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I have a zillion bottles of hot sauce. I love Trader Jo

I have a zillion bottles of hot sauce. I love Trader Joe’s jalapeno. The whole right side of my fridge is filled with hot sauce.
Lisa Ling
I used to love those little cute bottles of amenities in the hotel room. And while the soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion may smell great, they waste an incredible amount of plastic and space in your luggage.
Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
I’m a father. It isn’t just my life any more. I don’t want my kid finding bottles in the house or seeing his father completely smashed.
Billie Joe Armstrong
While many of us use beauty products every single day, we fail to recognize how much waste this can actually create if the empty bottles aren’t recycled.
Jeannie Mai
I’ve had a lot of luck. If I didn’t I’d be washing bottles in Russia.
Marat Safin
In the beginning, we’d walk off stage and burst into tears, ’cause we were getting bottles thrown at us, and boys were spitting all over us.
Gina Schock
Although I was paid a salary in Ann Arbor, my wife and children and I drank powdered milk at six cents a quart instead of the stuff that came in bottles. I was a tightwad.
Donald Hall
Living and working for four decades in a Bologna apartment and studio he shared with his unwed sisters, Morandi painted little but bottles, boxes, jars, and vases. Yet like that of Chardin and the underappreciated William Nicholson, Morandi’s work seems to slow down time and show you things you’ve never seen before.
Jerry Saltz
I used the principles of Kickstarter to make ‘She’s Gotta Have It.’ We filmed that in 1985 to 1986. The final cost was $175,000. I didn’t have that money. It was friends, grants, donations. We saved our bottles for the nickel deposit.
Spike Lee
If you don’t own traditional dumbbells, you can also use soup cans or bottles of water.
Harley Pasternak
My first son didn’t really take a bottle, and I didn’t like giving bottles.
Mayim Bialik
We try to be conscious of the amount of trash we have. Having a water filter allows us to be aware of not using too many water bottles. Since I am not able to hand wash due to my schedule, I use Seventh Generation laundry detergent, and I feel less guilty.
Tia Mowry
All sportsmen have superstitions, or at least they have routines. You look at Rafa Nadal and the way he organises his water bottles. Me, I always put my left pad and left shoe on first.
Jonny Bairstow
I remember as a child of five or six lying in the bath marvelling at the different languages displayed on the shampoo bottles around me. From that moment on it was always words not numbers that held a fascination for me.
Susie Dent
I really feel sorry for people who think things like soap dishes or mirrors or Coke bottles are ugly, because they’re surrounded by things like that all day long, and it must make them miserable.
Robert Rauschenberg
So in our pride we ordered for breakfast an omelet, toast and coffee and what has just arrived is a tomato salad with onions, a dish of pickles, a big slice of watermelon and two bottles of cream soda.
John Steinbeck
In my bachelor days, I had a small upright piano in my kitchen. It cost £10 from eBay plus £70 delivery. It was because I’d seen an old photo of Tom Waits – with dirty dishes, empty bottles, a hot plate, a coffee machine and a piano strewn with lyric sheets – and fallen in love with it.
Jamie Cullum
I’ll tell you what I love. Sending back bottles of wine that aren’t right in restaurants in France! Whoa! I love the French, but I do find their wine snobbery something unbearable.
Rod Stewart
You’re not going to win anything with bottles and bricks.
John Doar
There really isn’t anything more refreshing then iced Coke out of the old-school glass bottles.
Mark Zupan
After a year, the aromatics in an olive oil are gone. Sometimes the bottles on the shelf in the supermarket are there a lot longer than you are.
Jose Andres
I’m obsessed with Jo Malone oils. I think they’re so beautiful; they’re exquisite. But it’s not just the oils; I’m obsessed with their packaging. The beautiful glass bottles that you keep on the side of the bath – they’re almost iconic.
Poppy Delevingne
We didn’t have much money when I was younger, so I had to collect Coke bottles and cash them in and get a paper route to afford a guitar. That guitar from Sears came with a case and an amp and everything all in one. It was really cool.
Gary Rossington
My family recycles paper and bottles, but I reckon a proper wormery for the garden compost would be the way to go.
Lenny Henry
I don’t go to clubs and throw money and pop bottles. That’s not my thing, no disrespect.
I would not drink bottles of water at my mom’s house because I never knew how long she’d been refilling them from the sink and putting them back in the refrigerator.
Dan Fogelman
I inhaled books. I loved Classics Illustrated comic books. These were books that I could afford to buy after I turned in pop bottles for change. ‘The Prince and the Pauper,’ ‘Robinson Crusoe,’ ‘A Journey to the Center of the Earth.’ Male narratives filled with adventure and self-discovery.
Jewell Parker Rhodes
I think the British have the distinction above all other nations of being able to put new wine into old bottles without bursting them.
Clement Attlee
I looked at the photos at the VMAs and my hair was the most. That was a time when we were the most extreme – like, I totally looked like Cher. And it always took, like, two bottles of hairspray every morning. Yeah, we’ve definitely changed a lot. But I love that we have that history, and I enjoy looking back.
Bill Kaulitz
I think that, by comparison with $2,000 bottles of grand cru Burgundies, first-rate barolos, which sell for under $100, are undervalued ten-fold.
Joe Bastianich
There are some pretty darn good bottles of wine for $50. I think I can tell that from a bottle of wine that costs $15 or $20.
Joe Maddon
I can no more think of my own life without thinking of

I can no more think of my own life without thinking of wine and wines and where they grew for me and why I drank them when I did and why I picked the grapes and where I opened the oldest procurable bottles, and all that, than I can remember living before I breathed.
M. F. K. Fisher
I’ve tried every kind of bottled water, but Poland Spring is my go-to. I always have room-temperature bottles of it on side of stage for post-performance.
French Montana
Stories had always been told about male genies coming out of bottles, but they were usually fat, old men. Never had the genie been a gorgeous woman, so that idea really appealed to me, and I created the series based on that premise.
Sidney Sheldon
When you count on someone you want him to be there in times of need. I may not be there when you are popping champagne bottles but I will be there, like a solid rock, if there is a tragedy.
Mahima Chaudhry
When I was working abroad, there was a time when I almost gave up because of my problem with my working visa in Canada. I remember that I collected bottles of mineral water and sold them to earn extra money.
Coco Martin
I took my son to an exhibition about inventing things, and he was so inspired he started collecting toilet rolls and empty bottles for his own ‘inventions.’
Ben Miller
When I’m working, on sets or stages, my contracts specify in the rider that no plastic bottles be used. When I’m playing with my band, we all use metal and non-plastic containers for drinking to be ecologically sensitive and show others that this is the way to go.
Jeff Bridges
I always wanted my own fragrance because I could never find the right scent for me. At home, I would always mix bottles of my favorite fragrances to create a unique and different scent.
Nicole Polizzi
Every dressing room should have a few proper bottles of bubbly.
Tony Vincent
If I had to get lost in a fictional world? I would love to go with those Hemingway characters in ‘The Sun Also Rises’ when they go on that trip in Spain, and they go fishing. And they take the wine bottles, and they put them in the river.
Blake Crouch
Drag queens in the UK, they survive it all – there’s a hen party, a stag party, people throwing beer bottles. They work not on their heels, but on their wits.
Alan Carr
I always have mini bottles of Unbreakable, the fragrance I did with my husband. I’m Armenian, so I’m oily and always have blotting papers.
Khloe Kardashian
We’re talking about growing up in regular families, dreaming about better things, instead of popping bottles in the club and spending a lot of money that you don’t have while living in your mother’s basement.
Lukas Forchhammer
I buy things through the ShopStyle app on my phone, then have them delivered to a neighbour so Oliver doesn’t see them arrive. When he’s out, I collect them, cut off the labels, and bury them deep in the recycling box under the wine bottles.
Helen George
A car produces about one pound of CO2 per mile. There is no problem with collecting the CO2 in the tailpipe, but one might easily end up with a trailer hitched to the car for carrying all this CO2 back to the filling station. The gas burned from a 15-gallon tank would fill up five 60-inch-tall gas bottles.
Klaus Lackner
I’ll tell you the truth: I had a double brandy before the game but, before, it used to be four bottles of whisky. Not any more. I was fine. I had a glass of wine after the game. But it was just a mouthful.
Paul Gascoigne
We protect aspirin bottles in this country better than we protect guns from accidents by children.
Gloria Estefan
Take Jonathan Franzen’s work: it’s just old wine in new bottles. They say he’s the Tolstoy of the digital age, but there can only be a Tolstoy of the Tolstoyan age.
David Shields
In China, we had some buildings that looked like the White House or wine bottles. All they seemed to represent was bad taste.
Ma Yansong
People don’t realize it, but no one lives that rock and roll life 24-7. They think it’s hundreds of bottles of champagne flowing and private jets and money. But there’s a lot of time when you’re traveling – time to think, time to be lonely. Sometimes it gets to you.
Lenny Kravitz