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Whenever I see the Hong Kong flag is flying in the sky,

Whenever I see the Hong Kong flag is flying in the sky, not because of anybody else, because of my efforts, I think it’s the most proud time of my life.
Yu Chui Yee
When I went to work with Garinger, they were good kids and a very good team. But they had a nine-game losing streak, and you can see that they were getting down and depressed and not feeling rewards for their efforts. But when I came in there, I didn’t need to teach them much about X’s and O’s.
Christian Laettner
In their efforts to discredit human freedom, the Putinites denounce the sins that may occur under the reign of liberty with the same ardor, the same sincerity, and the same purpose that animated their Soviet forebears.
Robert Zubrin
By giving the FDA adequate resources and authority to both prevent outbreaks and intervene once they appear, we can support the administration’s efforts to reassure the parents of America that the food they feed their children is the product of the safest system in the world.
Diana DeGette
We believe open data helps citizens have a better understanding about Seoul’s policies and motivates them to join the city government’s efforts.
Park Won-soon
Barack Obama has injected fresh momentum into efforts – stalled for a decade – to bring about nuclear disarmament.
Mohamed ElBaradei
The existence of billionaires should sound an alarm: they are the most extreme manifestation of wealth generated by the efforts of millions of people being funnelled into the pockets of a tiny few.
Owen Jones
There’s bipartisan efforts to change how FEMA works or, more importantly, change how relief funding trickles down to us down here.
Dan Crenshaw
Ultimately, in our health care reform efforts, my Administration’s goal is to make sure Vermonters have access to affordable health care coverage.
Phil Scott
On ‘Insecure,’ Molly works at a law firm, and there’s scenes where her boss doesn’t value her voice and doesn’t value her efforts. And we had a lot of women tweeting ‘Me too’ in that situation. We’re saying, ‘Hey, no more. Not on our watch.’
Yvonne Orji
Despite all of our efforts to control something, the world is much, much more powerful than us, and more deranged even than us.
Errol Morris
Audience come with expectations, and our job is to engage them for two hours. We take efforts to make the story more interesting and also present it in such a way that it is liked by all the audience.
Vijay Sethupathi
For us political activists and candidates, the morning after any election is a mix of emotions – the personal and the immediate, the culmination of your own recent campaigning efforts; and the fortunes of your party and the success or otherwise of what you stand for and believe in.
Lucy Powell
You can’t just keep recycling revivals. And you can’t keep betting on the efforts of guys like me who’ve been around. You have to take the next step and bet on the next generation.
Harold Prince
I spent a lot of time with President Mandela supporting his efforts in the peace process in Burundi. The thing that impressed me the most was his humility.
John Prendergast
No feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us, to curry favor with some Americans by castigating others.
Mitch Daniels
President Trump committed obstruction. From the moment he defeated Hillary Clinton, Democrats have tried to overturn the 2016 election, and President Trump has obstructed their efforts every step of the way.
Michael J. Knowles
Public crowdfunding still suffers from a tragedy of the commons problem. Everyone will want the benefit of the crowdfunded efforts but is incentivized to sit on the sidelines and hope others chip in.
Fred Ehrsam
For our welfare reform efforts to be successful, we must empower local charitable organizations with the resources to address their local community needs.
Mel Carnahan
I’m big on setting goals, but I also think that if you have too many lofty ambitions and set goals for everything, you can sabotage your efforts by overextending your brain.
Jean Chatzky
The whole world has praised India’s efforts in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. We will win this war by wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and cleanliness.
Anurag Thakur
No one can be great, or good, or happy except through the inward efforts of themselves.
Frederick William Robertson
He only is exempt from failures who makes no efforts.
Richard Whately
As we continue to make great progress in the war on terror, now more than ever, it is important that members of the international community stand-by and bolster the efforts of the emerging diplomatic leaders in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jim Inhofe
We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.
Emmeline Pankhurst
The documented incidences of voter fraud are very rare, yet throughout the country, forces have mobilized in over 30 states to stop it. These efforts are very partisan.
John Lewis
Egypt has always been critical to the stability of the Middle East pertaining to Israel. We need them with us for continued efforts to maintain peace in the region.
Keith Kellogg
The United States and our allies across the world are working every day to fight terrorism. We must continue those efforts, and we must promote peace and freedom.
Jan Schakowsky
I must concentrate all my efforts in the attainment of freedom for my people.
John Kani
We need to direct our efforts toward one goal, and that is to survive.
Lucio Tan
The ultimate aim of the human mind, in all its efforts, is to become acquainted with Truth.
Eliza Farnham
Unions have long championed measures to reduce social a

Unions have long championed measures to reduce social and economic inequality, and efforts to weaken the labor movement at both the state and federal level have successfully stalled any progress.
Mike Quigley
Without the brave efforts of all the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines and their families, this Nation, along with our allies around the world, would not stand so boldly, shine so brightly and live so freely.
Lane Evans
The more you succeed, the more you want people to love your efforts.
Rajkumar Hirani
I hate this fast growing tendency to chain men to machines in big factories and deprive them of all joy in their efforts – the plan will lead to cheap men and cheap products.
Richard Wagner
Real prosperity comes from everybody in the country working together in a growth mode. Real prosperity comes as a result of people’s own initiative and efforts and so forth. Prosperity, if it comes from the government, is not prosperity. It’s an existence or a subsistence or whatever, but it isn’t prosperity.
Rush Limbaugh
For the jihadists, Muslim women who embrace Western mores, and wear tight jeans or mini skirts, are hated symbols of corruption that need to be eradicated. For the ideological mentors of Breivik, a similar disturbance comes from the burqa, which is banned in France and Belgium, partly thanks to their efforts.
Mustafa Akyol
Tunisian liberals say that the U.S. Embassy in Tunis is unengaged with their efforts to make sure the Tunisian model remains one of expanding freedom.
Elliott Abrams
Bureaucracy and red tape should not delay our efforts to bring help to those in need.
London Breed
I have – and always will – stand up against efforts to limit a woman’s right to choose.
Brad Schneider
Men are convinced of your arguments, your sincerity, and the seriousness of your efforts only by your death.
Albert Camus
I’ve always said that the more coordinated the efforts of the international community are, the better it will be for democracy in Burma.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Computers are extremely helpful and amazing for a multitude of scientific areas, but for me, when it comes to creation, they are insufficient and slow. Therefore, all of my efforts are to stay away from that beast.
My faith in human decency was sorely tested at times during my captivity; however, after my release, I am humbly reminded that mankind is inherently good by the tremendous efforts and support of fellow Canadians.
Amanda Lindhout
I felt very strongly the whole social impact of that depression, you know, and I felt very strongly about the efforts that this Resettlement Administration was trying to accomplish; resettling people, helping them, and so on.
Ben Shahn
Unlike cricket, where I reached the top solely down to my own efforts, cancer was not a one-man battle. This time, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Without the support and bullying encouragement of my wife Rachael, I would not be here now.
Geoffrey Boycott
Throughout that period, Japan had made honest efforts to keep the destruction of war from spreading and, based on the belief that all nations of the world should find their places, had followed a policy designed to restore an expeditious peace between Japan and China.
Hideki Tojo
Development of space will improve life on Earth. Access to space is important for agriculture, humanitarian efforts, communications, and navigation.
Steve Jurvetson
The coronavirus pandemic and fears about its spread have brought to a screeching halt years of efforts to get Americans to do one small thing: bring their own bags to the grocery store and stop using plastic ones.
Tatiana Schlossberg
Despite my best efforts, word that an American tourist was in town quickly made its way around Grozny. That I had come to Chechnya not for business or NGO work, but to see the sites and meet the people, was notable enough to be broadcast throughout the republic.
Anthony Marra
The tendency of our time is wholly oriented toward the secular. The efforts of the mystics will remain episodes. Despite a deepening of our conceptions of life, we will build no cathedrals.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
First, we must stop issuing drivers’ licenses to people in our country illegally. Providing them with forms of government identification makes a mockery of our laws and undermines national security efforts.
Bobby Jindal