Top 60 Goddess Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Goddess Quotes from famous people such as Jenifer Lewis, Caroline Leavitt, Carol P. Christ, Erin Cummings, Adolf Hitler, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

You are a black goddess when you come out the salon.

You are a black goddess when you come out the salon.
Jenifer Lewis
I call Algonquin Books ‘the gods and goddesses of publishing.’ Not only did they give me a career, they care deeply about every writer in their flock.
Caroline Leavitt
After much diligent research, aided by other women, I gradually came to understand that beneath the familiar Goddesses of the patriarchy, there is a much more ancient Goddess.
Carol P. Christ
I am a Cajun Baby in a Texas girl, an all-American woman and a global goddess.
Erin Cummings
All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.
Adolf Hitler
In my book I specifically discussed the structural nature of injustice and offered Nine Touchstones of Goddess ethics as an alternative to the Ten Commandments of Biblical religion.
Carol P. Christ
Venus, ancient goddess of love and beauty, is an apparently irrelevant, invented deity of the long dead. But Venus merits scrutiny. Chart her life story across 5,000 years and you chart the evolution of our conflicted relationship with sex and with the female body.
Bettany Hughes
My hope is that we can spread the word: Wonder Woman is not some unapproachable goddess. She’s funny, dangerous, intimidating, brilliant, and compassionate. In many ways, I think she’s the most human superheroine there is.
Gail Simone
Girls from poor families of the ‘untouchable,’ or lower, caste are ‘married’ to Yellamma as young as four. No longer allowed to marry a mortal, they are expected to bestow their entire lives to the service of the goddess.
Beeban Kidron
I’ve been kind of embracing my own power and really getting in touch with my inner goddess.
In ‘Bayou Magic,’ I bring in the cultural tradition of African mermaids – Mami Wata, the mother goddesses.
Jewell Parker Rhodes
To meet someone who you look up to like they are gods and goddesses, sometimes that person can disappoint you a bit.
Ann Reinking
I was told that Ganesha sat between Lakshmi and Saraswati. My quest to attain the blessings of both goddesses explains my physique.
Ashwin Sanghi
When I’m a lady, I’m a lady. Can you imagine walking into a men’s room and seeing a beautiful goddess standing at the urinal? It would be as much uncomfortable for them as it is for us.
Sahara Davenport
Mariah and Whitney Houston were my goddesses growing up.
Ariana Grande
Liberty is a great celestial Goddess, strong, beneficent, and austere, and she can never descend upon a nation by the shouting of crowds, nor by arguments of unbridled passion, nor by the hatred of class against class.
Annie Besant
At first the ancient images of the Goddess did not interest me.
Carol P. Christ
Burlesque girls were alchemists. They were steel-tough performers who were willing to use kitchens as dressing rooms, haul their costume bags through the snow, and go into debt over fake diamonds, all for the five minutes onstage when they were goddesses.
Molly Crabapple
We are not insisting on planting trees just because of global warming. Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam insist on the necessity of trees. Especially in Hinduism, the peepal tree is worshiped as Lord Ganesha while neem is worshiped as a goddess.
As an Egyptian, I was glad to see the film ‘Black Panther’ embrace my country with its inclusion of the Ancient Egyptian goddess Bast as the deity of Wakandans. But considering the anti-black racism against the Nubian indigenous community and visitors in my country, I knew Egypt would not return the love.
Mona Eltahawy
I’m quite a confident person in many ways, but there’s only so much you can hear about being compared to Hattie Jacques. For the record, she was a comedy goddess, but she was 25 stone. I hope I’m right in saying I’m not in any way nearly 25 stone.
Miranda Hart
The Goddess of Old Europe and Ancient Crete represented the unity of life in nature, delight in the diversity of form, the powers of birth, death and regeneration.
Carol P. Christ
In Bengal, Hindus are known to crack jokes at the expense of their gods and goddesses and that’s what I did.
Sunil Gangopadhyay
Throughout the ages, stories with certain basic themes have recurred over and over, in widely disparate cultures; emerging like the goddess Venus from the sea of our unconscious.
Joan D. Vinge
When at home, I pray to all forms of Goddess Durga for health, wealth, peace, and prosperity for me and my family.
Roop Durgapal
I am running for President of the United States to enable the Goddess of Peace to encircle within her arms all the children of this country and all the children of the world.
Dennis Kucinich
I know the first time I see a ‘Goddess Mode’ cosplayer I’m going to cry in such a loud, obnoxious way that it’ll be audible from space.
Zoe Quinn
I am not some goddess that dropped down from the sky to sing pop music; I am not some extra-incredible human person that needs to be told how wonderful they are all day and kissed.
Lady Gaga
From the simple stringing together of lemon garlands for the goddess Durga, to dividing the prasadam or blessed foods for the children first, I came to associate food not only with feminity, but also with purity and divinity.
Padma Lakshmi
In Goddess religion death is not feared, but is understood to be a part of life, followed by birth and renewal.
Carol P. Christ
I want to inspire young girls and let them know that we are all goddesses inside and out.
Khoudia Diop
As a writer, I am not goddess of the universes I create

As a writer, I am not goddess of the universes I create. I am at most a stage manager of the plentiful gifts which tumble out of the horn of plenty, which is to say there is a source so sweet and forgiving and generous that I pray every day to let that source be my guide.
Rebecca Wells
For me the goddess is the female of God, She is powerful if different.
Tina Turner
Men who care passionately for women attach themselves at least as much to the temple and to the accessories of the cult as to their goddess herself.
Marguerite Yourcenar
There are only two types of women – goddesses and doormats.
Pablo Picasso
God – God’s the wrong word – goddess or nature will conspire to transform you in a way you couldn’t have imagined.
The religious imagery and fairytales that formed our shared cultural references have been replaced by the cult of celebrity. Marilyn is the sex goddess, Camilla Parker Bowles is cast as the wicked witch, Che Guevara is the revolutionary. Celebrities have become visual shorthand for narratives that shape our lives.
Alison Jackson
Tell me who is able to keep his bed chaste, or which goddess is able to live with one god alone?
Sextus Propertius
I thought maybe I would become a god, or a goddess, or a president or a Nobel Prize winner.
Amelie Nothomb
Fiona Shaw is a goddess to me.
Nelsan Ellis
Margaret was the best prime minister of my lifetime. Mythology has turned Thatcher into someone regarded either as a goddess by her supporters or an evil witch by her opponents.
Kenneth Clarke
Being brave enough to just be unapologetic for who you are, that’s a goddess.
The Moon! Artemis! the great goddess of the splendid past of men! Are you going to tell me she is a dead lump?
D. H. Lawrence
My mother was a domestic goddess and Mother Earth figure. She was sweet and placid – just what the perfect wife was supposed to be and I was determined not to be.
Joan Collins
As long as I am on the sets I am like a goddess, goody-goody and nice. If there is something that upsets me or irritates me, I don’t show it there. I wait till I get home and direct it on my family.
Kovai Sarala
God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.
Gloria Steinem
Salma is just one of the great goddesses ever put on this Earth.
Woody Harrelson
Feminism is not dead, by no means. It has evolved. If you don’t like the term, change it, for Goddess’ sake. Call it Aphrodite, or Venus, or bimbo, or whatever you want; the name doesn’t matter, as long as we understand what it is about, and we support it.
Isabel Allende
I’m tired of watching as men destroy all the world. Everything used to be beautiful when women were in charge, and now I, working as the physical manifestation of the goddess Isis and the reincarnation of Cleopatra, have decided to save the world.
Roseanne Barr
Onstage, I channel my inner goddess. Everyday Jillian is definitely more low-key: jeans and a crop top with a sneaker or boot.
Jillian Hervey
When I did see the story of Persephone, I was really drawn to it. Persephone, the goddess of spring, was kept from Olympus by her mother, Demeter, because Demeter was very worried that the gods of Olympus would do something terrible to her.
Meg Cabot
Each January, nearly half a million people visit the small town of Saundatti for ajatre or festival, to be blessed by Yellamma, the Hindu goddess of fertility.
Beeban Kidron
I am severely distracted these days. It’s hard to sit in front of the computer, uploading bad music for hours, when you have a wonderful boyfriend who treats you like a Goddess.
April Winchell
The idea that women are innately gentle is a fantasy, and a historically recent one. Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, is depicted as wreathed in male human skulls; the cruel entertainments of the Romans drew audiences as female as they were male; Boudicca led her British troops bloodily into battle.
Naomi Wolf
The Roman goddess Diana, you know, is usually shown with a bow and arrow. Every first-year Latin student knows that. I still remember the first simple sentence I learned in Latin ‘Diana sagittas por tas… Diana carries the arrows.’ That helped get me interested in archery as a teenager and I’m still into it a lot.
Cyd Charisse
The simplest and most basic meaning of the symbol of the Goddess is the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of female power as a beneficent and independent power.
Carol P. Christ
You’re much better off as a love goddess to die around the age of 40.
Sylvia Kristel
Our great symbol for the Goddess is the moon, whose three aspects reflect the three stages in women’s lives and whose cycles of waxing and waning coincide with women’s menstrual cycles.
Carol P. Christ
I’ve never read any of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ books because the Internet pre-educated me about the ‘my inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves’ material.
Andrea Seigel
Domestic goddesses have infiltrated everybody’s lives and raised the bar way too high.
Daisy Donovan