Top 66 Organizing Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Organizing Quotes from famous people such as John Green, Ron Lewis, Dolores Huerta, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Emma Gonzalez, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I always wondered if there was a purpose to the univers

I always wondered if there was a purpose to the universe, if there was a plan, if there was some sort of organizing factor, hopefully that I played a role in.
John Green
Financial literacy is an issue that should command our attention because many Americans are not adequately organizing finances for their education, healthcare and retirement.
Ron Lewis
Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.
Dolores Huerta
Most of what Einstein said and did has no direct impact on what anybody reads in the Bible. Special relativity, his work in quantum mechanics, nobody even knows or cares. Where Einstein really affects the Bible is the fact that general relativity is the organizing principle for the Big Bang.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I’m a mess, and I’m messy. I’m very, very bad at organizing myself.
Emma Gonzalez
Something big is going on. I’m talking about a society that refuses to allow injustice just to persist without making our voices heard and without organizing to bring about effective change through our voting system.
Bernice King
Before running for the Washington State Senate in 2014, I had spent 20 years as an activist. I had always believed that we needed to push for change on the outside, through community organizing and advocacy.
Pramila Jayapal
I’m a working mom, so I know that getting the job done, feeding the kids, organizing family get-togethers, and putting the finishing touches on sixth-grade projects all take precedence over exercise.
Denise Austin
For nearly as long as civilization has existed, patriarchy – enforced through the rights of the firstborn son – has been the organizing principle, with few exceptions.
Hanna Rosin
Baltimore is a beautiful city. I started doing a lot of community organizing back in 1999 and met so many great people in neighborhoods all across the city. And that was an invaluable experience.
DeRay Mckesson
Social media is such a key organizing and communication tool, and I’ve made a major commitment to use it as a way to make the legislative process as transparent as possible.
Chris Murphy
What does it mean to have a mayor who has an organizing background? It means I have allies and partners on whom I can call for advice – and that are also holding my feet to the fire already.
Betsy Hodges
Organizing has to be a 12-month endeavor.
Tom Perez
I think there’s a weapon of cynicism to say, ‘Protest doesn’t work. Organizing doesn’t work. Y’all are a bunch of hippies. You know, it doesn’t do anything,’ because, frankly, it’s said out of fear, because it is a potent force for political change.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The current nation-state model is the product of thousands of years of political, social, and cultural evolution. I mean, it was only recently – in, like, the last few decades – that people have tried to create an organizing principle larger than the nation-state.
Stephen Miller
A woman with organizing skills can run a construction company without ever picking up a hammer and nail.
Warren Farrell
There can be no one best way of organizing a business.
Joanne Woodward
Of course, I love tools. I also love arranging them, to the point where I came up with a name for my organizing metric: first-order retrievability.
Adam Savage
I do a lot of cleaning and organizing of the house, and I’m also a big TV and movie buff.
Danny Green
The law increasing and organizing the military establishment of the United States has been nearly carried into effect, and the Army has been extensively and usefully employed during the past season.
Martin Van Buren
When people in stadiums do the Wave, it’s the group-mind collective organism spontaneously organizing itself to express an emotion, pass time, and reflect the joy of seeing the rhythms of many as one, a visual rhyming or music in which everyone senses where the motion is going.
Jerry Saltz
Genre is a useful thing when organizing texts in a bookshop but immaterial to the particular exchange between writer and reader.
Rumaan Alam
Organizing your fridge for maximum efficiency – in terms of food shelf life, food safety, and easy access to the things you reach for most – should be a top priority.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
I had to find a way to get off the streets because it was too windy. So I started organizing variety shows of street performers. I would rent a hall, cafe or bar so I could put on a show. I did that for years before the ‘Tonight Show With Johnny Carson’ heard about this odd thing I did with bubbles.
Tom Noddy
I’m an inveterate note taker – I scribble all these things down on pieces of paper. I wanted to create some way of organizing all of them.
Mitch Kapor
Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.
Hillary Clinton
Either I’m really into the organizing, or I’m really into the music. As I’ve been going, I’ve been able to figure out ways to even it out a little more.
Boots Riley
Governance is a way of organizing, amplifying, and constraining power.
Rebecca MacKinnon
Words are capable of making experience more vivid, and also of organizing it. They can scare us, and they can comfort us.
Jonathan Safran Foer
I have my chops in organizing, and I know how to create political space through movement building.
Pramila Jayapal
Today, it is clear that Internet organizing is vital to our future success.
Martin Frost
Security is, I would say, our top priority because for

Security is, I would say, our top priority because for all the exciting things you will be able to do with computers – organizing your lives, staying in touch with people, being creative – if we don’t solve these security problems, then people will hold back.
Bill Gates
A phone tree isn’t an ancient form of political organizing, but you have to call every person.
Howard Rheingold
We are a species that must try to impose and find systems – systems of thought, ways of organizing and categorizing reality.
Jonah Goldberg
Back in early 1983, my dad was tasked with keeping unions from organizing in his company’s distribution centers. His work pulled him away from home for months on end.
Jen Lancaster
I won’t say that I’m an agnostic, since agnosticism maintains that one cannot know… but I’m not averse to the idea of some intelligence or some organizing force that set up the initial conditions of the universe in such a way that ultimately generated stars, planets and life.
B. F. Skinner
Culture cannot be separated from politics. The arts, philosophy and metaphysics, religion and the sciences, constitute culture. Politics are the science or art of organizing our relationships to allow for the development of life in society.
Eugene Ionesco
There’s the chaos surrounding the practical day-to-day – playdates, doctors’ appointments, packing and unpacking, and organizing mealtimes.
Angelina Jolie
There is strength in numbers, but organizing those numbers is one of the great challenges.
John C. Mather
This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish. Only an organizing genius could produce a shortage of coal and fish at the same time.
Aneurin Bevan
‘Economics for Everybody’ begins with understanding God’s principles for organizing His creation and what that means for us as creatures and stewards.
R. C. Sproul
Architecture is basically the design of interiors, the art of organizing interior space.
Philip Johnson
Intersectional organizing is the new agenda. And if we’re gonna lose, we’re gonna lose together. If we win, we’re gonna win together.
Linda Sarsour
I realized early on that I was pretty good at organizing. A lot of it was about control. While my friends were out getting hammered at concerts, I was making money. I am a control freak.
Kevin Plank
When I was in high school, I started organizing fundraisers and other events for people like PETA and Greenpeace.
Alissa White-Gluz
We keep thinking that the human is evolving. No, the human has evolved to its extent. What’s happening now is the organization of humans: just like cells organize to form people, people are organizing to form humanity.
Bruce Lipton
It goes against the grain of modern education to teach students to program. What fun is there to making plans, acquiring discipline, organizing thoughts, devoting attention to detail, and learning to be self critical.
Alan Perlis
With Facebook’s IPO, the world learned a new way of organizing businesses around one overriding imperative: to ship new products quickly.
Glenn Kelman
The Occupy movement needs an organizing principle, and – just as the Tea Party did – it needs some actual measures of success. Choose one candidate whose agenda is squarely within that of the movement and make his or her electoral success a focal point.
Eliot Spitzer
The key to organizing an alternative society is to organize people around what they can do, and more importantly, what they want to do.
Abbie Hoffman
Voter turnout comes down to organizing, educating, activating.
Donna Brazile
The obvious rule of efficiency is you don’t want to spend more time organizing than it’s worth.
Daniel Levitin
To solve the problem of organizing world peace we must establish world law and order.
Arthur Henderson
The Internet is an important organizing tool. But the goal of a campaign isn’t to use the Internet for organizing; the goal is always to win, and to change policy and politics.
Zephyr Teachout
If the real radical finds that having long hair sets up psychological barriers to communication and organization, he cuts his hair. If I were organizing in an orthodox Jewish community, I would not walk in there eating a ham sandwich unless I wanted to be rejected so I could have an excuse to cop out.
Saul Alinsky
Augmented reality will drive all things like chat, social networking, photos, videos, organizing data, modeling, painting, motion capture, and visual programming. Every form of computing will be combined together and unified in a single platform.
Tim Sweeney