Top 66 Treasury Quotes

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If you need to put your money in a safe and secure plac

If you need to put your money in a safe and secure place and you want it to earn interest, Treasury bonds are safer than putting it in any bank as a deposit or putting it anywhere else, because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.
Jim Cooper
We are going to have an integrated plan and work closely between commerce and treasury to make sure that we drive growth in this country. Our number one priority is sustained 3-4% GDP.
Steve Mnuchin
I am not one of those who believe that we are bound to vote supplies to cover a deficiency in the treasury whenever called on, without investigating the causes which occasioned it.
John C. Calhoun
I was secretary of the Treasury in 2008. In that role, I had the privilege to work with many talented men and women in government and the private sector who labored to pull our nation back from the brink of disaster.
Henry Paulson
You can’t just, boopity-boop, saunter into the Treasury. You need an appointment.
Louise Linton
What is it but a cunningly devised scheme to take from one State and to give to another – to replenish the treasury of some of the States from the pockets of the people of the others; in reality, to make them support the governments and pay the debts of other States as well as their own?
John C. Calhoun
How unfair the fate which ordains that those who have the least should be always adding to the treasury of the wealthy.
The Treasury Department would use the interest from these securities to hire U.S. companies to build Saudi Arabia – new cities, new infrastructure – which we’ve done.
John Perkins
When oil and gas prices went up dramatically and filled up the state treasury, I sent a large share of that revenue back where it belonged – directly to the people of Alaska.
Sarah Palin
The most effective role for the Oregon Treasury is to continue to demand responsible business practices and use our influence to push for the development of profitable investment opportunities in the clean energy sector.
Ted Wheeler
In 2008, Goldman Sachs only paid 1.1 percent of its income in taxes even though it earned a profit of $2.3 billion and received an almost $800 billion from the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury Department.
Bernie Sanders
If investors avoid the Treasury market, we could be unable to pay off maturing securities, which would mean an immediate default. Market participants generally agree that even a brief default would create potentially catastrophic risks to the financial system, like the meltdown of 2008.
Jerome Powell
The Government Securities Act gave the Treasury Department some rulemaking authority over all government securities brokers and dealers. But the act also required these firms to register with the SEC.
Jerome Powell
You can’t take money from the taxpayers out of the treasury to give it to pay off your political donors. That’s corruption to do that.
Michele Bachmann
I feel I’ve come home at the Treasury.
Liz Truss
A Treasury Secretary or a President should be out here not fighting S&P, not grabbing the other coach and slapping him around, taking the umpire behind the barn. He should be getting the team psyched to overcome.
Rick Santelli
The Treasury has enough trouble with forecasts even when they are trying to get them right.
Nigel Lawson
Hank Paulson, the happy capitalist warrior who spent his life pursuing and defending free markets, is now the biggest interventionist Treasury secretary we’ve had since the Great Depression.
Charles Duhigg
As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, my first responsibility is to the taxpayer.
Liz Truss
In many cases, the Treasury will get preferred or convertible preferred stock for the money it gives to banks. These shares typically don’t have voting rights, possibly to give more of a hands-off appearance to the government.
Jerry A. Webman
I received my money from the treasury, I used to very early to go the clubs, but when the burden of looking after my children came upon me I tried to live a quite life, and save as much as I could.
Kamisese Mara
For the last 50 years, the federal government has taken out of the Gulf Coast $165 billion in taxes that came from oil and gas off of our coast that went to the federal Treasury, to rebuild all places in America except the place that it came from.
Mary Landrieu
I want to build a reputation as the Treasury Select Committee chairman, as somebody who asks tough questions, listens and looks into what people want us to look into, and asks those questions without fear or favour.
Nicky Morgan
My old firm, Goldman Sachs – traditionally, the best banks are leveraged 8:1. When we had the financial crisis in 2008, the investment banks were leveraged 35:1. Those rules had specifically been changed by a guy named Hank Paulson. He was secretary of Treasury.
Steve Bannon
I still like TIPS (Treasury inflation-protected securities), and I think a big opportunity is coming in the municipal bond market.
Wilbur Ross
Whichever party is in office, the Treasury is in power.
Harold Wilson
The sale of Treasury bonds, notes, and bills finances the U.S. government, and those securities are, in turn, a primary vehicle for savings for a wide range of U.S. households. Treasury securities are also an important source of collateral within the financial system.
Jerome Powell
EO 11110 did not order the printing of Silver Certificates. It ordered the amendment of a previous executive order so that the United States Code would authorize or ’empower’ the Secretary of the Treasury to issue Silver Certificates if the occasion should arise.
G. Edward Griffin
I’m not just equality minister I am also a Treasury secretary.
Kemi Badenoch
When Gordon the Brown, in London in 1997, commissioned a great inquisition or survey of his new realm, the result was the so-called national asset register, which was immediately dubbed by the boomers of the UK Treasury ‘the modern Domesday Book.’
James Buchan
Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
It was only when I started handling Treasury Operations

It was only when I started handling Treasury Operations that I realised all of a sudden just how much wealth we have. That is a huge responsibility, so I decided to get on with it and learn how to manage it, because I am a single child and have no siblings to share the responsibility with.
Roshni Nadar
Coal research and development provides huge benefits for the nation, and pay for itself many times over through taxes flowing back to the Treasury from expanded economic activity.
Tim Holden
In Divine unity and the affirmation of it, Divine beauty and dominical perfection become apparent. If there was no unity, that pre-eternal treasury would remain hidden.
Said Nursi
I am contracting continually a debt of gratitude which time will never see canceled. There is a treasury from which it will be repaid, but I do not dispense its stores.
Dorothea Dix
The idea of being Treasury secretary in the abstract appealed to me, but my initial inclination was that it wasn’t right for me to take that step.
Henry Paulson
A study by Treasury economists estimated that a country with a tax rate one percentage point lower than another country’s attracts 3 percent more capital. It’s not surprising then, that average OECD corporate tax rates have trended steadily downward.
Henry Paulson
Corporations that are formed for the purpose of earning profits do not have the constitutionally protected rights that natural citizens have. They should not spend their corporate dollars, Treasury dollars, to influence outcome of elections.
Ted Deutch
The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, the public debt should be reduced and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled.
Ross Perot
The whole of government needs to contribute to the shared goal of restructuring the British economy. But that means taking on the myth that the Treasury either knows best or can run it all. It just doesn’t.
David Miliband
If the U.S. Government was a company, the deficit would be $5 trillion because they would have to account by general accepted accounting principles. But actually they encourage government spending, reckless government spending, because the government can issue Treasury bills at extremely low interest rates.
Marc Faber
The ‘Women on 20s’ movement hopes to put pressure on President Obama to change U.S. currency, though it’s ultimately up to the Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to make the call.
Hallie Jackson
As treasury secretary, I don’t see it as my role commenting on the dollar in short-term movements.
Steve Mnuchin
Those who use tobacco, tea and coffee should lay these idols aside, and put their cost into the treasury of the Lord.
Ellen G. White
Dictators cause the world’s worst problems: all the collapsed states, and all the devastated economies. All the vapid cases of corruption, grand theft, and naked plunder of the treasury are caused by dictators, leaving in their wake trails of wanton destruction, horrendous carnage and human debris.
George Ayittey
When the former Fed chairman was in, Alan Greenspan was in, there was a saying back in those days that you called the ‘Greenspan put.’ Any time the treasury secretary – for the Fed chairman – said something, the market saw that as good news, and it took off.
Scott Garrett
The Treasury has responsibility for increasing employment and productivity, ensuring strong growth and competitiveness across all regions of the U.K.
Nicky Morgan
If we are going to remove someone, which I have no problem with doing, then let’s do the 20, not the 10, the very first secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.
James Lankford
After I left Treasury, I think in some ways it was harder to sit there and be writing my book… listening to all the criticism.
Henry Paulson
The Fed is the major U.S. firefighter. It’s not the Treasury. It’s not the Congress. We certainly saw that vividly in 2008.
Roger Altman
It is no secret that those of us in the Northwest believe the Administration’s proposal to drive up the cost of electricity in our region is not only misguided, but also will not achieve the intended goal of raising money for the treasury.
Greg Walden
One of the roles of the Treasury committee is to look under the bonnet of the financial services sector to shine a light on any of its shortcomings.
Nicky Morgan
If the Treasury Department should not remove Hamilton from the $10 bill, what should they do? The answer is fairly simple: Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
Eric Schneiderman
I could run for Congress. Why not? Good heavens, if Ronald Reagan can be president, I ought to make a great secretary of the treasury.
Sandra Dee
As a shadow minister I’ve been working with the Treasury team for years and they’ve been clear we couldn’t make unfunded commitments.
Liz Kendall
It doesn’t surprise me at all that a Treasury secretary would find a decentralized potential currency… to be hostile to a currency that they control.
Francis X. Suarez
When I left the Treasury, there was a poll that showed – and I don’t remember the numbers exactly right – something like 90% of the people were against TARP. It prevented a disaster, but you don’t get credit for a disaster that people don’t see.
Henry Paulson
We have already significant sums of money in our petroleum fund, a fund created by law that includes all the revenues received from the Timor Sea, and invests in conservative, safe, long-term investment portfolios – right now in US Treasury Bonds.
Jose Ramos-Horta
The Federal Reserve, the Treasury, all the regulator agencies – if there’s a problem of the financial mechanism in society, the only one to fix it is government. They’ve got a legitimate role.
Dick Cheney
As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, I aim to be the disrupter in chief; I want to challenge those who aim to block change, stop development and restrict success. I want to challenge the caution that strangles risk-takers and go-getters.
Liz Truss
In 1968 the Arts Council managed to get a grant from the treasury to buy up a lot of derelict touring theatres and put them back in the hands of the local authorities.
Timothy West
As chair of the Treasury Select Committee I hear time and time again just how important E.U. citizens are to the financial services sector. It is also apparent just how critical they are for our NHS too.
Nicky Morgan
When I was seven or eight, I was bought a fantastic boo

When I was seven or eight, I was bought a fantastic book called ‘The Movie Treasury of Horror Movies’ by Alan G. Frank; it became my bible. It’s packed full of the most amazing photos and is still fantastic to look at.
Mark Gatiss
German has always felt the language that I come back to. It’s given a very hard time by most people for being ugly and guttural. In fact, it’s one of the most melodic, lyrical languages around. And German literature is amazing. It’s just a treasury for me.
Susie Dent
Also for me it was different because I play a lot of villains and in this one I play a dad and I play a good guy, basically. He’s the Secretary of the Treasury. I never had a job like that.
Christopher Walken
Everybody knows that Alexander Hamilton was a founding father of the United States, a young father to be sure: only thirty at the time of the Constitutional Convention and just turned thirty-eight when he left behind his brilliant career as Secretary of the Treasury.
Edmund Morgan