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I enjoy countless hundreds pursuing me. I love those wh

I enjoy countless hundreds pursuing me. I love those who love me the most. I am sort of flattered by men showing attention to me.
Hedy Lamarr
I’m not the ‘look at me’ kind of a person. I do not like showing off in public or written about.
Imtiaz Ali
I like women who have their own idea of life: the woman who is assured, comfortable with herself, strong inside, proud of herself – not in an arrogant way, not showing off.
Issey Miyake
Freak’ was a fan favorite on the Dangerous Woman Tour, so I’m so excited to see everyone creating their own videos of the dance routine and showing their freaky side.
Victoria Monet
Nothing really prevented me from showing Catman as bi, but it’s how I thought of him.
Gail Simone
I love taking you inside a world that you’re not apart of and showing how actually works.
Jerry Bruckheimer
What is all our histories, but God showing himself, shaking and trampling on everything that he has not planted.
Oliver Cromwell
To show weakness, we’re told in sports, is to deserve shame. But showing weakness, addressing your mental health, is strength.
Mardy Fish
I’m not a very emotional guy. I just move on to the next play. I’ve always been that way. I don’t like showing much. I just try to do my job and get out. It’s important to stay poised until that clock says zero.
Tony Snell
That’s what a good crime novelist – any good novelist – should do with you: play with your perceptions while showing you everything in plain sight.
Harlan Coben
It’s my heritage overall, my people. Mexicans are known for being hard-working people, showing a lot of heart. I wanted to show people I am Mexican and I’m proud of it.
Cain Velasquez
On the ‘Revenge’ set, even if they’re not showing my feet, I’ll still wear my heels because it gets me in the feeling of Ashley Davenport.
Ashley Madekwe
I didn’t have a long-term plan or goal. If there would have been a road map showing me the way to my dreams becoming reality, I might have given it a second thought.
Haley Bennett
There is something vulnerable about showing your tattoos to people, even while it gives you a feeling that you are wearing a sleeve when you are naked.
Lena Dunham
It would be doing me great injustice to think that I have any feeling of indifference to my country; I have more reason than anyone to feel, every day of my life, the value of the blood which flows in my veins, and it is only from prudence that at times I abstain from showing how proud I am of it.
Marie Antoinette
With independent film, as an actor, you have more involvement – it’s very much more connected. It’s not just like I’m showing up and there’s another actor on the call sheet; you’re very attached to it.
Alia Shawkat
If you’re showing people where it’s smooth sailing, where is the joke? If you go back to any movie, even a conventional movie, with any comedians, they’re either not terribly intelligent or they’re not doing something well.
Christopher Guest
Because I’m such a tomboy, I hate showing off my body.
Brooklyn Decker
I’m just showing my personality in my clothing.
Dwyane Wade
I actually believe that this Trump phenomenon, which has affected many of us, is going to accelerate the use of art for philanthropy, because people are realizing that art is a vehicle for showing opposition – just look at the signs in the women’s marches.
Agnes Gund
That is what happened in 2010. The administration and the leadership of the Republicans thought, ‘Well, we’re making a deal together; we’re showing the world things can be done in a bi-partisan way. We’re extending all our tax cuts for two years.’
Austan Goolsbee
People were very passionate and over the top about showing me their love and affection, and they memorized my songs in Spanish.
I have nothing but praise for J. K. Rowling. Her contribution – apart from the books themselves, obviously – is showing writers how to interact with the 21st Century.
Terry Hayes
I don’t believe in funerals. I believe in celebrating life, and showing people, while they’re alive, how much I care about them. And I don’t believe in this business of burial. I’m an organ donor. Whether its my skin or my eyeballs, use whatever bits are intact and put the rest in the garbage.
Carmen Dell’Orefice
In an All-Star game the players are having more fun than usual and showing their personalities more than usual. And there are guys in this game – I’m not one of them – who are historically good. First-ballot Hall of Famers.
Sean Doolittle
Strong community and mentorship are the lifeblood of any successful entrepreneurial ecosystem, and it’s exciting the Boulder is showing the world just what sort of impact these things can actually have.
David Cohen
There are some actors who are very good at developing things, who have… ‘things in the pipeline.’ I am abysmal at that kind of thing, loathe it, and am a terrible planner. Unless I’m showing up on the set and acting, I prefer to have nothing to do with the actual business of being an actor.
James Spader
People have always painted me like a pessimist, like somebody who sees the glass half-empty. But I think the fact that I keep showing up and saying, ‘No, there must be a way for me to live in this world,’ that shows I’m an eternal optimist.
John Grant
In the Sikh tradition there is no prohibition of showing your hair. It’s not that hair cannot be seen. It’s an identity, as opposed to having to cover your hair.
Jagmeet Singh
Much like dystopian and post-apocalyptic books are a way to explore the worst-case scenarios lurking around the corner, fantasy can serve as a wonderful tool for showing kids that they have an inherent power in them to create change, both in themselves and in their community.
Alexandra Bracken
The hardest thing about being a leader is demonstrating or showing vulnerability… When the leader demonstrates vulnerability and sensibility and brings people together, the team wins.
Howard Schultz
The key to proving that there's a black hole is showing

The key to proving that there’s a black hole is showing that there’s a tremendous amount of mass in a very small volume. And you can do that with the motions of stars.
Andrea M. Ghez
After ‘Paths to Freedom,’ I met some people who used to teach drama in Mountjoy and they said that the prisoners loved ‘Rats.’ We went back to Mountjoy to research this film and the governor was showing us around and he introduced us to a few prisoners.
Michael McElhatton
The great thing about ‘Skins’ is that it’s not ‘90210.’ We don’t have to look stick-thin and ripped. Those shows send out the wrong messages by showing body-perfect people but not mentioning that they spend four hours a day in the gym to look that way.
Kathryn Prescott
I love showing my scar on my tummy – it is shaped like a question mark.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
I want to let fans know how much I appreciate them and how much I appreciate them showing interest in our music and me personally.
Randy Houser
Showing up every day isn’t enough. There are a lot of guys who show up every day who shouldn’t have showed up at all.
James Caan
That’s what defines the best athletes: being capable of showing up year after year at the highest level.
Ada Hegerberg
I want to be Jacques Pepin. I want to have a nice 50-, 60-year career. I want to be on PBS when I’m 70-something, still kicking it, having a great time, showing up in Aspen to sign cookbooks. I just want to have a nice, big, long career.
Tyler Florence
I can understand the validity of showing people the ugliness of the world, but I also think there is a place for movies to leave people with a sense of hope.
Chris Columbus
Saudi had been a very restricted place. Even on the magazines there, if there was a little leg or cleavage showing, they used to blacken it with a black mark. Me and Ishmeet, so many times, had tried to remove the black portion with our spit, but of course, it would never come out.
Karan Singh Grover
Hmmm… cooking with wine? I usually drink wine while cooking… I do a good braised short ribs with cabernet, though. We’re big red wine drinkers here. All that research showing that it’s good for you takes the guilt away.
Alafair Burke
I keep showing decade after decade that I am a real performer.
Patti LaBelle
I just don’t like showing everything I’ve got. I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard to be sexy.
Elisha Cuthbert
Good literature always ends up showing those who read it… the inevitable limitation of all power to fulfill human aspirations and desires.
Mario Vargas Llosa
A live action movie is work, and an animated movie is you showing up in your pajamas once every three months, or in my case, just a splash of baby powder. It’s not any kind of heavy lifting.
Ryan Reynolds
We feel a special bond with Sicily and its people – in fact, our first campaigns were shot in Sicily, like the one shot in Vucciria Sicilian historical market We enjoyed showing the faces and the characters that crowd that beautiful market every day.
Stefano Gabbana
The key to proving that there’s a black hole is showing that there’s a tremendous amount of mass in a very small volume. And you can do that with the motions of stars. The way the star moves around the center of the galaxy is very much like the way the planets orbit the sun.
Andrea M. Ghez
It’s a fantasy that we could have a president who could actually make choices based on what’s right, rather than having to weigh the political fallout. But that’s sort of what we’re showing. And you can dream.
Geena Davis
It was a hard decision to leave Norwich, and you have to take into account a lot of things – could I make the step up? Do I want to have another season of really showing what I can do?
James Maddison
My father, in a way, was a mentor in the way he instilled the basic values and ethics in me. My mother was a mentor by showing me an example to say that if women have tenacity, they can achieve whatever they have to.
Chanda Kochhar
Showing that you consistently have their best interests at heart not only motivates your people to do their best work; it also builds goodwill that you may need to draw on when the going gets tough and you have to lean on one another to find the horizon.
Julia Hartz