Top 60 Evangelical Quotes

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Evangelical Christians, who once were a ridiculed irrel

Evangelical Christians, who once were a ridiculed irrelevant sectarian movement, have, over just three decades, become a powerful voting bloc that can no longer be ignored.
Tony Campolo
Part of the reason I am so evangelical in our campaigning work is that I had an unshakeable faith in Labour values, but we needed a machine worthy of the message. I grew up with a peerless Conservative machine, with vastly superior resources.
Douglas Alexander
I’ve met secular humanists who grew up in evangelical households, for whom ‘Cosmos’ was their first exposure to a scientific way of viewing the world.
Nick Sagan
Pride is one of the socially acceptable sins in some corners of the evangelical culture. It’s just straight-out ego gratification – how important I am; whether my name gets on the building or on the TV program or in the magazine article.
Richard Foster
My evangelical phase about Burning Man is well and truly in the past.
Geoff Dyer
I felt like I was in a unique position, or I am in a unique position, to show the evangelical world in a way that I haven’t seen on TV before. That’s a world that I’m very familiar with.
Pete Holmes
If you read Islamic creationist literature, it’s pretty much lifted from American evangelical literature.
Richard Dawkins
As far apart as they are theologically, Mormons and evangelical Christians may have more in common with each other anthropologically than they do with secular Americans watching ‘Big Love’ on HBO.
Jacob Weisberg
You can’t be evangelical and associate yourself with Jesus and what he says about the poor and just have no other domestic concerns than tax cuts for wealthy people.
Jim Wallis
Contributing to GOP unity, Pence is a churchgoing evangelical family man.
Lawrence Kudlow
I just find the evangelical church too, well, restrictive. But the School of Practical Philosophy is nonconfrontational. We believe there are many forms of Scripture. What is true is true and will never change, whether it’s in the Bible or in Shakespeare. It’s about oneness.
Hugh Jackman
The main benefit of the book for the more experienced practitioners is as an evangelical tool. The book will give you some ways of expressing the value and importance of your work that you may not have had before.
Jesse James Garrett
I attended an evangelical Christian university on the outskirts of suburban Los Angeles and by the time of my graduation was neither evangelical nor Christian.
Daniel Mallory Ortberg
No, Islam did not free African-Americans from slavery, not in Africa and not in Europe or America. Evangelical Christianity did that.
Tom Tancredo
I can be staggeringly evangelical. That’s just my personality.
James Murphy
Monsters are evangelical creatures for me.
Guillermo del Toro
Even political insiders recognize that years of political effort on behalf of Evangelical Christians have generated little cultural gain.
Tullian Tchividjian
Most evangelical Christian conservatives I know would at least be uneasy about the prospect of the government picking up the slack of caring for the poor due to Christians’ abdication of their role in society as dictated by Scripture.
Dana Loesch
The Evangelical party in the Church of Scotland will lay all flat if they be not prevented.
Edward Irving
The two hot issues are the gay issue and the abortion issue. These are the two defining issues in the evangelical community these days. I’m sure that these hot buttons will be pushed, time and time again.
Tony Campolo
I started to have almost a realization that a lot of the evangelical leaders I looked up to and found hope in – I started realizing a lot of them just weren’t the people I thought they were.
Andy Mineo
I can’t tell you how Aquinas has enriched and changed my life, my thought. He has helped me to be a better evangelical, a better servant of Christ, and to better defend the faith that was delivered, once for all, to the saints.
Norman Geisler
After growing up in a military family and going to an Evangelical Christian school, to look around and see lesbians and gay men of all ages and colors living their lives openly, it was awesome.
Liz Carmouche
Evangelical women are also large consumers of evangelical media and ministries, and their support of these organizations is crucial. Should they shun both Trump and the predominately male evangelical leadership, it may have a ripple effect in these organizations’ fundraising abilities and their ministerial efforts.
Anthea Butler
I think it goes back to the fact that the evangelical community often does not have a biblical vision of God.
Tony Campolo
Undoubtedly, church fish fries and picnics help build social cohesion. It was at my dad’s medium-size evangelical church – my first real exposure to a sustained religious community – that I first saw people of different races and classes worshiping together.
J. D. Vance
I grew up in a very fundamentalist, evangelical Christian household. Both my parents were born-again – their faith infused every aspect of my childhood. I’ll probably spend most of my life working through that.
Craig Thompson
The conservative interpretation of American history says that wherever the word ‘God’ appears, it’s obviously our God, it’s obviously a Christian God; it’s usually an evangelical God. The simplest point I’m making is: That is just absolutely not true.
Matthew Stewart
The evangelical Christian faith I’d grown up with sustained me. It demanded that I refuse the drugs and alcohol on offer in our southwestern Ohio town, that I treat my friends and family kindly, and that I work hard in school. Most of all, when times were toughest, it gave me reason to hope.
J. D. Vance
In the past, the Republican Party has depended on unified support at election time from Evangelical Christians. But times are changing!
Tony Campolo
The most likely victim of actual religious discrimination in British society is a Muslim, but the person who is most likely to feel slighted because of their religion is an evangelical Christian.
Trevor Phillips
For a while... to be an evangelical meant you were a wh

For a while… to be an evangelical meant you were a white Republican, and you were against this and against that. I don’t want to be put into that mold, because then people judge you before they even listen… I don’t want to divide the very people I am trying to reach.
Joel Osteen
Compassion in evangelical churches is out of balance. When I talk about it, I get a lot of glazed expressions.
Max Lucado
I’m grateful for the evangelical resurgence we’ve seen across the world in the last half-century or so. It truly has been God’s doing.
Billy Graham
The church which ceases to be evangelistic will soon cease to be evangelical.
Alexander Duff
Many of you may remember that I supported Mike Huckabee for president in 2008. He was doing great, beating out Mitt Romney, when some shenanigans were pulled by bringing in Fred Thompson as a candidate to compete against Mike for the evangelical and conservative votes in South Carolina.
Chuck Norris
When I was 18, I suddenly became very, very religious. I became an evangelical Christian; I was celibate for five years.
Michaela Coel
I had a born-again experience at the age of 33. As a result of that I found a church where I felt I was being fed properly. I don’t say that as a reflection on Catholicism. But once I was born again, I got an evangelical spirit.
Bill McCartney
I’m your full blown charismatic evangelical freak daddy.
Stephen Baldwin
The Republican base – the Evangelical get-out-the-vote troops – are going to be devastated when they discover how many closeted gay Republicans were involved in policing Mark Foley in the House of Representatives.
Lawrence O’Donnell
A significant fraction of evangelical voters appear more likely to ignore the candidates’ specific economic and foreign policy platforms in favor of concerns about gay marriage or abortion.
Lawrence M. Krauss
I’m evangelical.
Pat Robertson
Northeastern conservatism is moderate, accepts the modern welfare state, and dislikes mixing religion with politics. Western conservatism is hawkish, hates government, and embraces individual freedom. Southern conservatism is populist, draws on evangelical Christianity, and plays upon racial resentments.
Jacob Weisberg
The American evangelical movement in Africa does valuable work in helping the poor.
Roger Ross Williams
If you’d have said Evangelical in 1957, most people wouldn’t know what you were talking about. And then, they’d be against it.
Billy Graham
In the nineteenth century, many Anglican theologians, both evangelical and catholic, embraced positively the proposal of evolution.
Arthur Peacocke
Evangelical Christians and I can sit down and talk one on one about how much we love Jesus, and yet I’m not carried in Christian bookstores.
Anne Lamott
An evangelical is somebody who, first of all, has a very high view of Scripture, believes it’s an infallible message from God.
Tony Campolo
I don’t think that John Kerry is the Messiah or the Democratic Party is the answer, but I don’t like the evangelical community blessing the Republican Party as some kind of God-ordained instrument for solving the world’s problems.
Tony Campolo
The Museum of the Bible, the sprawling, 430,000-square-foot tribute to the good book, has been dogged by controversies long before opening day. It’s been criticized for not including enough Jesus, for excluding various religious traditions, and for being evangelical propaganda.
Elizabeth Flock
As everyone knows, there is only one way to fry chicken correctly. Unfortunately, most people think their method is best, but most people are wrong. Mine is the only right way, and on this subject I feel almost evangelical.
Laurie Colwin
It goes without saying that a good Catholic novel should be good craftsmanship, good writing skills. The creative person must always be engaged in the long labor of perfecting the tools of his art. Yet the work itself need not be explicitly evangelical in its themes and plots.
Michael O’Brien
Once the cry and the cause of a generation of progressives to make America safer, fairer and cleaner, ‘regulation’ is now a dirty word in our politics. Even Democrats are quick to talk about cutting regulations; Republicans hate them with – how to put it? – evangelical fervor.
Jon Meacham
I embrace the term ‘evangelical,’ if by that we mean a belief that we together can actually work for change in the world, caring for the environment, extending to the poor generosity and kindness, a hopeful outlook. That’s a beautiful sort of thing.
Rob Bell
I don’t think I am evangelical in my work.
J. K. Rowling
‘God Loves Uganda’ is a powerful exploration of the evangelical campaign to change African culture with values imported from America’s Christian Right. The film follows American and Ugandan religious leaders fighting ‘sexual immorality’ and missionaries trying to convince Ugandans to follow Biblical law.
Roger Ross Williams
Liberty University is the world’s largest and fastest-growing evangelical university.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
While shooting in Uganda in 2011, the conservative evangelical pastors I was filming – the most ardent supporters of the country’s now infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill – discovered that I myself am gay.
Roger Ross Williams
I’m evangelical on the subject of some chefs and writers.
Anthony Bourdain
Evangelical churches are weaker than we realize because we don’t teach the confessions and doctrine.
J. I. Packer