Top 66 Average Person Quotes

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I came to dedicate my life to opening space to the aver

I came to dedicate my life to opening space to the average person and crafting designs for new spaceships that could take us far from home. But since Apollo ended, such travels were only in our collective memory.
Buzz Aldrin
For thousands of years, until about 1850, you see humans accumulating more and more power by the invention of new technologies and by new systems of organization in the economy and in politics, but you don’t see any real improvement in the well-being of the average person.
Yuval Noah Harari
I’m an average person, I just decided to work hard and dedicate myself to something. That’s the only thing that separates people like me from people sitting on the couch.
Travis Browne
I got into economics because I wanted to make things better for the average person.
Ben Bernanke
I think people who are artists, actors, singers, great songwriters, they tend to have a hyper state of emotion where they feel things very, very deeply, probably more deeply than the average person walking down the street where it may affect them, but not to the same extent.
Willie Aames
Gene therapy technology is much like computing technology. We had to build the super computer which cost $8 million in 1960. Now everyone has technologies that work predictably and at a cost the average person can afford.
Liz Parrish
I think it’s just funny, the things that come out of people’s mouths, whether it’s a politician, whether it’s an average person on the street – and to be honest with you, sometimes these politicians sound like average people on the street.
Jesse Watters
The average person is gregarious; there is something in the spirit of the crowd that adds to the enjoyment of entertainment.
Ivor Novello
The average person in Hollywood just assumes that if you’re on a hit TV show, then that’s the first thing you’ve ever done.
Isaiah Washington
There is something about the ability to externalize our thoughts and compare them with other people in a public way that is really transformative for the average person.
Clive Thompson
People are intimidated when they first meet me, but it doesn’t take them long to realise I’m just an average person.
Gloria Gaynor
It is one of the triumphs of modern society that the life of the average person with Down Syndrome has become strikingly normal.
Tucker Carlson
That’s what as an artist you always try to do. To try to be a sharper mind than the average person.
Raoul Peck
It takes 25 minutes to recover from a phone call or an e-mail, researchers have found, and yet the average person receives such an interruption every 11 minutes. Which means that we’re never caught up; we’re always out of breath, running behind.
Pico Iyer
If I could explain it to the average person, it wouldn’t have been worth the Nobel Prize.
Richard P. Feynman
We’re trying to do something so that when the average person uses Pinterest, it has to make the service better.
Ben Silbermann
As far as dramas are concerned, it’s considered passe for playwrights to turn out anything the average person can understand.
Ethel Merman
The average person that lives in Sydney, if they want to buy a house in Sydney, that shouldn’t be out of reach for them.
Gladys Berejiklian
I was stranded in Disco. I went to dozens of darkened places with enough flashing lights to drive the average person mad. I felt lost in the pulse of sheer panic.
Martha Reeves
There is no such thing as an average person. They really are guidelines for people to grapple with the unknown, and we can always surprise expectations.
Daniel Tammet
The average person assumes that you’re a drag queen so you’re a nelly and you want to be a girl, which is not the case, and I think Drag Race has changed that for us.
Bianca Del Rio
Esoteric or inner knowledge is no different from other kinds of human knowledge and ability. It is a mystery for the average person only to the extent that writing is a mystery for those who have not yet learned to write.
Rudolf Steiner
The issues that most impact the average person are made at the local level.
Erin Brockovich
The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.
Andy Rooney
When I started my last business, I didn’t receive a paycheck for 13 months. The average person can’t handle that pressure.
Robert Kiyosaki
I always feel like it’s two key ingredients when it comes to following your dreams, making something happen that the average person deems difficult. If you truly believe it, that’s step one. Step two, is, you know, the hard work that goes along with it.
J. Cole
The average person – if you had a situation that hit your family and you needed to do something, you would not just go and take a vacation, or you would not do something that’s not related to the task at hand. But in Washington, that just seems to be par for the course.
Ron DeSantis
I feel like I understand Trump’s character better than the average person now, having seen all of these little interactions with charity. I wanted to keep doing something that’s like that, and not just doing pure politics. So my piece of the Trump empire is the golf courses, Mar-a-Lago, and the winery.
David Fahrenthold
In the 1950s, the average person saw science as something that solved problems. With the advent of nuclear weapons and pollution, the idealistic aura around scientific research has been replaced by cynicism.
Sheldon Lee Glashow
The average person puts only 25% of his energy and ability into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more than 50% of their capacity, and stands on its head for those few and far between souls who devote 100%.
Andrew Carnegie
Starting the podcast was an experiment. I wouldn’t say I was very private, but I was probably as private as the average person.
Pete Holmes
I've come to the conclusion that the average person can

I’ve come to the conclusion that the average person can do about four things a day, like four real things a day.
I’d like to think that maybe the average person is rational, and they realise that I’m not this crazy monster that, at times, I’ve been perceived to be.
James Arthur
The average person tells a few white lies.
Zooey Deschanel
For the average person, taken to their sick bed, it takes a serious bout of pneumonia or a full body cast to completely forget the life they had prior to falling off the rollercoaster. I, however, will do this over a paper cut on my thumb, obsessing of said cut and being generally consumed by it.
Sloane Crosley
Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance. In teaching we rely on the ‘naturals’, the ones who somehow know how to teach.
Peter Drucker
There are endless consumer applications, but what excites me is how this can help people. A man who cannot speak communicates with sign language, but the average person doesn’t know that language. SixthSense, if equipped with speakers, can recognize the gestures and form the words – it will speak for him.
Pranav Mistry
I’ve never listed my education degree as why people should vote for me. I think the average person is thinking more about what I’ve accomplished in my professional career and what I’ve accomplished in my career as a legislator.
Thom Tillis
I always felt good about myself. I was just an average person. I always felt I could do anything anyone else could. If an average person makes up their mind to do something, they can.
Larry Holmes
People get comfort from music. They get joy from it and understanding from it, and most of all, the average person can’t do without it in some sense.
Todd Rundgren
Looking after myself is something I probably have to be much more conscious of than the average person.
Darcey Bussell
We want the average person to use it and think that it makes the experience of using Pinterest better.
Ben Silbermann
In London the average person is paying 50 per cent of their income on rent. Just think how much better off people would feel if that number was a lot lower.
Liz Truss
I feel like what motivates me is what would motivate the regular average person.
Rico Nasty
I don’t dig ditches for a living and consider it pretty special that I’m able to watch games for a living, cover athletes and get access the average person can’t.
Jemele Hill
When you look at the fittest, leanest populations like Japan and Scandinavia, they don’t even go to the gym. The average person in Sydney takes 11,000 steps a day, and the average person in Houston does 4000. Guess who is going to be leaner, regardless of their diet?
Harley Pasternak
If you think about the average person and their interaction with law enforcement, their whole perspective on who we are and what we stand for – our brand, if you will – might be defined by just one interaction or encounter, a traffic stop, a visit to a school, or a response to a call for help.
Christopher A. Wray
People have tremendous power, more than the average person understands, and certainly more than even I understood before I came to Congress. When any of my constituents writes me a letter, I promise you, we’re listening.
Charlie Norwood
I think the word for me is survival, not ambition. I’m really a lucky man. I’ve always accepted whatever I was in, whether it was driving a taxi or entertaining. The jet set might not enjoy what I do, but I deal with the average person.
Don Ho
I never thought I could make it big. I was just a cashier. I didn’t want to be just another average person, but all I had was some dreams.
For the average person walking down the street, they don’t even know a women’s soccer league exists in this country.
Julie Foudy
Any time you give the average person the opportunity to explain themselves on a national scale, they’re always going to sound like a fool.
Megan Ganz
Young adults living with a stutter is hard work. How do they handle job interviews? What do they do when the phone rings? How do they ‘chat someone up’? All these things the average person takes for granted prove to be a stammerer’s biggest challenge.
Gareth Gates
As an artist, I think you always have to take care of yourself as a person probably even more than the average person because your body is so important to your art.
Josh Young
The average person has one Fallopian tube.
Bo Burnham
I think the average person thinks I’m a nut and I deserve whatever happens to me.
Mike Tyson
Who doesn’t change through their 20s? I changed probably more than the average person who lives in one place and has a job. But everybody changes significantly in maturity, we’d like to think, from 20 to 30.
Robert Sheehan
Only guys who fight for a living know what it’s like to be hungry and beaten and tired, mentally, all the time. The average person has no understanding of what that is and what that could be.
Frank Shamrock
The average person doesn’t understand what a stem cell is. There’s a lack of health literacy in our nation. So the public can’t really get into this dialogue because they don’t understand the complexity of stem cells, not the faith-based approach, not the ideological or political, but the science behind stem cells.
Richard Carmona
When Prohibition was first enacted in 1920, most people stockpiled alcohol, thinking they’d have enough to last them for years. By 1923, that was starting to run out, so your average person started to rely more and more on criminals.
Terence Winter
I knew that because of who I am, and the situation I’m in, that I’d attract more critics than your average person, and that was a little intimidating, but I wanted to get out there and pay my dues.
Lisa Marie Presley
In space for a short time, I think most people could survive that. If you’re sending an average person who’s healthy for a short period of time, I think that’s quite doable.
Peggy Whitson
I think I'm a pretty average person, and I respond to p

I think I’m a pretty average person, and I respond to positive things, so I write for myself.
Janet Evanovich
When I was in jail I could only think about what the average person has to go through – the person who has no power to go to the press or no money to hire a lawyer.
Josh Brolin
An actor hears ‘no’ more often than the average person. A black human and a black woman on top of that? That’s a lot of no’s.
Teyonah Parris
Globalization means we have to re-examine some of our ideas, and look at ideas from other countries, from other cultures, and open ourselves to them. And that’s not comfortable for the average person.
Herbie Hancock