Top 60 Susceptible Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Susceptible Quotes from famous people such as John F. Kennedy, Dante Alighieri, John Burnside, Suzanne Fields, Jurgen Habermas, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

The basic problems facing the world today are not susce

The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution.
John F. Kennedy
The more perfect a thing is, the more susceptible to good and bad treatment it is.
Dante Alighieri
Snow isn’t just pretty. It also cleanses our world and our senses, not just of the soot and grime of a Fife mining town but also of a kind of weary familiarity, a taken-for-granted quality to which our eyes are all too susceptible.
John Burnside
The lopsided attitudes of college professors pose a serious challenge to learning because students are so susceptible to becoming lopsided sheep.
Suzanne Fields
Since our complex societies are highly susceptible to interferences and accidents, they certainly offer ideal opportunities for a prompt disruption of normal activities.
Jurgen Habermas
I will say that I wasn’t susceptible to Tony Robbins-like pitches, even as a younger man.
Andy Kindler
When people don’t understand that the government doesn’t have their interests in mind, they’re more susceptible to go to war.
Howard Zinn
The fun is in figuring out why the French are susceptible to such tripe.
Bill O’Brien
Journalists like to give themselves credit for being on the hunt for ‘the truth.’ But if we embrace this undoubtedly noble but somewhat haughty interpretation of a calling, we inevitably become susceptible to slam dunk answers.
Gwen Ifill
My father was an NFL running back, so I feel like I might be more susceptible, genetically, to CTE.
Elana Meyers
I have had my genome fully sequenced and have learned a great deal about which medications I would respond to and which might or would induce major side effects, along with knowing many medical conditions for which I’m particularly susceptible.
Eric Topol
People who can’t speak Russian will be less susceptible to Russian propaganda. But they will also be less susceptible to the poetry of Joseph Brodsky.
Keith Gessen
I love eulogies. They are the most moving kind of speech because they attempt to pluck meaning from the fog, and on short order, when the emotions are still ragged and raw and susceptible to leaps.
Peggy Noonan
I don’t think we’re crumbling as a civilization, but this is not our finest hour, and it’s good to be mindful that we’re all susceptible to fall and to look at what are the earmarks of a civilization on the wane. What are they – destruction of the environment? Conspicuous consumption? Heard of those?
Mel Gibson
The people who are most susceptible to hypnosis – the rugger bugger types – were also the ones who intimidated me most at school, so on an unconscious level I suppose I’m turning the tables on them.
Derren Brown
The biggest problem is that Facebook and Google are these giant feedback loops that give people what they want to hear. And when you use them in a world where your biases are being constantly confirmed, you become susceptible to fake news, propaganda, demagoguery.
Franklin Foer
The biggest food-related risk in pregnancy is listeria. It’s a dangerous bacteria, to which pregnant women are especially susceptible, that can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth.
Emily Oster
I haven’t always hated McDonald’s. When my kids were little and I lived in the U.S., they were as susceptible as anyone to Happy Meals and tatty toys that subsequently littered our sitting room.
Margaret Heffernan
Really, what the government is asking Apple to do is to make every individual who uses an iPhone susceptible to hacking by bad people, foreign governments, and anyone who wants.
John McAfee
Some animals are cunning and evil-disposed, as the fox; others, as the dog, are fierce, friendly, and fawning. Some are gentle and easily tamed, as the elephant; some are susceptible of shame, and watchful, as the goose. Some are jealous and fond of ornament, as the peacock.
Studies indicate that these children are more susceptible to advertising and even less likely to understand the purpose of this advertising.
Bob Filner
I tend to be very private. It’s easier for me. When you’re acting, you’re very susceptible to comments that somebody makes, so if they know something is going to happen on the show, and they say something, it can actually throw you off. So I tend to not share things with anybody.
Tom Noonan
Space enthusiasts are the most susceptible demographic to delusion that I have ever seen.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Doctors are human animals. They want to be loved, they are tribal, they instinctually favor stories over scientific evidence, they make mistakes, and even small gifts make them susceptible to being biased. If we took doctors seriously as human animals, we might hurt them – and they might hurt us – a lot less.
Alice Dreger
Though pigs have been proven susceptible to a porcine spongiform encephalopathy, the National Pork Producers Council claims that no naturally occurring cases of ‘mad pig’ disease have ever been discovered.
Michael Greger
High levels of stress can lead to weakened immunity, rendering animals much more susceptible to disease. This makes the average poultry factory farm a hotbed for outbreaks of avian flu.
Michael Greger
Business is not a science; it is not susceptible to experiments that can be controlled and replicated. Everything in business is too unpredictable for that – every business, employee, product, market is different and keeps changing.
Margaret Heffernan
My greatest hope is that we learn how trauma induces neurodegeneration in susceptible individuals.
Ann McKee
There’s a disease that young writers are susceptible to, which is, I will do this because I can – hubris, I suppose – without stopping to work out why.
David Mitchell
Unions are susceptible to the same ills that befall all human societies.
Tony Kushner
Man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth.
Desiderius Erasmus
I don't like ads: I'm too susceptible. I find myself in

I don’t like ads: I’m too susceptible. I find myself in the supermarket buying Ronseal, and I don’t even have a shed.
Claudia Winkleman
Facebook and Myspace are the U.S. audience, which is tried and true when it comes to being susceptible to ads.
Max Levchin
People are pretty much alike. It’s only that our differences are more susceptible to definition than our similarities.
Linda Ellerbee
Being able to incorporate my language into songs is really cool. It’s really cool to see that people are susceptible to it. It helps with writing a lot to turn off one language and then go to another.
Kali Uchis
One is only susceptible to lobbying if they’re weak and they trust what an individual tells them without verification.
Richard Burr
The poor lifestyle I had been leading made my body susceptible to diseases. Had it not been cancer, some other malady would have struck me.
Manisha Koirala
I think most people are more susceptible to prejudice than to reason.
Roger Ebert
Every time you recall a memory, you’re basically making another copy of it and, at that same point, it is susceptible to new changes and adaptations.
Pete Docter
There is no such thing as a dangerous woman; there are only susceptible men.
Joseph Wood Krutch
Anything against the state’s interests, through a non-violent action, is susceptible to be considered sedition.
Jordi Cuixart
I grew up in an entertainment family, and so I saw how susceptible you are to the ups and downs of this business.
Will Ferrell
The discovery that I soon made that the guinea pig was also susceptible to infection made it possible for me, from the third year on, to preserve the virus on this animal.
Charles Jules Henry Nicole
You philosophers are lucky men. You write on paper and paper is patient. Unfortunate Empress that I am, I write on the susceptible skins of living beings.
Catherine the Great
I’m the perfect candidate to be affected by SARS. I’m highly susceptible to infections.
Ron Santo
When patients reject official advice and proved medicine, they become more susceptible to quackery.
Carl Hart
One of the hardest parts about developing leukemia at age 22 was how restrictive it was: My treatments left me highly susceptible to infection and with limited mobility.
Suleika Jaouad
To strong, susceptible characters, the music of nature is not confined to sweet sounds.
John Burroughs
We are trained to be medical doctors first and if you have to put neurosurgery aside to deal with the most vulnerable and susceptible patients, then that’s what we’ll do.
Myron Rolle
All know the importance of sustaining the hopes of a sick man. The reason of this is that his nervous system is then, vastly more than in health, susceptible to the influence of particular states of the mind.
Lysander Spooner
While I ridicule books of self-help, I’m also quite susceptible to them. They help simplify things.
Amitava Kumar
Americans are no less susceptible to disease, joblessness, and family changes than their peers in rich nations, but they are made more fragile by these crises. The country has a thinner safety net, fewer public goods, and less social insurance than other countries.
Annie Lowrey
If you don’t understand viruses, phishing, and similar threats, you become more susceptible to them. If you don’t know how social networks leak information that you thought was private, you’re likely to reveal much more than you realize.
Brian Kernighan
Cancer is still a word that strikes fear into people’s hearts, producing a deep sense of powerlessness. But today it is possible to find out through a blood test whether you are highly susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer, and then take action.
Angelina Jolie
We’ve never really been susceptible to pressure from anyone from the outside. We’ve been really good at negating any outside influences. We’re really hard on ourselves. The filter that we put upon things qualifying to end up on a Tool record is pretty extreme, so we figure we’ve got that part of it under control.
Danny Carey
There’s always been a nasty strain of class prejudice ingrained in the condemnation of football’s ‘undeserving rich,’ as if the working class is uniquely susceptible to being corrupted by money, and as if they deserve their wealth less than those born to it.
Mark Fisher