Top 66 Classy Quotes

Classy Quotes: Elegance, Grace, and Timeless Sophistication

The Essence of Class

Class is not just about fashion or external appearances; it is an inner quality that radiates elegance, grace, and timeless sophistication. It transcends trends and fads, embodying a sense of refinement, dignity, and impeccable manners. A classy individual exudes confidence, treats others with respect, and possesses a certain poise that sets them apart. In this article, we delve into the essence of class and present a collection of quotes that celebrate the virtues of elegance, grace, and the enduring allure of timeless sophistication.

Class is a way of being—a reflection of one’s character, values, and integrity. It is an art that is cultivated through self-awareness, self-discipline, and a genuine appreciation for the finer things in life. Beyond mere appearances, it is an embodiment of kindness, empathy, and a genuine respect for oneself and others.

Inspiring Words: Quotes that Define Class

Poets, writers, and icons of style and substance have shared their wisdom and insights on the subject of class, offering guidance and inspiration for those aspiring to embody this timeless quality. Their words celebrate the virtues of grace, elegance, and the inherent beauty of a well-lived life. Below, we present a collection of quotes that capture the essence of class and inspire us to cultivate our own sense of timeless sophistication.

'Love Letter' reminds me of 'Chocolate Factory' and 'Ha

‘Love Letter’ reminds me of ‘Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Happy People.’ It’s a little bit of both of those, yeah. I just wanted it to be classy, man. And romantic. And maybe 10 percent sexy.
R. Kelly
Every woman is after a kind of classy image.
Evangeline Lilly
I don’t consider myself a goody-goody, but I like to be perceived as classy.
Kristen Johnston
James Brown is the perfect example of flashy but classy. Classy doesn’t have to mean boring. His gear was flamboyant but without being so over the top. The cape was probably the biggest part of his persona. He looked like Superman.
Mayer Hawthorne
I try to dress classy and dance cheesy.
Flame mails and offensive Internet activities are not classy. It doesn’t fit with our culture here, where we respect the gender, race, opinions, ear-lobe apparel and choice of clothing of all employees.
David Duffield
I change my style maybe every month. I’m, like, punk one month, ghetto fab the next, classy the next. I’m just young and finding out who I am.
Kylie Jenner
Stanley Tucci is a classy actor, and Ian Holm is very short but equally classy – and both are also amazing.
Kayvan Novak
The academy awards in England; it’s a classy affair as well.
Brenda Blethyn
I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and appealing.
Leadership is by far the most important quality when it comes to making a show that’s going to last and of superb quality, something classy and fun.
Andre Braugher
I come from a real working class background, and I didn’t know anyone sophisticated – except I saw Edie Sedgewick once at the Art Museum in Philly. She had these black leotards and little black pumps and this big ermine cape and all these white dogs and black sunglasses and black eyes. She was classy!
Patti Smith
I love shopping; I’m a jeans and a T-shirt kind of girl, but I go classy when I dress up – with a little bit of sexy.
Adrianne Palicki
Bad boys are classy and refined. For example, even though Donald Trump came from money and a privileged lifestyle, he’s a man’s man.
Frank Vincent
In the 1940s, cigarettes would be shown in classy situations, endorsed by celebrities – real A-list Hollywood stars in America – the ads would make claims about tobacco quality or manufacturing science and, bizarrely, some brands had what almost amounted to health claims.
Peter York
Television will always err on the side of making something not quite as classy as it could be.
Itzhak Perlman
I like the cute, girl-next-door look but I can play around with being classy.
Tulsi Kumar
I wanted a woman, at first, with a classy side but with a really wild, crazy side. I wanted that because I’m wild and crazy sometimes. But that was then. Now I need less wild and crazy, like, a little bit of that element, but more class. A woman that’s responsible and that wants to take care of herself.
Ray J
I love rose gold – it’s just beautiful and classy and timeless.
Madelaine Petsch
Endless Jane Austen film adaptations have given us the idea that the Regency was a classy, pretty, palatable period of history. Notable for their muslins, tea parties and flirting, you’d think that most Regency folk lived in highly desirable rectories.
Lucy Worsley
Wine is smart, sexy, and classy.
Cynthia Bailey
I know Gov. Palin is a classy lady and has her head on straight.
Paul Gosar
Bad boys are classy and refined. For example, even though Donald Trump came from money and a privileged lifestyle, he’s a man’s man.
Frank Vincent
I don’t know why so many people in America hate Hillary Clinton; I found her to be one of the most gracious, intelligent, perceptive, and, yes, classy women I have ever met.
Peter Navarro
I got my style from my mom, she was a classy lady.
Big Freedia
I think it’s hard to describe my style in one sentence. It depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I’ll dress more street; other times, I’ll dress more classy. I have so many different ways that I can express myself, so my style is pretty versatile.
Divock Origi
You just have to be classy at the end of the day. That doesn’t mean you can’t go with a midnight blue tux. And if you can find a deep red tux that looks classy and classic, I think you can pull it off.
Paul Feig
The Kate Spade woman is a classy sort of working woman who’s still stylish.
KiKi Layne
They do very classy, sexy television in the U.S. – and they pay a lot more, so there’s always that draw!
Jamie Dornan
The classy gangster is a Hollywood invention.
Orson Welles
I’m always nervous. A classy comedian is full of self-doubt disguised with an air of false confidence. If there isn’t self-doubt, you seem aggressive.
Ronnie Corbett
I love Cate Blanchett. She's extremely classy and has t

I love Cate Blanchett. She’s extremely classy and has this knack for taking on roles and being very, very strong, but also embedding vulnerability. She has this relatable quality. I like the path she chose.
Ashley Greene
I want to always be classy and honest, and I always want to have fun with music, and if I can’t really express who I am through my music, then it’s not really fun anymore.
India Arie
Audrey Hepburn is a huge influence on my style. She’s classy, confident, and simplistic. She’s a tomboy and also super feminine.
Natalie Prass
I don’t follow the relevant trends anymore. But I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style, I think she is timeless, chic, and most importantly, classy.
Camila Morrone
I love to shop at BCBG, because it’s classy and elegant but a little bit sexy. It fits who I am in one store.
Emeraude Toubia
Half-brights consider it comedy gold to congratulate anyone they dislike for ‘winning the Kentucky Derby!’ The only thing more bracingly original to not-smart people is: ‘Stay classy!’
Ann Coulter
Keira Knightley remains one of my mentors. I absolutely love her and will turn to her for industry advice or reassurance or validation at any time. She is very classy and elegant and lovely. I have a bit of a woman-crush on Keira.
Ella Purnell
I met the man of my dreams at a gym, and then we got married in Vegas – because we’re classy. When you meet at a gym, where else do you get married?
Megan Hilty
I grew up loving actresses or actors who were very classy but who seemed a little bit mysterious because you couldn’t grasp what they’re really thinking.
Diane Kruger
My style is understated because everything I wear, I want it to have an effortless feel to it. I always want to be comfortable in my clothes and feel like myself, but I like to usually throw in some edge in there somewhere, even just with a leather jacket. But overall, always gotta keep it classy!
Tori Kelly
We can still be sexy and vibrant, fashionable, classy, and fly until the day we die!
Tina Knowles
I like to mix the street look with classy and sexy. I call it ‘hood chic.’
Justine Skye
I showed what I can do with butter, right? Eighty-five percent increase in sales. I’m very proud of them Country Life ads. They were funny and clever and classy like the Toblerone ads I grew up with.
John Lydon
Now I’ve become classy, else I would not have been on ‘Koffee with Karan.’
Rakhi Sawant
We like to say Miss America is the classy one. It has a talent category. I would have been dead last in Miss USA – I’m five foot three, I’m not a model, and I never wanted to be one.
Gretchen Carlson
Class does not mean huge possession of money. Mother Teresa was a classy woman. So is Manjula Bhargava, a great mathematician of Indian origin. The concept that you automatically gain class by acquiring money is an outdated thought process.
Sudha Murty
While the fashion in Paris is very chic and classy, the fashion in Hong Kong is very hip, young and colorful.
Madhura Naik
The Rooneys are very classy. They’re very deliberate with their decision-making. Once you’re part of that family, Steeler nation, they treat you with respect. You don’t have a lot of rambunctious players running around.
Tony Dorsett
Honestly, I think Lily Collins and Felicity Jones. I think they’re very classy, they’re elegant, they’re British, and they really inspire me because they’re incredible actresses.
Millie Bobby Brown
I like low-maintenance girls, but at the same time, classy. She needs to take care of herself. But also be a girl who isn’t afraid to get sweaty and play basketball, so it’s cool if she’s a tomboy.
Chris Brown
I’m drawn to black clothes. I say I’m inspired by the wrestler The Undertaker because there’s something about wearing black that makes me feel confident and classy. It isn’t to try and make me look slim!
Daniel Sturridge
I grew up loving actresses or actors who were very classy but who seemed a little bit mysterious because you couldn’t grasp what they’re really thinking. I mean, Grace Kelly always looked impossibly glamorous, yet you could always see there was something behind her eyes.
Diane Kruger