Top 60 Good Cook Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Good Cook Quotes from famous people such as Genevieve O’Reilly, Amanda Schull, Terry Jones, Sue Perkins, Udo Kier, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I'm not sure I'm a good cook. But I like cooking, and i

I’m not sure I’m a good cook. But I like cooking, and it’s a real family thing – an expression of love being together.
Genevieve O’Reilly
I’m a really good cook. I bake a lot. I cook dinner most nights. I cook everything from Italian food to Mexican food. But if I’m going to some place and it’s a potluck, I’m always the one to bring dessert!
Amanda Schull
I’m a good cook; one of my specialities is reindeer and potato pie.
Terry Jones
I’m a good cook, but I can’t bake.
Sue Perkins
I’m a good cook; one of my specialities is reindeer and potato pie.
Terry Jones
I love the smell of the Earth. I’m a good cook my friends say. I love cooking for my friends. So I’m totally the opposite of being evil. I think only if you’re a good person can you be very evil onscreen.
Udo Kier
There are some things that I like, like education, wine, and I’d like to be a good cook, although I’m a pretty good eater now.
Rick Wagoner
I’m a good cook, and I look at something like ‘Iron Chef’ and think, ‘It’s a good thing I already know how to cook’ – because I would never think I could do it if I watched these shows.
Nora Ephron
I’d say I’m a good cook. I have a lot of German recipes that I can make – schnitzel, meatballs and things with cabbage. I love cabbage.
Heidi Klum
I travel nearly 200 to 300 miles a day for my matches and promotions and end up eating junk food, which is not good for me. Things are better when I am at home; my wife is a very good cook, and she makes rice, dal, and chapatis for me.
The Great Khali
I’m a good cook, I am not a great cook. I’m an absolute fraud.
Prue Leith
The thing about being at home versus being out in the world working is, it’s a whole different vibe. When I’m home with my kids and partner, I will cook – even though she’s a very good cook. She’s learned over the years. We started with basics, you know, how to saute onions, how to saute mushrooms.
Cat Cora
I am actually a very good cook (if I may say so myself). I just don’t know that many recipes.
Kyle Richards
I eat the basic food groups: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, good fats and oils. I do have butter on my bread because it’s delicious. I eat meat, especially chicken, sparingly, because I’m not a good cook.
Maye Musk
They say that a good cook can ignite sparks by the way he kisses. The way I see, just because a guy can turn on the stove doesn’t necessarily make him a good cook.
Stefanie Powers
I am a terrible chef; I’m not a good cook. I don’t have the talent, the patience, the desire even to cook the way these great artists that I meet around the world cook, and I’m very, very happy to support them. I invest in restaurants because I love them so much.
Philip Rosenthal
My mom is a really good cook. We used to make dumplings together.
Jason Wu
I’m not a good cook, unfortunately. I’ve tried a few times, but I don’t like it too much.
Petra Kvitova
A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness.
Elsa Schiaparelli
I always knew that food and wine were vital, with my mother being Italian and a good cook.
Robert Mondavi
I survived because I never took on big responsibilities in my private life. In the early days, I lived on two or three pounds a week and learned to cook – and I’m a good cook – because I had to. Even when I went on holiday, I stayed in other people’s houses.
Cameron Mackintosh
I’m actually a good cook.
Jessica Simpson
I’m an actress, a writer, the editor-in-chief of my lifestyle brand ‘The Tig’, a pretty good cook, and a firm believer in handwritten notes.
Meghan Markle
You can love food without being a cook. Equally, you can love food and be a very good cook.
Sue Perkins
If you like good ol’ fashion Southern soul food then, yes, I am a good cook! My specialty is chicken dumplings and poke salad.
Dolly Parton
I’m a really good cook. I left home to start my career at 15 – so my choices were to either learn to cook or eat Ramen noodles for the rest of my life.
Jaime Pressly
I love good food. I’m an epicurean, that’s for sure… But I am not really a good cook.
Gaspard Ulliel
I don’t barbeque myself because that would involve me cooking. And whereas I can, I’m not a very good cook.
Reg E. Cathey
Whether I was working or not, I am not a good cook or a good seamstress. I love my kids, and I provide for them, but do I think that I’m a great mom? Not by any means, other than that they’re full of love. I rely heavily on nannies and my mother and my husband to fill in all over the place where I’m lacking.
Catherine Reitman
My mom is a really good cook. I didn’t get the cooking gene, but she cooks this really amazing dinner every Christmas, and that’s always really fun.
Miranda Cosgrove
My mum, she’s a really good cook, she was our school cook as well, so in primary school. She was always cooking and in the kitchen so I’ve always been interested in it through her.
Michelle Keegan