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When I was in my early and mid-teens, my style changed

When I was in my early and mid-teens, my style changed constantly. My clothing was inspired by ‘Annie Hall’ for a while, by a yoga teacher, a flower child, a pirate… name it.
Maya Hawke
I used to sing with my father’s jazz band and then when I was ten years old a musician friend of his suggested that I try out for the first west coast production of Annie.
Molly Ringwald
When I played ‘Annie’ in the seventh grade, I knew from then on that I wanted to be an actor.
Katie Leclerc
Radio 1 has always championed women; take Annie Nightingale, for example. One of my heroes.
Jameela Jamil
My father is a silent cinema freak, so he took me to 1925 silent films that took forever, like 5-hour movies, but I’ve seen a lot of that stuff since I was young. And then I saw the film ‘Annie,’ and I just wanted to be Annie; I just wanted to be that orphan kid and wanted to sing and dance.
Carice van Houten
I like to sing along to Annie Lennox and pretend to be as sassy as her.
Sophie Thompson
I love Diane Keaton’s style in ‘Annie Hall,’ but I like to think my own style is like a cross between ‘Annie Hall’ and Prince.
Lianne La Havas
I was offered to take over for Reba in ‘Annie Get Your Gun,’ but it wasn’t where I wanted to be. I think my fans would be upset if I confined my shows to one city for a long period of time.
Bonnie Raitt
But, I swear, they’re turning Donna into Annie Hall this season. More ties. More suits. But they’re also keeping her really motivated, ya know? Like, wanting to be a rock journalist. Wanting to be the first woman president.
Laura Prepon
I don’t know if you have ever seen the Woody Allen film ‘Annie Hall,’ but it is, in a way, to Los Angeles and ‘Hollywood’ what ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ is to many musicians.
Henry Rollins
Rom-coms have been one of my favorite genres of movies since I can remember. My favorite movie of all-time is ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral,’ and then ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ and ‘Annie Hall’ is top five.
Kumail Nanjiani
Nobody would know it to look at me, but the movies I liked as a kid were musicals – ‘All That Jazz,’ ‘Hair,’ ‘Fame,’ ‘Annie,’ all that stuff – that’s where my little youthful imagination was.
Juliette Lewis
I worked at Dollywood when I was a kid. Then I worked at Opryland. I worked at a variety of theater things in Atlanta. I was also in a choir for two years where we did ‘Annie’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’
Diana DeGarmo
You’d look out and there’d be little babies watching the show, and boys and girls. They loved the cowboys, and they loved Annie. There were young people seeing the show for the first time. I stayed for two years because I enjoyed it so much.
Bernadette Peters
There are so many remarkable playwrights working right now, that I see everything I can. Annie Baker is a genius, I’ll see anything she writes. The same for Lynn Nottage, Cynthia Hopkins, and Lisa D’Amour. Anything they’ve got going on, I’ll go see.
Lucy Alibar
After I saw ‘Annie’ on Broadway, I came out of the show crying, because I wanted to be on that stage.
Noah Schnapp
My first-ever radio interview was with Annie Mac on Radio 1!
I remember how much fun it was to pick out my lunchbox. My all-time favorite lunch box was from the movie ‘Annie.’ Also, I loved picking out school supplies! Trapper Keepers were my favorite.
Camille Guaty
I put a song on Soundcloud, and Annie Mac made it record of the week, and a month later, I signed my record deal.
I tried theatre. I played Miss Hannigan for a short run of Annie at a regional theatre. That was fun. I enjoyed it! I enjoy theatre and have so much respect for theatre actors.
Wanda Sykes
Then I went through a big Peggy Lee stage, then I became Annie Ross, then Judy Collins.
Carly Simon
Now, with Annie gone, I’m looking for a new dog. I have a lot of duck hunting planned, and I can’t imagine doing it without a dog. I’m 84, so I won’t get a puppy.
Bud Grant
‘Annie Hall’ and ‘The Graduate’ are incredible films. Why should we be deprived of watching them because some of the men that made them are bad?
Bari Weiss
I don’t want to go back to Capital Radio. I don’t want to go back to rolling in custard with Sheena Easton and Annie Lennox.
Chris Tarrant
I was on my dad’s tour bus when I was super little. My dad did a tour of ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ when I was really little, and I loved going and seeing him do that.
Noah Cyrus
I loved films like ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and ‘Annie Hall,’ but these were very specific, white Manhattan experiences. You don’t see a single person of color anywhere, but somehow these films are universal. As a filmmaker and creator, I was frustrated with that idea.
Rick Famuyiwa
As Annie Proulx is to Wyoming, so is Jane Candia Coleman to Arizona.
Clive Sinclair
When I was ten, I did my first show. It was ‘Annie.’
Taylor Louderman
As far as female vocalists, I love Heart, Joan Jett, Courtney Love, Laura Branigan, Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand – or going back to when I was a child, Aileen Quinn, the original Annie.
I like some of Annie Proulx, some of those very brief stories of hers. And I love J. M. Coetzee’s Elizabeth Costello. I like Geoff Dyer. I also liked W. G. Sebald, especially his book ‘The Emigrants’.
David Shields
Legendary photographer Annie Leibowitz persuaded us to pose in our underwear. When the magazine hit the stands we were horrified to see the caption ‘Go-Go’s Put Out.’ Regardless, I was extremely excited to see us at every newsstand on every corner, our faces on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone!’
Charlotte Caffey
I first fell in love with music when I was five years o

I first fell in love with music when I was five years old because of ‘Annie.’ And then ‘The Little Mermaid’ really made me want to start singing. And then the fierce, amazing women of the ’90s – Alanis Morrissette, Courtney Love, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Paula Cole, Patty Griffin – made me want to start writing.
Justin Tranter
I Googled every actor from my favorite film ‘Annie.’ Albert Finney was also from Manchester and he went to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – so I auditioned there, too.
Wunmi Mosaku
Growing up, I loved Boy George, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross.
Princess Nokia
I think I always have Woody Allen in mind whenever I’m creating anything. He’s such a genius, and I think ‘Annie Hall’ is one of the greatest movies ever written.
John Leguizamo
Annie Lee Moss was a black woman who worked for the Army as a code clerk in the Pentagon. She was identified by an undercover agent of the FBI as a member of the Communist Party. Moss denied it, the Democrats sprang to her defense, and she has been treated ever since as an innocent victim of McCarthy.
M. Stanton Evans
We have a shotgun we inherited from my father-in-law, a paranoid Englishman living in Texas. I have a .22 Marlin rifle, similar to the one Annie Oakley had, and my husband has a .357 Magnum pistol. All those are locked up tight, of course. We have a couple of pellet guns that get more use than the real guns.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
I think we sublimated our Broadway desires by doing theater in Hollywood – not on stage but by doing the movies of ‘Chicago’ and ‘Hairspray’ and also musicals on TV. We did Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Annie.’ Even ‘Smash’ was like doing theater.
Craig Zadan
Carol Burnett, who played Miss Hannigan in ‘Annie’, is as funny as it gets.
Katherine Parkinson
I’ve seen ‘The Godfather Part II,’ ‘Broadcast News,’ and ‘Annie Hall’ more than 20 times each.
Lauren Graham
The real Annie Malone was not a light-skinned woman.
A’Lelia Bundles
I took individual photographs of Annie Liebovitz, I kept taking her picture.
Shirley Knight
I was a sort of New York intellectual when I was 16. I wanted to dress like Annie Hall when I was 18.
Rebecca Hall
I love ‘Annie Hall’; I will always come back to that film again and again. Diane Keaton has been such an inspiration to me. She always brings humour, but complexity, and I love watching her on screen. She’s got real charisma.
Felicity Jones
In ‘Billy Elliot,’ there were, like, 24 kids, so that was crazy. In ‘Annie,’ there’s nine of us; we’re all great friends, and we hang out all the time. We really are just sisters.
Lilla Crawford
I always dressed as a man when I was at school. I loved wearing a tie and a shirt, and I was always wearing suits. Annie Lennox was my hero. I was always playing men in high school.
Cate Blanchett
Annie Lee Smith was my mother’s name. My father’s name was George Washington Smith. I have to tell you, I got all of my attributes from them, obviously, the tangibles, the intangibles. Particularly my work ethic, my dedication.
Bruce Smith
When I was in Year 10 I saw a girl on ‘X Factor’ with a really great, huge afro, so I went to the hairdresser’s to get a weave and achieve the same look. She somehow convinced me to get colored extensions that were way too short, so I ended up looking like ‘Annie.’
Lolly Adefope
I love ‘Annie Hall,’ but then I adore ‘Hannah and Her Sisters.’ Dianne Wiest is amazing in ‘Bullets Over Broadway,’ but her in ‘Hannah and Her Sisters,’ I absolutely loved it.
Cate Blanchett
I was constantly, always and forever, trying to perform the musical ‘Annie’ for anyone who would listen, and I have a terrible singing voice. It was the first thing that made me think I wanted to be an actress.
Sarah Paulson
I love mixing and matching patterns, styles old and new, feminine and masculine and drawing inspiration from characters like Annie Hall.
Sydney Wayser
I was up for parts in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and ‘Three’s Company,’ but other people got them. At the time I was very disappointed because I knew the shows would be tremendous hits. But if I had done either I would not have done the following: ‘Chorus Line,’ ‘Dancin’,’ ‘Chicago,’ ‘Movie Movie,’ ‘All That Jazz’ and ‘Annie.’
Ann Reinking
I know that Annie Lennox has saved my life quite a few times, and I never forget that.
David A. Stewart