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If you do your history, pro wrestling is just the worke

If you do your history, pro wrestling is just the worked version of what MMA is.
Shayna Baszler
John Travolta, I don’t think anybody would not jump at a chance to work with a guy like him because he’s gone from ‘Grease’ to ‘Face Off’ to, he’s gonna do ‘Dallas.’ I mean, he’s so great in his range, and he’s truly a legend and a pro in our time.
Elijah Kelley
It hasn’t been very normal in my career, but that first year in pro ball was the craziest year ever.
Drew Pomeranz
All you need to do is look down at my boots. My pro wrestling boots that I’ve worn for the past year have the Triforce symbol from ‘Legend of Zelda’ on them.
Cody Rhodes
There haven’t been that many players, both men and women, from South Africa breaking through on the pro level. It’s not easy because you have to really start playing tennis at a young age and be exposed to the right competitions and other players from around the world.
Kevin Anderson
Pro wrestling is so physical and taxing and just hurts your body; it’s very aggressive entertainment.
Luke Harper
Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.
Frank Gifford
So in the pro wrestling world, everything is massively over the top and every reaction that you do in the ring is kind of corny if we’re honest – it’s not supposed to be serious – it’s a comic book world.
Wade Barrett
There’s a lot of shoes that people consider high-end fashion, from Balenciaga to this and that or whatever, and the Pro Models are very similar to me. They’re very fashionable to me – the design and the shape of them. I just like them.
Big Sean
A lot of people think that comedy is sort of a cop out to not wrestling seriously, but I actually would argue that comedy is much more difficult than wrestling seriously because you have to be creative in almost everything that you do if you want the comedy to make sense within the realms of pro wrestling.
Kenny Omega
Pro basketball is a very mercenary endeavor.
Rick Majerus
I was a needy person. I think most pro athletes are. We’re all used to a lot of attention.
Mark Schlereth
My only problem with fans is when they turn pro. For example, when all the professional writers were fired by DC in the ’60s, they brought in a generation of comic book fans who would have paid to have written these stories.
Alan Moore
Back in the day, when I was getting into the business, you could watch Pro Wrestling Noah. You could watch Ring Of Honor Wrestling, and a lot of people would say, ‘the best wrestling in the world is actually at Ring Of Honor.’
Kenny Omega
In the absence of relative equality – quid pro quo – a court might question whether there was an actual contract. If I give you a dollar, and you give me a mansion, our contract would lack quid pro quo.
Zephyr Teachout
You can play professional lacrosse, but they make less than a teacher’s salary now. I always thought about that. And it’s a very difficult career, a short career, as a pro athlete.
Nash Grier
On the golf course, playing cards, running to the casinos, betting on college and pro football, it keeps spilling over to the next step, the next step, the next step. I basically started giving people information that I was receiving in the locker room, injury reports.
Tim Donaghy
I was 18, I wanted to be a first-year pro.
Sean Longstaff
I can watch SportsCenter on a loop, like, five times in a row until my girlfriend is like, ‘Seriously? It’s the same highlights!’ It just brings me peace, I think. Any kind of game – college basketball, college football, obviously anything pro.
James Roday
A coach, especially at a college level – much more at a college or high school level, than at a pro level – you’re more of a teacher than an actual coach.
Matthew McConaughey
I turned pro at 18 and it took me 20 years to get to world No1.
Justin Rose
Six months before the end of my mission, I was dogged by the press to give an answer about turning pro. They were extremely persistent.
Shawn Bradley
I think they’re taking a little bit of the fun out of this pro game.
Ezekiel Elliott
I love college football and I love pro football. This is how fair-weathered I am. I used to be a Giants fan, but my son who’s turning 12 has really gotten into football, and he likes the Jets, so I totally jumped ships so we can root for the same team.
Chris Bauer
Dagenham offered me a two-year opportunity really. It wasn’t a pro deal, just a chance to impress. I was sent out on loan straight away. I got a professional contract on the back of that and it wasn’t until I started scoring in League Two that I actually realized, ‘I’m professional footballer.’
Dwight Gayle
For me, the wins and losses in pro wrestling never mattered. The thing that matters is the time on television to tell that story. If you have a two-segment match on television, whether you win or lose, both people’s brands win with a great match.
Jake Hager
When you go to college the first couple years, and you kind of get beat around, you kind of think about, ‘Maybe if I went to pro ball, it would be a little bit better.’ Now that I look back on it, I made the right choice.
Aaron Judge
Sammy Sosa? Everybody knew who Sammy was, paid attention to Sammy. I had already signed in pro ball when he had the great homer year with Mark McGwire in ’98. But I followed it, and I was proud of him because he was my countryman. There are a lot of great ballplayers from the Dominican, and he’s one of the best.
Alfonso Soriano
I played a little pro football, didn’t make much money.
John Layfield
I definitely look to people like Usain Bolt and Sanya Richards and especially Allyson Felix, being an American athlete who went pro right after high school. Of course I would like to replicate that career, but obviously as a 1500-meter runner.
Mary Cain
Acting for me is not that quid pro quo.
Tom Wilkinson
I had a chance to win $2 million, a week after high sch

I had a chance to win $2 million, a week after high school graduation, and if I turned pro, the sponsor was going to financially support me.
Tony Finau
I worked at a local country club that I never belonged to. I did random tasks in the pro shop and supposed to be in charge of the register, but that didn’t go so well. They quickly realized I was better with people, not computers.
Shelley Hennig
Anything can happen in pro wrestling.
Drew McIntyre
Playing pro baseball has definitely been a goal of mine.
Eddy Alvarez
I walked away from pro football and a $2.9 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers because I didn’t want to develop CTE.
Chris Borland
You start at SNL when you’re young and hungry, but I don’t want my pro years to be my SNL years.
Jason Sudeikis
In the game of football today – whether it’s pro, college or even high school arguably – your quarterback play is determinative.
Oliver Luck
All Pro Dad is an organization that started down in Tampa in 1997. And it was just a group of us who felt like we weren’t doing as good a job as our fathers did in connecting with kids and being there and being involved in their lives, working and coaching and spending all the time we had to. We just felt badly.
Tony Dungy
I didn’t make the Pro Bowl until my seventh year I think in the NFL. We continually got better.
Cris Carter
One of the reasons I never went into pro football was because I wanted my kids to grow up around an academic environment. And that’s exactly what we did.
Ara Parseghian
As a pro, in the beginning, I had to sell tickets to get paid. So you gotta be a hustler, and you gotta worry about fighting.
Brian Ortega
I grew up in New Jersey and my father was a golf pro, so I was groomed for sports, but I wasn’t very good, so my interests lay elsewhere.
Joe Dante
Everyone should play like Adrian Peterson. This guy does everything full speed. Pro Bowl – promoting himself for MVP.
Peyton Manning
I had pro offers from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers, who were pretty hard up for linemen in those days. If I had gone into professional football the name Jerry Ford might have been a household word today.
Gerald R. Ford
This is probably going to surprise people, but if you were to do a scan around the globe on public policy concerning our industry, you would probably have to conclude that the United States has the policy that has been, I believe, the most pro competition.
Randall L. Stephenson
No one really sees pro athletes behind the scenes. They don’t know how hard they work. They don’t see how you work on the basics. They couldn’t possibly know. You wouldn’t think that someone who hits like Alex Rodriguez needs to use a tee every day. But that’s how he stayed on top of it.
Patrick Mahomes
If you want to go into space first time on a new vehicle that’s never been flown, you want to go with a pro.
Robert Crippen
My grandmother played a huge influence in my life and helped raise me, and she and my mother saw how much I loved pro wrestling and how much I wanted to go after it.
Adam Cole
I was the 10th pick, people were thinking could be an All-Star, but I turned out to be a pretty damn good pro.
Austin Rivers
I almost didn’t turn pro at all. I was tempted to be a career amateur. I worked as an investment banker for nine months after I got out of school, and the money was fantastic and promised to get even more lucrative.
Matt Kuchar
I play keyboards and Pro Tools, if you want to look at it as an instrument.
Devin Townsend
I do a mean beef Wellington. Gordon Ramsay’s is a phenomenal recipe. But that’s a lot of prep. The secret to wrap it in Parma ham before wrapping in pastry. I’m so pro smuggling more meat in.
James Corden
By the same token, I think news has more and more of a pro bono aspect to all the networks. When we do our election coverages throughout this coming year, it’s not a money-maker for us. It is more of a public service situation.
Leslie Moonves
Pro wrestling has always been ingrained into American culture. It was one of the first things that was ever on television, so everybody watched it. Countless people tell me, ‘I got into wrestling because my grandfather watched it.’ It was always there.
CM Punk