Top 635 Uncomfortable Quotes

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It's time for men to be held accountable when they make

It’s time for men to be held accountable when they make women feel uncomfortable or do things out of line.
Logan Browning
To be political means to speak out, to risk being called ‘catty’, or worse. I don’t hear men worrying about whether they may be right or not. They enjoy the fight, whether it is with words or fists. Women still tend to shy away from controversy, to be uncomfortable with competition.
Madeleine M. Kunin
With computer science, I had to go through that uncomfortable process of my brain establishing a hash table, if you will – the coders will get that – for this new information, because I didn’t have one. So I had to establish a brand-new file system from scratch.
Justine Bateman
I really don’t write much anymore, and I’m not uncomfortable with that. I’ve tried writing and the sentences come out fine, but I write a few pages and I don’t want to go on.
Lawrence Block
I prefer love scenes to be shot up close with a lot of focus on eyes and mouths. Otherwise it can feel uncomfortable and voyeuristic.
Andrew Davies
Scratch the surface of what’s socially normal. I suppose in some way all of us have something we display to the public and things we feel too ashamed of or uncomfortable with to reveal to other people.
Michael Fassbender
Because of my disability I do find that people can be a bit uncomfortable around me, so I’ve always had one-liners and jokes in my back pocket ready in case someone felt a bit awkward.
Rosie Jones
I’m not happy on vacation. In those rare times when I have three hours with no work I have to do, I’m terribly uncomfortable.
Scott Adams
The more you seek the uncomfortable, the more you will become comfortable.
Conor McGregor
I have written things that Republicans and Democrats and all kinds of figures have either hated or felt very uncomfortable about. Because in doing these long projects and books, you get close to the bone. And they’re not calling me up and asking me for dinner.
Bob Woodward
Randy Wittman told me not to shoot 3-pointers. That got me very uncomfortable. There were certain labels tagged on me very early in my career, spots on the floor where I felt uncomfortable.
Kevin Love
I have realized that I hate going to the premieres of the movies that I’m in. Because I feel this tension after the movie is over that everyone feels obligated to say something nice to you. It’s so unnatural and uncomfortable.
Amanda Seyfried
I’ve always been kind of uncomfortable just on the beach in a swimsuit. I’m never my most confident in a bikini on the beach, especially when you know people are looking at you, and they expect one thing because of what they see in the magazines, and you might not look that way. It’s always been a scary thing for me.
Chrissy Teigen
You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.
Marian Wright Edelman
I’m a really uncomfortable person, so the whole Hollywood lifestyle – attention on me, the cameras, people telling me how to live my life, talking about me in a public way – none of that is appealing to me. Acting is amazing. But everything that comes with it is such a turnoff.
Sasha Lane
I guess I cringe when the discussion leads to, rather than books and sentences and characters and the stuff that writers are supposed to be concerned with, how to have an online presence and how many followers you have on Twitter. That stuff always makes me uncomfortable.
Alice McDermott
I’m usually a fairly harsh critic. It depends. I tend to really not watch my work, because I just feel uncomfortable, and I can be highly critical.
Jenny Slate
I don’t aspire to be a sex icon, I don’t know why anyone would. It’s an uncomfortable position to put yourself in… it’s something that we all haven’t really made our minds up about, and that’s why we find it all so interesting.
Billy Howle
Quite a few people feel uncomfortable when faced with the claim that the Jews are the world’s smartest people. In our politically correct era, one is not expected to argue that one group within humanity has an advantage over all the others.
Yair Lapid
The hardest thing to write was explaining what anxiety feels like. Every time I’d try to really write about what it feels like to have an anxiety attack, I would actually have an anxiety attack. It was good material but so incredibly uncomfortable.
Jenny Lawson
Life is about embracing the things that make you different, which is often an uncomfortable thing to do.
KT Tunstall
Dad could speak with a strong voice. And luckily, he was very good at lip-reading, so he was able to disguise his deafness well. He tried various hearing aids but would find them fiddly and uncomfortable, and worse, they often made horrible high-pitched noises.
Rachel Shenton
I know many beautiful people and their lives are just so terrible. They feel so uncomfortable with themselves. Being comfortable is not about what you look like, but how you feel.
Monica Bellucci
For me, a lot of my work has dealt with what it means to be at the center of the universe and how alienating and kind of seductive it is. A lot of my work is very aggressive and very visual, but at the same time, it has a lot of tension in it and makes you kind of uncomfortable sometimes.
Marco Brambilla
His work isn’t all glower. Even though he hasn’t smiled in a movie since the underrated ‘Proof’ in the early 1990s, Mr. Crowe is given to a hurt swallow when he’s uncomfortable and to a look of suffering in his eyes.
Elvis Mitchell
People are still very uncomfortable with the idea that humans are not specially created species. I believe we are a fantastic species. But we are not created specially. That’s very hard for people to accept in their day-to-day routine.
Greg Graffin
We should be uncomfortable with the growing gaps in our society, and we cannot allow ourselves to become desensitized to these injustices.
Ayanna Pressley
I’d never want to go back to being in my twenties or thirties. I was lost and confused and uncomfortable in my own skin.
Leslie Mann
Because you’re a crime writer you’re asked to have a point of view on a lot of things, and I’m uncomfortable having public opinions on things that are not my professional area.
Asa Larsson
God, make me so uncomfortable that I will do the very thing I fear.
Ruby Dee
I wish I had more movies I could watch with my parents and not feel super uncomfortable.
Kerris Dorsey
I hate to sound like someone twice my age talking about

I hate to sound like someone twice my age talking about these comics today and all that, but it’s as though their intent or goal on stage seems to be to see how uncomfortable they can make the audience, or how viciously they can savage their subjects.
Robert B. Weide
I feel a little uncomfortable about endorsements.
Geddy Lee
I get very uncomfortable with negativity.
Akshaye Khanna
It makes white men uncomfortable that there aren’t more stories about them because it somehow is perpetuating the idea that they aren’t the center of the universe – and they wouldn’t give up that position lightly.
Marielle Heller
I do think that we all draw limits and I feel like part of the work of an artist is it shouldn’t be fun. This shouldn’t be comfortable. I’m not looking to make people feel unsafe, but I am looking to make people feel uncomfortable.
Junot Diaz
If you are uncomfortable, you make your family uncomfortable because they don’t know how to treat you when they come.
Mahima Chaudhry
You have to get uncomfortable to meet your goals.
Joe Maddon
The one thing you learn is when you can step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable, you see what you’re made of and who you are.
Sue Bird
I did a paper on why is race so uncomfortable to discuss. Is it because you don’t want to bring up bad history in America? You want to be conscious of whatever you say about that because it’s a serious point.
O. J. Mayo
My style statement is to be myself! Because if you try to imitate someone else, you will end up feeling uncomfortable.
Shraddha Kapoor
I think in some ways it makes me feel uncomfortable, just getting a bunch of attention. I’d rather just stay chill and kind of lay low.
DeAndre Yedlin
My privilege as a white man, my privilege as the mayor and the leader of the institutions of power in this community I believe shielded me from time to time from the many difficult and uncomfortable truths about our history and about our society.
Ted Wheeler
I like someone who has a strong personality, who speaks boldly and makes people uncomfortable sometimes.
Nikki Tamboli
I never interacted with actors in any way, texting or otherwise, that should make anyone uncomfortable.
Dan Schneider
I am always interested in making myself as uncomfortable as I can. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Can I stand onstage and sing this song and sell it?’ Sometimes I can’t. In a room, you get to pretend a little bit and step outside of yourself.
Chris Stapleton
We thought of cultural activities as a way of taking players out of their comfort zone and building team spirit, helping them be braver, and a bit more comfortable in the uncomfortable situations.When you involve the community in that they get interested.
Graham Potter
There are lots of parts of filmmaking that I don’t like. At the end of the day, especially on features, the film turns into a commodity. You have to play this entirely new game I’m very uncomfortable with.
Taika Waititi
Basically, whenever someone says they’re wrong, conservatives too often fall back on claims that those who disagree with them are biased and thus worthy of being ignored, a convenient position that allows them to avoid debating uncomfortable criticisms.
Kurt Eichenwald
When you’re friends with somebody, it’s really easy to tell them ‘Help me do this; help me do that.’ It’s not an uncomfortable conversation.
Jahlil Okafor
We have a non-traditional family, and if it makes people uncomfortable, it’s a shame that they are not more open.
Debbie Rowe