine Dunn
The Big Five is a competition played in the University of Pennsylvania’s Palestra among five Philadelphia-area Division I schools: Saint Joseph’s, La Salle, Penn, Temple, and Villanova. ‘The Big Five’ was immensely popular, and rivalries quickly grew to intense proportions.
Jack Ramsay
‘Invisible Man’ holds such an honored place in African-American literature that Ralph Ellison didn’t have to write anything else to break bread with the remembered dead. But he did try to go on, because if a writer has done one great thing, then the pressures to do another are intense.
Darryl Pinckney
I think I’m still a little too intense for my own good sometimes.
Andrew Bird
When I look back at that freedom of childhood, which is in a way infinite, and at all the joy and the intense happiness, now lost, I sometimes think that childhood is where the real meaning of life is located, and that we, adults, are its servants – that that’s our purpose.
Karl Ove Knausgard
I was introduced to spinning. It was so intense! It’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done, and afterwards you feel amazing.
Scott Michael Foster
I had such intense self-loathing for so long.
Olly Alexander
Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.
Oscar Wilde
I was hired because I am Zsa Zsa Gabor, but when I go to work, directors try to force their methods on me. John Huston’s intense, precise directions tortured me.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Having to make a blockbuster every time puts unhealthy pressure on creatives. The pressure on the filmmakers is so intense, I think it stifles the creativity.
Henry Selick
I don’t think we set out to make it the most intense ‘Fosters’ finale ever, but I kind of think that’s what we ended up with.
Peter Paige
Theatre tends to be more metaphorical and intense, as y

Theatre tends to be more metaphorical and intense, as you’re locked in one room and focused on one thing. Television can hop around, and you need to invest in its naturalistic reality more. But I love writing both, precisely because they’re so different.
Mike Bartlett
I’ll need every ounce that I have to drive it through. Film and TV require that energy. Sometimes fight scenes can be pretty intense. When I was shooting ‘Heaven’ it was truly guerrilla film-making.
Karl Urban
The most intense curiosity and excitement prevailed, and though the weather was uncertain, enormous masses of densely packed people lined the road, shouting and waving hats and handkerchiefs as we flew by them.
Fanny Kemble
From a neighbour, I got a one-day-old duckling and found, to my intense joy, that it transferred its following response to my person. At the same time, my interest became irreversibly fixated on water fowl, and I became an expert on their behaviour even as a child.
Konrad Lorenz
The Angels shows are really intense. We play for a couple hours at a time. They’re very theatrical and full of audience interaction and emotion. I’ve seen a lot of people crying and stuff. It’s a little bit like church, but it’s very secular.
Tom DeLonge
My accent does slip. When I arrived in England in 1978 at 18, I was shocked to find myself ‘the American’ at RADA. The English and the Americans have an intense relationship. They helped us out in the Second World War.
Mark Rylance
The real existential challenge is to live up to your fullest potential, along with living up to your intense sense of responsibility and to be honest to yourself about what you want.
Fei-Fei Li
But Eraserhead was the first real intense kind of thing I had ever done before the cameras and Lynch had to really bring me down a lot and he still does.
Jack Nance
I’ve been on the other side of the table many times, trying to get people to be sympathetic to projects, and I’ve been the victim of that kind of intense kindness masking extreme stupidity.
Tilda Swinton
The IPL is just pure, intense. You don’t need all the other stuff. I don’t believe in coaches in international cricket.
Shane Warne
Today, the competition is considerably more intense.
Bobby Rahal
I am a tremendous fan of the HydraFacial treatment and am thrilled to have developed my Hydraglucan Intense Hydration Booster exclusively for use with the HydraFacial system.
Paul Nassif
Sprinting for a full day in Atlanta in midsummer proved very challenging. That humidity is crazy. Georgia is a beautiful state, but the weather is intense. I was warned, but for some reason I thought it would be like L.A. in the summer. The reality? No.
Theo James
Unfortunately, after Sept. 11, there was an outburst in America of intense suffering and patriotism, and the Bush administration was very shrewd and effective in painting anyone who disagreed with the policies as unpatriotic or even traitorous.
Jimmy Carter
The men I write can be intense, quiet, outspoken and outrageous, deadly or fun… but I would never waste time on a hero who wasn’t honorable, who didn’t protect those who couldn’t protect themselves, who didn’t value children and pets, who wasn’t independent and unselfish.
Lori Foster
Like all sciences, chemistry is marked by magic moments. For someone fortunate enough to live such a moment, it is an instant of intense emotion: an immense field of investigation suddenly opens up before you.
Yves Chauvin
Female adolescence is – universally – an emotionally and psychologically intense period.
Caitlin Flanagan
Color is an intense experience on its own.
Jim Hodges
I remember finding a Houdini book at the library and seeing an image of him chained on the side of a building. He looked so intense and scary, and I couldn’t get that image out of my head. That started building up my love of magic.
David Blaine
Intense feeling too often obscures the truth.
Harry S Truman
Magic is crazy. He is that crazy wild guy on the basketball court that is very intense and very serious. He is the guy who lives and eats and breathes basketball. Magic is a guy who would stand for nothing but winning and really prepared himself as well as he prepared his team. Earvin is the complete opposite.
Magic Johnson
Acting is a psychological profession, and every character drains you emotionally, regardless of whether it is an intense art house movie or a light-hearted commercial series.
Shweta Tripathi
For the most part, my characters don’t talk to me. I like to lord over them like some kind of benevolent deity. And, for the most part, my characters go along with it. I write intense character sketches and long, play-like conversations between me and them, but they stay out of the book writing itself.
Sarah MacLean
There is nothing, not a thing, like the process of creating a character for the stage – you can’t get it anywhere else. Unless you’re totally method and spend six months living your life like your character for a film, the theater is the place to get that intense acting experience.
Jonny Lee Miller
Terence Trent D’Arby was dead. He watched his suffering as he died a noble death. After intense pain I meditated for a new spirit, a new will, a new identity.
Terence Trent D’Arby
Yoga changed my life. I go between 4 and 6 times a week. It’s incredibly grounding and an intense level of focus.
Katharine Towne
It was a very intense and stressful situation. There was playing in the Johnny-pump (an opened fire hydrant) and the ice-cream man coming around and all of these games that we’d play, and suddenly it would turn just violent and there would be shootings at 12 in the afternoon on any given day.
‘Affinity’ is beautiful and intense, with no laughs. It’s a rather delicate and emotional love story, with a spooky element.
Andrew Davies
I guess I usually write when I’m in a really intense headspace, because it’s my form of self-therapy.
Sharon Van Etten
The reason I wanted to start directing is that as an actor I felt I came into a job late. There’s a whole team of people who have been working on it for months before you start. You have this really intense period of filming and then you leave it, knowing that the director will work on it for another few months.
David Morrissey
If you don’t know each other you spend time doing research together, having dinner, and talking about your lives. You try to find common ground. Once you’re shooting, the pressures are so intense; you really want to have a channel of communication open to you already.
Edward Zwick
I'd say that 'In the Heart of the Sea' is the most chal

I’d say that ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ is the most challenging movie I’ve made. It was tough to figure out how to lead this large cast into some very sensitive, intense, emotional scenes.
Ron Howard
The biggest thing for me is keeping my hair moisturized. My go-tos are the Pantene Gold Series Hydrating Butter Cream and Intense Hydrating Oil.
Elana Meyers
I found ‘Celebrity Gangster’ intense, dramatic, a real page turner.
Irwin Winkler
I also have intense relationships with furniture… probably because we practically had none when I was growing up.
Barbra Streisand
It’s very easy in the studio to get overzealous with your vocal takes, thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I can do it over and over. I can sing at the top of my range for this whole song.’ But when you’re doing it every night on the road, it’s pretty intense.
I have an intense dislike of doctrines, because you will always end up eating your words.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I hated myself because I had this imagined version of who I wanted to be. Looking back, this idealized person was an amalgamation of various toxic leading men I would watch in movies over the years. Cool. Strong. Mysterious. Serious. Intense.
Oliver Stark
I don’t care if Margot is a Dame of the British Empire or older than myself. For me she represents eternal youth; there is an absolute musical quality in her beautiful body and phrasing. Because we are sincere and gifted, an intense abstract love is born between us every time we dance together.
Rudolf Nureyev
Globally, ride sharing is a very intense industry with a lot of money being thrown around.
Bhavish Aggarwal
From my first dunk at 14 years old to my second NCAA Championship at the University of Tennessee, my intense training with my dad was always to credit.
Candace Parker
I remember my first actual intense breakout was when I was 13, and I no clue what to do because I hadn’t dealt with anything in that large of a scale ever before.
Yara Shahidi
When I’m working, I don’t wake up and say, ‘OK, time to go be intense.’ I just look at whatever scenes we’re working on that day and break them down – just real intense everyday work.
Michael Shannon
It’s weird: making a movie is like life compacted into three months. You have these very intense relationships with people, and you talk to them every day – your editor, the casting people, music people, your actors – then it ends. It’s like a circus life.
Dito Montiel
This would be a distortion of their meaning, since the pictures are intimate and intense, and are the opposite of what is decorative; and have been painted in a scale of normal living rather than an institutional scale.
Mark Rothko
In war, people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, and in those circumstances, they act in extraordinary ways. In war, you see people at their very best and their very worst, acting in ways you could never imagine. War is human drama at its most epic and most intense.
Dexter Filkins
I’ve had my taste of intense fame, and I’ve got it out of my system. Now I’m free to choose parts which fulfil me in different ways.
Gina Bellman
In ‘Talvar’, my character loses his daughter and it was quite an intense role. I had to concentrate and I would request all the unit members to stay silent before the take.
Neeraj Kabi
Once again, I think there is little art being done that really owns up to such intense possibilities.
Peter Sotos
I cannot quantify the physics of friendships and do not know exactly how much intense pressure can be applied before these glittery, brittle bonds break.
Mary H.K. Choi