Top 55 Working Actor Quotes

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Fashion gave me my start, and that will always be my ho

Fashion gave me my start, and that will always be my home. I’ll always be so grateful for all my collaborators and friends I’ve made there, but I’m so excited to dive head first into just being a working actor.
Hari Nef
I did a theater program the summer of my junior year, and that’s when I really fell in love with the craft of acting. It became more about the craft and less about being a working actor.
Lucas Hedges
I don’t feel I was ever a ‘famous’ child actor. I was just a working actor who happened to be a kid. I was never really in a hit show until I was a teenager with West Wing playing First Daughter Zoey Bartlet. In a way, that was my saving grace – not being a star on a hit show. It kept me working and kept me grounded.
Elisabeth Moss
I’m a working actor, so I do pretty much whatever comes along because it’s my job.
Katharine Isabelle
I’ve been just like any other working actor, out there looking for stuff.
Gedde Watanabe
I’m a working actor. I don’t make my own work, so it’s the opportunities that are presented to me.
Taron Egerton
Before he became ‘a working actor,’ as he now proudly calls himself, Jamie Dornan initially caught the public’s attention as a model – you may remember him from those greasy underwear ads with Eva Mendes, among many others.
Elvis Mitchell
My goal was never to be famous, but to be a consistently working actor.
Erin Cummings
I’ll just put it this way: I’ve struggled enough as a working actor – and, most of the times, a not working actor – to know that anytime you are working is a blessing.
Corey Hawkins
I’m not a wealthy person because I was never a star. I was a working actor and a supporting actor.
Ed Begley, Jr.
When you are an actor or trying to be a working actor in L.A., most people have commercial agents, and then they have legitimate agents, and you just end up going on a thousand auditions.
Joel McHale
There are 365 days in the year, and as a working actor, you might only work 17 of them. You might only need to do two ads and you can afford to live for the year, but it doesn’t make for a very satisfactory or fulfilling life. The point isn’t to not work – it’s to work.
Sarah Snook
But when you’re a working actor – and that’s what you keep saying in your head, how blessed you are to have a job – and you are working with heavyweights, working with the best guys in TV, it’s pretty cool. Exhausting, but cool.
Christopher Meloni
I started acting, when I was 15, in commercials and guest roles. I was definitely a working actor, so I was thankful for that. But I never had to work at a store, although I would have liked to.
Evan Peters
I love to be a working actor, and I love to read scripts as they come in. If I find the script or character that is interesting, I want to transform myself into that character.
Jaime Camil
I’m just a working actor.
Clive Owen
I’ve always just liked working. I like being a working actor.
Ryan Reynolds
All I really wanted to be was a working actor.
Paul Rudd
I don’t want to be known as someone who is deliberately trying to do things that are not commercial! That is not a good reputation to have when you’re trying to be a working actor.
Casey Affleck
I want to be a bi-continental working actor and writer.
Shenaz Treasury
My goal has always been to be a working actor.
Bryan Cranston
Well, I think probably when I first got in the business, I wasn’t thinking of being strictly a character actor. But I knew I wanted to be a working actor, and as the years have gone on, I just naturally evolved into that. Because, y’know, I’m not a leading guy. Never was.
Stephen Root
I certainly had times when I thought this wasn’t going to work out, but just being a working actor felt like a victory.
Anna Gunn
Now I’m seen by more people in one episode than I was in 20 years of theatre and movies. It’s gratifying to have an impact on 25 million people a night, but I can say goodbye to my lunch-pail life as a working actor. I’m scared I might be a celebrity.
William Petersen
I’m a working actor, and that’s what I always wanted.
Genevieve O’Reilly
At some point, you’re just happy to be a working actor, but to be able to do it with people you really love and enjoy spending time with, it’s just such a rare thing. You hear so many horror stories.
Matt McGorry
I’ve always been in school plays and performing monologues and taking drama. Now I’m in acting classes. I do it the real way. I want to be a working actor. I would love that. I just like being on a series and having a script, and I want that to be my nine-to-five.
Vinny Guadagnino
I have friends who are movie stars, and I think it’s just as hard a job as being a working actor. But it’s a different job, and it’s not the one I want.
Frances McDormand
It’s really good to be a working actor.
Ian Harding
I’m not one of these million-dollar actors. I have always been just a working actor. I probably work more than I would like to.
D. B. Sweeney
Tiger is a sincere and hard working actor. I have always found him passionate about his work. He is not the kind to believe in taking short-cuts to success.
Jackie Shroff
As far as my dreams go, all I want to do is be a workin

As far as my dreams go, all I want to do is be a working actor, and I happily achieved that.
Lucas Grabeel
When I came to Mumbai, I knew that I am an actor but I am not a working actor. To keep this actor alive, I had to feed him, I took up the casting job so that I can run my house.
Abhishek Banerjee
I started working right away as a kid, so I didn’t have a chance to go to improv school or anything like that; I was already a working actor.
Kenan Thompson
I’m not particularly fond of playing villains. I do want to be a working actor, and I’ve had to look at what was offered to me, what roles I could get, and what I could do with them. Even though I’m not drawn to putting those kinds of darker characters out there, I think it’s an interesting challenge.
Sharlto Copley
I was never a celebrity – just a working actor.
Martin Milner
People call me a movie star. If you’re in the business, a movie star is someone who can make a film bankable. My name and $6 million will make a $6 million movie. I’m a working actor. Because I started late, I had a very short run as a leading man, and my films didn’t make money in America.
Peter Coyote
So as long as I’m a working actor, I can improve. I want to work with people that frighten me and excite me, and characters that I don’t believe I’m the best person for the part but I’m still gonna try anyway. Those are my favorite roles.
Anne Hathaway
I’m very, very lucky to be a working actor, but I’ve also been careful. I don’t just take anything. ‘Durham County’ came to me. You have to look at the quality of work you do, and ‘Durham’ set the standard. I wait for things that keep me really interested.
Hugh Dillon
My old manager of the Irish National Theatre said ‘Don’t worry about being a star, just worry about being a working actor. Just keep working.’ I think that’s really good advice.
Colm Meaney
My goal as an actor was to work – to be a working actor, whether it was in theater, and, well, I didn’t even consider film and television when I was in New York, but what came along, came along.
Stephen Root
For the working actor, there’s nothing more stable than a network television show.
Reggie Lee
Leave me to the thing I love. I love acting. But being called ‘the greatest living actress’ – a designation not even my mother would sanction – is the opposite of good or valuable or useful. It is a curse for a working actor.
Meryl Streep
It’s not like suddenly, when you become a working actor all your friends are in the same situation. I have friends who are still handing out flyers for their one-woman show and trying to make ends meet.
Nia Vardalos
I’m what you call a good, old-fashioned working actor who has had delusions of grandeur for my entire career and has known what I want to do, but there’s a lot going on out there. There are a lot fewer films being made, and there’s a lot of competition.
Chris Diamantopoulos
My whole thing is I just always wanted to be a working actor and I just wanted to stop waiting tables.
Rainn Wilson
Being a working actor, you’re going to do a Spelling show. It’s hard not to.
Casper Van Dien
I’m trying to be a working actor. I’m not in pursuit of fame. I’m not trying to be in the kinds of films that make you famous like that.
Sarah Gadon
I’d like to be a steadily working actor and to do as many things as possible. I’m really enjoying the life.
Robert Sheehan
As an actor, I’m always just so pumped when I get any job. To be a working actor takes a lot of luck.
Elden Henson
This is my dream. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, and I’ve been blessed to work and be a working actor, and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for that, but my priorities have definitely shifted.
Lacey Chabert
I grew up poor, financially lower class. Worked in restaurants for 17 years while going to acting school and trying to become a working actor. Because I know what it’s like to not have money, I turn down roles if I don’t want to play them.
Asia Kate Dillon
The best part is it’s a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to be a working actor, and the good part of it… it’s all good! I work long hours, but it’s amazing. They pay me. That’s amazing! I get to kiss Keri Russell, and that ain’t too bad.
Scott Foley
I’m a working actor, and I want to stay a working actor, and I want everybody happy.
Adina Porter
I think there’s a difference between a working actor, a movie star and a celebrity. They’re all three different things.
Chadwick Boseman