Top 60 Eater Quotes

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I'm not a big chicken or meat eater, but sometimes I'll

I’m not a big chicken or meat eater, but sometimes I’ll eat it if it’s locally raised. The family dinner will be stir-fry, or we’ll roll our own sushi with brown rice, spinach, salmon, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and seaweed. The kids love it!
Alysia Reiner
I’m into eating salads and fish. I’ve always been a big fish eater. I like fruit. I have friends that you have to force-feed them the good stuff. I’m lucky I actually like it. Brussel sprouts and all that.
Elisha Cuthbert
People say I’m a celebrity chef, and I am on telly a lot but that’s because I judge contests. Perhaps I’m more of a celebrity eater than a cook.
Prue Leith
I was a huge meat eater, but there came a turning point where I was like, actually I don’t think I want to do this anymore. I’m a big animal lover. And I just thought, let me give it a go.
Oliver Stark
I, as prime minister, never went to Washington. Certainly never went to a presidential ranch. I hate to say this, but I wasn’t going to be the pilot fish to the shark, whereas Australia quite happily bobbed along like a happy little pilot fish with a shark who was a messy eater, and I just couldn’t feel like that.
David Lange
I was a very picky eater.
Alice Waters
To me, the most romantic gesture is a quiet night with my girl. I like to cook for her. I’m a meat eater and a griller – I do steaks, I do chicken, I do fish. I have a broad palate!
Taylor Kinney
I’m not the healthiest eater; I’ll admit that. I love junk food.
Sara Sampaio
I am an extremely adventurous eater and an avid lover of spicy food.
Chunky Pandey
I’m not a big breakfast eater.
Michael Mina
I follow blogs, particularly all the main political ones – Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale, Coffee House, Paul Waugh, Iain Martin in the Wall Street Journal, and so on. And some American ones, like the Huffington Post, Gawker, Boing Boing; or Eater and Daily Candy, also American, which are about where to go to eat.
Ben Schott
I’m a serious eater and a seriously hungry person, so I set out on that path to figure it out for myself, and of course it really resonated with other people.
Sally Schneider
I’m a picky eater, so, often, if I can’t find something to eat at catering, I order pizza.
Lili Reinhart
She looks like a warrior. I mean, Bellatrix does mean warrior. And she’s also a bit of a fatale. She’s the right hand of Voldemort, and the only woman death eater.
Helena Bonham Carter
I play my Xbox and PlayStation at home. Then, when I’m on the road, I’ll bring my Vita with me to play games like ‘Snake Eater.’
AJ Lee
I’m, like, a compulsive eater. I’m going to be so fat when I’m older, it’s ridiculous.
Robert Pattinson
I’m an emotional eater. When I get upset, my diet goes out the window.
Kelly Osbourne
I’m a healthy eater, but I don’t consider Chick-fil-A fast food.
I’m not a big oyster eater. But I know people who will sit at a raw bar and eat oyster for two hours.
Michael McKean
I’m not a particularly healthy eater. But I am 100 per cent fit and healthy and I am the right weight for my body type.
Nadine Coyle
I’m a big comfort eater, so if I’m feeling sorry for myself, I’ll just stuff my face.
Maxine Peake
I’m not a foodie – I’m an eater: I’m hungry.
Kate Christensen
I’m the pickiest eater ever.
I’m a very, very healthy eater, so it’s proteins, greens, proteins, and more greens – and lots of water.
Cynthia Erivo
I’m a really picky eater.
Emma Roberts
I am a fussy eater. I may eat one dish but it has to be the best.
Tinnu Anand
When I was a kid, I hated everything. I was really skinny, and I’d have a milkshake with an egg in it. Growing up, I ate, like, five different foods. I was not an adventurous eater. But as soon as I left home, that all changed and from that point on, I’ve been a pretty enthusiastic eater of new and strange food.
Mary Roach
Kobayashi was the man. The other competitive eaters, they thought of him as unbeatable… He wasn’t an eater. He was a god.
Joey Chestnut
I’m the biggest ice cream eater you’ve ever met!
Brooke Baldwin
I’m a healthy eater. In the morning, I’ll have hot water and lemon, then scrambled eggs. I eat spelt or rye bread, not wheat, and have lots of veg and salad.
Poppy Delevingne
I’m the fussiest eater on earth; my husband despairs. I like chicken and pasta, and can’t resist milk chocolate. I figure if you’re going to do something naughty, make it really enjoyable.
Bonnie Langford
It wasn't like I grew up wanting to be a competitive ea

It wasn’t like I grew up wanting to be a competitive eater at all. Not like a lot of people, like football players, famous people – they knew that that’s what they wanted to do when they were young.
Joey Chestnut
It takes the farmer 10 kgs of vegetation to feed the animal in order to produce 1 kg of meat. In other words a meat eater consumes 10 people’s food!
Amala Akkineni
I’m not a fussy eater, but when I’m travelling, I try to stick to the same regime and just have my chicken and my mash and broccoli. Otherwise, you start eating all these funny delicacies, and it makes your tummy turn upside down.
Ella Henderson
Every one tells me that I’m a pretty fast eater. I’ll sit down to a dinner, and I’ll finish in two minutes while everyone else will take 30 minutes.
Jimmy Graham
I’m a plant eater.
Roberto Burle Marx
As an emotional eater, I eat to soothe.
Valerie Bertinelli
I am a picky eater. By that I mean, I love to pick the raisins out of oatmeal raisin cookies, the chips out of chocolate chip cookies, the white side off of black and white cookies, and the vanilla center out of Oreos.
Dylan Lauren
I’m a good eater and like to make my own meals. I start my day with granola, fresh fruit, and skim milk and end it with something healthy that also comes from my own kitchen.
Kaley Cuoco
I’m not really a big candy eater.
Brittany Murphy
I am still not a fussy eater, although I do enjoy good food.
Yves Chauvin
I’m a big eater in terms that l love flavor, but I don’t like to eat a lot of one thing. I like to eat a little bit.
Guy Fieri
I go for crunchy things – I like green beans, broccoli, asparagus, celery and carrots. I’m not a fruit eater, though.
Rico Rodriguez
I’m a terribly irresponsible eater – I love soft-boiled eggs and chocolate. I never met a chocolate I could not eat.
Danielle Steel
I was a really picky eater as a child. Because I was obsessed by Popeye, my mum and aunts would put my food in a can to represent spinach and we’d hum the Popeye tune and then I’d happily eat it.
Paul O’Grady
I’m not much of an eater.
Ruth Rendell
I love all food. All of it. I wish I could be a professional eater.
Lauren Gibbs
Trump is like an eater of worlds from an ‘Avengers’ movie, but there seem to be different rules for him. What are Twitter doing, for example? He’s constantly breaking their rules, the sort of stuff other people get thrown off for.
John Tiffany
I’m a real meat eater.
John Barnes
I’m not the healthiest eater, but I try to watch what I eat during the week. I kind of splurge on the weekends and eat french fries and pizza.
Jessica Szohr
I’ve never been a huge sweets eater, and I’ve always loved a Mediterranean diet. We eat a lot of dark leafy greens, and a couple meals each week are meat-free. We enjoy eating a balanced diet.
Rachael Ray
I love that about college football. I love all the funky matchups. I love the Funky Cold Medina Poulan Weed Eater Bowl. I love all of that. I like the crazy games. There’s obviously a market for it because them TVs love to put it on there.
Dabo Swinney
I was never a very adventurous eater growing up, despite the fact that my mother is a nutritionist and my parents have always had a garden in our yard.
J. J. Redick
I always think of my grandfather as the original foodie. He was the slowest eater. He savored everything. Even when everyone was gone from the table, he was still eating.
Katie Lee
I’m a professional food eater.
Henry Rollins
Growing up, I was such a picky eater. I’m finally starting to expand.
Mike Trout
I was a mindless eater. I ate for comfort. I also ate out of boredom and habit.
Khloe Kardashian
My daughter is a very adventurous eater. I’m not the guy who sits around lamenting that all my kid will eat it is Tater Tots and chicken nuggets. With my kid, it’s more a capricious and whimsical decision-making.
Adam Mansbach
I’m a very, very healthy eater. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit. I don’t eat junk food.
Victoria Beckham
First and foremost, if you want to be a good writer, you need to be a good eater. You need to be fearless when it comes to eating, you can’t show predilections or bias.
Melissa Leong