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I do duets with folks like Randy Goodman, Aaron Neville

I do duets with folks like Randy Goodman, Aaron Neville, Bryan Adams, people like that.
Anne Murray
I got to play with ZZ Top and introduce Bryan Adams and George Michael. And to have it all topped off by me winning ‘American Idol?!’ It’s pretty absurd.
David Cook
I love Daniel Bryan. He’s such a sweetheart.
Sonya Deville
The tried and tested becomes very boring. There’s no way that the British equivalent of a Bryan Cranston would get the lead in a British equivalent of ‘Breaking Bad.’
Sophie Okonedo
‘The Villain’ doesn’t really have any heroes, as such, but as someone I looked up to more than anyone else and was influenced by, it was the ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson.
Marty Scurll
I feel that I have had great matches with Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins.
There are people out there who are into traditional country music and for those people you have artists like Brad Paisley and Josh Turner and Alan Jackson. Then you have artists with a progressive style of country music, like myself and Eric Church and Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert.
Jason Aldean
I love ‘Breaking Bad.’ I’d watch Bryan Cranston read the phone book, for days.
Joel Kinnaman
I love ‘Talking Smack.’ It is so much fun. We just literally go out there and say whatever we want. Somehow, it’s never planned, but somehow I end up bickering with Daniel Bryan every single time.
Alexa Bliss
Bryan Gray at Preston gave me a chance, even though Joe Royle and Ian Rush were being linked with the job. He taught me an awful lot about structuring the job and encouraged me to invest in young players.
David Moyes
The beginning of 1856 found me teaching in the family of a planter named Bryan, residing in Prince George County, Md., some fifteen or twenty miles from Washington.
Simon Newcomb
In addition to being an extraordinary actor, Bryan Cranston is a really generous guy and also very funny.
David Costabile
I think Daniel Bryan reminds me a lot of my brother, Owen.
Bret Hart
I like Bryan Caraway a lot; I used to train with him. I consider him a friend.
Chael Sonnen
My fans are probably largely female; it wasn’t until ‘How to Make it in America’ that guys started coming up to me: ‘You’re Bryan Greenberg.’ ‘Yeah… Don’t hurt me. What do you want?’ ‘Love the show.’
Bryan Greenberg
Deep down inside, I’m a cheeseball and still listen to Bryan Adams and all that stuff.
Lzzy Hale
Daniel Bryan is the reason I wanted to come to Ring of Honor. I watched all those years and saw his body of work in Ring of Honor, and it appealed to me so much.
Marty Scurll
Daniel Bryan is one of my favorite wrestlers – as a talent, as an entertainer, the way our fans love and revere him. There’s never been a match he and I have been in where it was bad.
Mark Henry
Working with Daniel Bryan, that was fun for me. People don’t know I was working 30-minute main events with him every night leading up to ‘Money in the Bank.’
Big Cass
Early on, I was into David Bowie. Then someone in the band suggested I try a Bryan Ferry type of thing. That’s when I started wearing three-piece suits. It wasn’t unnatural for me.
Robin Zander
Daniel Bryan, as a person, I think he is a good guy; I don’t know him on a personal note well enough to say anything bad about him. As a competitor, he is a die-hard competitor. He is going to bring everything into this match that he can.
Roman Reigns
Daniel Bryan is a guy I’d like to mix it up with at some point – Tyson Kidd, Kevin Owens. You know, we have a lot of history in NXT, and he’s another guy I’ve known for a long time, so there’s so many different options.
Daniel Bryan is very good at being endearing.
The Miz
Me and Luke are fraternity brothers. Luke Bryan was already in Nashville when I got to college. He had come back to his old fraternity house, which was my new fraternity house. We met there and just kinda stayed in touch.
Cole Swindell
Daniel Bryan had the ‘Yes’ Movement. That was phenomenal.
Jinder Mahal
Working with Bryan Cranston on ‘Breaking Bad’ has been totally thrilling because he is so clear in his approach.
Jessica Hecht
One of the purposes of coming to WWE was to wrestle with Daniel Bryan.
Shinsuke Nakamura
If anyone understands the enormous mountain that cruiserweights like myself have to climb, it’s WWE champion Daniel Bryan – who not only climbed that mountain but now stands atop it.
Mustafa Ali
Look at all of United’s successful teams under Sir Alex Ferguson and their captains were all big personalities: Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce, Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic. You would follow them all into the trenches.
Robbie Savage
You do sometimes watch performances and just think, ‘I may as well give up. I won’t reach that. I may as well give up.’ But then there are other actors you watch and just think, ‘Oh my God, yes, I want to try and do that. Try and be like that’. And Bryan Cranston is someone who I’d like to try and be like.
Tom Mison
There are a lot of people that I think look very good – Bryan Ferry and Jude Law dress really well, Steve McQueen was cool, and all the James Bonds have been very dapper.
Ben Fogle
There's no way Daniel Bryan can beat me in a Royal Rumb

There’s no way Daniel Bryan can beat me in a Royal Rumble match. It’s ridiculous. He’s nowhere near as heavy as me; he doesn’t have a fraction of the strength I have. There are a lot of ways that Daniel Bryan can possibly beat me.
Roman Reigns
When Bryan Price taught me how to throw a changeup, he made me see myself. All my life, I’ve been the equivalent of a fastball pitcher – trying to use blazing speed and brute force to wow the people around me.
Eric Liu
One of the funny lines that Daniel Bryan said in a promo is that he made fun of me for driving in an SUV, and he asked why such a small man like myself needs to drive an SUV, but we’re standing literally eye to eye, and I’m like, ‘Ummm.’
Mustafa Ali
When you look back at the former Ring of Honor world champions, whether it be Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Nigel McGuiness, the list goes on and on. These are the guys that built the lineage and importance of the Ring of Honor world championship.
Adam Cole
Anytime you have a fellow artist say, ‘Loving the new Luke Bryan album,’ that’s awesome.
Luke Bryan
If Bryan is like, ‘I’m going to be at the gym here for two hours,’ it forces me to keep myself busy for those two hours. It pushes you more! And Bryan is actually the first relationship I’ve been in where my partner enjoys a healthy lifestyle like me. Even past lifting weights at the gym.
Brie Bella
One week, you’re facing Daniel Bryan, and next week, you’re teaming with AJ Styles. You’re in the ring with the best in the world. Part of me wants to tell myself they don’t just put anybody in the ring with them. I obviously want to be as good as them, and I feel like I can be and I can hang with them.
Mustafa Ali
‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ creators Mike DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have, along with their team, painstakingly planned out the Avatarverse.
Gene Luen Yang
I greatly appreciate that people would like to see me have one more match or comeback or, ‘Daniel Bryan got cleared, so why can’t you?’ I will never be cleared. Mine is a completely different injury. He had neck issues, but it wasn’t his neck issues that retired him, actually. It was the concussion issues.
One of the things that I share with Bryan Becket is this hole in my childhood memory. There’s about five years of my life that’s virtually gone. I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it might be for my own protection that those memories are gone, and maybe I don’t want to dredge up those things.
Tim Daly
I can be a traditionalist but also play with Luke Bryan and get the crowd to go crazy. I think that mix is a lot of what has kept me going and kept people fired up about the music.
Jon Pardi
I remember how inspiring it was to meet players like Bobby Charlton or Bryan Robson when I was a kid. I still remember Clive Allen showing up when I received a trophy for my Sunday league team.
David Beckham
Daniel Bryan looks like he doesn’t want the attention, but he does. He acts like he doesn’t want the notoriety, but he does.
The Miz
When I was young, I was a sucker for smooth men. Bryan Ferry hired me, at 19, to be painted blue and dress up as a mermaid for the cover of his album ‘Siren.’ It was love at first sight.
Jerry Hall
We had a show called NXT, and Daniel Bryan was my rookie, and I was his pro. And the object was for the pros teach the rookies what it’s like to be a WWE Superstar. As soon as that hit the Internet, the Internet thought it was absurd: ‘How dare WWE put Daniel Bryan as Miz’s rookie? Daniel Bryan should be the pro.’
The Miz
I love the first two X-Men movies because I thought that Bryan Singer did such a great job. He elevated that whole genre. He’s a very talented director.
Famke Janssen
There’s guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk that incorporated mixed martial arts submissions and moves into professional wrestling. I feel like the way it was incorporated was really good, but there’s not enough people doing it.
Matt Riddle
I’d love to work with Michael Keaton, Steve Martin, and Bryan Cranston again.
Catherine O’Hara
When I saw Daniel Bryan win the world title, that was the most incredible atmosphere, especially after Undertaker just losing his streak, which was such an awkward and weird feeling in the building. To feel the feeling of the fans once Daniel Bryan wins his title – it was… I can’t even explain it.
American populism is no stranger to our political life. From the earliest anti-Federalists to William Jennings Bryan, Huey Long, and George Wallace, and many in between, we’ve sampled the populist temptation, often in times of national distress and dislocation.
Rick Wilson
Someday, somehow, the leadership of Planned Parenthood will have to answer for their callous disregard of the sanctity of human life. In the meantime, I am relieved that the Bryan abortion facility has gone out of business.
Bill Flores
My team members are Hector Soto, who is a boxing promoter and Vice-president of Miguel Cotto Promotions. He runs all my business. He was the person that my father left in charge of it all. Bryan Perez is my right-hand man.
Miguel Cotto
After four years of experience – and especially after the match with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 27 for the U.S. title that ended up being a dark match – you’ve got to realize that patience is a huge key in this game.
I’ve said this numerous times: I’ve been in the ring with Daniel Bryan, and he’s the best wrestler in the world, bar none.
Johnny Gargano
I know Vince made the call for Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble and be the guy. We know that much. I don’t know what knucklehead didn’t say to Vince that maybe we shouldn’t put Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble.
Jim Cornette
I get a lot of comparisons to Daniel Bryan, and trust me, I am flattered by all of them because we mentioned New Orleans and WrestleMania; I watched it at home and watched Daniel Bryan in the main event of WrestleMania achieve his dreams.
Johnny Gargano
I’m sorry to bang on about it because I know everyone is, but Bryan Cranston in ‘Breaking Bad’ is remarkable. To see him switch from ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ to suddenly become Walter White is incredible. It’s a) nice to see an actor given that chance, and b) great to see him really take full advantage of it.
Tom Mison
Daniel Bryan is someone who I definitely think I can have good matches with.
Wade Barrett
I wanted to work with Bryan Singer because I like his films.
Eddie Marsan
When I first came in, I won a world championship pretty fast. Then I worked with John Morrison and Daniel Bryan, became King of the Ring, went back to ‘SmackDown,’ became the world champion again, won the Rumble, did a lot of things, went away after an injury.
Oh my God, Luke Bryan is so handsome in person.
Gabby Barrett
After our successes on 'H+,' I'm thrilled to be returni

After our successes on ‘H+,’ I’m thrilled to be returning to another digital endeavor with Bryan Singer, Jason Taylor, and the entire Bad Hat Harry team. We’re excited to be building the foundations of our world with Rockzeline and Blackpills.
John Cabrera
Bryan Adams might not be what I want to put on, but he’s a pop singer with a great voice and great guitar tone. Plus, he’s done more for Canada than Rush have, because he works all the time. I envy him for that.
Alex Lifeson
Bryan and I plan to use reusable diapers. There are a lot more options than before. We know it won’t be as convenient, but we want to do it to help the planet.
Brie Bella
I’ve covered the league over two decades, I’ve known Bryan Colangelo for a long, long time. He’s not someone who goes on and off the record criticizing his contemporaries or his predecessors.
Stephen A. Smith