Top 55 Marching Quotes

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After marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma

After marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma as a young man, John Lewis went on to become a legendary leader for civil rights alongside other giants of the movement like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.
Kay Ivey
Because appearing to be fair is part of being fair, most mainstream news organizations discourage marching for causes, displaying political bumper stickers or giving cash to candidates.
Bill Dedman
One of my first memories is marching with my mom. I was in kindergarten with with the Catholic ladies when Martin Luther King Jr. got shot. We wore the black armbands and marched downtown.
Duff McKagan
Like my parishioner Congressman John Lewis, I believe that voting is a sacred undertaking, and we must keep marching until we secure the sacred right to vote for every eligible American.
Raphael Warnock
I’m marching for women; I’m marching for the LGBT community. I’m marching for immigrants. I happen to fall into all three categories, so I’m marching for myself at the end of the day and for my family and my friends. And for whoever else deserves it.
Lauren Jauregui
I’ve loved football since I was in the marching band of junior high and high school and was the water girl for my high school’s team.
Jennifer Garner
When I first played New York, it was with James Brown at the Apollo, and I was playing in a band under the name The Valentinos. I remember Sam Cooke saying, ‘I want you to go in there with James Brown. I couldn’t be as hard on you as James Brown would be.’ But we came out marching like soldiers.
Bobby Womack
As the daughter of a civil rights leader, I believe in the power that compels people to stand up for their freedoms, for justice and opportunity. I know that marching inspires people to take an active role in creating positive change for a better America.
Lucy McBath
I’m 64 years old and, yeah, I went through a transition in my life last year, with the death of my son, that woke me up to a lot of things. You know, I’m perfectly happy in my own little groove. Marching along, building my company, and you know, a happy person.
Carl Paladino
I eat healthily and exercise, and I’m not giving up and saying I’m too old – I’m just determined to keep on marching with enthusiasm and interest and curiosity.
Ellen Burstyn
My father being a soldier, every time I saw soldiers marching – ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘my father’s that,’ and these soldiers were always looking magnificent. And I thought they were powerful; they were all-powerful. I knew that they were an elite in India.
Spike Milligan
Progress in our country has always been too slow, and creating change has always been difficult, but we must continue marching towards those ideals written in our founding documents – that all people are to be treated equally under our laws.
Ralph Northam
The blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average has closed higher in 17 of the 21 sessions since Donald Trump was elected president, with about a dozen record closes so far as it continues marching higher.
Kelly Evans
That is the great mistake about the affections. It is not the rise and fall of empires, the birth and death of kings, or the marching of armies that move them most. When they answer from their depths, it is to the domestic joys and tragedies of life.
Amelia Barr
I was in every band class I could get in, like after school jazz band and marching band, and that’s where I really learned to read music from elementary all the way through junior high and high school.
Chad Smith
Big companies are like marching bands. Even if half the band is playing random notes, it still sounds kind of like music. The concealment of failure is built into them.
Douglas Coupland
With so much evidence of depleting natural resources, toxic waste, climate change, irreparable harm to our food chain and rapidly increasing instances of natural disasters, why do we keep perpetuating the problem? Why do we continue marching at the same alarming beat?
Yehuda Berg
Fundamentally, what you’re trying to do when you’re directing is get a group of people who most likely have never met, unify them, and make sure that we’re all clear on what we’re marching towards.
Thomas Kail
I got my first set of drums when I was around 3. I went from band to marching band to Latin jazz band – it’s like riding a bike.
Modi is marching forward on the basis of the BJP’s philosophy.
Amit Shah
Calling representatives every single day, arranging local community meetings, and marching in the streets every Sunday. It’s not the path to glory, but it’s absolutely essential to maintaining a democracy under threat.
Laura Moser
I go to the opera. It’s mostly my wife that’s a bigger fan, I’d say, than I am. I like the big opera. I want a lot of people on stage, elephants and marching stuff, and the modern stuff I don’t care for.
John Roberts
We’ve got to get back to a country that can get things done. And my whole career has been marching and charging at and running toward some of the most difficult problems in America and finding ways to create new coalitions to get things done.
Cory Booker
Everything was going my way. I was happily marching into the history books. Then it all just fell apart.
George Michael
I see these people in Princeton, my home town, as they go marching for control of climate. It is a wonderful thing. I love their enthusiasm, their energy, their devotion to something very worthwhile.
Jim Peebles
I don’t view myself as marching to any right-wing drummer.
Rodney Frelinghuysen
Age 10. I joined the school marching band as a drummer.
Adrian Belew
Jesus is why women have traveled continents, spent decades learning a strange language so they could translate the Gospel, planting churches, caring for the sick, educating the illiterate, and marching for the oppressed.
John Ortberg
I had some proper training, but that was only on snare drum. Learning all the techniques in marching bands and realizing how important it is to play tight set a standard for me for when I did get into a band.
Vinnie Paul
Our nation has come so far since 1968 when Dr. King was assassinated, but I know we can do better to achieve The Dream, and that is why I keep marching on.
Charles B. Rangel
It doesn’t matter where we are. We can be marching down the streets of New Orleans, or we can be onstage in front of 15,000 people. As long as I know that I’m about to put my horn to my mouth and play some notes, that’s what I most look forward to.
Trombone Shorty
I've been marching in every single ethnic nationality p

I’ve been marching in every single ethnic nationality parade all throughout the City of New York. We’re all Americans first and foremost, but people understand their heritage and it’s good to see.
Joe Lhota
In so many instances, there has been an attempt to rewrite history. And many times, on photographs, Martin and I were marching together, hand in hand; they cropped the photographs and left me out.
Ralph Abernathy
Like in Athens, it went by so fast and I mean, I remember it being like the best trip ever. And I am so excited for Beijing. Like at Opening Ceremonies when you walk out with your whole team and you are all marching and they light the torch, I mean – it is so exciting.
Jessica Long
And that’s what’s beautiful to me, is he did not become a victim of it, and he didn’t become a statistic, he just kind of kept on marching through, no matter what people threw at him.
Mary Stuart Masterson
My school had the dopest arts program – the dopest show choir, the dopest marching band. I couldn’t sing or play an instrument a lick, but I was just going to fake it till I make it.
Brian Tyree Henry
There’s a reason that illegal migrants marching toward the U.S.-Mexico border idolize Biden. He explicitly invited them here and promised free health care and other goodies during his campaign.
Miranda Devine
Today, I see thousands of Mahatma Gandhis, Martin Luther Kings, and Nelson Mandelas marching forward and calling on us. The boys and girls have joined. I have joined in. We ask you to join, too.
Kailash Satyarthi
In high school, I stole a six-foot submarine sandwich from a banquet room in front of several hundred people. I did it because I was in marching band, and we were promised food if we played, and they broke their promise. It was my first and only heist, motivated by justice and hunger.
Greg van Eekhout
When you meet your kids, you realize that they deserve great parents. And then you have your marching orders, and you have to try and become the person that they deserve.
Ryan Gosling
You cannot please everybody. You keep marching forward.
John Calipari
I had a teacher in art school who said something about the only works he really enjoyed seeing or found much in were works where he had a sense that a discovery was made in the course of making this object. I like to hold to that as my marching orders.
Martin Mull
NASA works for the White House. There are many at NASA that wish they were building a modern replacement for the Shuttle. However, they had marching orders to instead work on other things, some of which should have no place in a research organization.
Burt Rutan
In our fervor to halt the potential spread of totalitarianism, what incredible precedent are we setting in Vietnam? By marching our legions through the countryside of foreign continents, burning homes, laying waste to the land, and indiscriminately killing friend and foe alike?
Robert Vaughn
There’s definitely that tribal Africana thing going on in my sound. It’s that marching band, second-line music, that Creole-influence in the kick, and the snare that drives everything for me. I think it’s really what’s separated my sound from a lot of the R&B and pop music out there.
Dawn Richard
The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.
Bob Black
The power of protest depends not only on how many turn out, but also on what legislative, judicial, and civil society institutions exist to enact the will of those marching in the streets.
Cynthia P. Schneider