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I don't think there is a person who loves the Nets as m

I don’t think there is a person who loves the Nets as much as I do – from our fans, all the employees in the arenas, the front office personnel and the owners. I will always be loyal to our fans and the Nets.
Jayson Williams
It is possible to get a degree in Engineering by merely passing the exams and not really learning the concepts in depth, and also get a job based on that degree. Similarly, a cricketer can waste the opportunities in the nets and in training, and with some talent still play professional cricket.
Ravichandran Ashwin
Everybody enjoys each other’s success. We are always pushing each other to get better on the field and off the field, helping each other out in the nets or in the gym. That’s the most important thing.
K. L. Rahul
I’m a capitalist. I believe in capitalism. But capitalism only works if you have safety nets to deal with people who are naturally left behind and brutalized by it.
Thomas Friedman
Some of the greatest shows in history – ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ and ‘House’ – had puny starts but the benefit of schedule protection, increasingly scarce in today’s DVR world. Cable nets can tolerate small ratings, building hits in progress like ‘Breaking Bad,’ or marathon their way to a ‘Duck Dynasty.’
Kevin Reilly
In a previous life I wrote the software that controlled my physics experiments. That software had to deal with all kinds of possible failures in equipment. That is probably where I learned to rely on multiple safety nets inside and around my systems.
Wietse Venema
Nets are generally defined as devices for capturing something. In a more narrow but more important sense, we might define a net as anything that entices or prevents us from following the call of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.
Joseph B. Wirthlin
I worked for a company called Population Services International, a social marketing company advocating healthy behaviors. We had a big branding campaign with celebrities to help educate about the proper use of mosquito nets, for example, to help prevent malaria.
Yvonne Orji
In a pine tree behind me, an eagle waits out the rain, hunched into himself, brooding. Crows squabble, a murder chasing a raven. Seals cruise the lines of fishing nets bobbing in the water, hoping for an easy meal, the tender bellies of salmon.
Eden Robinson
As an Ambassador for PSI and a supporter of Nothing But Nets, I have met individuals around the world who are lending their ideas, their voices, and their time to improve their communities and the world at large. And there are millions more that I have not met.
Mandy Moore
Having been trained as a computer scientist in the ’90s, everybody knew that AI didn’t work. People tried it. They tried neural nets, and none of it worked.
Sergey Brin
When you are shooting in a conventional way, you put nets around yourself. It’s very hard to fall and hit the ground. You can always manipulate things to make it not embarrassing. If the scene is a little bit bad, you can polish it or even take it out. You can hide your mistakes.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
The Nets are the only place I want to be.
Brook Lopez
I think with my generation, your first game of senior football was often a Sunday League game of football. Sometimes you’re playing on pitches that aren’t great, you’ve no referee, you’ve no goal nets.
Jamie Carragher
After I left the Nets, I found out what it takes to not just make the Finals, but to win a championship. I think I have a sense now of how you build a championship structure and how you maintain that structure.
Jason Kidd
Everybody right now, they look at the current technology, and they think, ‘OK, that’s what artificial neural nets are.’ And they don’t realize how arbitrary it is. We just made it up! And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make up something else.
Geoffrey Hinton
The metaphor I’ve used is… somebody’s going to push my family off a cliff pretty soon, and I won’t be there to catch them. And that breaks my heart. But I have some time to sew some nets to cushion the fall. So, I can curl up in a ball and cry, or I can get to work on the nets.
Randy Pausch
The issues that matter to me are the social safety nets for people, health care, middle-class concerns. We need to take care of the middle class and the poor in our country.
Tim McGraw
I stayed with a family in the bush in Alaska and there were absolutely swarms of mosquitos. The crew were wearing full body nets but the family weren’t, so I decided that if I was going to do things properly I wouldn’t wear them either. I was eaten alive!
Ben Fogle
In this country, since footballs made from pigs’ bladders were whacked into goals without nets, we’ve played on full-size pitches. Whatever our age.
Gary Lineker
My main interest is in trying to find radically different kinds of neural nets.
Geoffrey Hinton
There is an urgent need for regeneration of fisheries and fostering a sustainable fisheries programme. What I mean is, designing new fishing vessels and nets so that they do not disrupt the fish lifecycle by catching young ones and also do not destroy sea grass beds, which serve as habitats for dugongs.
M. S. Swaminathan
Now that neural nets work, industry and government have started calling neural nets AI. And the people in AI who spent all their life mocking neural nets and saying they’d never do anything are now happy to call them AI and try and get some of the money.
Geoffrey Hinton
I will be happy to deliver for my country as an all-rounder, for which I am working very hard in the nets.
Babar Azam
Whenever I practise in the nets, I practise each and every situation – be it with the new ball, be it with the old ball, or death bowling at the death.
Jasprit Bumrah
In the nets, I would see spinners like Piyush Chawla bhai or Amit Mishra bhai running in to bowl. I decided I am going to change my run-up and begin to run in to bowl.
Yuzvendra Chahal
This is a tremendous opportunity to be named head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, and it’s a role I have been studying for over the course of my playing days.
Jason Kidd
At one point, when I didn’t make the 2007 World Cup squad, I was very, very frustrated. Then I became very hard on myself. Whenever I used to go to the nets, or when I trained in the gym, I was very hard on myself. I couldn’t sleep; I used to think a lot. Very, very desperate to make a comeback.
Gautam Gambhir
The world’s oceans are littered with trillions of pieces of plastic – bottles, bags, toys, fishing nets and more, mostly in tiny particles – and now this seaborne junk is making its way into the Arctic.
Tatiana Schlossberg
I had a stormy graduate career, where every week we would have a shouting match. I kept doing deals where I would say, ‘Okay, let me do neural nets for another six months, and I will prove to you they work.’ At the end of the six months, I would say, ‘Yeah, but I am almost there. Give me another six months.’
Geoffrey Hinton
Laws are generally found to be nets of such a texture, as the little creep through, the great break through, and the middle-sized are alone entangled in it.
William Shenstone
When I go the nets, I always try to learn new things.

When I go the nets, I always try to learn new things.
Vijay Shankar
There isn’t one celebrity I’ve worked with who doesn’t have major doubts about what impact they are having. I am glad when they question the impact, because it shows they are based firmly in the reality that peacemaking isn’t the same as changing a streetlight or distributing mosquito nets.
John Prendergast
The revolution in deep nets has been very profound. It definitely surprised me, even though I was sitting right there.
Sergey Brin
Centuries-old habitats such as coral gardens are destroyed in an instant by bottom trawls, pulverized by weighted nets into barren plains. And global carbon dioxide emissions from human activity affect the ocean, changing the pH balance of the waters in a phenomenon known as ocean acidification.
Ted Danson
I make good money: One speech nets me more than what most people make in six months.
Alain Robert
In the nets, Joe Root hits the most sixes. He tries to take us down all the time. I think everyone is capable of hitting big sixes and I think I’m the best of all of them. But Jos is the one guy that everyone knows is out front. Jos is power with timing.
Moeen Ali
I learnt the slower ball in the post-1992 period after I saw Franklin Stevenson of the West Indies in the county circuit. I would practice in the nets, hit people on the head, have the ball fly over the nets. I got it right after a lot of practice.
Wasim Akram
Americans sometimes ask what the government does and where their tax money goes. Among other things, it pays for all kinds of invisible but essential safety nets and life belts and guardrails that are useless right up until the day they are priceless.
Nancy Gibbs
It happens with every batsman; sometimes, despite feeling good in the nets, you don’t score runs in the match.
Shikhar Dhawan
Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security. It is one of the most important safety nets for American women in old age, or in times of disability, to insure financial income for their families.
Barbara Mikulski
When I first came back and I was playing with the Nets, yes, there was a lot of media attention. But after about two weeks, all those stories about being the first gay athlete went away and it became about, ‘Wait, how are the Brooklyn Nets doing?’ The same goes for Robbie Roberts, who won an MLS Cup.
Jason Collins
One of my favourite parts of training is doing it with Dad in the local nets. When I do that, I feel like a kid again. We never argue. He has to put up with some bad moods from me when I’m not hitting it as I’d like. He’s very placid. He’s not a pushy parent at all.
Ellyse Perry
When people are coming to Krakow and we show them how and where we practice, they are like, ‘Seriously? Are you kidding me?’ But we’re always saying that what matters about the courts – the lines, the nets – are the same. I’m practicing in Poland even when I don’t have good facilities.
Agnieszka Radwanska