Top 60 Nonstop Quotes

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The first time I went to Taiwan, there were cameras, pa

The first time I went to Taiwan, there were cameras, paparazzi, TV stations outside my hotel twenty-four hours a day nonstop.
Jeremy Lin
Mum worked nonstop, doing two, sometimes three, jobs throughout the 80s.
David Lammy
I love the digital camera because it makes shooting easier and economical. I shoot fast, and I can shoot a lot. I shoot rehearsal; I just keep on shooting nonstop.
Anurag Kashyap
There’s a place in England called Petticoat Lane, and… they always used to get the heavy albums, like, a week before. So I went down there and got it, and I went back home. I didn’t come out of my room for about three days. I just played it nonstop… ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ was the best thing I’d ever heard in my life.
Peter Frampton
I’ve worked nonstop for 31 years. I’ve counted down myself hundreds of cues for everything in each 90-minute show. I’ve never really taken an extended break, so I’d like to see what a vacation is really like.
Lance Burton
I drink Vitamin Water nonstop – I should have an IV.
Johnny Weir
It’s a nonstop schedule, really. I had lost myself somewhere.
Roger Andrew Taylor
I loved publishing; I loved working in the book industry, but I’ve been writing pretty much nonstop since I was 19. I realized very early on that I would need a day job, and I wanted one that was in books.
Garth Nix
To be able to have winning in your blood growing up, whether it was pounding my little brother or trying to beat my dad in something, or just competing on teams with my friends, it was nonstop.
Jordan Spieth
We like to collaborate on everything, so we have no formal divisions on where we each like to focus, and we like to put our brains together on every aspect of a project. We just have a nonstop dialogue.
Anthony Russo
I had been working nonstop for two years and needed a break. Instead of flying or booking myself at the usual holiday spots, we decided to drive across south India. The only thing that changes in the landscape are the posters of film stars and politicians.
Vishwajeet Pradhan
I grew up watching Keira Knightley films nonstop, and I always admired period dramas and just everything that goes into it.
Jodie Comer
My day starts at 8 in the morning. I have meetings through the day into the evening and very often dinners and benefits at night. This is nonstop.
Thomas P. Campbell
I can very much enjoy taking a year off. Whereas some people would feel crippled by that, I can feel enlarged by it. And then I also like to work nonstop, maybe for a year-and-a-half, and then take a year off.
Holly Hunter
When I was 20 years old, I got cast in ‘Spring Awakening’ and got swept up in this experience where it was kind of tunnel vision. We were working – it was nonstop.
Jonathan Groff
I was worried that my voice would struggle with talking nonstop every night, but it’s been fine.
Carmen Cusack
All I know is politics. Really, politics takes up most of my time; it’s nonstop.
Jean-Claude Duvalier
TV’s a big deal in prison. A big deal. People watch it nonstop.
Abby Lee Miller
Our shows are just like that. The screaming is constant, nonstop, and there’s not one minute of silence during the show. It’s pretty intense.
Kevin Jonas
I text nonstop, and I love emoji. I’m also on the phone quite a bit for work – probably more than 10 calls per day.
Evan Spiegel
Longevity has a lot to do with me continuously nonstop putting music on the shelf, and making myself be the face of the Bay, and continuing to carry the Bay on my back for many moons, you know.
I think I just laugh nonstop. I think my laughter naturally melts in when I want to recharge.
Nonstop taxes killed the middle class.
Kathy Szeliga
I want to continue to wrestle nonstop whether I have the title or not, and I’m not afraid of whoever it is that wants to step up.
Laurel Van Ness
I think one of my favorite things about Paris is the ever-present, nonstop beauty of the city. So I would just walk as much as possible.
Rosecrans Baldwin
The thing that sticks to me most about theater is that because it’s such an ape crazy nonstop experience, you really don’t have time to think about anything else. You’re just really present; you have to be, or else, you know, you can’t stop the play.
Sebastian Stan
I drink protein shakes nonstop – three or four a day – and I run a lot, so you get rid of the bad carbs and keep the rest so you have the energy to make it through.
Shia LaBeouf
Music is my life. I love doing it, so I just do it nonstop all day. And with dancing, I wanted to put on a show for people. I don’t want to just be sitting there doing nothing, so that’s when I started to dance.
Austin Mahone
American poetry to me is a sort of relentless, nonstop sermon on human autonomy.
Joseph Brodsky
For decades, Trump had no life independent from the media. He became a figure in the nation, and his a monitisable name – albeit quite a ludicrous one – because of his nonstop, relentless, shameless and often embarrassing courtship of the media.
Michael Wolff
I try not to tweet too much; I’m a really sporadic tweeter. I will tweet nonstop for, like, 3 days, and then I won’t for a month. I don’t make it priority at all; if I feel like doing it, I do it, and if not, then I don’t care.
Elizabeth Gillies
The movie I've seen the most is 'Ghostbusters' or 'Ghos

The movie I’ve seen the most is ‘Ghostbusters’ or ‘Ghostbusters II.’ I used to watch those movies nonstop.
Sam Richardson
In Total Nonstop Action, individual wrestlers have a lot more freedom to artistically express themselves versus WWE.
Rob Van Dam
In terms of working out, I’m in the gym, maximum, twice a week, but for a pretty intense period of time: two or two and a half hours nonstop. Most of the exercises are body weight. We’re talking pull-ups, chin-ups, decline rows, elevated push-ups.
Scott Glenn
If you decide to tell a kid that looks don’t matter, she can prove you wrong every day. Because they see it everywhere. That is age-old, going back to the Greeks, but now we’re bombarded nonstop.
Catherine Hardwicke
The mentality is nonstop, to work for what you want, your mind keeping your body in the best shape possible.
Cain Velasquez
Working pretty much nonstop as an artist, the hardest thing is to know what to do with yourself when you have some time off. You struggle with yourself to take a vacation.
Karen O
I started playing guitar when I was nine and just fell in love with that – I’ve been playing nonstop ever since.
Tom Misch
I’ve worked for 27 years nonstop in theater and films. That’s a lot of work.
Armand Assante
I’ve always had to move between a couple of years of unemployment, where offers are not provocative enough to take, and seasons where I work nonstop for a year. It’s always been an erratic rhythm.
Holly Hunter
I’m an American TV show buff. I can watch them nonstop for days.
Anushka Sharma
I’ve run 1,000 miles in Baja, and that’s pretty much nonstop.
Robby Gordon
From the time I roll out of the cot at 6 A.M. to the time I fall asleep after midnight, I get to do what I love nonstop.
Jason Chaffetz
I play Nitin Sawhney’s ‘Letting Go’ repeatedly, nonstop. I find it transformative. I’m so glad iPods were invented so I didn’t have to drive everyone around me mad with the repetition.
Natascha McElhone
As far as I can tell, the only unambiguous consequence of the claimed invasion of Earth by beings from another star system has been a nonstop torrent of TV specials. So if you’re one of the many who believe the aliens are here, you really do have to admit this: They’re the best houseguests ever.
Seth Shostak
My dad and I had been close – he called me Tuyet Bang, Vietnamese for ‘avalanche,’ because of my nonstop energy. I took a lot from him, like being a risk taker, and I know how much he loved my mother.
Michelle Phan
Don’t get me wrong: politicians have been lying for a long time, long before Donald Trump was born, but the degree of just nonstop rage, grievance, prevarication, I haven’t seen, probably because we haven’t had a direct line from a politician’s id to the public before.
Jake Tapper
I don’t think I would deliver the best work if I would do several projects at the same time. So it’s one at a time, but I work a lot. I work nonstop actually, but that’s what I like.
Alexandre Desplat
Growing up, we played sports nonstop. I mean every single day. As soon I got done with breakfast, I was ready to go.
Walter Payton
One day I am at home, watching dramatic images of Iraqi Yazidis fleeing for their lives being aired nonstop on 24-hour news channels. Days later, I am there, staring at tens of thousands of displaced Iraqis and feeling a 35-millimeter frame cannot capture the scope of devastation and heartbreak before me.
Lynsey Addario
The good thing about kids is they want to be mobile; they want to be running around nonstop. They want to play. They want to be outside. So they’re inherently more active than we are, because we get much lazier as we get older. Part of being a parent is keeping up with your kid.
Brooklyn Decker
Humans are very complex; I definitely have a new respect for authors that are able to write books nonstop. It’s an incredible talent.
Hilary Duff
There are lots of times when I’m a very good boyfriend, but there are times when I’m useless. I mean, I’m a mess around the house. I talk nonstop. I become obsessed with things.
Daniel Radcliffe
I worked so hard for so long, filming literally 20 hours a day nonstop for several months. It was so tough – it really broke me psychologically.
Fala Chen
We took Infosys public. That was a nonstop three-week global roadshow.
Nandan Nilekani
It’s nonstop Ben Harper in my apartment.
Nikki Reed
I wanted to sell a million records, and I sold a million records. I wanted to go platinum; I went platinum. I’ve been working nonstop since I was 15. I don’t even know how to chill out.
Beyonce Knowles
Paul Taylor’s ‘Offenbach Overtures’ has lots of zip and charm, and its pair of dueling soldiers in red, who end up starry-eyed about each other while their disgusted seconds take up the quarrel, is nonstop funny.
Robert Gottlieb