Top 66 Businessmen Quotes

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The actor's role in the community is quite unlike anyon

The actor’s role in the community is quite unlike anyone else’s. Businessmen, for example, don’t take their clothes off or cry in front of strangers in the course of their work. Actors do.
Wallace Shawn
All businessmen are scum.
Frank Dobson
When I was on the Knicks, and I’d have a drink – my drink would be either a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned – businessmen would be drinking only wine. As I continued to go to business dinners with successful businessmen, my drink has now also turned into wine.
Channing Frye
Actors used to concentrate on acting, but today they are businessmen, too, and think about the numbers game as well. They multi-task very well. It’s admirable that they have this ability.
Dimple Kapadia
Be realistic and truthful – and tell Hong Kong businessmen honestly that they should go for long-term investments since it is unlikely money can be made in the short haul.
Zhu Rongji
Honest businessmen should be protected from the unscrupulous consumer.
Lester Maddox
People don’t know that there were very successful black businessmen in the years of apartheid.
Patrice Motsepe
Businessmen should not put their finger in politics, because they tend to think only of their own self-interest. But I worry about the low morale in Italian industry and the lack of government initiatives to help the poor.
Diego Della Valle
Africa Rising is as much about improving standards of governance as it is about an increasingly confident youths and civil society. It is also about businessmen and women who are stepping beyond national borders and going global.
Yemi Osinbajo
Like many businessmen of genius he learned that free competition was wasteful, monopoly efficient. And so he simply set about achieving that efficient monopoly.
Mario Puzo
Tell the trial lawyers to get out of your state and to quit costing businessmen and women.
Rick Perry
The different Ministries have to work more on the promotion of the country, to build Kosovo’s public image. Concrete projects must be assembled, in order to activate our businessmen to have more contacts. We have to create a positive image about ourselves.
Ibrahim Rugova
There is a yearning for people to return to elementary moral virtues, such as integrity and commitment. We distrust people who have no centering of values. We greatly respect businessmen, for example, if they display those virtues, even if we don’t necessarily agree with the people.
Geoff Mulgan
Chris Cutler was kind enough to offer his company as an umbrella, so now I can have all my back catalogue under one roof as it were, and it has the same feeling as with Daniel; this is a matter between friends rather than businessmen.
Fred Frith
I think there are many honest businessmen.
Ratan Tata
Businessmen need to understand the challenges of society and contribute to solving them.
Victor Pinchuk
Filipino businessmen must have the ability to compete freely in the global economy.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
We are each other’s seventh largest trading partner, we are the fifth largest investor there and likewise, we have a lot of exchanges between political leaders, businessmen, tourists and school children too.
Sellapan Ramanathan
We often forget that Iran has a long tradition and history with the United States. Iranians have been coming to the United States as students for decades. American businessmen were in Iran developing the oil fields. …There was an American financial advisor to the Iranian government in the early part of the century.
Elaine Sciolino
I listen to a lot of audio books and business-related books. All of the great businessmen have one thing in common: they write down their goals. They keep a journal. Not only that, but I write down my goals, and I check it off: whether or not I ate right, work out, check it off.
Jinder Mahal
Businessmen are not in business to lose customers, and schools do not exist to free their clients from the agencies of mass persuasion. School and media possess a productive monopoly upon the imagination of a child.
Jonathan Kozol
The Macau casinos have a wonderful business, it’s taking in money from Chinese businessmen elsewhere who send it through junky companies to casinos to gamble. The growth continues and they have basically western managers and western accounting, so we trust the numbers a little bit more.
James Chanos
Short of a space-alien invasion or an Oklahoma tornado, there is almost no problem that a democracy can tackle in a year. But that isn’t why we have a government. We have a government to solve the problems that greedy, short-sighted businessmen like me can’t.
Glenn Kelman
While it’s a shame that more businessmen like Andy Puzder aren’t helping to form America’s economic policy, at least he’s still on the field fighting the good fight.
Edward Conard
My father and grandfather were businessmen. The family business was Adelphi Paints in New Jersey. When the first energy crisis came in the early 1970s, the business suffered.
David Einhorn
When companies get together secretly to fix prices and attempt to eliminate competition, honest businessmen suffer. I think this is wrong.
Robert Kennedy
You now have these owners who are all successful businessmen, and they think they should be winning. They come in thinking that they should be winning. Some don’t understand that only one team can win the league.
Harry Redknapp
I was an opponent of Saddam Hussein when the British and American governments and businessmen were selling him guns and gas.
George Galloway
Vikings were pretty brutal, but also very educated people. They were salesmen, businessmen who started raiding when business wasn’t good. That’s why they had such great boats.
Baltasar Kormakur
I have a very negative attitude toward business and businessmen.
Tom Anderson
Behind every corrupt politician are 10-20 corrupt businessmen.
Mo Ibrahim
The last thing businessmen want to do is sit in a room

The last thing businessmen want to do is sit in a room filled with other businessmen. A room full of money is a pretty boring sight – unless it’s yours, of course.
Graydon Carter
Few businessmen are capable of being in politics, they don’t understand the democratic process, they have neither the tolerance or the depth it takes. Democracy isn’t a business.
Malcolm Forbes
I don’t care to analyze acting. On the other hand there is a fascination because distributors are putting out British films. You get films here with great performances you’ll never see again. Why compare. We should go after the businessmen.
Tim Roth
People who run a ready-to-wear company are businessmen rather than production or design people.
Calvin Klein
I remember how, back in the 1980s, the Scottish Flow Country became an object of bemused controversy as rich celebrities and businessmen from south of the border acquired great tracts of this vast wetland in the far north in order to plant non-native conifer plantations that attract hefty tax breaks.
John Burnside
I am proud to join the many state legislators, governors, businessmen and hard-working Americans who have worked to build support and momentum for the idea of the Health Care Compact, and I am proud to introduce the common-sense bill for this sensible solution.
James Lankford
I’ll get seven hours sleep a night, but after breakfast, I’ll have an hour just resting, to recover. In Spain they all have siestas, even businessmen.
Anthony Joshua
We have some of the smartest businessmen in India, who have created huge wealth.
Lara Dutta
There are professional negotiators working for the writers and the actors, but basically you’ve got the writers and actors negotiating against businessmen. That’s why you get rhetoric.
Dick Wolf
A capitalist economy hums when leading businessmen are bubbling with animal spirits and are prepared to sink their money into risky ventures.
Paul Johnson
Nowadays, it’s not more about the sport; it’s about the business. All the boxers became businessmen, not boxers. They look just to get the money, not the glory.
Vasyl Lomachenko
For years, they cast me in these dumb straight roles of businessmen in three-piece suits.
George Gaynes
I’ve studied the lives of the 20th century’s great businessmen and concluded self-confidence was instrumental in all their success.
Alex Spanos
In the rest of the world, rich people will give a donation, and businessmen give to charities. But in Mexico, the execution capacity of what we call the social sector is missing. I find it much more effective to set up the actual social organisation and then fund it with my money.
Ricardo Salinas Pliego
There was one occasion when I was very young – eight years or seven years old – that Jewish businessmen went through the forest, and they were assassinated. And that was for the first time I saw in our paper where there were assassinations in our place.
Shimon Peres
I have two sons. Good sons. They’re both businessmen.
Gordon B. Hinckley
The 20th-century ulcer epidemic was a sign of good health in American people – good diet, strong acidity and healthy immune response actually make ulcers more likely. That’s why businessmen eating giant T-bone steaks were prone to ulcers.
Barry Marshall
I’m excited about my own network, BounceTV. It’s the first African-American-owned broadcast network. It’s myself, my partner Rob Hardy, and some other African-American businessmen, including Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III.
Will Packer
People have dreams, don’t they? Young people have enormous vision for their futures. I think a lot of them are realising that they won’t necessarily be Robbie Williams but they might be brilliant businessmen and businesswomen.
Peter Jones
Nothing is illegal if one hundred businessmen decide to do it.
Andrew Young
A lot of very successful businessmen share some of these sociopathic traits – a lack of empathy, seeing people as commodities, projecting an air of sincerity when everything is actually calculated.
Oscar Isaac
Japan has only 100m people. Asia has 4bn. At least one-third, maybe nearly half, will become middle class, and this is a big opportunity for Japanese businessmen.
Tadashi Yanai
German businessmen are overwhelmed by the high cost of doing business. Inflexible rules, enforced by a burgeoning bureaucracy, discourage entrepreneurship.
Suzanne Fields
What artists think about the world is often different from how we businessmen see it, and I find that an enriching experience.
Eli Broad
Many politicians, celebrities, businessmen and women, and community leaders now are open about their struggles with mental illnesses, something almost unheard of when I began. Together, we are spreading the word that mental health affects all of us and deserves our support and attention.
Rosalynn Carter
The history of the last century shows, as we shall see later, that the advice given to governments by bankers, like the advice they gave to industrialists, was consistently good for bankers, but was often disastrous for governments, businessmen, and the people generally.
Carroll Quigley
Anyone who says businessmen deal in facts, not fiction, has never read old five-year projections.
Malcolm Forbes
All stars are businessmen. Once you decide to become a star, you are talking about money, fame, and being successful.
Kamal Haasan
I’m from a family of bankers and businessmen, and here I am, the artist, the black sheep.
Matthew Quick
I got into politics because businessmen should be spending your money.
Ralph Norman
Trump made his fortune manipulating tax laws and stiffing small businessmen, creating a few well-paying jobs along the way. Vulnerable people looking to master ‘the art of the deal’ learned the hard way that Trump held all the cards.
Stephanie Coontz
What cultural revolutionaries do not seem to grasp is t

What cultural revolutionaries do not seem to grasp is that, far from being a grass-roots art form that has been taken over by businessmen, rock itself comes from the commercial exploitation of the blues.
Ellen Willis
I have noticed that most of the successful businessmen are not that educated. But they are the ones who hire highly educated employees to work for them.
Sangram Singh
Great businessmen are creators.
Eric Cantona
Here in France, I’ve seen some very good young designers, but they don’t have this ability to be good businessmen, too. I think America gives you this.
Carine Roitfeld