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Risk is the sort of word that is easy to discuss upfron

Risk is the sort of word that is easy to discuss upfront but tough to handle when it comes time to pay the piper. There will always be some who wimp out and second-guess when the pain hits, but that is a childish reaction.
Nathan Myhrvold
Of course Messi could handle a cold Tuesday night in Stoke. He’d be drinking tea and relaxing beforehand. Me? I’d probably be the same.
It’s tough to be left out. At Chelsea I’ve probably played 90 per cent of the time. It’s not something I handle very well.
Gary Cahill
People know what authentic communication feels like, so having someone else handle your social media/commenting doesn’t feel honest to me.
Amanda de Cadenet
My Brat Pack buddies and I didn’t exactly handle celebrity very well. Success at an early age is far more difficult to handle than failure.
Judd Nelson
Whoever is in that ring, they are not enough for me, and they can’t handle me.
Michelle McCool
There are obviously issues in our industry. That starts at the top with studio execs who – not just men – don’t believe a woman could handle a huge franchise or big action movie.
Reed Morano
If someone’s lying about something small, you don’t know what else they’re lying about. I’m a big girl, I can handle the truth – even if it’s not good news.
Jennifer Morrison
I may be only a fish and chip shop lady, but some of these economists need to get their heads out of the textbooks and get a job in the real world. I would not even let one of them handle my grocery shopping.
Pauline Hanson
No matter how you handle alcohol at your wedding, you will most likely be upsetting someone.
Emily V. Gordon
Marilyn Monroe had thick, dark eyebrows even though her hair was platinum and it looked gorgeous. It worked because she had brown eyes – dark eyes can handle a dark brow even if the hair is blond.
Anastasia Soare
I think about making a comeback every single day. I went running, I went training, did that for a few days. But my body couldn’t handle it.
Oscar De La Hoya
I try to handle myself with class.
Donovan McNabb
I thought I had a handle on my priorities before Elizabeth and I lost our oldest son to stillbirth.
Peter Roskam
My father had a handgun on the bedside table, and we were all taught to handle firearms.
John Hickenlooper
I’ve got incredible support from my wife and family and people around me. I’ve got great people around me who handle anything on the outside, business-wise, who help free me up to create in my job.
Matthew McConaughey
When you’re playing football, and your enemies are there, you don’t have a lot of time to think to yourself. You’ve got stuff to handle. You’ve got places to be, meetings to go to, bigger fish to fry. You really don’t attack the emotional side of your life.
Stefon Diggs
I can score from 18 to 20 feet out, handle the ball, pass. I don’t consider myself an old-school center.
Jahlil Okafor
But if I had to do it, handle money, then I think I could be responsible, yes.
To try to be authentic these days, to ask questions of the people in power – it’s difficult. This administration has evolved new techniques to handle people like me. Their strategy, in a word, is simple: ignore them.
Ron Suskind
As I see it, Seedorf and I are coaches who handle the concept of a more proactive game.
Rafael Benitez
Remember that we can only in our forebrains handle 5-7 items. Our backbrains can handle massive amounts. So when you’re given a problem, think about it before you go sleep, and chances are you can solve it by the next morning.
Nolan Bushnell
Nothing runs forever. How you handle it, the most important thing is how you respect your audience, how you respect your cast, and being incredibly sensitive to how you wrap up any show when it ends a successful run.
Nina Tassler
I realize people feel a complex way about me and how I handle things compared to what I do in the ring.
Samoa Joe
I think the American people want to see the interactivity between candidates and audiences, and tough questions posed by people and how you handle them under fire.
Jack Kemp
There are sections of the film that I don’t love. There are moments that really lift and elevate, and then there are parts that feel clunkier to me. But the totality of ‘Harold and Maude’ is so much greater than maybe other films that are more perfect or look more beautiful or handle every moment more exquisitely.
Peter Hedges
Your personal capacity to handle more valuable projects will go up when you appreciate yourself more.
Brian Koslow
Acting is a career, and you can’t expect everything to work out the way you want. One has to be mature enough to handle that.
When the others grew tired and went home and there was no one else to play with I used to play my own Test matches on the porch of our house, using a broom handle or a stick as the bat and a marble as the ball. I would arrange the pot plants to represent fielders and try to find the gaps as I played my shots.
Brian Lara
The general consensus among historians, among the ones who can handle the fact that ‘Lincoln’ is, in fact, historical fiction, is that we demonstrate enormous fidelity to history and that, beyond that, we’ve actually contributed a line of thinking about Lincoln’s presidency that’s somewhat original.
Tony Kushner
Your personality as the prime minister feeds through to what you emphasise, and what you don’t, how you’ll handle a situation – whether you’ve got the combination of intelligence or instincts to adapt and to make good decisions.
John Key
I probably have a hidden issue, because before 'La Mism

I probably have a hidden issue, because before ‘La Misma Luna’ in 2007, I hated working with kids. But after that, I learned so much about how to handle a kid that I liked it. And then came ‘Instructions Not Included,’ and it was like, ‘OK, now I think I’ve got it.’ Life just kept bringing me projects with kids.
Eugenio Derbez
Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond your strength to handle at the moment you can grow more surely toward the stars.
Brian Tracy
Being southern and doing bobsled was difficult from the standpoint that I had no idea how to handle the cold and how to dress in the cold, let alone warm up and compete in the cold – so it was a definite shock. I didn’t even own a coat when I first started bobsledding!
Elana Meyers
Religion, you can’t a handle on it, you just have to know or not know-people either believe or they don’t believe.
Dennis Potter
‘The Host’ is very much in the same vein as ‘Twilight’, and there’s clearly a huge fan base out there. But I can’t imagine myself being as huge as Robert Pattinson. I’m not sure I could handle that level of fame.
Max Irons
I am just like any other woman, and I think I am the ‘fattest woman alive’ – but it is really about how you handle your situation.
Ashley Graham
From our perspective, the most important thing is what you do with the players, how you handle them, your ability to communicate with them.
Jeff Fisher
I had only ever done films that never had this huge fan base. I acted just to act. And so, coming into ‘The Originals’ and ‘Legacies’ and that fandom for the first time, I didn’t know how to handle it at first, but I have a better grip on it now.
Danielle Rose Russell
Umpires, like players, are expected to show constant improvement each season and at each level. Inconsistent plate work and the inability to handle situations are probably the two biggest problems that minor league umpires face.
Jim Evans
Congress has an obligation to make controversial decisions on how to handle undocumented immigration. Lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have refused to take the tough votes on the issue for decades. Whether it’s been to take advantage of cheap labor or for political purposes, both sides are guilty.
Katie Pavlich
I can’t even handle a spider in my bathtub. I’m scared of the dark, and I’ve got ultimate, epic bug phobia.
It was really weird dealing with the media. I had no idea how to handle it.
Laura Dekker
I believe comedy should be free to go anywhere. I believe that there is tasteful and untasteful, I think they’re very close to each other, and it’s how you handle it tonally. But I’m an equal opportunity offender. I’m happy to go at anything that has a cause to be laughed at.
David Dobkin
Everybody we meet has an influence on us and an impact – good or bad. And I think that’s why we have to be careful with the way we handle people because what we’re doing is making an impact.
Ernie Harwell
When I started Giorgio Armani in the mid-’70s, I realized that women needed a way to dress that was equivalent to that of men – something that would give them dignity, an attitude that would help them handle their work life.
Giorgio Armani
I don’t fear Holmes, but I think he’s a good fighter. He has a lot of pride. But I wouldn’t be fighting him if I feared him. It’s going to be a tough fight. People say with all the hoopla out there, I won’t be able to handle it. I believe the pressure’s on him. I’m just going to do my thing.
Gerry Cooney
People who have a sense of self-efficacy bounce back from failure; they approach things in terms of how to handle them rather than worrying about what can go wrong.
Albert Bandura
In my neighborhood growing up, 8, 10,12 kids were the norm. Those stay-at-home moms would handle so much physically and emotionally. Even in my early teens, I could tell those ladies were something.
Bonnie Hunt
The team needs a leader to handle everything with rules and constant stability. Mourinho is the ideal man for that job, and we are delighted about it.
Sergio Ramos
I see teenagers or people who are 21 and think, ‘I was an idiot at that age.’ I was running around New York like a crazy woman. Thank God I only had three and a half cents to my name. I was too immature to handle success then.
Melissa McCarthy
Touring doesn’t kill me and I can handle it.
Daniel Johns
I feel like if you wanna be sober and you can’t handle being around someone who drinks, then don’t do it.
Brandi Glanville
I try to handle myself with dignity.
Donovan McNabb
I try very hard to handle things equally: ideas, materials, and images.
Dan Colen
I think I had the smallest handle around. When I got my bats, I even trimmed them down. I used to scrape them. Some years later when I started getting older, I used to start with a 33 and in the summer it got down to 31 and then probably in September got down to 30.
Stan Musial
The rabbit is significant in that the handle on the original South Pointing Chariot was carved in the form of a rabbit. Because the handle extended out front it meant that wherever the rabbit went the chariot had to follow.
Kit Williams
I always say, no matter what happens to me as a black man in country music, I can handle it if Charley Pride could handle all the stuff he went through.
Darius Rucker
One of the biggest things we have to be able to do is to handle conflict and handle it correctly. We’re able to look at our biases, look at our frustration, look at our sin in this area, our pride and our selfishness. It allows us to move forward.
Benjamin Watson
You know what no one tells you about driving a truck? You are driving a truck. There are only side mirrors, and it does not handle like a Prius.
Ari Graynor
It seems that we have it backward in our society. We tend to look up to people who are under a great deal of stress, who can handle loads of stress, and those who are under a great deal of pressure.
Richard Carlson
The average American teenager sends or receives 75 text messages a day, though one girl in Sacramento managed to handle an average of 10,000 every 24 hours for a month.
Pico Iyer
Like other countries in the world, China must uphold it

Like other countries in the world, China must uphold its own sovereignty, territorial integrity and development interests. At the same time, we are willing to properly handle differences and disagreements in state-to-state relations.
Hu Jintao
I like working more than I like being at home. Facing that fact is incredibly difficult to handle, because what kind of person likes working more than being at home?
Shonda Rhimes
God, he deals you blows that at sometimes you think you can’t handle and in the last year there have been things that we thought we couldn’t handle but we’ve dealt with it up until this point.
Brett Favre
I’ve tried to handle winning well, so that maybe we’ll win again, but I’ve also tried to handle failure well. If those serve as good examples for teachers and kids, then I hope that would be a contribution I have made to sport. Not just basketball, but to sport.
Mike Krzyzewski
You get a different respect when you can handle things on the behind the scenes end as well as in front of the camera or in front of the mic.
Kandi Burruss
Experience always enables you to handle pressure better.
Virender Sehwag
You see a lot of European influence coming in with bigger guys having a larger skill set, shoot the ball, handle the ball, pass the ball. I’m hoping that’ll develop into something I can do.
Kelly Olynyk
The pressure used to wear on me. I was on Twitter a couple years ago, and I couldn’t handle it all that well. Don’t get me wrong, because 90% of the feedback you get is fantastic.
Bryan Cogman
Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.
Ronald Reagan
I don’t know this Channing Crowder. All I know is that he’s all tatted up, so I guess I ought to be nervous about him. If I was younger, I’d probably handle him myself.
Rex Ryan
I think at times where I fail as a leader is probably when I haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit to lead and when I do allow the Holy Spirit to handle it – I think that’s when I’m most successful as a leader.
Kirk Cousins
It’s amazing when people who don’t even know you pray for your good heath and success. But being a private person, sometimes I don’t know how to handle the adulation that comes my way.
Shaheer Sheikh
If the Iraqis fail to implement the reforms, if they fail to get a handle on the violence, there’s nothing the United States can do, militarily or otherwise, that can solve those problems. They have to assume the primary responsibility to govern themselves.
Leon Panetta
I have a long list of different smiles that you can do, and every model should be equipped. Everybody can’t handle the long list… That’s for, you know, advanced.
Tyra Banks
I was a shy kid with a broom handle that I pretended was a microphone.
Patti LaBelle
The body is ready to have babies. Nature wants it done then, when the body can handle it, not after 40, when the income can handle it.
Toni Morrison
The issue of civil rights was too much for the establishment to handle. One of the chapters of history that’s least studied by historians is the 300 to 500 riots in the U.S. between 1965 and 1970.
Tom Hayden
Trading is very competitive and you have to be able to handle getting your butt kicked.
Paul Tudor Jones
You have to handle adversity well. There are roadblocks you will have to fight through.
Zach LaVine
I have a lot of fun playing a model on television, and I love being an actress. I don’t think I could ever handle that world.
Sara Paxton
Getting organized in the normal routines of life and finishing little projects you’ve started is an important first step toward realizing larger goals. If you can’t get a handle on the small things, how will you ever get it together to focus on the big things?
Joyce Meyer
I’m envious of people that can handle the press. No matter what I say or how articulately I say it, it always comes back to the same issues. And it’s getting kind of old.
Al Jourgensen
The truth hurts, and not everyone can deal with it. Every player is different, but they are all entitled to the truth. It is up to them if they can handle it or not.
Edgar Davids
Not everyone can handle success, but look at Rajinikanth. His films release all over India, his fans worship him and what not. But when I first met him, I felt like he is one of us.
Pankaj Tripathi
But looking back, the fact was that I had a couple of big hits too quickly and it was simply too much for an introvert like me to handle.
Paula Cole
There’s a lot of stress out there, and to handle it, you just need to believe in yourself; always go back to the person that you know you are, and don’t let anybody tell you any different, because everyone’s special and everyone’s awesome.
McKayla Maroney
With an old broom handle, flour, water and egg you can make the most amazing pasta.
Dave Myers
Very often we see coaches who have not been successful being recycled, instead of looking to a new face or a new name who has demonstrated the ability to handle the job.
Lynn Swann
We expect teachers to handle teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and the failings of the family. Then we expect them to educate our children.
John Sculley
That’s what I’m attracted to: how people face struggle – with humor – and how they handle tough situations in their lives and in conversations.
Mike O’Malley
I will not compromise on language or content. At 15, people can handle the same language as me, they’re just as complicated as me and are very interested in thinking about important questions for the first time.
Aidan Chambers
The big influence on me was Robert Altman, who, especia

The big influence on me was Robert Altman, who, especially in ‘Nashville,’ transformed my sense of dramatic structure and showed how you could handle overlapping stories.
Tony Kushner
I got ‘Will & Grace,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, this is different. I don’t know how to handle this. I’m not bright enough; I’m not quick enough, I don’t have the DNA to be a spokesperson for any kind of group of people.’
Sean Hayes
People think that I’m mean because I’m quiet, and I don’t really go out places or because I don’t really say too much. On the other hand, people think that I’m soft because I may not handle myself the way other people handle themselves. That’s just not me. They don’t know my background or none of that stuff.
Derrick Rose
Lying under oath, and encouraging lies under oath, does go to the very heart and soul of what courts do. If we say we don’t care, let’s forget about courts, and we’ll just have other ways of figuring out how to handle disputes.
Ken Starr
There are some things that are more appropriate for different audiences. But the goal with all ages is to create comics that anyone can read, that don’t talk down to kids. Kids can handle a lot more than people think.
Noelle Stevenson
We’ve all recognized the moment when the world has handed us a situation that is bigger than our youth can handle, and we have to grow up in a second. And when you do get to the other side, all it does is take us to this new level of existence that is more beautiful and more complex and, in some ways, more painful.
Brie Larson
I was on subsidized housing for many years before my financial situation changed. I quickly found myself in a new economic structure and, frankly, knew little about how to handle my money.
Big Freedia
We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
Winston Churchill
Our weights fluctuate: Some people gain or lose, even friends who are average size. If I would say ‘I’m fat,’ my friends would say, ‘Don’t say that!’ And I’d think, ‘Are you offended, you can’t handle the word? Or do you think I am embarrassed?’
Chrissy Metz
You cannot trust 25 guys in a locker room to have the same respect and training as I do with a weapon. That I do understand. I’ve carried a gun for 10 years. I’ve carried them in the locker room, and nobody really knows about it. I know how to handle myself.
Luke Scott
I am very fortunate to work with people I have seen on the screen so many times and admired, and they are in the public eye, and I have seen how they handle it. There are definitely ways to just keep on enjoying the profession and the work. Other people tell me that things are going to change.
Alicia Vikander
As a professional athlete, the small print says there could be a trade at some point in your career. Sometimes expected, sometimes not. You have to be able to handle that.
Jason Kidd
We will hold Planned Parenthood accountable for knowingly endangering their patients by providing illegal abortions at a facility that was not properly licensed nor prepared to handle an emergency.
Matt Bevin
I still love Delhi but get scared of the madness sometime. I know that my fans love me. But it gets a bit tough to handle when, in their excitement, they start touching and poking you to see if you’re for real.
Preity Zinta
The stars handle it very graciously. They let you know. They know how to play the game.
Mary Hart
My dad was very explosive, God rest his soul. He could fly off the handle like no one I’ve ever known, and I have definitely got that in my personality: that ability to sort of smash the house up and then say, ‘Put the kettle on,’ to have that kind of attitude of, ‘Well, I’m OK now, so everybody else has got to be OK.’
Boy George
Our idea of fun wasn’t going to Disney World. It was, you want to play basketball, go outside, and make a goal. You want to play baseball? Take the old broom, take the handle off, take a tennis ball that we found somewhere, and go play baseball. We were forced to create things.
Booger McFarland
No baseball pitcher would be worth a darn without a catcher who could handle the hot fastball.
Casey Stengel
I have a beautiful son, I don’t regret it, I’m very proud of the way that we handle our relationship and the way that we keep our son first and that’s our priority.
Nia Long
Derbies are always difficult to play because you have to handle the pressure. There’s no advantage or disadvantage for either side.
Jurgen Klopp
I can do something for 30 days or 50 days. I can program myself, but I can’t give my year for a shooting. No, I will die. I can’t handle it.
Dimple Kapadia
When you come to a club like Hibs not everyone can handle it, there’s pressure in every single game to get results.
John McGinn
I’m very lucky with the people that recognise me – it’s at a very tolerable level. I don’t think I could handle the level of recognition which David Beckham has.
Sean Maguire
I can’t handle rollercoasters. I have no control of it. It gets to me.
Junior Seau
I suppose we all loved those kind of sci-fi movies where terrible things came out of swamps and came to Mars. And there’s usually some poor girl. All the guys are trying to desperately handle levers and saying, go to something or other.
Neil Innes
I didn’t handle success all that well.
Jerry Van Dyke
To create a big company, you need more partners, as it is hard to handle such a project alone. Such projects bring access to the expertise and management resources of the partners, and their connections above all.
Vladimir Potanin
Being single has its ups and downs, and being in a relationship has its ups and downs. It depends on how you balance it and how you handle your problems within your relationship.
R. Kelly
I think George Mitchell is a consummate professional. He is the ideal selection to handle the job of special envoy if you choose to have a special envoy.
John F. Kerry
When you celebrate, it’s something that happens as a group. But when you mourn, sorrow is something that you handle as an individual.
Irvin Mayfield
When people say, ‘You’re not being realistic,’ they’re just trying to tag some thoughts that they can’t otherwise handle.
David R. Brower
After the 1960s and '70s, there were real doubts about

After the 1960s and ’70s, there were real doubts about whether a mortal man could handle the country’s highest office. It had destroyed Johnson, corrupted Nixon, and overwhelmed Ford and Carter.
Nancy Gibbs
I don’t know how to handle all the trade talks.
Jayson Tatum
My mother and father could not handle even me being gay. We never talked about it, really.
Rufus Wainwright
We all make worse decisions when we are tired but being fit keeps your mind sharp and gives you the confidence to handle anything the world throws at you.
Jos Buttler
I’m really not thick-skinned – my wife will tell you that I take sunsets personally – but I know that I’ve got the belly for whatever comes down the pike. I think it’s tenacity. You’ve been there before, and you just have to recall, ‘How did I handle that one?’
Jerry Lewis
Cyborg doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and whenever he encounters an issue that he’s not initially equipped to handle, his technology can transmogrify and immediately adapt to that situation.
Ray Fisher
We develop social systems for the handicapped, but when you’re handicapped in your mind, society doesn’t handle those situations well. I think we don’t recognize or acknowledge the power of messages and how deeply affected we all are by the messages we receive from the media.
Aloe Blacc
What vital U.S. interest is imperiled in who comes to power in Podgorica, Montenegro? Why cannot Europe handle this problem in its own back yard?
Pat Buchanan
Brands will increasingly handle their own e-commerce and rely less and less on local distribution partners. Why should they give away their profit margins?
Natalie Massenet
I wouldn’t know how to handle serenity if somebody handed it to me on a plate.
Dusty Springfield
I don’t think I suffered with depression, I don’t think I’m a depressed type of person – I just think I suffered a depression to do with snooker, and I just couldn’t handle it. I could go out and play, but take me out of there and I couldn’t do life. It was a nightmare, my life just felt like a bit of a nightmare.
Ronnie O’Sullivan
I’m a kid who grew up in a small town and started acting when he was seven for no reason and got lucky. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. I feel like some people, especially child stars, act out because they don’t know how to handle the pressure.
Gaten Matarazzo
God will give you no more than you can handle.
Clarence Clemons
I have always promised myself and my wife that when I don’t enjoy it anymore, or I can’t handle the stress and the pressure that comes with having such a high-profile and top job – or my energy levels starts to fail me, or my enthusiasm starts to be dented – I won’t prolong my career longer than I feel I should.
Roy Hodgson
You have to see if the batsman is coming out, if he is staying back, what his grip is like, to gauge his intentions. A common trend I have observed is, a lot of batsmen change their grips when they are looking to hit: normally they either go high or slide their hand to the bottom of the handle to get maximum power.
Harbhajan Singh
I enjoy watching competitive people. You watch ’em come and you watch ’em go, and how they try to be the best. How they handle when they’re not. How they handle when they are. How they get along together on the court.
Tom Heinsohn
I think I rushed and I needed more time with my comeback. I needed more time to get my legs stronger to be able to handle the workload. You can only train for that by pitching innings. You can’t simulate pitching off a mound in a game inside a weight room.
David Cone
The Ranbaxy acquisition doesn’t preclude us from making more large acquisitions. The important issue is whether we have the management bandwidth to handle the acquisition.
Dilip Shanghvi
People are always asking me for pictures, signing autographs, everywhere I go. Before, it used to irritate me, but I’ve learned to handle the situation. I cannot run away unless I lock myself in my room and never go out.
Caster Semenya
When you’re 19 and writing plays, you think every actor is full of it. They just can’t handle your brilliant material.
Sam Shepard
If somebody would’ve told me that I was going to lose my legs at the age of 19, I would’ve thought there’s absolutely no way I’d be able to handle that. But then it happened, and I realized that there’s so much more to live for, that my life isn’t about my legs.
Amy Purdy
Life is, and should be, a little hard. Getting punched in the face or getting an occasional concussion will probably happen to us all at some point in our lives. We can handle it.
Peter Berg
My wife hates the beard. When we dated, I would grow it out during duck season. She said she could handle anything for three months – but now I have it all the time.
Jase Robertson
The worst parts of playing a festival are walking. Not a fan of walking. The mud, I can handle. But the walking? No, ta.
Gerry Cinnamon
I’ve never been good in the financial and business arenas. I handle the creative side of things.
Daryl Hannah
I believe that Secretary Clinton has said, has acknowledged, that that was not the best way to handle her emails back then… and has turned over all of the information and the emails and documents and now the server.
Julian Castro
The book is a dialogue between The Dalai Lama and a group of scientists about how we can better handle our destructive emotions and how to overcome them.
Daniel Goleman
What is imponderable in the world is greater than what we can handle.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
‘Quantum of Solace’ was a bit of a different circumstance than a lot of my other films because you’re stepping into a franchise, and also in that particular film, we’re dealing with a script from the writer’s strike, which was difficult to handle because there was never time to really develop a finished script.
Marc Forster
After my hit ‘Mynaa’, big offers came to me. I didn’t know how to handle things. Once you know how to handle things and you come of age, you want to do mature films.
Amala Paul
I used to have seizures when I was young. My mother and father didn’t know what to do or how to handle it but they did the best they could with what little they had.
I consider myself to be a crusader of love. I try to sp

I consider myself to be a crusader of love. I try to spread love around the world as best I can because I know I have a handle on love.
Brian Wilson
When I did a film with Salman Khan, he used to get up at 5 in the morning for shoots. If I can handle Salman then I think nobody in the industry is a problem.
I wonder why it is, that young men are always cautioned against bad girls. Anyone can handle a bad girl. It’s the good girls men should be warned against.
David Niven
Like, I don’t do drills at all. I think that’s why a lot of people who handle the basketball, I think mine looks different. You know, ’cause I’ve never done a drill. I’ve never done ‘get to a chair and go through your legs,’ or ‘get to a spot and a cone and go through your legs or behind your back.’
Jamal Crawford
The sky was falling down on me and I spent most of the time drunk. It was the only way I could handle it.
David Millar
There are, in fact, very few organic zinc compounds; only the first members of the series, which correspond to the simplest organic radicals, can be prepared without too much difficulty, but they have the disadvantage of being spontaneously inflammable in air and are consequently very dangerous to handle.
Victor Grignard
I think I could handle right tackle. With great coaches, I think I can handle anything.
Michael Oher
If I get a chance, high pick and roll more. I want some triple doubles. I’ve got to get my handle right so I can pass and get it to guys where they can make shots.
Jimmy Butler
So though there are many things I would have done differently, I submit to God’s sovereignty and His purpose in my life and I thank Him that He brought me the way He brought me and gave me what He gave me when He thought I could handle it.
T. D. Jakes
Many of us use God’s love like the manna in the desert. We take what we need for particular situations and then go our own way – thinking we can handle other situations ourselves.
Mother Angelica
Democracies can’t handle austerity measures very well.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The problem with humans is that they are unable to handle their own intelligence.
Jaggi Vasudev
As the third anniversary of the September 11th attacks draws near we must ensure our nation is prepared to handle the continued threat of violence and terrorism on our country.
Leonard Boswell
My thought has always been completion. Maybe you have to rebound better, shoot better, hit free throws, handle the ball, defend better. You have to do all those things in the course of a game.
Isaiah Thomas
As we grow, we learn to handle situations differently than we normally would.
Joyner Lucas
To be a champion, you have to learn to handle stress and pressure. But if you’ve prepared mentally and physically, you don’t have to worry.
Harvey Mackay
I say that the top players are the ones who work hardest. They are the easiest to handle – they know what it takes to stay at the best level.
Thomas Tuchel
When it comes to wrestling, I’m 100 percent confident in my abilities, and I see myself being in the ring as long as my body can handle it.
Randy Orton
Being from New York, everybody’s a point guard. Even when you play in the park, you’ve got to know how to handle the ball. If you can’t handle the ball, you can’t really play.
Joakim Noah
When I wake up, I’ll go through emails on my iPhone – the junk email. At that point, my brain isn’t usually awake enough to handle anything more than that.
Sam Trammell
God has equipped you to handle difficult things. In fact, He has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside you. You just have to water those seeds with His Word to make them grow!
Joyce Meyer
Obviously, everyone wants to play in the NBA but I think if you handle what’s in front of you first you’ll get your chance when your name is called.
Tristan Thompson
I can handle a lot of work. I’ve always been able to. I’m a very focused individual. I come to my studio at about 7:30 in the morning and exit almost 5:00 P.M. In that time, those eight or nine hours, it’s kind of laser focus on whatever I’m working on. There aren’t really any distractions or anything.
Jeff Lemire
If you can’t handle some of the basic stuff that’s become a problem in the workforce today, then you don’t belong in the workforce.
Donald Trump, Jr.
There’s a lot of criticism in this job and what we do. It’s in front of everybody and for everybody to have their own opinion about what we do. Don’t be in this position if you can’t handle that criticism.
Holly Holm
God will give us the strength to be able to handle things. I mean, you can try to do it on your own, and sometimes you can pull off some stuff, but in the long run, it’s much easier with Him by our side.
Bethany Hamilton
The first thing you learn about the music business is that it changes very quickly. You come into it at a certain point and you think you have a handle on it… And then, three years later, the whole thing has been turned upside-down.
Dean Wareham
Berklee played a huge role in shaping my music. On an academic level, I learned a lot about vocal technique and culture. Since my major was Music Production and Engineering, I got a good handle on the technical and creative aspects of making a record.
Sid Sriram
Play not with paradoxes. That caustic which you handle in order to scorch others may happen to sear your own fingers and make them dead to the quality of things.
George Eliot
When you work with actors, what you’re hoping to absorb is good ways to be an actor as opposed to how to handle being famous.
Domhnall Gleeson
Allowing for endless legal challenges or partisan political discussions is not the proper way to handle an issue that affects the entire scope of the environment and the economy.
Gene Green
Robots are very tricky to design and expensive, whereas

Robots are very tricky to design and expensive, whereas humans are cheaply manufactured. Humans can handle things with greater manual dexterity than most robots I’ve known.
Roger Zelazny
I always liked the idea in ‘Potter’ that you don’t choose the wand, the wand chooses you, and that relics decide when you’re ready to handle them. I’m a cinephile first and a filmmaker second, and it’s all swimming in the subconscious.
Scott Derrickson
What we’ve seen of Rey, she looks like she can handle her stuff. So most of the comments I get are from parents who say how wonderful it is that their little girls can see this character.
Daisy Ridley
You play in different situations and conditions, and you have to come up with new solutions for the problems. It has made me a more rounded player, who can handle different tactics and positions.
Roberto Firmino
I was a different kind of player as a kid and didn’t do too much shouting and screaming. If things didn’t go my way, I tended to get a bit overwhelmed. All I wanted to do was cry on my mom’s shoulder. I didn’t know how to handle defeat in front of a crowd, and I didn’t want to be the loser.
John McEnroe
In my tradition, one must wait until one has learned a lot of Bible and Talmud and the Prophets to handle mysticism. This isn’t instant coffee. There is no instant mysticism.
Elie Wiesel
I remember lying in bed one night when I was 15 and deciding I was ready to go into acting properly. I’d put it off until then because I didn’t feel I was ready to handle the rejections.
Lily Collins
There were times my mom and I butted heads – over my curfew, over something like that. Whenever we would hit these moments of emotional backfire, she would say, ‘You just don’t understand what it’s like to be a mother… I could never handle losing you.’ I was like, ‘OK, but just, like, chill out.’
Brie Larson
There’s a verse in the Bible: ‘Those who are barren have more children than those who give birth.’ There are young people all over the world who come to me for advice and love. I have all the children I can handle.
Ginger Rogers
I was sure I’d set the world on fire, and it was hard for a young feller like me to realize the truth – that I hadn’t set the world on fire, and I was totally unprepared to handle the consequences if ‘The Big Trail’ had been a success and launched me as a star.
John Wayne
You convey something that the public either trusts or it does not trust, and it has to do with the content and how you handle the news, but it also just has something to do with your persona.
Tom Brokaw
Many models I knew had come from broken families. That makes a significant difference in the way you handle yourself and the choices you make.
Christy Turlington
In running, I can internalize that intensity. I can handle it because it’s me and I’m coming back in the next race. I’m always ready for the next race.
Donovan Bailey
He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.
Sun Tzu
Such is the endless dilemma of dialect. Not every reader will ever agree with the way that I handle it, no matter how hard I work to keep everything readable. But again it’s that balance I have to maintain between keeping it easy and keeping it real, and I know that I’ll never please everyone.
Susanna Kearsley
Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Doing one movie every two years is about all I can handle ’cause, being the creator at ’30 Rock’, my year there starts in the middle of June and goes back around until March.
Tina Fey
Paul Simon started piling up a lot of words, more than the bar could handle, and I stopped!
Joni Mitchell
Customers buy Basecamp without ever having to interact with us. If they do have a question, we handle everything via email. We’ve been in the business of automation. We’ve never really valued full service.
Jason Fried
The relationship between you and your boss will change over time. When you just started out, that boss was your mentor and took you under their wing. As a seasoned employee, though, you no longer need your boss to guide you along. You should be able to handle tasks on your own.
John Rampton
Fame is empowering. My mistake was that I thought I would instinctively know how to handle it. But there’s no manual, no training course.
Charlie Sheen
We already have a pretty good knowledge of the universe’s mass-energy content, so if we can get a handle on its geometry, then we will be able to work out exactly what the fate of the universe will be.
Priyamvada Natarajan
In 1999, we went into the World Cup with a string of victories behind us but we could not handle the pressure and ended up letting ourselves down.
Gareth Thomas
My only job is to write in such a way that the reader gets a new handle on humanity.
Thomas Steinbeck
Social media is an ever-changing world. You want to be ready if a certain platform becomes red-hot, and you don’t want someone else taking your company name as his or her handle. That does happen!
Michelle Phan
I got to the big leagues when I was 20. I thought I had it all figured out. Went to spring training that next year and started off well, got sent down, and I pouted pretty much all of 2000. And it wasn’t the right way to handle it.
Vernon Wells
Somewhere my dad gave up. He was really so successful at his level that after a point he could not handle failure.
Farah Khan
My definition of product-market fit is you are drowning in demand – your product is being used by so many customers that you cannot handle all the new people knocking at your door!
Michael Seibel
The worst situation you can have in a thriller is a lead who looks like he can handle himself.
Daniel Craig
I had placenta previa, which had me on bed rest for almost four to five months after the pregnancy. I just started putting on weight and falling into some kind of place in my head because it went from shows, award functions and a glamorous lifestyle to just not being able to handle what pregnancy was doing to me.
Sameera Reddy
I am mean; I’m nasty at times. I don’t feel like talking to people at times. When I am in a bad mood and have had a really awful day, don’t come in my face because I am not tolerant and I am not a goddess; I can’t handle it after a point. I am going to get up, and I am going to scream, and I am going to say bad things to you.
The Internet was invented in an age when our entire app

The Internet was invented in an age when our entire approach to regulation has been extremely lax, and so you’d think, ‘OK, there might be a law on the books that governs how these corporations can handle our data.’
Franklin Foer
When we step into a new terrain, we experience vast uncertainty. Uncertainty is just a situation that you do not know how to handle.
Jaggi Vasudev
I can handle ups and downs.
James Rosenquist
I ask myself why I do it. Maybe it’s to prove I’m still around. It takes a lot out of my body. I’m not an NBA player anymore. At my age, very few people can handle it.
Jerry Stiller
Evidence shows that having even weak social connections in a stressful situation is really good for your health and your ability to handle that situation.
Jane McGonigal
I react to stress badly. I handle it better these days. But I’m a very straightforward person.
Dawn Steel
I’ve been living with the minor second all my life and I finally found a way to handle it.
Morton Feldman
Whatever happens will happen, that’s the rollercoaster of life. What matters is how you handle the slumps.
Graeme Souness
I can handle heckling on evolution because it’s my own field.
Richard Dawkins
I see people having fits because their coffee is too hot or their baked potato is too cold, or some random something is imperfect and somebody can be blamed for it. These people can fly off the handle and nobody says, ‘Too much beef will do that to a person.’ If it’s a vegan: a clear case of alfalfa sprout poisoning.
Victoria Moran
There’s not many people that can handle my sheer madness.
Right now I am trying to be in a place of calm, a place where I can chill out and then handle the chaos of life better. You don’t just get it overnight; you have to work at it. It’s a daily struggle.
Jackee Harry
A film set becomes its own family anyway, and all family dynamics come out during a shoot. The trick is hiring people who know how to handle that.
Noah Baumbach
Everyone has those insecurities, everyone doubts themselves but it’s how we handle that as humans and as people and how we support one another and how we really embrace the things that make us unique.
Tessa Virtue
I wake up each morning and make my schedule, and when I do, I plan the work around when I’ll be able to handle it best.
Rachel Hollis
Every guy is a little different, how you talk to him, how you handle him and hold him accountable, every guy is a little different.
Ryan Tannehill
There are so many shows that are ‘white,’ and we wanted to talk about how two really delusional, cliche white girls handle racial issues.
Erin Foster
I need my president to be prepared to handle all the critical issues our country faces.
Jason Winston George
I know, as an actor, you have to negotiate, but I can’t handle the whole idea that art and commerce are synonymous. It drives me nuts.
Sam Shepard
We just take pride that our sons have worked hard and they handle their position as a quarterback.
Archie Manning
If you’re rude to waiters or waitstaff, I cannot handle that. I really think that shows your true personality.
Brandi Glanville
I started a company in 2005 for language services called Blue Elephant. We handle translation and interpretation services in over 120 languages.
I’ve always admired Jeff Bridges. I really like how one can never get a handle on what he’s doing.
Bill Hader
I want to clean up my handle. Get stronger. Those are the things that will help me out in the long run.
Kyle Kuzma
The whole Twitter phenomenon is really indicative of what’s happening in this country. And I say this in condemnation of myself as much as anyone else – we are growing into a nation that has no time, desire or capacity for truth. All we can handle is 140 characters of knowledge.
Kurt Sutter
The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.
Robert Kiyosaki
You got to have the right lawyer and good management. I went years and years without management and even a good lawyer; I used to handle contracts on my own, and it was definitely corners that they would cut. It wouldn’t have happened if I had a good lawyer behind me.
Statik Selektah
I think the theater is basically the boot camp for the actor. If you can survive the rigors of an eight-show-a-week schedule and be at your best all the time, you can handle virtually everything because no other craft requires you to get it right every single time.
Corey Reynolds
I wasn’t a great student, but I was interested in this theater thing, and I could spend hours in the library researching why the cuffs in the 18th century had four buttons. It was my handle.
Jimmy Smits
I’d had three husbands by 23. The second was a songwriter who couldn’t handle the fact the little lady was doing better than him.
Carlene Carter
I think, sometimes when we face problems and issues in our life, we have a tendency to really deny that a problem exists. Or sometimes we say, oh, it’ll go away, or we can handle it. It’s – you know, don’t worry. I’ve got it covered. And a lot of times, that’s not the case.
Judy Smith
My mother always told me not to handle a buffalo by its

My mother always told me not to handle a buffalo by its tail, but always catch it by its horns. And I have used that lesson in everything in my life, including the Railways.
Lalu Prasad Yadav
The first thing I learned about weapons is respect, and that carries into movies as well. If you’re on set and you’re dealing with weapons, live or not, you respect the weapon; you know how to handle it appropriately.
Rachel Nichols
It’s hard for people to get their hands around fame, because it’s heady stuff, and you have to look at it as being dangerous explosives, and you have to handle it with care.
George Hamilton
I don’t understand why Europeans and South Americans can take more sophistication. Why is it that Americans need to hear their happiness major and their tragedy minor, and as jazzy as they can handle is a seventh chord? Are they not experiencing complex emotions?
Joni Mitchell
I have always maintained a high level of fitness, and that is why I am still able to handle the demands of playing in the Premiership. People have always commented on my fitness, and it’s something I pride myself on.
Richard Gough
There have been setbacks, illnesses and other obstacles, so inevitably I’ve had disappointments. But once you realise that things can’t always go your own way, you’re on the right track to being able to handle your own life.
Diana Quick
The cool thing is, I was a little nervous about how they were going to handle Black Panther in his own movie, but then when I saw ‘Civil War’ and just the perfect way they handled him in that movie, it made me even more excited about a Black Panther film.
Brian Stelfreeze
There were times I’d be nervous walking home from elementary school, thinking, ‘If that red tag from the power company saying our lights are turned off is on the door handle, I don’t know what I’ll do.’
Chrissy Metz
I like to remain somewhat anonymous. I could never handle the whole Britney Spears syndrome of being noticed everywhere.
Rob Halford
I hired a publicist once I got cast in ‘Passing Strange,’ and one of the first conversations we had was about how I wanted to handle talking about my sexuality. I said, ‘It’s never been an issue for me. I want to talk about my work, but if something about myself relates to my work, of course I’ll talk about it.’
Colman Domingo
The attitude in Baltimore in 1999 was almost one of resignation, that our problems were bigger than our capacity to handle them.
Martin O’Malley
It’s a comforting thought to know that I’ve got my partner by my side walking through life and all the ups and the downs. I know we can handle it. There’s nothing too big or too crazy that’s going to tear us apart.
Vanessa Lachey
After the tragic events of Manchester, with the senseless loss of life and the fear that came from knowing my family was unsafe and that I was completely powerless to protect them, I went to a very dark place with no tools to handle the feelings that came along with the devastation of the attack.
Frankie Grande
My cancer allowed me to explore who I really was. Now I feel like a woman who’s able to handle whatever life has dealt her.
Ann Jillian
You face distractions, you face adversity in life and you have to be able to handle it, you have to be able to fight through it and become a better man and become a better player because of it.
Ryan Tannehill
I’m certainly no Bruce Springsteen in terms of being a storyteller, but I’m trying to get a better handle on it and not always go after it from an autobiographical standpoint.
Myles Kennedy
I actually found it very moving how destructive depression is. I was really saddened by this burden people have to handle.
Ronnie Corbett
I feel I handle the pressure situations well, and that’s why I want to be there at the end.
AB de Villiers
My dad always told me that, as far as he’s concerned, I can do whatever I choose in life as long as I’m happy and can handle the consequences of bad decisions. He only ever said that when he thought I was doing the wrong thing. I would employ similar passive aggression.
Greg Davies
Becoming famous is a really shocking thing, especially when you don’t have aspirations to it. It got to the point where I would try and avoid making eye contact with anyone. It was freaky, and it just happened overnight. I couldn’t handle it.
Alison Moyet
What can happen if a young reader picks up a book he/she isn’t yet ready for? Questions, maybe. Usually, that child puts down the book and says, ‘Boring.’ Or, ‘I’m not ready for this.’ Kids are really good at knowing what they can handle.
Judy Blume
A utility can handle up to 20% of production from solar and that helps the grid because it produces electricity when needed. Solar power peaks in the middle of the day and that’s also when air conditioning is running and businesses are operating, so power production matches usage.
Elon Musk
In the early 1900s, wrestlers who attained main event success were largely all tough men who could handle themselves in any environment whether it be in a wrestling ring or a tavern.
Jim Ross
Some players have no idea how to handle life without structure. That’s why some players get into trouble during the offseason. This is literally the first time in our lives we’ve ever had free time without somebody telling us where to be and what to do.
Pat McAfee
At Helsingborgs, there were ups and downs, and you need to learn how to handle it.
Henrik Larsson
I didn’t want the responsibility, I didn’t know how to handle the responsibility of speaking for the gay community. I always felt like I owed them a huge apology for coming out too late.
Sean Hayes
A lot of people have problems with public confrontation, but it doesn’t worry me at all. I can handle myself. I know my martial arts.
At that age, feeling unpopular is difficult to handle. It’s a hard feeling to shake off. Feeling comfortable in my own skin has never been easy for me.
Rachel Stevens
Sometimes you surprise yourself with what you can handle, and if you come out the other end with some wisdom, then it’s not such a bad thing.
Boy George
I believe comedy should be free to go anywhere. I believe that there is tasteful and untasteful, I think they’re very close to each other, and it’s how you handle it tonally. But I’m an equal opportunity offender.
David Dobkin
I think the Lord gives us everything we can handle, nothing more.
Joe Nichols
I already get 10 job offers a year, which is more than

I already get 10 job offers a year, which is more than I can handle anyway.
Leroy Hood
Once I started getting serious about standup I got a better handle on word economy and making jokes punchier, which translated well to Twitter.
Jaboukie Young-White
You learn yourself, as a player, what you can handle at the plate, what you can’t.
Christian Yelich
At this very moment, I don’t feel I will be able to handle what’s coming.
Susan Smith
To be able to serve and to eat a whole fish, especially a trout, is part of civilized dining. This applies particularly to the young, who should take to it as soon as they can handle knife and fork; this is a fine way for them to begin taking pride in themselves and their abilities.
Julia Child
God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress.
Kelly Clarkson
If children can’t handle competition when it’s necessary, or take some criticism, or never strive to be better because their parents inadvertently programmed them to believe they are already the best even when they’re not, then they are in for some serious shocks and bumps down the road.
LZ Granderson
My work begins at around 3 P.M. I wake up at around 2 P.M., watch my serial cassettes, jog for 30 minutes, get my make-up done, and plunge into meetings lined up with my directors. By evening, I finish all meetings and go to my office, where I handle any problems that may have arisen there.
Ekta Kapoor
It wasn’t like I came in and was like, ‘I’m going to be a starter.’ That was never in my head. It was always about, like, ‘I can make sure I come and I’m better and I can handle the ball and I can shoot and I can defend. And, if I can do those things, I will play.’
Pascal Siakam
No dog is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate dogs, I train people. I am the dog whisperer.
Cesar Millan
For me, concussion response is pure common sense. We can all probably handle a few mild concussions. I have had at least three, and despite my detractors’ opinions, I am mentally and physically fine.
Peter Berg
I know what I am, and what I have to do in my profession, so I can handle the pressure. It’s the way I think.
Michael Schumacher
Countries have largely been left alone to handle or ignore their educational problems as they see fit. In part, this was because we assumed that the contexts and challenges were so different from nation to nation that education could not be tackled at the international level.
Wendy Kopp
It’s about sharing. You just give what you have to give wherever you go, and you let God handle the rest.
Lindsay Wagner
Being president isn’t anything like reality TV. It’s not about sending insulting tweets or making fiery speeches; it’s about whether or not the candidate can handle the awesome responsibility of leading this country.
Michelle Obama
If you can’t handle the responsibility of a hit single, don’t write one.
Joe Elliott
Americans have always been able to handle austerity and even adversity. Prosperity is what is doing us in.
James Reston
I have to prove myself in a lot of ways – as an actor, as a person, as someone who can handle pressure.
Sam Claflin
Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.
Henry Ward Beecher
And I think people who sort of glibly say, ‘Well, you know, they’re not going to handle security, UAE is a great ally,’ four and a half years ago, they were not an ally, they were working with the enemy, and if those same people are still there today that were there then, these are real serious issues.
Peter T. King
It must be very strange to live in the world of Willie Nelson or Bruce Springsteen or Pearl Jam. I don’t know what kind of handle they have on their own loss of talent.
David Berman
I have friends who are in the posh category and some who are in the not-at-all-posh category, and some who you would find it very hard to get any sort of handle on. But I am lucky to have any friends, of course.
Jools Holland
I always revisit duality because I think it’s a conflict we all have. I think we all leave our house and go to work, and we put on the cape and become superheroes. That’s what we do. It’s how we move through life and handle negativity: you do everything you can to stay away from it.
Big K.R.I.T.
Even when I interact or meet my fans during events, I let them know of my actual Twitter handle so that they are not taken advantage of by anybody online pretending to be me.
Rithvik Dhanjani
I’m always nervous before playing a gig, to tell you the truth. It’s what nearly did me in when I was with the Libertines. I just couldn’t handle it.
Pete Doherty
I reason that as long as I’m smiling 90 percent of the time, I can handle the setbacks that occur 10 percent of the time.
Payal Kadakia
The combination of landing the biggest interview of my career and having a drill in my back reminds me that God only gives us what we can handle and that it helps to have a good sense of humor when we run smack into the absurdity of life.
Robin Roberts
I feel the older I get, the more I’m learning to handle life. Being on this quest for a long time, it’s all about finding yourself.
Ringo Starr
The trouble is that right now I want to put as much work into football as I can. It’s very important for me to get off to a good start. By the same token, I feel a responsibility to handle the media and those sort of things.
Doug Flutie
I have a fairly limited drawing style. I’m not like my friend Derek Kirk Kim, who can pretty much change his style at will. My drawing style can handle some of my stories, but not all of them.
Gene Luen Yang
There are already a lot of devices in our lives that have rich text or the ability to handle graphics. Our devices are designed to be understood in less than a quarter of a second.
David Rose
The best way to handle women is to keep them pregnant a

The best way to handle women is to keep them pregnant and barefoot.
Bobby Riggs
I am a great believer in the OHIO principle: Only handle it once. When you read an e-mail, decide whether or not to reply to it, and, if you need to reply, do so right then and there. I have found that about 80 percent of all e-mails, whether internal or external, do not require a response.
Robert Pozen
This is life right here. This is what happens. You get knocked down. You’ve got to step back up. How are you going to handle a loss? This is what Mojo Rawley is all about.
Mojo Rawley
The really basic stuff that fuels 30-year job booms almost always comes from government research, stuff like biotech, the transistor, the Internet. The idea that private capital can handle the early spade work is a joke.
Glenn Kelman
I have never been worried because when you have hope and peace, you can handle anything.
Paul Henderson
I liked the kid who wrote me that he had to do a term paper on a modern poet and he was doing me because, though they say you have to read poems twice, he found he could handle mine in one try.
Howard Nemerov
The transition from tyranny to democracy is very hard. The Syrian people have to handle this in a way that works in Syria. And the brutality of the Assad regime is unacceptable.
Jack Lew
Obviously talent gets you to a certain point, but it’s what you do with it, how you handle.
Brett Favre
If you are a good writer – and I think I am – you are able to handle any kind of group and imagine their lives.
Earl Hamner, Jr.
Nobody prepares you for what happens when you get famous, and I didn’t handle it well.
Chevy Chase
If you’ve gone into a marriage and you haven’t been clear about how you’re going to handle money, how you want to raise kids, who is going to work or stay home or what have you, then you’ve set yourself up for failure.
Phil McGraw
I like the drinking-out-of-the-fire-hose approach – you’re getting way more than you can handle.
Peter Heller
If you’ve spent any time on social media, you may have had the misfortune of coming up against a cowardly troll who hides behind a Twitter handle or Facebook page to criticize or attack you for any number of grievances, real or perceived.
S.E. Cupp
He was so good with the kids on the set. He just knew exactly how to handle them. The baby would cry and Vin would hold him and do all these weird sounds and the baby would stop crying. It was really cute.
Brittany Snow
I think it’s true we look forward to enormous amounts of information, but I think we would be better off if we thought about the kinds of wisdom and thoughtfulness that we need in order to handle the amount of information ahead.
Maya Soetoro-Ng
America is haunted by an apparition steeped in slavery, and I wanted to remind everyone that, ‘Yo, we’ve got to handle this.’
I think, in this business, you grow up quickly because you are surrounded by adults; you are needing to stay present and stay cautious of what you are saying. I have been working since I was 10, but I also went to public high school, so I know how to handle all of it.
Danielle Campbell
You feel a lot more in your hands if the pitch gets in on you and busts you in the handle. It stings. But when you catch it square, it doesn’t seem like you feel it as much.
Ryan Howard
Mr. Speaker, Delaware River’s regional ports handle approximately 58 million tons of cargo yearly.
Robert Brady
If you grasp the bathroom door handle to exit without using a paper towel, you’re right back where you started, with who-knows-whose germs on your hands.
Faith Salie
The dojo system in Japan is something very unique. It prepared me not only for wrestling in the States and around the world, but it also prepared me for how to handle myself as an adult in the real world.
Finn Balor
It’s funny because everybody has injuries, and different teams handle them differently.
Jason Kidd
It’s very hard for an artist to negotiate their fees. My job is to act; my manager’s job should be to handle the business side of it.
Mahira Khan
Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.
John Steinbeck
If you think scrawling your Twitter handle on a bus window with a Sharpie is a worthwhile way to gain followers, your social media strategy is headed in a pretty pathetic direction.
Sean Evans
Food’s delicate. You have to handle it with finesse. You can’t just be a big ogre.
April Bloomfield
Literary novelists who have a strong handle on plot are often characterized as good vacation reads because they manage to transport you elsewhere, away from the petty facts of ordinary life.
Michelle Dean
I’m thankful for the ability to share my faith in a lot of different places. It’s something that I take as a responsibility and an obligation to handle as best as I can.
Tim Tebow
What is a fair way to structure our economy? To handle those who did not come to America legally? To distribute scarce public resources and benefits?
Kristen Soltis Anderson
For me, it was never a question of whether or not I was transgender. It was a question of what I’d be able to handle transitioning and having to do it in the public eye. One of the issues that was hard for me to overcome was the fear of that.
Chaz Bono
I think it’s getting proven I’ve got good mechanics; I make my free throws. I handle the ball, too. I can do a lot of things I didn’t do in college.
Willie Cauley-Stein
So many groups fail because they spend all their time i

So many groups fail because they spend all their time in the clubs. Work pours in and they can’t handle it because of late-night drinking.
Maurice Gibb
I feel particularly passionate about being a part of ‘Rillington Place’ because I’ve never had a job where I’ve felt so much responsibility and I’ve had to handle something with so much delicacy, because this story and these people were real.
Jodie Comer
I just have to go against the grain. I mean, I can be objective and do what I need to do, handle my everyday living, follow directions, etc. But there’s something that’s always been attracted to that taboo. It’s been like that since I was a child.
Freddie Gibbs
Some of the most interesting research that I did was about risk assessment and how ordinary citizens like me handle risk assessment and how irregular our risk assessments are.
Eula Biss
I’m very competitive, and my ego couldn’t handle that lack of success.
Gavin DeGraw
I have learnt that patience is important: patience when you bowl and also in how you handle life.
Imran Tahir
It’s not misogynistic to criticize a legendary female pop singer; it’s misogynistic to think a legendary female pop singer can’t handle it.
Greg Gutfeld
If you want to know how to handle a crew, it’s great to be part of a crew.
Guillermo del Toro
Open-mindedness is considered to be a virtue. But, strictly speaking, it cannot occur. A new experience must be redacted into old categories. We cannot handle each event freshly in its own right. If we did so, of what use would past experience be?
Gordon W. Allport
I started my music career at 18 and for a long while I let other people handle my affairs.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Being able to sing all these years has helped me handle life’s tragedies.
Patti Page
In the beginning, I was riddled with major complexes about my looks. Even now, here and there, these complexes crop up. But as the days progressed, I learnt to handle them much better.
If Lukaku is not as good as others with his first touch, then give him a ball that he can handle.
Dimitar Berbatov
The only way you can handle big kinds of questions is to simply state briefly what the truth was. What am I going to tell you about the Holocaust? Would you like three pages about it? I don’t think you would… I don’t think anything different than you think – it was horrible.
Alan Furst
In pick-and-roll situations, I feel like the NBA is all pick-and-rolls, so I want to be able to handle the ball in pick-and-rolls and make the right read, make the right passes, and make plays for my teammates.
Kevin Knox
I tell my students that if you have enough preparation, you can handle the big interviews. You won’t be intimidated.
Lowell Bergman
I’m afraid sometimes certain individual cases of defaults are unavoidable. What we should do is to step up monitoring, properly handle relevant matters, and ensure there is no regional and systemic financial risk.
Li Keqiang
If I think a guy should handle things differently, I’m going to say it.
Rex Ryan
Teach the kids. They need to learn how to handle, grow and multiply money. It’s basic and should be taught at an early stage.
Bo Sanchez
Friends of friends had bands in college or in their early 20s and had a moment where they had some kind of interest from a record label or manager. It’s always interesting how people handle those decisions and those moments.
Noah Baumbach
I’m 51; I’m younger than Tony Blair. I don’t have a dicky heart; I’m up like a broom handle in the morning. I don’t drink or gamble – I’m still a catch.
George Galloway
I have a fear of things growing on things. I don’t know where it came from. But I go hiking a lot, and sometimes I can’t handle moss growing on trees or tumors on trees or mushrooms.
Lara Jean Chorostecki
I couldn’t handle the rules the Queen has to live by at all, and very few of us could. It’s a golden cage, really. You’re never alone in that role – you are always surrounded by security.
Helen Mirren
Getting stress out of your life takes more than prayer alone. You must take action to make changes and stop doing whatever is causing the stress. You can learn to calm down in the way you handle things.
Joyce Meyer
It’s not impressive to get in a fight, but if one does happen, you’ve gotta be ready to handle it. Every girl, not just biker chicks, knows what kind of guy can.
Theo Rossi
You can become a star overnight, guys. You can be on the street walking one day, and you’re on your way to the corner diner, and you had to hitch a ride to get there. And the next day, you can be a huge star, money coming at you from right and left. And you’ve got to know how to handle that situation.
Booker T
I am pretty fearless, and you know why? Because I don’t handle fear very well; I’m not a good terrified person.
Stevie Nicks
There is a good and a bad way to handle everything.
Chauncey Billups
I think that that multiplatform development is what’s on the mind of most high-end PC developers now… this is really the first time in the industry’s history that we’ve had console machines that can handle all that PC developers can deliver.
Mike Wilson
So we all got basically what we wanted, and as far as the women are concerned, he figured that 30 good women could handle a crew of 300 anyway. So that’s how we ended up with our crew.
Majel Barrett
A door handle is very symbolic to me. It is the first object that one will interact with before entering a new space.
Ma Yansong
With Sync technology, we're seamlessly connected to the

With Sync technology, we’re seamlessly connected to the Internet, hands-free, and able to focus on the road but also able to handle guidance and navigation and play your music.
Alan Mulally
I guess I work well with others I handle younger actors well.
Hector Elizondo
A lot of my childhood memories involve walking home in floods of tears. At that age, feeling unpopular is difficult to handle.
Rachel Stevens
Of all the unhappiness I went through, you must know I wouldn’t live a moment of my life differently for what I have now. Would I do it all again? I wouldn’t want to, but if it got me to the same place, yeah, I’d do it. Because I realize now that God would not give more than I could handle.
Nell Carter
My stepfather is my mentor. He’s also like a father to me. He taught me how to be a man, how to carry myself and how to handle my business.
Zion Williamson
As president, Governor Romney would handle the Syrian conflict much differently. A President Romney would not ignore a growing conflict in a dangerous region involving allies the way Obama has, especially when chemical weapons could possibly be used.
Richard Grenell
Watch people and how they handle other people. You have to stay open and keep your eyes open to them.
LeToya Luckett
He’s going to be around a long, long time, if his body holds up. That’s always a concern with a lot of players because of how much they play. A lot of guys can’t handle it. But it looks like he can.
Jack Nicklaus
By not trying the small cases, the lawyers don’t get the courtroom experience. So when the huge, bet-the-company cases come along, there are only a handful of trial lawyers who can handle it. That’s why these big corporations still call us old-timers every day.
Joe Jamail
I don’t think I handle the notes much differently from other pianists. But the pauses between the notes – ah, there is where the artistry lies!!
Artur Schnabel
My parents couldn’t handle my energy so they enrolled me in every sport the school was offering. I didn’t resent it because I loved sports and picked them up easily.
Channing Tatum
You have to be 100 percent comfortable with yourself and who you are. You’ll have unflattering pictures posted on the Internet for all to see, so you have to be able to handle yourself and stay true to yourself.
Katherine Webb
It’s unsurprising that while Americans and Donald Trump are working to re-establish the rule of law and rebuild civil society in America, CNN once again flies off the handle and tries to make everything about race in order to keep Americans divided.
Corey Stewart
I’ll tell you, my dad played and sang, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that playing a guitar was a whole lot better than getting ahold of a hoe handle or chopping cotton, man.
Glen Campbell
I believe equality in a relationship is very important, and for that, both partners should be equally capable to handle anything.
Kriti Kharbanda
If you look at any Mumbai guy, he starts to handle pressure at a very young age. Starts at the school level, then the pressure from parents, from the coaches.
Prithvi Shaw
It’s a funny thing, life… as much as you don’t want the sun to come up, it comes up the next day. Life continues on and you have to make a choice in how you handle it.
Glenn McGrath
Smart infrastructure can provide cost-saving ways for municipalities to handle both infrastructure and social needs. And we want to shift the systems that open the doors for people who were formerly tax burdens to become part of the tax base.
Majora Carter
Women are running companies, serving as the human resource director of companies, and helping employees solve problems. Women are doctors, lawyers, teachers, sales managers, marketers. They handle problems in the workplace by day and manage their families by night.
Marsha Blackburn
God makes everything in perfect time, and he doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle.
Rafael dos Anjos
One minute, it seemed I had more movie offers than I could handle; the next – no one wanted me.
Sal Mineo
I know I can handle dramatic roles, but I don’t think I should have to play a young mother on crack to prove it.
Hilary Duff
To shuck oysters, you’ll need an oyster knife, a handy tool with a sturdy handle and a short, rigid blade which you can pick up for about ten bucks in a kitchenware shop or fish market. A quick trip online will yield any number of videos and slide shows with step-by-step instructions on how to shuck an oyster.
Tom Douglas
I just try to do what I can, control what I can, and let the rest handle itself.
Jeff Gutt
I am one of those artists who knows where their money is. I pay my bills; I take care of my mama. I handle my business. I am a businessman. I go to meetings and take care of things, so it’s a lot more than just partying and turning up.
Juicy J
I remember when I was rehearsing ‘Scottsboro Boys,’ I was in ‘American Idiot,’ so, every night, I was screaming, singing these high, belty Cs and Ds, and then, during the day, I would be doing these legato lines – I am very lucky that I have had the training that I have so that I could handle all of that.
Joshua Henry
At one time or another, we have all faced the temptation to disconnect by giving someone the silent treatment. After being married to Joel for more than twenty-one years, I have learned that is not the best way to handle a disagreement.
Victoria Osteen
As soon as it was understood that we could handle things in our own way, it was the thrill of my life to walk out on that stage with people just hemming the band in.
Benny Goodman
I can handle any sort of pressure, any criticisms.
Ethan Carter III
I can’t handle dishonesty; I like integrity in people and for me, that’s very important in a man.
Shamita Shetty
I think sometimes people project things on you, but I’m trying to handle everything that’s happened to me with a certain amount of grace, dignity and good manners. You just can’t necessarily win all the time.
Katie Couric
My wife never throws anything at me that I can't handle

My wife never throws anything at me that I can’t handle.
Taye Diggs
I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best TV directors there are, and I’ve learned from how they had to handle when things don’t go quite according to plan.
Mark Sheppard
Always take hold of things by the smooth handle.
Thomas Jefferson
When you criticize grown men, it’s a lot easier. They make millions of dollars. They should be able to handle it, especially if you do it in a truthful manner… I’m sure it stings, but my whole objective is to be honest.
Booger McFarland
The United States should help strengthen nongovernmental humanitarian agencies working in Sudan so that they can handle an increased flow of aid.
Elliott Abrams
My whole life had been bands that were men-centric – and that’s a great thing, I know a lot about how to handle myself – but I think I was missing something.
Amanda Shires
One goal of the Clean Water Act of 1972 was to upgrade the nation’s sewer systems, many of them built more than a century ago, to handle growing populations and increasing runoff of rainwater and waste.
Charles Duhigg
Some times you lose more than you win. It’s about handling losses and trying to turn them into positives. You get out into the big leagues and there’s a period of adjustment to be made. You’ve got to handle it.
Lindsay Davenport
Thank God that the people that run this world are not smart enough to keep running it forever. You know, everybody gets a handle on it for a little while.
Arlo Guthrie
I am not a big horror freak. I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat in general. I can’t handle scary movies unless I am at home with the lights on and the doors locked or it is in the morning.
Billie Lourd
Women are more difficult to handle than men. It’s their minds.
Peter Sellers
The struggles don’t define you. It’s how you handle them that determines who you are.
Jon Jones
I can’t even touch another conductor’s baton. The center of gravity, the feel of the handle, puts me totally off.
Jeffrey Tate
New York cops are very specific in terms of the way they talk and the way they handle themselves. All these cliches that, as an Englishman, I thought were from a bygone era or were a bit of poetic license with cop shows – the more you hang out with them, the more you realize how real that jargon is.
Theo James
Movies have to handle time very efficiently. They’re about stringing scenes together in the present. Novels aren’t necessarily about that.
Richard Russo
Usually when I am in a movie that is about to come out, if people don’t love it, that is fine – I can handle it.
Melanie Lynskey
We think there should be a better countering-violent-extremism effort, that there should be a lead agency tasked to handle that.
Michael McCaul
I ended up in college by accident. Everything in my life, I ended up in by accident. I was down south in this high school doing whatever. It could just not contain me. I quit school and took off and traveled around. Nobody knew where I was I just couldn’t handle it anymore. It was a big scandal, I was gone. I left.
Pauley Perrette
Tinseltown really likes to think that they have a handle on all things ‘love.’ After all, they’ve turned it into a billion dollar industry with romance films, trashy TV shows, and ‘who’s-dating-who’ tabloids.
Steven Crowder
I may discuss love, and I don’t mind if two men fall in love, fine. Two women, fine. But I flinch when I think of two Jewish women getting together and having a child because the idea of having two Jewish mothers makes my head explode. I have one; I couldn’t handle two.
Garry Shandling
I felt just overwhelmed by input: the Vietnam war and the collapse of the ’60s and the proliferation of media’ it just felt like everything was too much to handle and you just tuned out.
Richard Hell
If I drink coffee, I have to turn the lights off and lay down. I can’t handle it.
Perfume Genius
Feminism – the word – can give us a handle, a rallying point, a common ground, and help us build a bridge. Why not claim the gift of the word as a place to begin?
Betty Buckley
Golf is the greatest sport of all to see if you can handle pressure.
Johnny Miller
I’m learning slowly to not be as much of a control freak. I can’t afford to be all the time, but I’m getting better at communicating. Delegating parts of my vision for other people to execute has made it an easier process for knowing what I want, and what people can handle, and what I should probably save for myself.
There are a lot of things that we want to show people, and if you try to show everything about us in a single album, it’s a burden for us – and it’s a lot for people to handle and accept.
Even the government understands that the environmental challenge is so big that no single agency can handle it. It needs collaboration among all the stakeholders – companies, governments, NGOs and the public. Public accountability will be the ultimate driving force.
Ma Jun
I think a lot of people think I’m either unintelligent because I’m a very happy person and I have a lot of energy or that it’s a fake happiness, like fake energy. I completely understand that because it’s a lot to handle, and I am a very emotional human being.
Dove Cameron
An inability to handle language is not the same thing as stupidity.
David Hare
Maybe the law don’t always handle things, but that doesn’t mean things don’t get handled.
Clint Dempsey
I find it so astonishing how poorly a lot of politicians handle negative whatever in the press. You have to just get it all out there. You have to be totally, uncomfortably honest.
Krystal Ball
Complex things, if you don't understand them, it seems

Complex things, if you don’t understand them, it seems complicated. If you understand them, and we know how to handle it, it became simple.
Erno Rubik
A great restaurant doesn’t distinguish itself by how few mistakes it makes but by how well they handle those mistakes.
Danny Meyer
I handle screenings and award ceremonies really badly.
Damien Chazelle
I believe that it’s condescending to think that women and their claims can’t stand up to interrogation and can’t handle skepticism.
Bari Weiss
Until the absorption of the Polish territories, the Russian Empire had had practically no Jews, and it was uniquely ill-equipped to handle this new addition to its ethnic and religious mix.
Tom Reiss
I am someone that is very hard to handle. I’m very picante, intense… Sometimes I’m very outgoing and spontaneous and super hyper. Latinas, we love to touch each other – like, cuddle. That’s why a lot of people are intimidated.
Lele Pons
When you end the European Championship the best goal-scorer in your own country, you show the world that you have the shoulders to handle the pressure.
Kylian Mbappe
I’ve said this before, but I need to repeat it again: Nothing impresses me more than when MMA fighters handle a particularly tough defeat with grace and class.
Ariel Helwani
When e-commerce companies build scale, cost comes down. Companies that can handle scale and reduce costs over time will win. Margins will come from reducing costs over time and not by increasing prices. Technology is the answer at large scale.
Sachin Bansal
Decisions I make, the money, my contract, all of that will handle itself. I don’t ever worry about my money. I already have enough money for the rest of my life. It’s all about winning.
Jimmy Butler
Young adults living with a stutter is hard work. How do they handle job interviews? What do they do when the phone rings? How do they ‘chat someone up’? All these things the average person takes for granted prove to be a stammerer’s biggest challenge.
Gareth Gates
The only people I ever get irritated with are the ones who announce, using my Twitter handle, that they are no longer following me and why.
Neil Gaiman
Honestly, if the worst these people can say about me is that I’m gay, then I think I’ll be fine. I can handle it.
Zac Efron
Personally, I can handle criticism, especially when it is deserved, and it’s because my dad never, ever said ‘Well done’ to me. He did it on purpose so that I kept my feet on the ground.
Granit Xhaka
A pie dough comes together exactly like a biscuit only there is very, very little liquid and no leavening involved. Other than that, the same rules apply. My best advice: handle the dough as little as possible.
Alton Brown
You have to understand, it takes a lot of qualities to play linebacker – quickness, tackling ability and sheer force – so you just can’t take someone from another position and think they could all of a sudden handle that role.
Cris Carter
I don’t handle creepy crawlers well. I had a spider problem at a house in Australia, and one of my female friends had to come rescue me from it.
Jai Courtney
I feel like I have to be on my game because I have to handle my solo stuff and Pentatonix stuff, so it has really kept me on my toes in a good way.
Kirstin Maldonado
I’ve had great success and I’ve had catastrophic failure. It’s really how you handle the rough stuff that defines you, I think.
Peter Berg
Whenever I have a job, it’s very important for me to handle myself in a way so that when there’s another person, a young person of color, or even someone who’s my age now, that they’ll say, ‘Oh, Dule was cool. Yeah, he handled his business. Yeah, he really added to what we did here,’ so maybe we’ll do it again.
Dule Hill
People come up to me all the time and ask how I stay the way I am, and it’s no secret. The first lesson a chef needs to learn is how to handle a knife; the second is how to be around all that food.
Marcus Samuelsson
You’re going to have disappointments. But how you handle those disappointments is the important thing for you and everybody that’s around you. That’s what I found from being not only a player but also a coach.
Ara Parseghian
The problem with most liberals – myself included – is we tend to think we’re post-racial: that we’ve got a handle on things because we’re not racists.
Christopher Priest
A real thank you does not come by e-mail. They come in the mail in an envelope. And what comes out of an envelope is a beautiful thing to touch and to handle and to pass around for everyone to read.
Letitia Baldrige
The way I feel today, as long as my health is good and I can handle myself well and people still come to my concerts, still buy my CDs, I’ll keep playing until I feel like I can’t.
B. B. King
I’m starting to figure it out – figure out my spots, where I should be on the court, where I’m most effective, and how I handle double teams – and it’s paying off.
Joel Embiid
If you want to do stuff, you have to be able to handle controversy.
Yair Lapid
I look up to Divas like Trish Stratus and Lita. They are very beautiful women and they are bad. They are strong and great competitors who can handle themselves.
Eve Torres
We need to know how to handle the criticism.
Jose Aldo
When you get a bunch of Latinxs together, we get to handle our stories. A cultural shorthand happens.
Tanya Saracho
Men don’t want another man to look at their woman because they don’t know how to handle it.
John Galliano
Success is like a wild horse. If you do not know how to

Success is like a wild horse. If you do not know how to handle it, it will throw you off and look for another rider who can handle it well.
Ajith Kumar
I think I’m a better filmmaker than actor, so I already know that. That’s OK. I can handle not being a famous actor.
Taika Waititi
While your intentions may be good, this is something every expectant working mom fears – being phased out. I’ll put myself out there and admit this has been/is a fear of mine. Let her be the one to decide whether something’s too much for her to handle or not.
Christine Tsai
It doesn’t help to follow every rise and fall of your portfolio. It’s better to tune out the day-to-day shifts, in fact. But getting a handle on the larger picture will make you feel more secure, and that goes a long way in calming your fear.
Jean Chatzky
I’ve never hidden my Christianity in Hollywood, and I’ve been handled respectfully because I handle the issue and other people respectfully.
Doug Jones
As we go through this transition where a lot more people will be reading on devices, nobody is paying enough attention to make sure it’s a smooth transition. I believe we still need places where people can go to handle, hold and talk about books, get information about what books are out there, and so on.
James Patterson
Hillary Clinton almost got to be president. The reasons why she didn’t become president had to do with bad judgments about how to handle the early caucus states, which is not a gender-specific trait.
Gail Collins
As young women, we all feel a pressure to look a certain way, and sometimes it is just too much to handle. But, there are good and bad ways to deal with this pressure. A terrible way to handle this pressure is to complain about all of our flaws and expect other girls to join in.
Katherine Schwarzenegger
One of the crises that we have to deal with is a crisis of law enforcement officials that are not physically capable enough to handle without taking out the gun.
Niger Innis
I had no words for these feelings. And then people started using the word Ms. Suddenly, there was this handle with which I could identify myself and understand why I felt so out of whack with the culture around me.
Betty Buckley
We have cultural expectations that everyone needs a dining room, yet they’re only used three times a year. But if I put a bone handle on the door of an upper-end brick home, I’m making an outlandish statement.
Dan Phillips
In terms of the technology I use the most, it’s probably a tie between my Blackberry and my MacBook Pro laptop. That’s how I communicate with the rest of the world and how I handle all the business I have to handle.
John Legend
Trying to get the sentences right and the structure of the narration right is about as big a job as I can handle. But I also know that if you handle that job properly, everything else just clicks into place.
Bob Shacochis
What if I couldn’t handle people’s opinions of me? I know that shouldn’t dictate a person’s degree of peace or happiness in life, but the problem is, I chose a business saturated in judgment.
Chris Evans
I can handle the craziness some of the time, maybe most of the time. But I know I can’t handle it all of the time.
Chris Evans
Most of the younger people I knew didn’t seem to have a handle on things; they hadn’t found their place, they didn’t understand how the world works, they didn’t understand how to treat other people, and they didn’t know how to stop thinking about themselves.
Kristin Hersh
It’s a very unpleasant topic. But we are in an outright war against jihadist Islamic fascism. And this war is, is, I think, metastasizing, almost far quicker than governments can handle it… We have Boko Haram and other groups that will eventually partner with ISIS in this global war.
Steve Bannon
The thing that turned out to be interesting about CB radios was the ability to call out in the world with anonymity. You choose your handle. Race and class become non-signifiers.
Rashid Johnson
It’s not everybody that can handle firing Denzel Washington or coming to blows and saying, ‘This is what’s happening because I said so.’ Usually, it’s the reverse.
Amanda Warren
Most Americans pay lip service to the idea of freedom, but can’t handle real freedom.
Tom Robbins
I said I did not know enough about UNICEF to handle a press conference and she said they would not want to talk about it they would only want to talk about films.
Roger Moore
I’ve got a quick mouth, and I set my boundaries. Nothing ever happened that I couldn’t handle. Once when a guy came on stage making rude gestures, I hit him over the head with my guitar.
Suzi Quatro
I don’t think we’re yet evolved to the point where we’re clever enough to handle a complex a situation as climate change. The inertia of humans is so huge that you can’t really do anything meaningful.
James Lovelock
Animals don’t lie. Animals don’t criticize. If animals have moody days, they handle them better than humans do.
Betty White
When I started my last business, I didn’t receive a paycheck for 13 months. The average person can’t handle that pressure.
Robert Kiyosaki
My mother gave up her career bringing us up, and she has played a very important role in keeping us grounded. Even now I don’t take my work home, my stardom home. It ends where it is supposed to end. There is a life beyond stardom, and it’s a very normal life which I cherish. I anyway don’t handle attention very well.
Sonakshi Sinha
I used to fly off the handle in everyday life, but I’m a little calmer now.
Brian Molko
I have a Twitter handle, but I never sign on.
Adepero Oduye
My dad doesn’t give me any advice about how to handle publicity.
Daisy Lowe
As a country, we have confronted and controlled the most common sources of ozone precursors, and our options are few and far between to handle what remains, which is mostly naturally occurring ozone and ozone transported from other countries such as Mexico.
Jim Inhofe
I think in T20, things are related to pressure, and if you handle it well, you are on top of your game. I think about process and not too much about results.
Bhuvneshwar Kumar
I didn't get into acting to be a public service announc

I didn’t get into acting to be a public service announcer or an advocate and yet, by virtue of this show and how we handle the subject matter that we’ve been given, that’s kind of how it’s evolved in certain ways.
Christopher Meloni
I come from a background where, if someone is rough and tough, you handle things physically. People betrayed me, and you just want to choke them. But you choose forgiveness.
Brian Welch
To give students the best possible chance to succeed, education must prepare them to handle issues that transcend national boundaries.
Jose Angel Gurria
I get thousands of emails. Half my work is environment-related; the rest is pharmaceutical problems. There’s so much of it. No one law firm can handle it now.
Erin Brockovich
Denial helps us to pace our feelings of grief. There is a grace in denial. It is nature’s way of letting in only as much as we can handle.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
It’s hard to compare. Different times, different players. The administration four years ago did not have 9/11. I could tell you this; this particular administration was better suited to handle that than the former.
Montel Williams
I feel I can handle the architecture of dance as well as anybody.
Twyla Tharp
I’m always inspired by other filmmakers, whether it’s a shot or the way they handle tone.
Spike Jonze
What you feel spiritually. I think a lot of that has to do with it. If you have no spiritual life, chances are everything is going to aggravate you, you’re going to fly off the handle at everything and that’s what I did in the past. I’ve kind of got that under control now.
Mike Ditka
But if I have a lot of imagination, I could tell myself whatever I wanted, you know. I handle myself quite well. I’m kind of fascist with myself, you know. There’s no discussion. There is an order. You follow it.
Karl Lagerfeld
‘Cuban Fury’ was a big production for a first time director to handle: I think it is very easy to become very stressful and for it to get the better of you.
Kayvan Novak
I think the depth, what children can handle and what they’re interested in, is much deeper than I think what people assume. I think it’s why sometimes we make things too simple for them.
Angelina Jolie
When you have fast cars and bad luck, it’s a lot easier to handle than having slow cars and bad luck.
Kevin Harvick
A lot of people have agencies to handle their social media, but I handle everything myself. That’s why there are a lot of grammatical errors. When I write, it’s all me!
Varun Dhawan
I always found that if you handle a problem in a benevolent way and a transparent way and involve other people, so it’s just not your personal opinion, that people get to the other side of these difficult conversations being more enthusiastic.
David M. Kelley
When I retired first time around, injury had beaten me, and I hated that. Now I realise I’m no longer good enough. And I can handle that. It’s fine that I’m not good enough.
Andrew Flintoff
Failure is a personal thing but it’s better to experience it in the beginning itself because you learn to handle it.
Kirron Kher
If only the human body could handle trauma as well as biotechnology stocks do.
Alex Berenson
Nothing worse than walking out in a Test match and finding your hand slipping on the handle.
Nasser Hussain
God never gives us more than we can handle. Everything that comes our way is coming our way so that we can grow and evolve.
Debbie Ford
Listen, I always choose to see the good in people. And everybody’s different, everybody chooses to handle things differently.
P.K. Subban
Edged tools are dangerous things to handle, and not infrequently do much hurt.
Agnes Repplier
I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.
Marilyn Monroe
The Democrats handle dissent by isolating it, smearing it and delegitimizing it in order to crush it.
Monica Crowley
I do have a lot of fire in me and could use some lessons on how to handle things more calmly.
Kyle Richards
To devise an information processing system capable of getting along on its own – it must handle its own problems of programming, bookkeeping, communication and coordination with its users. It must appear to its users as a single, integrated personality.
Cliff Shaw
Larger Post Panamax ships are critical to securing America’s position in a global market, and all our ports, including Jaxport, must be deep enough to handle them.
Ander Crenshaw
It’s different when your son is not typical, and you have to deal with him and handle him every single day.
O. T. Genasis
Nobody was my support. You have to support yourself, and I think that is the beauty of being a woman. You can handle anything and be ten times better than men.
Kangana Ran
I think many of my books, including ‘Handle with Care,’ including ‘My Sister’s Keeper,’ circle back to how far are we willing to go for the people we love? I think love changes the way we think. It’s the thing that takes you out of what your normal set of beliefs would be.
Jodi Picoult
During the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton ran a blunt television ad asking whether Barack Obama could handle a foreign policy crisis.
John Dickerson
Failure is easy to handle because once you fail, the op

Failure is easy to handle because once you fail, the options are very simple… like, ‘Try something different,’ or, ‘Maybe if you do the same thing, do it in a different way.’
Prithviraj Sukumaran
What we now call the browser is whatever defines the web. What fits in the browser is the World Wide Web and a number of trivial standards to handle that so that the content comes.
Ted Nelson
You can’t go to Amazon and order a book on how you handle grief. There’s books on it, sure. But there’s no tried and true manual. You just have to live that out. There’s no formula to heal.
Jim Ross
A lot of emotional stress that people go through, some people figure out a way to handle it. They have a strong enough support system to keep going and keep moving forward. And some people, they feel like they don’t have that outlet.
Terrell Owens
I believe when people can find out who they are, then you can be equipped to handle life’s situations.
Paula White
I just think my body can’t handle it any more. I did try a little drink a while back, and I was actually physically ill. I went into an immediate depression, and felt awful, just dreadful. So that’s it. I’m over it now.
Ronnie Wood
I can handle coming fifth as long as I know I’ve given my all out there and have no regrets.
Katarina Johnson-Thompson
There are no problems in the world. There are just situations. Some situations you know how to handle. Some you do not know how to handle.
Jaggi Vasudev
We cling nervously to the melody, but we don’t handle it freely, we don’t really make anything new out of it, we merely overload it.
Johannes Brahms
We have to learn to become a new kind of entity on this world that has the maturity and the awareness to handle being a global species with the power to change our planet and use that power in a way that is conducive to the kind of global society we want to have.
David Grinspoon
The big thing is, it’s about learning which off-speed pitches to swing at. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, this guy can’t hit a curveball; this guy can’t hit an off-speed pitch.’ But it’s about swinging at the right one. Swing at the hangers. Swing at the ones you can handle.
Aaron Judge
So South Korean ability is very much limited to handle North Korean, you know, difficulties. So we don’t want to see an immediate collapse of the North Korea regime.
Kim Dae Jung
Going back down to the minors is the toughest thing to handle in baseball.
Gaylord Perry
Entrepreneurship is really hard and painful – I’m not sure I’d recommend it for anyone who can’t handle the extreme stress.
Naval Ravikant
If your regime is not strong enough to handle a joke, then you don’t have a regime.
Jon Stewart
Crohn’s patients differentiate their diet. You know, what I can handle and tolerate, another person couldn’t, and what they can, I can’t.
Mike McCready
Priyadarshan has directed over 84 films and more than 150 ad films. With every film, he is growing. He knows his job well; he is thorough. His way of making a film and song or choreographing a scene is entirely different from other directors. He knows how to use an actor’s talent and how to handle an actor.
I’ve had more misrepresentations than I can handle, and people have told the wickedest lies about me. A lot of them have taken their frustrations out on me, and I don’t like that because it can wound. Not necessarily me, but those around me. Journalists can be so bad.
Grace Jones
It will be very hard to convince everyone in the world to handle their plastics responsibly, but what we humans are very good in, is inventing technical solutions to our problems.
Boyan Slat
Some people handle situations differently – some people have a reaction, some people let it go over their head.
Shaun Wright-Phillips
I like to take a day off and enjoy fast food for what it is. I have to say that in New York, I’m really partial about taco trucks. I mean, I really can’t handle it. There is something about catching all those ingredients piled on top of each other: it puts me in a tizzy. I love it. I’m kind of a taco truck junkie.
Alex Guarnaschelli
Over the years, I had nurtured the hope to be able to fly; to handle a machine as it rose higher and higher in the stratosphere was my dearest dream.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
When I was a teenager, if anyone recognized me for anything I did, it would ruin my day. I couldn’t handle it. It was some sort of neurotic phobia. I guess I was paranoid that people would treat me differently, or in an unfair way, because of my job.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I’m about business. I’m going to handle business like a professional. Aside from that, I’m going to give you everything I’ve got on every snap.
Eric Berry
I opted for BVB because I need my regular environment where I feel at home. It has nothing to do that I am not able to handle the pressure or what is permanently speculated. We are also measured in wins and trophies here at Dortmund.
Marco Reus
Technology companies must constantly weigh ethical decisions: Where should Facebook set its privacy defaults, and should it tolerate glimpses of nudity? Should Twitter close accounts that seem sympathetic to terrorists? How should Google handle sex and violence, or defamatory articles?
Nicholas Kristof
I enjoy the work; I just don’t like the glamour side of it. I find that very difficult to handle.
David Jason
The president’s very right about one thing: When you have a disaster of that scale, whether it be natural or a terrorist attack, there’s only one part of our entire government, state or local, that is equipped to handle it, and that’s the U.S. military.
Warren Rudman
I learned how to handle myself in the kitchen – where to stand and how to be out of people’s way and how to function like a machine.
Manish Dayal
What appeals to me in a project is, I’ll read the script, and I’ll be like, ‘Is this something that’s new and something I haven’t experienced before?’ And if so, ‘Am I gonna be able to handle it? Am I gonna be up to this challenge?’ That’s what I try to do.
Jack Reynor
I’m not a natural employer. I live very privately, and we like our privacy at home. To be sitting and talking with your wife or your family and to have somebody walking around and you’re ignoring them, I couldn’t handle that at all. I can barely handle a cleaning lady coming in every so often.
Jim Carter
I get mad quick and and go off at the handle quick.

I get mad quick and and go off at the handle quick.
Ja Rule
Show people tend to treat their finances like their dentistry. They assume the people who handle it know what they are doing.
Dick Cavett
In college, I was failing almost every class I was taking my freshman year. I was having difficulty in managing my time; I was just overwhelmed. Even though I knew I was smart and knew I was good enough, at that point, I doubted all of it because I struggled to handle my sport, classes and social life all at once.
Jessica Mendoza
I love making music and I’m falling in love with making records, so it’s like having two girlfriends. But I can handle it.
Snoop Dogg
Think how slow would be your progress in learning without printed books: you could study only manuscripts, and those necessarily must be very few in number. Learn from this to value your books, and always handle them with care.
Dorothea Dix
I began going to juvenile prisons. And some of these kids face some very, very tough lives. How do they handle these lives? Do they even know that if their life is bad, that they’re still OK? Do they know that? Do they know that someone is thinking the same way that they’re thinking?
Walter Dean Myers
The emotion to handle the pressure is one of the biggest challenges in football – it’s the top challenge.
Jurgen Klopp
To handle the economy and services in a country like Iraq requires delegation of authority and the choice of competent people.
Ahmed Chalabi
I can be extremely vulnerable. People are tough on me because they think I can handle it.
Yancy Butler
The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.
Conor McGregor
I always think about the idea that God never gives you more than you can handle, and just the idea that God would be looking at me and thinking, ‘Eh, I think she can handle more.’ And the angels thinking, ‘What are you doing? You’re a lunatic.’ And God being like, ‘No, no, trust me. She can handle this.’
Tig Notaro
As a freshman in college, I was having a lot of trouble adjusting. I took a meditation class to handle anxiety. It really helped. Then as a grad student at Harvard, I was awarded a pre-doctoral traveling fellowship to India, where my focus was on the ancient systems of psychology and meditation practices of Asia.
Daniel Goleman
I think the way to change it is to handle issues individually when it’s essential to do so.
Stephen Harper
I’m a huge Marlene Dietrich fan. She’s got this raunchy kind of strength. It would be hard to find a man who could come up with something hard for her to handle. She’s seen it all and done it all.
Jessica Pare
I have one friend who I don’t think has a mean bone in her body and I find that very bizarre. I can’t imagine her ever flying off the handle, whereas I will.
Emma Willis
Poems are not read: they are reread. Reread the poem, then read between the lines, then look at it, then watch it, then peek at it: handle it like an object. Contemplate its shadows, angles and dimensions.
Terrance Hayes
To handle a language skillfully is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.
Charles Baudelaire
You’re really creative when you’re in an environment that you don’t know how to handle. So collaborating was like that for me. I think that was one of the reasons why I knew I was gonna get a challenging reaction.
Liz Phair
It will not matter, the pressure I always had it, I was mediated early, I learned to handle it, I got used to it and it’s part of my environment.
Kylian Mbappe
You can get a good handle on a company’s culture before you even get inside the building. For example, when companies say, ‘We value our employees’ but have reserved parking spots, a private cafeteria, and over-the-top offices for the executives, that tells you more than any PR spin.
Steve Blank
I think what’s dangerous about being an actor who does action movies is you think, ‘Well, I can totally handle myself now.’ But if my opponent didn’t know the other half of the routine, I don’t know how well I’d do.
Kate Beckinsale
When there is a crisis, how you handle the crisis is just as important as the crisis.
Susana Martinez
Even as a kid, classmates asked pointed personal questions about my family. I have conditioned myself to handle it with maturity.
Abhay Deol
I will not do a role that I don’t think I can do, that I’m not interested in, where there’s no humanity, that doesn’t have any kind of handle for me at all because I know I’ll just stink the joint up.
Ron Perlman
I don’t mind getting punched in the nose by a guy standing in front of me. It’s getting stabbed in the back that I can’t handle.
Mickey Rourke
Mathematics cannot handle physical quantities like density that literally go to infinity.
Gregory Benford
There isn’t a King Lear for women, or a Henry V, or a Richard III. You reach a level where you can handle that stuff technically and mentally, and it’s not there.
Helen Mirren
Nowadays people don’t know how to handle it if all the ends aren’t tied up and they’re not told what to think in films. And if they’re challenged, they think it’s something wrong with the film.
Alan Cumming
I’m not such an artist type that I can’t handle the real world. I read the financial pages, because most people don’t talk about art.
Caio Fonseca
My mother, Yolanda, was a little girl who never grew up, and sometimes we would laugh, and I would say things like, ‘Okay, so now it looks like I am your mother and you are my daughter,’ to which she would reply, ‘Well, yes. Handle it and pamper me.’
So the first thing that I thought about was, ‘How is this car going to handle?’ But then after I’d been driving with it and practicing with it and I accomplished that, then I just kind of sat back.
Seann William Scott
I'll quit tanning when the satchel handle grows out of

I’ll quit tanning when the satchel handle grows out of my back.
Kelly Ripa
Zizou has been a leader wherever he has played. He was the captain of France, a World Cup winner and been a winner in all the clubs he played for. So he has enough experience to handle and manage a group. More importantly, he is a man who everyone respects.
Roberto Carlos
What I know for sure is that we are all created with this phenomenal force inside of us that can have us withstand – that God never gives us more than we can handle.
Debbie Ford
The only thing I keep from the races I’ve won are the handle bar grips from the bike, the rubber bits.
Guy Martin
In athletics, older runners tend to go for longer races, but it’s the opposite in swimming because your body can’t handle the endurance.
Kirsty Coventry
This game is obviously about failure. You’re going to fail most of the time. It’s how you handle it.
Mookie Betts
Twitter is definitely not the place to handle business per se.
I just don’t know when we all decided that if it doesn’t fit in a Happy Meal box, it’s not for kids. I remember flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, and I grew up watching Monty Python. I think that kids can handle a lot more than we give them credit for, especially when it comes to the absurd.
Gore Verbinski
One great lesson that I would just pass along to every young person out there or anybody that feels that they can handle everything by themselves, that feels all they need is themselves, their sheer will and their confidence, I would disagree with that.
Jameis Winston
That’s the main reason I gave up my career after John was born and I was pregnant with Andrew. I could not handle going away day after day. The thought of going away before they got up and coming back after they were in bed was intolerable.
Louise Fletcher
Sports build good habits, confidence, and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities.
Julie Foudy
It is just the start of your professional career and you have to handle it properly and realise that it is not always like that. There will be ups and downs. It is important that you keep humble, keep working hard and see it as the first step on a long journey.
Hector Bellerin
I thought I could handle ‘Nenu Local’ well and make the romance seem cute than annoying, and going by some of the feedback, I think I managed it.
I was way behind physically in high school. They had weight bars that were about forty-five pounds. I couldn’t handle them. Couldn’t even put the weights on. It was embarrassing. So I always figured out ways to avoid lifting when I was young.
Scottie Pippen
I was fortunate enough to see and handle and take in everything I could while I was playing.
Shaquille O’Neal
In Free, we managed ourselves, and it was too tough for us to handle all of what that entailed when we got to touring America.
Paul Rodgers
In any case, fighting will not settle whether the claims were just or unjust. It will only settle which nation can mobilize and handle its fighting forces and its economic forces the better.
Rufus Jones
Strip the proud nobility of their bloated estates, reduce them to a level with plain republicans, send forth to labor, and teach their children to enter the workshops or handle the plow, and you will thus humble proud traitors.
Thaddeus Stevens
I don’t ‘handle’ people. It’s so much easier to manipulate actors than to really have an earnest discussion with them. It’s very easy to say whatever’s going to appease them and then turn around and do whatever you want to do. It’s difficult to be forthright with people, because the job does not lend itself to that.
Jon Favreau
I really respect the Coen brothers as directors and as creative individuals and with the way that they handle the industry and the business side of things.
Allison Tolman
Germany has an established and well-furnished Catholicism, often with employed Catholics who handle the church like a labor union. For them, the church is simply the employer.
Pope Benedict XVI
Somewhere in my wildest childhood I must have done something right. Being able to make a boyhood dream come true is one thing, but to have a kid come along and thrill his dad like Brett Hull has thrilled me over his career is too much for one guy to handle.
Bobby Hull
My first choice was to work it out with Larry Brown. I needed Larry and I gave him 50 million bucks. This is a situation that I’m in and I’ll handle it and I’ll make it work.
Isaiah Thomas
I think every year brings unknowns that you have to deal with and handle, confront and embrace.
You have to handle the challenges and emerge stronger from them, rather than allow them to bog you down.
Chanda Kochhar
I’ve said before that when you win, people think it’s so easy, but it’s not so easy to handle it, and probably I expect myself to always play so good.
Garbine Muguruza
When people who are close to me say that they see positive changes in me as I grow, it makes me work harder on myself. Life always surprises us with something new, and I want to be capable enough to handle it.
Harshvardhan Rane
I love to make pies – pot pies, quiches, savory tarts, fruit pies. I use an old-fashioned pastry blender with wires and a wooden handle. I never use a recipe.
Ruth Reichl
It’s a really scary thing, having your dreams come true and seeing everything you ever wanted happening, getting the attention for it and then not knowing how to handle it properly.
Samaire Armstrong
To try and stand outside the marriage, I’d say we have complementary capabilities. I do the hustling and the business. I do more script reading. I handle contracts.
Hume Cronyn
New York cops are very specific in terms of the way they talk and the way they handle themselves.
Theo James
I know that gossip comes with a territory. It's a profe

I know that gossip comes with a territory. It’s a professional hazard, and while initially, I’d get a little riled, I’ve now learnt to handle it well. And honestly speaking, it’s all very good publicity, isn’t it?
Mouni Roy
Success is very intoxicating. It is very difficult to handle all the fame and adulation. It corrupts you. You start to believe that everybody around you is in awe of you, that everybody wants you, and that everybody is thinking of you all the time.
Ajith Kumar
For an actor, you’re rejected eight or ten times a day. All you’ve got to sell is yourself. You’re not selling products, they’re not turning down a car, they’re turning you down. Most people can’t handle that. Most people are essentially not set up that way.
Barry Corbin
There’s a certain cruelty to being on a big screen as your eyelids start to sag and your hair falls out and turns gray that you either have to be able to handle or not. What you can’t do is try to force yourself into roles that you could have played or would have played ten years earlier.
George Clooney
I could handle the basketball but I wasn’t quick enough to move defensively. Offensively, I was fine. I could get around, I could do stuff, but defensively I wasn’t quick enough. I couldn’t keep up. That was the biggest thing. And that was at the Division II level.
Gary Woodland
Any actor working a long time should know how a shot is set up, where to place themselves, how to handle the lines. I’m a member of the crew, like the best boy, the electrician. What I’m good at is making eyes at the camera.
Jodie Foster