Top 60 Stark Quotes

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There's something I love about how stark the contrast i

There’s something I love about how stark the contrast is between January and June in Sweden. In a way, I feel that time doesn’t exist in LA. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s February or April or October, because you’re always sitting outside on the same patio, and it’s 70 degrees.
Alexander Skarsgard
Part of the reason I wanted to write a novel was that in fiction I could do something that’s difficult to do in real life, which is to dwell on the stark details of the experience without really needing to create that narrative of redemption.
Christina Baker Kline
What I was trying to convey there was the kind of waste land that was left after the war. It was a bit like one always thinks of war, you know, stark scenery and no birds, no trees, no leaves, nothing living. And just emptiness.
George Martin
Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Freud was a hero. He descended to the Underworld and met there stark terrors. He carried with him his theory as a Medusa’s head which turned these terrors to stone.
R. D. Laing
For every man that ever walked the Earth, except maybe the sociopaths, when it comes to talking to pretty girls… it’s just stark terror.
Chuck Lorre
The horrific cases in Ferguson, in Staten Island with the death of Eric Garner, and all across the country serve as stark reminders that we must have a say in who polices us, and how that policing is done. We must, we must, let our voices be heard on Election Day.
Al Sharpton
Political pendulums swing hard and feed on stark contrast.
Martha MacCallum
The dynamic of globalisation in financial and economic terms, but also in geopolitical terms, confronts Europeans with a stark choice: live together, share a common destiny and count in the world; or face the prospect of disunity and decline.
Jose Manuel Barroso
Stark inequality, poverty, and unemployment are driving increased social unrest and, consequently, social and economic risk. Environmental deterioration may well intensify social inequality.
Sharan Burrow
Westlake is allusive, indirect, referential, a bit rococo, Stark strips his sentences down to the necessary information.
Donald E. Westlake
Few news stories can demonstrate the stark difference between conservatism and liberalism like the George Zimmerman trial has done.
Mike Gallagher
Marvel heroes, at their core, are people who are damaged, are people that are trying to figure out who they are in life. And that doesn’t matter whether or not they’re X-Men characters or they’re Matt Murdock or they’re Tony Stark or they’re Peter Parker… That’s where it starts.
Jeph Loeb
Trump’s juvenilia stands in stark contrast to Obama’s measured words.
Richard Cohen
Yet while on my trip to the Middle East, the London bombings occurred. This was yet another stark reminder that if we don’t fight terrorists abroad, they just get closer to our home.
Kenny Marchant
Stark was my late Grandmother’s maiden name. When I joined the acting union in the UK ‘Oliver Jones’ was taken so I had to come up with something else!
Oliver Stark
No other health disparity is so stark; virtually every woman who dies giving birth lives in a poor country.
Liya Kebede
I’m just obsessed with ‘Game of Thrones,’ especially Arya Stark. And I love ‘Orange is the New Black,’ although I just want to inhale that all at once. I keep trying to stretch it out, but it’s so hard.
Shonda Rhimes
Ideologists of all kinds find a strange sort of comfort in the madness of the crowd; it confirms them in their suspicion that history, far from being made by the great mass of individuals – as Marx averred – is rather unmade by a single massive individual, a collective Other, who stands in stark contrast to you and he.
Will Self
There is a dangerous chasm between what those seeking election claim they could do in office and the stark reality that once in power the real decision-making has long since been sub-contracted elsewhere.
Grant Shapps
The story of Willie Stark fascinated me because it was tackling the story of a man who outwardly has all the success one could possibly want and who is destroyed by his personal demons.
Carlisle Floyd
Until the mid-seventies, the traditional or classic lesbian was always a spinster and often a tweedy intellectual, with a stark glamour that titillated men and women alike. This is the woman that feminists destroyed when they pressured the media for ‘positive images’ of lesbians.
Florence King
With ‘Iron Man,’ I have to give Jon Favreau great credit for the score because he always said, from the beginning, ‘Tony Stark is a rock n’ roll guy.’
Ramin Djawadi
There is one stark fact facing us: three quarters of all crime that results in a caution or sentence happens because of reoffending. We must be fearless in dealing with this.
David Gauke
There are two sides, at least, to most political questions, and a politician’s impulse may be to believe that the same holds true for science. Certainly, there are disputes in science. But on the question of climate change, the divide is stark.
Christine Todd Whitman
Of course a woman who decides to work full time as a mother in the home can be happy and deserves full respect from us. Motherhood is one of the most challenging and creative jobs anyone can do. The goal is to remake the world so that our choices are not so stark.
Naomi Wolf
I wrote ‘Ruined’ and ‘Vera Stark’ at the same time. That’s just how my brain functions – when I’m dwelling someplace very heavy, I need a release.
Lynn Nottage
The stark reality is that crime happens in communities of color.
Raymond Kelly
Governors of both political parties face a stark choice between unpopular tax increases and drastic cuts in Medicaid, education, public safety and other essential services.
Bill Delahunt
I’m bipolar, but I’m not crazy, and I never was. I’m stark raving sane.
Emilie Autumn
‘Death with dignity’ is our society’s expression of the universal yearning to achieve a graceful triumph over the stark and often repugnant finality of life’s last sputterings. But the fact is, death is not a confrontation. It is simply an event in the sequence of nature’s ongoing rhythms.
Sherwin B. Nuland
I was given baby doll toys myself, and they proved a st

I was given baby doll toys myself, and they proved a stark reminder that my life was expected to revolve around childbearing – just as my mom’s had before me, and her mom’s had before her.
Beth Ditto
I have lived too long to cherish many illusions about the essential high-mindedness of men when brought into stark confrontation with the issue of control over their security, and their property interests.
Haile Selassie
I have been brought up open-minded. If I didn’t know any people from other countries, I’d think everyone was evil based on news stories. But I know a lot of people, and know that there is no such thing as stark good and evil. Isn’t it possible there is the same amount of evil everywhere?
Marjane Satrapi
The upside of a downward spiral into despair and defeat in young adulthood is that pretty early on, I was forced to face not only the foolish things I had done but also the stark realization that there was likely no end to what I was capable of doing.
Beth Moore
So when ‘Skatetown’ came up at Columbia and Ray Stark’s studio, the idea was to do it quick. They wanted it out in the fall, and they gave me the treatment on July 4th weekend! I wrote it in four days, and, you know, it kind of looks like it.
Nick Castle
Simple questions can be profound, and answering them requires us to make stark and honest – and sometimes painful – self-assessments.
Frances Hesselbein
If the widespread attempts to block Brexit gave us a glimpse into how fragile our commitment to democracy had become – reduced to a technocratic in-name-only veneer – reactions to Covid are a stark reminder that freedom cannot be assumed as a social norm that’s deeply embedded into our institutions and our psyche.
Claire Fox
TThe 2016 election highlighted a deep, stark divide between how the political and punditry class think – and how the American people vote.
Kayleigh McEnany
While in ‘Komban’ I played the mother of Karthi, a relatively quiet character, the mother role in ‘Kanchana 2’ was a stark contrast.
Kovai Sarala
The centerpiece of ‘Law and Order’ is the crime, and it starts with the writing. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end. It allows the audience to watch any given episode and can drop right in and not feel lost. I think the stark, raw structure has a lot to do with its longevity.
Danny Pino
There are very few really stark black and white stories.
Jim Lehrer
Every day, families in the United States face the stark choice between a roof over their heads and food on the table. Buying health insurance, owning a home, and saving up for college are just too far out of their reach.
Chris Van Hollen
Like the experience of warfare, the endurance of grave or terminal illness involves long periods of tedium and anxiety, punctuated by briefer interludes of stark terror and pain.
Christopher Hitchens
‘Agnivarsha’ is not a costume drama like Shashi Kapoor’s ‘Utsav’ or Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Devdas.’ This one has no elaborate jewellery and clothes. It is sparse and stark.
Raveena Tandon
‘Up the Junction’ went on to inform my love of British social realism. It was the first film I saw of this ilk, a very stark, visceral reflection of England, an England I didn’t necessarily feel a part of but that I knew was out there. You could almost smell the bread and butter and cabbage.
Gurinder Chadha
As fighters, the stark reality is, there’s times in that cage when we want out. There’s times when we’ve had enough and we want out, and we’re able to recognize defeat.
Chael Sonnen
How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said.
Victor Hugo
For some reason, the parts I play, like Boromir or Ned Stark, have a life online long afterwards. I keep seeing – what do you call them – memes?
Sean Bean
I have run large organizations, I know what it takes to create a healthy business climate, and I have more experience than Jerry Brown doing that. So it’ll be a stark contrast, a career politician vs. someone who has met a payroll, gotten a return on investment, knows how to use technology to do more with less.
Meg Whitman
Apathy in youth culture is pretty stark.
Dominic Holland
The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump in terms of temperament, in terms of values, couldn’t be more stark.
Tom Perez
When Prince Andrew tired of romancing a pretty dancer and turned his attentions to Koo Stark, he instructed the Buckingham Palace switchboard not to put her through when she rang.
Ingrid Seward
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also happens to be the 10th richest person in America, with a personal fortune of some $18 billion, likes to pick a fight – especially fights where the line between good and evil is particularly stark.
Jeff Goodell
I am conscious that each film I do is in stark contrast to the earlier one.
Catherine Tresa
When you’re a kid, regardless of the age you grew up, everything is high opera. With hormones raging, you have to fight external and internal battles that you’ve never had to deal with before. Unlike Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, who have seen it all and been through it all, everything heightens the drama.
Mark Waid
The stark reality facing us today is that without the labour reforms, workers will get neither the income nor jobs in the face of cut-throat global economic competition.
Kim Young-sam
To deal with the stark reality of having hit or hurt a woman or child, to deal with the initial responsibility you have not to do that and the knowledge you did do it, can be incredibly hard.
David Soul
‘Girl in the City Chapter 2’ will still continue to revolve around Meera Sehgal and her life, her friends, and her passion. The stark difference in ‘Chapter 2’ will be that all the characters have now grown up in the series – in terms of maturity if not so much age.
Mithila Palkar
There are stark, stark contrasts between myself and Jack Conway.
Matt Bevin