Top 555 Priority Quotes

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Budgets are matters of priority and prioritizing. It's

Budgets are matters of priority and prioritizing. It’s a high priority.
Sam Brownback
I have two grown up sons who, as I’ve repeatedly said are my first and only priority in life.
Zeenat Aman
My priority is to repeal the Iran Nuclear Deal and vote to do that. I think it’s extremely dangerous… you don’t negotiate with terrorists.
Darryl Glenn
I want to tell women that you need to love yourself and make yourself a priority. It’s only when you are happy yourself, can you make everyone else around you happy. I am still a dreamer and still believe in fairy tales, but there is only that much one should give another person. You need to keep something for yourself.
Bipasha Basu
I fully support the goal of species protection and conservation and believe that recovery and ultimately delisting of species should be the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s top priority under ESA.
Dennis Cardoza
My first priority is trying to protect my family.
Orlando Bloom
I want to concentrate on movies. Bollywood is my priority, but that doesn’t mean I will stop working on series. I want to do both.
Mithila Palkar
Community stuff is always important to me, it’s very important to the New Jersey Devils and the organization, so along with not just myself but the rest of the players on the team, it’s always a priority to be able to give back in the best way possible.
P.K. Subban
You just want someone that you’re going to get on with. That is genuinely the first priority. Even before how good they are, you want someone that you know you’re going to have a laugh with and that the journey is going to be OK between the two of you.
Kevin Clifton
My time with my family is a priority.
Nick Faldo
My top priority if elected mayor is matching Portland with economic opportunity.
Ted Wheeler
Protecting the lives of women in childbirth and in their postpartum months should be a common priority.
Abigail Spanberger
Give your children all the time and energy. They need to be your number one priority.
Be a father first. Don’t put a priority of being a friend with your wife first, or a friend with your kids first.
Hulk Hogan
I have a career, which is important, but my family is the priority. First family, and then career. It’s a delicate balance.
Jimmy Cliff
Family has always been the number one priority no matter what happens anywhere else.
Gloria Estefan
Again and again, universities have put a low priority on the very programs and initiatives that are needed most to increase productivity and competitiveness, improve the quality of government, and overcome the problems of illiteracy, miseducation, and unemployment.
Derek Bok
Citizens must pressure the American Hospital Association, the American Public Health Association, the Centers for Disease Control and other relevant governmental agencies to make greening our hospitals and medical centers a top priority so that they themselves don’t create even more illness.
Andrew Weil
Veterans’ issues were always a priority in my work in the legislature and continue to be now as governor.
John Bel Edwards
If I were to explore music, I’d want to just focus on that and make that my priority.
Maia Mitchell
I’m not a car person. Three years after ‘The Da Vinci Code’ came out, I still had my old, rusted Volvo. And people are like, ‘Why don’t you have a Maserati?’ It never occurred to me. It wasn’t a priority for me. I just didn’t care.
Dan Brown
I love what I do professionally, I’m really blessed. But my priority is my husband and my children.
Victoria Beckham
My priority will be my family in the years to come.
David Luiz
When I was on Broadway, I got really sick with walking pneumonia. I decided not to take my health for granted anymore and make it a priority. The great thing is, the pounds just started to fall off.
Jordin Sparks
There were a small number of voices that said, ‘Darvish only cares about strikeouts.’ Although I may have had strikeouts in my mind, fans, team, teammates and team staff were always my top priority.
Yu Darvish
The City of Boston and the T need each other. From designating bus-only lanes to implementing transit signal priority, the MBTA and Boston Transportation Department must work together like never before to unclog roads and keep riders on buses and the Green Line moving – for the health of the entire region.
Michelle Wu
I think for me, at the end of the day, just because of who I am, my priority is the biosphere. That seems to be, for me, where I’ve ended up, and I’ve been there pretty consistently since I was a teenager.
I think that we are trying to move towards the First World slowly but surely. But we must do a good job for the people left way behind. That’s why extreme poverty, for us, is a priority.
Juan Manuel Santos
My wife wants four kids, and obviously if we’re having four kids, I need to make sure that the priority is family first.
Jason Day
So being a senior player, being a goalkeeper, being a team member, I think saving the ball is my first main priority.
P. R. Sreejesh
As a quarterback, you have to go out and take care of the ball. That is your No. 1 priority.
Matt Cassel
I know the 4Ps (Planning, Priority, Perspective and Pat

I know the 4Ps (Planning, Priority, Perspective and Patience), and I believe that this knowledge sets me apart from others, as I know exactly how to promote a song, where to promote it. And basically, how much money should be spent in doing all that.
Guru Randhawa
The first priority of the Republican majority is the security of Americans.
Kevin McCarthy
Our kids come first, and we really put them at the top of our priority list.
Robert Lopez
I have said it on several occasions, several times from this podium, that providing a quality education for our children is high on my priority list. I will not stop now.
Jane D. Hull
We discussed buying a defender. The view was the priority at that time given the way we were playing was that we needed support up front and that is why we bought Louis Saha.
David Gill
I see all this talk about jobs going overseas as a symptom of the absence of innovation. And the absence of innovation is a symptom of there being no major national priority to advance a frontier.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Governments should look at investment in broadband as a national priority on the grounds that having broadband access for virtually everyone creates opportunities for the development of the economy that wouldn’t otherwise be available.
Vint Cerf
Sunday morning church service is not an enormous priority; spending time with other believers is.
Donald Miller
Pitching is a priority.
Tom Hicks
My first priority is definitely the kids.
Ray J
My band is so dedicated, everybody works very hard. The No. 1 priority is the show, and it’s pretty cool because we all pull together, and it’s fun. It’s like being on a sports team or something.
Bob Seger
Since becoming Governor, I have made it my priority to increase employment opportunities for all Alabamians.
Kay Ivey
Making fitness a priority will energize you, make you look and feel better, and help diffuse stress.
Mary Helen Bowers
Since I became First Minister, I have made clear my priority to alleviate poverty and tackle inequality in Scotland. Ensuring that everyone can do better in life will not only make Scotland fairer, but it will also make it a more prosperous place.
Nicola Sturgeon
The international community spends much more time and resources managing crises than preventing them. But TV cameras are seldom there when a conflict is avoided, so it is difficult for governments and international organizations to make prevention a priority.
Antonio Guterres
But I felt that most of us in the world today gave priority to our personal interests.
Paul Hoffman
I love to have a band, but dancers are my priority because I really want a show, you know?
Zara Larsson
My priority will remain supporting those courageous individuals and organizations, among both Israelis and Palestinians, committed to bringing peaceful coexistence to the region.
Ayanna Pressley
A lot of people say they want to get out of pain, and I’m sure that’s true, but they aren’t willing to make healing a high priority. They aren’t willing to look inside to see the source of their pain in order to deal with it.
Lindsay Wagner
It’s important to make your social life and your friends and family – make that a priority.
Samantha Barks
It is very important for women to stay fit. They rule our world. They rule our family. If they won’t be healthy, then it will affect all of us. However, health is never their priority. They will do everything to keep their family members healthy but neglect their own health.
Milind Soman
At some point you start seeing the difference between what you really want, and what is your priority order. I feel that today I know what I want. That’s the problem with perspective, as well as focus and concentration.
Nick Cave
Growing up, I was always in my high school musicals and everything, but I kind of stopped doing all that when I finished school and acting became my main priority.
Mallory Jansen
We have to take better care of each other and respect each other. Equality must be a priority. Anything less is unacceptable.
Zdeno Chara
I want to be around to see my son grow up and to enjoy my grandkids, which means I need to make my health a priority.
Regina King
Border strengthening is effective, but not if done in isolation. We also need to give priority to establishing public institutions that deliver a sustained level of security and justice for citizens. Border security can never come at the expense of migrants’ rights. Nor can it be used to legitimize inhumane treatment.
Ban Ki-moon
Addressing climate change and positioning the United States as the leader in advanced energy should be a top priority for our country and our economy, and I applaud the Obama administration for the steps it is taking.
John Delaney
When I opened my solo practice, I made it a priority to put my patients’ experience first and foremost. This involves making them feel comfortable, both literally and figuratively.
Jennifer Ashton