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The fact of the matter is I always have a really high s

The fact of the matter is I always have a really high sense of responsibility to the reader, whether it’s a few readers that I get or a lot of readers, which I was lucky enough to get with ‘Olive.’ I feel responsible to them, to deliver something as truthful and straight as I can.
Elizabeth Strout
When I was 10, I had a paper route. One year, I delivered my papers through a hurricane. My mother was against the idea, but my dad, who was a sergeant in the Marine Corps, overruled her. I was determined to deliver my papers.
Tim Finchem
Maybe by me delivering statements, I’ll get the fight I deserve. And the only way I can deliver that is keep fighting top competition and being explosive.
Jermall Charlo
Vote Leave argued during the referendum that a Leave victory should deliver the huge changes that the public wanted and the U.K. should make science and technology the focus of a profound process of national renewal.
Dominic Cummings
But I also know in standup, there’s nowhere to hide. You get on stage and you deliver, or you are eviscerated and you are thrown into a pile of bodies at the bottom of a mountain.
Rob Delaney
Businesses often forget about the culture, and ultimately, they suffer for it because you can’t deliver good service from unhappy employees.
Tony Hsieh
What you find is, you have to deliver a product that has value to the customer. When you do, and I think the wind community is getting much closer to that, customers will want it.
Mike Pompeo
Americans have, at various times, leaned on the FBI for a measure of justice that local and state police couldn’t be counted on to deliver, and recoiled in fear at their exercise of raw federal power. That uneasy trust; the combination of need and dread, is the lot that FBI agents live with day to day.
Joy Reid
While you cannot deliver policies without principles, you cannot deliver principles without having power. You have quickly to move to a stage where, emphasising your principles, you build a programme, then call for popular support.
Gordon Brown
Nuclear proliferation is on the rise. Equipment, material and training were once largely inaccessible. Today, however, there is a sophisticated worldwide network that can deliver systems for producing material usable in weapons.
Mohamed ElBaradei
There are tradeoffs between independence and co-operation, between regulatory autonomy and market access. This means that compromises are necessary to deliver a pragmatic Brexit that protects jobs and living standards while respecting the referendum result.
David Gauke
I think we can be the very best place to start a business, to grow a business, to invent a new technology, to change the world, to change the country. But we’ve got a lot of work to deliver a new California to the people of California.
Meg Whitman
Overdeliver on promises and deadlines. Show up early, deliver your product early, and deliver more than you promised. Overdeliver now, and in the future, you will be overpaid.
Clay Clark
Good managers ensure good outcomes, but great leaders can deliver a vision by getting people to work together.
Karren Brady
When I dub for my films, I have my scenes already in place and I just have to work on my voice and deliver the same emotions. I have to recreate those emotions.
Pratik Gandhi
No society has been able to abolish human sadness, no political system can deliver us from the pain of living, from our fear of death, our thirst for the absolute. It is the human condition that directs the social condition, not vice versa.
Eugene Ionesco
There’s a way that we can deliver a Brexit that works for our country, and the really interesting thing is the amount of Tory MPs working with Labour MPs, forming that consensus.
Anna Soubry
Foreign policy is about trying to deliver for them the best possible economic benefits, the chance to travel, to study, to work, the opportunity through trade to be able to sell their goods and services and as much peace and security so they can live and bring their kids up so they don’t have to fear war.
Catherine Ashton
As Popeyes becomes part of the RBI family, we believe we can deliver growth and opportunities for all of our stakeholders, including our valued employees and franchisees.
Daniel Schwartz
The Home Guards are required to come in at once and deliver up their arms, those who fail to do so will be regarded as enemies of the Government and treated accordingly.
John Hunt Morgan
Coal miners work hard and deserve our respect. They also deserve a governor who fights for policies that will give them a fair shot to support their families and get ahead. That’s exactly what I’ll deliver as governor.
Andy Beshear
Everyone at Michael Waltrip Racing is working hard to deliver great results to our owners, employees and sponsors. All organizations have a lot at stake each week as we are all measured by our performance and finishing position.
Michael Waltrip
The most vital thing for an actor to deliver a great performance is to be honest to the role he or she is playing.
Mahira Khan
I always deliver on my promises, and I can promise that doing ‘Strictly’ would be as much of an entertaining laugh for the viewers at it would be for me.
I know what I can do and what I can deliver and there’s not many people who can do what I can do.
Troy Deeney
I joyfully hasten to meet death. If it come before I have had opportunity to develop all my artistic faculties, it will come, my hard fate notwithstanding, too soon, and I should probably wish it later – yet even then I shall be happy, for will it not deliver me from a state of endless suffering?
Ludwig van Beethoven
In the White House, you can be on the pitcher’s mound or you can be in the catcher’s position. Put points on the board. Show people you can govern. Deliver on what you said you were going to deliver on.
Rahm Emanuel
The founder of Dell found ways of delivering Hewlett Packard’s most profitable products for much lower prices but forgot to deliver their quality so within a few years had fallen behind again. Ideas need constant renewal. A great idea will never be perfect and will never work perfectly in all markets and all seasons.
Max McKeown
When you’re building a business, you want to focus and deliver excellence at what you do. This simply cannot be done when you are launching multiple ventures, dozens of new products, and selling everywhere and anywhere at the same time.
Daniel Lubetzky
There is never just one path to success. For me personally, these are all just words anyway, because the much more important thing is that you can deliver the right performance on the pitch. The most important thing is that you find a way that suits your team, and that the players believe in that way.
David Wagner
You’ve got to be able to hang in there in some uncomfortable pockets and uncomfortable situations, where you’re going to take a hit and deliver the football.
Matt LaFleur
I think anyone that thought that we were coming in as a

I think anyone that thought that we were coming in as a bunch of liberal Democrats to deliver more large-scale social programs was nuts. I sure didn’t expect it.
Donna Shalala
Trump’s trade and immigration policies will deliver an economic shock to states like Texas where trade produces a substantial share of the jobs, and which depend on high oil prices.
Joy Reid
I have got everything I wanted, people put so much faith on me, so I have to deliver my best, really.
Rupali Ganguly
For players from every age and every ability, the USTA National Campus will raise the bar on how we deliver tennis with the goal of making our great sport more accessible to more people than ever before.
Katrina Adams
In banking, it was my responsibility to deliver investment opportunities and solutions to hedge fund clients, and at Bloomberg, it’s my job to break down news that matters to our viewers and readers.
Stephanie Ruhle
Most businesses think that product is the most important thing, but without great leadership, mission and a team that deliver results at a high level, even the best product won’t make a company successful.
Robert Kiyosaki
There is an anti-science by the far right. We have to be careful that the far left doesn’t balance this with a naive approach of promising what we can’t deliver. I mean, science is neutral; it’s not politically conservative or liberal.
Peter Agre
While others have walked away from their responsibilities, the Sinn Fein team will work with the other ministers in partnership to deliver for all the people.
Martin McGuinness
David Price gives the best high-fives in all of baseball. They sting the hands and deliver noteworthy affirmative vibes.
Gabe Kapler
In order for Missouri to be a strong and healthy state, we must deliver essential services and support the needs of our working families, especially during COVID-19.
Mike Parson
When I watch an actress say a line, I watch how they deliver the lines with gestures.
Hirokazu Kore-eda
Elizabeth Keckley was a woman of remarkable strength, courage, perseverance, and dignity. She was exceptionally talented, but also very diligent and ambitious, and together those qualities enabled her to deliver herself from slavery and become a successful businesswoman.
Jennifer Chiaverini
What’s blessed about my life is that I have been able to connect with the global audience on a regular basis. I am thankful for everybody’s love, and I reciprocate that, but I also have to deliver on every occasion.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
On ‘Handmaid’s’ you are given complete freedom – unlike some shows where you’re really expected just to ‘fold in’ and ‘deliver the script’ and ‘put the camera where we normally put the camera.’
Kari Skogland
I like to keep my budgets at a certain price when I work for someone else, and even more so now that I’m working for myself, and use new technologies to deliver films that look like they have high production levels.
Robert Rodriguez