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There's no shortage of orphans in 19th-century literatu

There’s no shortage of orphans in 19th-century literature, but it’s hard to find a single happy, communicative, functional parental relationship in the whole of ‘Great Expectations,’ even among the minor characters.
David Nicholls
Cycles of shortage and surplus characterize the entire history of oil.
Daniel Yergin
There is no shortage of objectionable Iranian behavior.
Antony Blinken
The potential financial reward for building the ‘next Windows’ is so great that there will never be a shortage of new technologies seeking to challenge it.
Bill Gates
The media love coarse debate because coarse debate drives ratings and ratings generate profits. Unless the TV producer happens to be William Shakespeare, an argument is more interesting than a soliloquy – and there will never be a shortage of people willing to argue on TV.
John Sununu
Faced with a time shortage, we squeeze tasks into the nooks and crannies of our calendar, leaving less and less time to switch between them. As a result, we become less and less productive exactly when we need to be most productive.
Sendhil Mullainathan
Oh man, there’s no shortage of craziness happening on the American landscape right now. I’ll turn on the TV every day or check out the newspaper, and there is something to find humor in or something to find absolute fear in. Either way, it makes for good comedy.
Jordan Klepper
I have no shortage of material or offers, it’s just a case of what you select to do. But I think it’s realistic that my chances of playing Romeo are now over.
Sean Connery
One of my earliest ventures was when I was nine years old. I realized there was a shortage of pencils at school, so I started Rent-a-Pencil. But I made a fundamental mistake. Everybody stole my pencils.
Bruce Dickinson
Prison is essentially a shortage of space made up for by a surplus of time; to an inmate, both are palpable.
Joseph Brodsky
The shortage of buyers, which the world is suffering from, is readily understood, not as due to people not wishing to obtain possession of goods, but as people being unwilling to part with something which might earn a regular income in exchange for those goods.
Paul Dirac
Have I got a black book? Yes, it’s called a mobile phone. I do get offers. There is no shortage of people if you want to go on dates – working in TV, living in L.A., it is there if you want it.
Simon Cowell
If the English language made any sense, lackadaisical would have something to do with a shortage of flowers.
Doug Larson
You’d rather have a surplus versus a shortage in your position.
Kenneth Lay
If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.
Milton Friedman
There were different challenges along the way. Certainly the food shortage was unpleasant.
Leroy Chiao
When you go to Japan, there is such a talent shortage that the debate about AI taking jobs is almost non-existent. The debate is, how can we automate this so we can get all the work done?
Andrew Ng
There’s no shortage of great young activists.
Gloria Steinem
A draft doesn’t produce the people we need to satisfy our real manpower shortage. We need specialists to keep our jets flying.
Patricia Schroeder
My schooling was disrupted by the shortage of labor during World War I. It meant foregoing high school. Then, late in 1921, I entered upon a short course in agriculture at South Dakota State College. I managed to enter college in 1924, and I was permitted to complete my college work in three years.
Theodore Schultz
While Jane Fonda has no shortage of knowledge to share, I was particularly moved and fascinated by her recovery from bulimia, which she battled with for over 25 years.
Amanda de Cadenet
Any shortage of drinking water is a serious issue.
Mike Parson
There is not a shortage of assets in northern Syria but a shortage of targets.
Crispin Blunt
All societies on the verge of death are masculine. A society can survive with only one man; no society will survive a shortage of women.
Germaine Greer
As you get larger, it is harder to have focused discussions. Because one of the things I’ve learned about Congress over the past four years that I’ve been in is there’s no shortage of opinions about how things should be done on any particular subject.
Bill Flores
When I look around, I see a world of unrealized opportunities for improvements, an abundance of talented people able to take the risks necessary to make improvements, but a shortage of people and investors willing to take those risks.
Edward Conard
There’s no shortage of Democrats who are at least as committed as Schwarzenegger to reducing greenhouse gases.
Timothy Noah
I had no shortage of wild times in my youth.
Karyn Kusama
I think there would be no shortage of applicants to the government astronaut corps to be settlers on the planet Mars. And I think this would be very inspiring.
Buzz Aldrin
I’d never been a teacher before, and here I was starting my first day with these eager students. There was a shortage of teachers, and they had been without a math teacher for six months. They were so excited to learn math.
Andrew Shue
Solar energy is clean, renewable and easy to harvest – and Nevada is blessed to have no shortage of sunshine.
Jacky Rosen
There's a lot of people out there who are just miserabl

There’s a lot of people out there who are just miserable in their own lives, I guess, and just trying to make other people miserable as well to bring themselves up. There’s no shortage of that, that’s for sure.
Kevin Owens
COVID has caused no shortage of problems. One of them is the possibility we could be off for nine months. That’s too long. We’re not in the playoffs, summer league has been canceled and training camp is pushed back. We need some help, but we aren’t really getting it.
John Collins
The increase in salaries at private companies has exploded, and Romania also faces a labor shortage, especially in construction. We believe that the Romanian market will remain an incentive, so that migration will not be an issue.
Traian Basescu
When I was in the Mississippi Legislature, we worked to establish the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program to help address the shortage of physicians in the rural areas of the state.
Cindy Hyde-Smith
There’s no shortage of opinions about our agency, just like every other agency up here – and just like the Congress. I’d encourage our folks not to get too hung up on what I consider to be the noise on TV and in social media.
Christopher A. Wray
This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time.
Aneurin Bevan
In L.A., I was a talent manager for many years. I represented many African-American actors. After a while, I became disheartened over the shortage of roles for African Americans.
Lee Daniels
There’s no shortage of investment into Manchester United.
Mike Phelan
There’s a shortage of perfects breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.
Cary Elwes
There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.
Annie Dillard
There is a severe shortage in our country of political parties where internal democracy is alive and kicking.
Amit Shah
What we’re always looking for is weird social issues and weird connections to make. Luckily for them, there’s no shortage of material.
Trey Parker
A shortage is a sign that somebody is keeping the price artificially lower than it would be if supply and demand were allowed to operate freely.
Thomas Sowell
The world has a shortage of solution providers. Everybody want to be in the ‘Forbes’ list.
Arunachalam Muruganantham
We have a massive shortage of engineers and one of the big glaring holes is that we have so few women doing engineering – it’s less than 10 per cent of the workforce.
Jo Swinson
There is a shortage of teachers but the January 2001 schools census showed that teacher numbers were at their highest level than at any time since 1984 – and 11,000 higher than 1997.
Estelle Morris
There will always be a capital shortage from the perspective of entrepreneurs.
David Cohen
There is never a shortage anywhere of lawyers eager to attack the First Amendment, as though it were nothing more than a clause in a lease from a crooked slumlord.
Kurt Vonnegut
The problem is that we are trying to prepare people for the new economy using a higher education system built for the old economy. As a result, many high-skilled, high-paying industries suffer from a shortage of labor, while too many low-paying industries suffer from a surplus.
Marco Rubio
There’s no shortage of material in life.
Jonathan Ames
You don’t want to love – your eternal and abnormal craving is to be loved. You aren’t positive, you’re negative. You absorb, absorb, as if you must fill yourself up with love, because you’ve got a shortage somewhere.
D. H. Lawrence
When the air forces of the U.S., Russia, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others are already engaged with Isis in Syria, it’s a shortage of targets rather than of aircraft that is the coalition’s principal military constraint.
Crispin Blunt
If somehow a proclamation were made that C.E.O.’s could only make a maximum of $300,000 a year, you would not have any shortage of very qualified men and women seeking the jobs.
James Sinegal
Exercise is more important than diet for me because it’s a twofer. It keeps me in good physical shape, and it relieves stress. And when you’re a representative of the public, there’s never a shortage of things to do.
Aaron Schock