Top 55 Intricate Quotes

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I love to walk through the streets of Jesus Maria and P

I love to walk through the streets of Jesus Maria and Pueblo Libre. The Spanish colonial buildings are in bright colors, two stories high, with these intricate wooden, windowed balconies.
Daniel Alarcon
I love piecing together intricate thoughts that people find compulsively readable and they can’t put down.
John Grisham
The study of law left me unsatisfied, because I did not know the aspects of life which it serves. I perceived only the intricate mental juggling with fictions that did not interest me.
Karl Jaspers
With the help of modern technology, I can compose intricate keyboard parts and then I have to go back and learn them in order to perform them properly.
Geddy Lee
Google helps us sort the Internet by providing a sense of hierarchy to information. Facebook uses its algorithms and its intricate understanding of our social circles to filter the news we encounter. Amazon bestrides book publishing with its overwhelming hold on that market.
Franklin Foer
I’ll never forget the dance number that I shot with Anushka. The choreography involved a lot of intricate dance moves. I’m at least 7 inches shorter than Anushka, so I had to wear the highest heels I’ve ever worn in my life; throughout the song, I even injured my knee a couple of times.
Nithya Menen
Rowling is a luminous storyteller. I love her sense of humor and the intricate wizarding world she built around Hogwarts. I think all writers aspire to be like her, to capture readers like she does. But I didn’t think about ‘Harry Potter’ when I wrote ‘The Bone Season.’
Samantha Shannon
Drawings help people to work out intricate relationships between parts.
Christopher Alexander
I believe very strongly in having melodic hooks, whether they’re short or intricate, that you really remember in a movie.
James Newton Howard
I have a great amount of respect for what a manicurist does – now, when I go and get my own nails done at a nail salon, I have a lot of respect for what they’re doing. Especially any kind of intricate work that they’re doing is… it’s a real art form.
Carrie Preston
To be in Florence is to reflect on Europe’s intricate diversity – and its lost creativity.
Timothy Garton Ash
I used to pass by a large computer system with the feeling that it represented the summed-up knowledge of human beings. It reassured me to think of all those programs as a kind of library in which our understanding of the world was recorded in intricate and exquisite detail.
Ellen Ullman
I have a company that does design and animation, so obviously graffiti is definitely an intricate part of what we admire and respect in the art world.
Mick Ebeling
When a great team loses through complacency, it will constantly search for new and more intricate explanations to explain away defeat.
Pat Riley
We believe behavioral science, cognitive computing, and machine intelligence are essential to a successful, holistic surveillance offering and critical to efficient and effective organizational compliance with an increasingly intricate global regulatory environment.
Adena Friedman
I was a tax attorney for something like seven years, so I was a tax geek. I was really into it. Tax is one of those things that people think is incredibly boring, but like any science about systems, once you get into it it, becomes incredibly intricate and interesting.
Ken Liu
I love when I dive into lyrics that give me human complexity and intricate narrative.
Christine and the Queens
What makes ‘The Marriage of Souls’ such a wonderful book is Collins’s intricate reconstruction of the late eighteenth-century world. Simplicity and philosophy are the hallmarks of eighteenth-century art and architecture. The classically pure lines look deceptively simple and unburdened by heavy symbolism or imagery.
Amanda Foreman
I think modern television shows, with their intricate plots, are stimulating our minds. This is one reason IQs have been going up.
Alex Tabarrok
In a book, you can create a world in your imagination that’s as intricate as you want. Even something like ‘Angels & Demons.’ I was reading it, thinking, ‘This is incredible! This is so scary!’
Jessie Reyez
Hearing loss has not affected my vocal range. I can still pitch perfectly, but without the hearing aids, I don’t hear the intricate high parts of the actual spectrum.
Roger Taylor
Rhythm is born in all of us. To be a desirable dancing partner, you don’t have to do all the intricate fancy steps that happen to be in vogue. All you have to do is be a good average dancer, and anybody who spends the time and effort can accomplish this.
Ginger Rogers
The ideal engine of a 3-D game is an intricate and elegant construct of code that allows players to speed through solidly built virtual worlds. The engine allows every picture on a monitor to be drawn there quickly enough to convince hand and eye that it is instantaneous.
Marc Laidlaw
The delicate and intricate pattern of competition and cooperation in the economic behavior of the hundreds of thousands of citizens of Stockholm offers a challenge to the economist that is perhaps as complex as the challenges of the physicist and the chemist.
George Stigler
Music is a lot more like solving an intricate puzzle with moments of pure, random creative bliss… whereas painting is much more purely random creative bliss with moments of problem solving.
Brandon Boyd
Whether we appreciate it or not, we live out our lives surrounded by an intricate pattern of social connections… We’re all embedded in this network; it affects us profoundly and we may be unaware of its existence, of its effect on us.
Nicholas A. Christakis
Most of us can now record a whole series with the click of a button. We all have DVD players, and the rise of the DVD box-set means we watch this stuff in two, three-hour sessions. So there is this real appetite out there for lengthy, pretty intricate drama. All that is great news for writers.
Ted Danson
My life is at least as intricate as my readers’ lives. People say that ‘The Artist’s Way’ changed their lives, but when they talk about ‘Floor Sample,’ they tell me, ‘I was with you all the way.’
Julia Cameron
Wind depends on temperature. Temperature depends on pressure. And pressure depends on wind. It’s an intricate mathematical tapestry that is far too intertwined to unpick by hand.
Hannah Fry
My music is more native than intricate or technical.
Dick Dale
‘Deadwood’ proved that viewers are smarter in terms of grasping intricate dialogue than they had been given credit for.
Jim Beaver
The one thing is the more I play second base, the more

The one thing is the more I play second base, the more I can work on the intricate movements of that position.
Ben Zobrist
The Discovery was the most intricate, complex machine man has ever built. It’s a testament to our time.
John Glenn
Alan Moore’s writing is almost novelistic. It’s very intricate and wordy and smart.
Adrianne Palicki
With all due respect to lawyers, it’s wonderful that you have this intricate knowledge. You break down words to the nth degree. And sometimes I find it rather disgusting. And it goes on and on.
Sonny Bono
My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation.
Arthur Conan Doyle
I suppose it’s possible that a writer would have feeling for his characters, but I can’t see how, because writing is such a meticulous, intricate, technical business. I wish I could say that I love my characters and that frequently they take over the book and run away with the plot and so on. But they don’t exist.
John Banville
Fall 2013 was inspired by the 1970s equestrian lifestyle. I wanted to incorporate the moody and romantic – intricate baroque detailing and classic menswear elements – with something tougher and edgier in a nod to London’s rock n’ roll underground.
Rachel Zoe
I ended up in Parliament and soon discovered that emotion really doesn’t have any place in politics. It’s a much more intricate and complicated game, and I just didn’t know how to play it.
Amitabh Bachchan
The Gateway to Christianity is not through an intricate labyrinth of dogma, but by a simple belief in the person of Christ.
Norman Vincent Peale
It’s possible to let technology absorb what we know and then re-express it in intricate mechanisms – parts and circuit boards and software objects – mechanisms we can use but do not understand in crucial ways. This not-knowing is fine while everything works as we expected.
Ellen Ullman
The more I grow in popularity, the lonelier it gets. Because you don’t really know me. You just know this part of me. You fell in love with that. But it’s way more intricate than what meets the surface.
Kevin Gates
I liked teaching Henry James. When you look down at a Henry James novel from a helicopter height, you find an intricate spider web that all clings together.
Helen Vendler
There is a beauty and clarity that comes from simplicity that we sometimes do not appreciate in our thirst for intricate solutions.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I find writing a book a slow, intricate process, a kind of obstacle course punctuated with great rewards. But research is always thrilling, and I tend to incorporate newfound material up to the very last minute.
Adrienne Mayor
I’ve always loved the idea that you think you know what you’re looking at from a distance, yet when you come up close, it gets intricate and nutty and obscene and provocative.
Wangechi Mutu
The TV show ‘How It’s Made’ brings the intricate details of assembly lines to numerous North American living rooms. But if the series were to ever branch into exposing the secrets of music production, Colin Stetson’s ‘New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges’ would make for a mind-bending episode.
Anthony Fantano
The brain is so intricate. It can do so many things, and people sleep on it. It’s not just a piece of meat in there – it can do so much.