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I never lived in an abandoned railroad station.

I never lived in an abandoned railroad station.
Peter Dinklage
I didn’t grow up with Broadway music. My mother played Perry Como, while I listened to Andy Williams records. Later on it was Cream, Grand Funk Railroad and lots of R&B like the Isley Bros. and Parliament.
Donny Osmond
Great men are usually the products of their times and one of the men developed by these times takes rank with the greatest railroad leaders in history.
John Moody
When I want an opinion, I’ll get it from my peers – from men of vision, like our great railroad builders… Stanford, Huntington, Dinsmore… fellows with imaginations broad enough to span the continent.
Jonathan Raban
The promise of artificial intelligence and computer science generally vastly outweighs the impact it could have on some jobs in the same way that, while the invention of the airplane negatively affected the railroad industry, it opened a much wider door to human progress.
Paul Allen
I was one man and I tackled a big railroad. I did the best I could.
O. Winston Link
I was like, ‘Oh, let’s do a show about the Underground Railroad.’ I never come up with great titles, and I thought, ‘Underground’ is a fantastic title. I got really excited.
Misha Green
The public conviction that a railroad linking the West and the East was an absolute necessity became so pronounced after the gold discoveries of ’49 that Congress passed an act in 1853 providing for a survey of several lines from the Mississippi to the Pacific.
John Moody
You can find dozens of books about people taking the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I knew I had to do something different to cross Siberia. To drive and to talk with people along the way, that was how I wrote my book ‘Great Plains’. I drove and camped in Siberia, but did not have a real program.
Ian Frazier
I enjoy being busy, I really do. Remember, I’m the stub end of the railroad. I have no family, so I’m not taking busy time away from people that I should be spending it with. So I’m just relaxing and enjoying it.
Betty White
I don’t think of myself as a movie star. I’m a movie worker. I come from a railroad family. I come from the corn.
Bill Moseley
The Oberlin/Cleveland area is where the underground railroad came out, so it’s an interesting historical place. I love Ohio and really loved Oberlin.
Isabel Gillies
I come from a line of railroad men. My great-grandfather was a surveyor for the Burlington Railroad.
Bill Moseley
I started composting in 1970 by taking my food scraps out behind where I lived and burying them in a hole next to the railroad tracks – and green things started to grow there!
Ed Begley, Jr.
The story of the Underground Railroad is the story of American heroes, and who doesn’t want to hear a story about American heroes?
Misha Green
The criminal justice system in the United States is designed to do two things really well: to railroad black and brown bodies into prison, and to keep police officers out of it.
Joy Reid
You look at the steamboat, the railroad, the car, the airplane – not all of these were invented in the Anglo-American world, but they were popularized and extended by it. They were made possible by the financial architecture, the capital intensive operations invented and developed by the Anglo-Americans.
Walter Russell Mead
Hoosiers deserve a straightforward approach about information regarding blocked railroad crossings and I commend the Federal Railroad Administration’s willingness to work with all parties involved on this important issue.
Mike Braun
My father was a railroad man his entire life; 43 years for Southern Railroad.
Nancy Grace
Stolen scrap like manhole covers, railroad weights, stop signs, guard rails, and public lighting put our residents in grave danger. Not only that, but the theft is tearing apart communities with stolen church and cemetery ornaments.
Rashida Tlaib
Oftentimes, a history book in school will talk about the Underground Railroad as if it’s one sentence. But thousands of people decided to run, and they single-handedly changed the trajectory of our nation. By running to the North, they put a face to slavery, which recruited a lot of abolitionists.
Jurnee Smollett-Bell
The sum total of what I learned about African American culture in school was Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and the Underground Railroad. This was more than my mom knew; she didn’t even see a black person in real life until she was 18 years old.
Ashley Graham
Monopolists always defend their monopolies by arguing that competition is wasteful. When the railroad barons completed their monopoly, they argued it would be wasteful to have competing rail lines, AT&T said the same thing. But today, the size and scope of these monopolies is different.
Franklin Foer
John W. Snow was paid more than $50 million in salary, bonus and stock in his nearly 12 years as chairman of the CSX Corporation, the railroad company. During that period, the company’s profits fell, and its stock rose a bit more than half as much as that of the average big company.
Alex Berenson
I asked a man in prison once how he happened to be there and he said he had stolen a pair of shoes. I told him if he had stolen a railroad he would be a United States Senator.
Mary Harris Jones
As a white, female, half-Jewish writer, when I read ‘The Underground Railroad,’ it reminded me that America isn’t just the sort of Sesame Street that I grew up with that tolerated and embraced diversity in the Northeast, but in fact was built on the foundation of slavery.
Jenna Blum
In America, when you hear about the Underground Railroad, it’s so evocative. You think it’s a literal subway for a few minutes before your teacher goes on and describes where it actually was.
Colson Whitehead
One of the points in which I was especially interested was the Jim Crow regulations, that is, the system of separation of the races in street cars and railroad trains.
Ray Stannard Baker
When I was reading ‘The Underground Railroad,’ I had to actually hold my hand over the right-hand page so I wouldn’t see, by mistake, what was coming up next – it was so suspenseful. it’s really masterful.
Jenna Blum
My dad was a telegraph operator for the Cotton Belt Railroad. He worked seven nights a week from 4 until midnight, no vacation.
Johnny Gimble
It’s hard to make something as large as a government change. It’s a little bit like building the transcontinental railroad.
Tim O’Reilly
Today, we have our own concentrations of economic power

Today, we have our own concentrations of economic power. Instead of Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, the Union Pacific Railroad, and J. P. Morgan and Company, we have Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft.
George Packer
The Underground Railroad was a spy network for the North and that story has never been told.
Misha Green
The tail of the comet always points straight away from the sun, in antisolar direction. Sometimes the tail trails behind, but sometimes it’s perpendicular, and sometimes it’s ahead of the comet like a headlight on a railroad locomotive.
Eugene Parker
I went West and took part in the strike of the machinists – the Southern Pacific Railroad, the corporation that swung California by its golden tail, that controlled its legislature, its farmers, its preachers, its workers.
Mary Harris Jones
The story of the Underground Railroad is a thriller. These are people who are basically in a heist movie, and it’s the most precious cargo ever, your life. You’re fighting for your freedom.
Misha Green
As a child I found railroad stations exciting, mysterious, and even beautiful, as indeed they often were.
Paul Johnson
Our information network is much better protected than our railroad network, and someone who cracks a system is able to cause far less human damage than someone who derails a train. Why, then, has ‘computer crime’ caused so much hysteria? Perhaps because the public is so willing – eager, even – to be scared by bogeymen.
Charles Platt
Wisdom cannot come by railroad or automobile or aeroplane, or be hurried up by telegraph or telephone.
John Burroughs
I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say; I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.
Harriet Tubman
Consequently many large railroad systems of heavy capitalization bid fair to run into difficulties on the first serious falling off in general business.
John Moody
The history of the Erie Railroad ever since 1901 has been a record of progress.
John Moody
A private railroad car is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately.
Eleanor Robson Belmont
The United States as we know it today is largely the result of mechanical inventions, and in particular of agricultural machinery and the railroad.
John Moody
I could go back to the railroad. I liked that job.
Sturgill Simpson
While no one railroad can completely duplicate another line, two or more may compete at particular points.
John Moody
The railroad originally was as completely dissociated from steam propulsion as was the ship.
John Moody
Every new development, highway, railroad, steamship line, building operation, whether it be a drainage project in old Greece or a new water system in Peru, means an added use of the automobile.
Walter Chrysler
Why young men from the country become firefighters is hard to explain to people who are not from the country. For most of us, it’s not about the rush, which fades with time, or the paycheck. We could earn more working for the railroad or a car dealership. I figure it’s about the land.
Matthew Desmond
‘Zone One’ has one kind of an apocalypse, and ‘The Underground Railroad’ another. In both cases, the narrators are animated by a hope in a better place of refuge – in the last surviving human outpost, Up North. Does it exist? They can only believe.
Colson Whitehead
My father worked for the railroad, and whenever a train crashed, we would go as a family and steal food from the boxcars. One year we stole a case of butterscotch pudding that was for export to Israel. It took us years to get through.
Chuck Palahniuk