Top 60 Julia Quotes

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If only I had grown up worshipping Julia Child. I was a

If only I had grown up worshipping Julia Child. I was already grown up – thank you very much – when Julia Child’s book was published. When I moved to New York in 1962, you had to own it.
Nora Ephron
I really would love to do a piece like Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron in ‘Erin Brockovich’ or ‘North Country.’ They were both so amazing and so inspiring. I would love to touch someone in the way their performances touched me.
Ashley Greene
Julia Roberts is a favorite. Everybody loves her in the Hollywood community. The public adores her.
Mary Hart
This June, I’ll travel once again to the Food and Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, Colorado. For many years, my dear friend Julia Child and I have teamed up to teach classes together at the event; for the past seven years, my daughter, Claudine, has been my cooking partner on stage.
Jacques Pepin
I don’t want to do many panel shows. I’m a comic actor, not a comedian. There would be something wrong in Steve Coogan or Julia Davis doing panel shows all the time.
Diane Morgan
When we were working on ‘Julie & Julia,’ I went back to the Julia Child cookbook and made some things I haven’t made in a while, one being beef bourguignon, which to me is a hilariously 1960s dish that everyone felt they had to serve at a dinner party or they weren’t a grown-up.
Nora Ephron
My favorite actresses are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Julie Andrews.
Dakota Fanning
But I prefer to go to comedies. Give me Julia Roberts smiling anyday.
Gabrielle Union
I would love to work with Julia Roberts at some point.
Brad Goreski
I wanna create a character that’s really memorable… like Julia Roberts did in ‘Pretty Woman.’
Kari Wuhrer
When I had the wonderful occasion to play a goofball, Jane, in ‘Coupling,’ it was definitely an homage to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who I just think is a genius.
Gina Bellman
My mother and I have always had a very close relationship, so I wanted to honor my mom by naming my daughter Julia as well.
Lacey Chabert
I think Julia is defining a new feminism. It’s the power of the open heart. And its ok to be sexual.
Kenny Loggins
The first movie was mostly about George and Julia. This one is mostly about me and Catherine and our love story and our whole history. So it’s a very different movie.
Casey Affleck
I think Chris Van Dusen has got this amazing ability to take Julia Quinn’s extraordinary books and her amazing worlds that she delicately filled with excitement and sexiness. And he takes it to a whole other level.
Jonathan Bailey
Since I was 4, Julia Roberts has inspired me. I thought if I liked her enough, I’d become as pretty as her. That didn’t happen, but I was obsessed and watched her movies over and over.
Martha MacIsaac
A Labor prime minister, Julia Gillard, who does believe in climate change, nevertheless advised her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, to abandon his emissions trading scheme.
Richard Flanagan
I don’t think Julia Roberts is as innocent as her image suggests. You have to be a really smart cookie to create an image as clean and pure and on-the-money as hers.
Sharon Stone
I was the lead in ‘Interview With The Vampire’, until Tom Cruise decided he was interested. I was in ‘The Wings Of The Dove’ with Uma Thurman, until that got cancelled. I was in ‘Shakespeare In Love’ with Julia Roberts, until that fell apart.
Rufus Sewell
I was named after my two grandmothers – Julia Elizabeth.
Julie Andrews
I was up for Michael Corleone in ‘The Godfather,’ but, as I was only 10 at the time, I think Mr. Coppola made the right choice. The Julia Roberts role in ‘Pretty Woman’ held a bizarre allure for me. But, it’s silly to look back with regret.
Eric Stoltz
I don’t necessarily view myself as a ‘famous’ person, I look at like Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts and think to myself, now that’s a celebrity.
Cheryl Burke
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is just perfect in ‘Veep.’ She gets to show off the spiky claws beneath her patrician finesse. The obvious way to play ‘Veep’ would be to make Louis-Dreyfus a folksy heroine, one with more common sense or populist heart than her enemies. But she isn’t one.
Rob Sheffield
A lot of people come work with me because I keep an open set, and people can visit. Julia Roberts used to have friends visit on ‘Pretty Woman.’
Garry Marshall
When I was younger, I read all the great food memoirs, by M.F.K. Fisher and Laurie Colwin and Julia Child and Nicolas Freeling and Ruth Reichl, and felt flooded with a sense of comfort and safety.
Kate Christensen
I grew up watching Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow. I dreamed of working in the arts.
Lisa Haydon
I have deliberately left Sylvester and Julia’s appearances to the reader’s imagination.
Mary Wesley
Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts act themselves senseless in ‘August: Osage County,’ and by the time they’re finished, they’ve acted their movie senseless, too.
Steve Erickson