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I didn't play in indoor gyms until I was 12... Hitting

I didn’t play in indoor gyms until I was 12… Hitting the floor on concrete – it ain’t easy bouncing up from that. It makes you tougher.
Kyle Lowry
Only bad golfers are lucky. They’re the ones bouncing balls off trees, curbs, turtles and cars. Good golfers have bad luck. When you hit the ball straight, a funny bounce is bound to be unlucky.
Lee Trevino
Whenever Rod has four of five days off, he’ll be bouncing off the walls with boredom.
Penny Lancaster
Teenagers are like atoms when they’re moving at hundreds of miles an hour and bouncing off each other. Everybody’s got such a crazy hormonal drive and reacting to each other differently and getting upset over little things. High school puts all these potential explosions in one place.
Anton Yelchin
I don’t teach anymore, but I can still clearly see fifth period after lunch – that’s a real tough time to teach. And I tried to imagine writing a story that would appeal to those kids – even when they’re tired, even when they’re bouncing off the walls.
Rick Riordan
I’d say that on ‘Friends’ my character was the guy bouncing around the room. I’m no longer that guy, necessarily, in my life. I used to be. But I’m not now.
Matthew Perry
I’m a sportsman. I am used to failures, and bouncing back from them.
Vishnu Vishal
I think because of the eccentricity of my work and how I dress, people expect me to be bouncing off the walls. But that’s just not how I am.
Jeremy Scott
The challenge for me has first been to see things as they are, whether a portrait, a city street, or a bouncing ball. In a word, I have tried to be objective.
Berenice Abbott
I am a light person. I think of myself with a shield, a protective shield around me. And I think of bad things bouncing off it. Boom, boom, boom, ba-boom, ba- boom!
Kelly Brook
One of the marvelous things about Churchill is that whatever he was doing, whether fighting or arguing or despairing or bouncing about full of energy, jokes are never far away.
Paul Johnson
I was running around and bouncing out of the pram as a baby.
Jason Statham
If you’re not in the WWE and bouncing around in the Indy shows, you’re not with the best.
Rob Van Dam
A lot of people tell me that on screen you’re jumping and bouncing around with joy, but I take too much time to open up in newer surroundings.
Kiku Sharda
I’ve been very fortunate in animation – when I get on a project, people tend to keep me, so I have long stays of work rather than bouncing around.
Dave Filoni
I recommend multiple sports for sure. The memories I have bouncing around for each sport, having to juggle some in the same day, it’s tough; it’s difficult.
Giancarlo Stanton
Bouncing ideas off people when you’re thinking up comedy is great.
Casey Nicholaw
It’s about the characters, it’s about the film, it’s about the process of making stunning visuals and a huge, epic movie. It doesn’t matter if my head was covered in a black plastic bag and I was bouncing around in a space hopper: That’s the villain of Chris Nolan’s ‘Batman!’
Tom Hardy
My first film, ‘Like Minds,’ was with Toni Colette, who was extraordinary. I mean it was basically a mini-masterclass for acting on film at a time when all you could probably see were my eyebrows bouncing up and down on screen.
Eddie Redmayne
Jada, Styles P, the LOX, period. You throw on one of their joints… I’m in the whip; I try to keep my cool in the whip. I don’t like bouncing around, getting my crazy on, but it’s certain joints you gotta wild out. Roll the window down, blast the joints, let it be heard. That’s one of them groups that bang it out.
On a normal wicket, the ball goes through quickly after bouncing so it doesn’t give the batsman as much time. But on a slow wicket you have to bowl with more effort.
Ravindra Jadeja
I love to jump around, bounce around, and be active, which is one of the other reasons I decided to pursue a career in the kitchen. I work 12-18 hours a day, and most of it is spent doing just that – jumping, bouncing, and baking.
Christina Tosi
Bouncing a sitting president requires conscious action, a national decision to redirect the country’s course. This cuts against the grain, and that’s why incumbents have a natural advantage.
John Podhoretz
I’m always moving like a kid. I’m always bouncing around and never sit still.
Frankie Ballard
I was living in my truck, bouncing in bars – a 20-year-old kid trying to break up all these red neck fights. But hey, I did what I had to do to survive.
The Undertaker
In the 1960s and into the ’70s, everyone in their own way was trying to open up the musical horizon. There shouldn’t be a wall that you’re going toward and bouncing off.
Jimmy Page
And the more goals we set, the more we ramp ourselves up into bouncing coffee beans of caffeinated fury, ready to fly off the handle at the slightest trigger.
Susanna Reid
My parents kept us sheltered from this world of Hollywood. I don’t have any great memories of bouncing on Cary Grant’s knee or something like that.
Tony Goldwyn
I am bouncing back despite being a girl from Mumbai who didn’t work for two years. A lot of others girls in the same situation would have had to walk away from the industry.
Nikita Thukral
The way it works for me is my sight and sound senses are combined. Every sound I associate with a color and every color I associate with a sound… The way I see things is constant streamers across the room, bouncing off from every touch and every sound. Over the years, I’ve learned what color palates I love most.
Dev Hynes
When I joined Bloomberg, I was especially eager to take advantage of the organization’s size. Because I work on a wide variety of stories, bouncing between industries and countries, it’s immensely useful to work together with so many journalists with such a wide range of expertise.
Mina Kimes
The joys of friendship inert the heart and fizzy home b

The joys of friendship inert the heart and fizzy home bouncing jubilantly with laughter-buttered love.
Bradley Chicho
I’ve always been somebody who was just bouncing off the walls and high tension, hyperactive, you know what I’m saying?
Rich Swann
The children are watching us, and they’re jumping and singing and bouncing, and essentially wiggling around. Some of the parents do watch us, but most of the parents literally just watch their children for the entire show because they’re so excited that they’re enjoying themselves.
Emma Watkins
When I tagged with Andre, and I loved tagging with Andre, but Andre started having some physical issues, so I did all the bouncing around in the ring, and I did it joyfully.
Ted DiBiase Sr.
I don’t know how, where, and why the idea for ‘Defending Your Life’ began; the idea had been bouncing around for a while. Stories like that sort of have to bounce. They don’t come out of nowhere. I went through my own period of life with sort of everything turning upside down, and wondering, ‘Why is it this way?’
Albert Brooks
Joy acts like a trampoline, everything that touches it bouncing right back off it.
Mariella Frostrup
Teachers, people, and, to be honest, some of my classmates didn’t understand me. I was the person they didn’t like because I would always speak my mind and had a lot of energy. I’d be bouncing around all the time, being very opinionated.
‘Mr. Brownstone’ is always a fun song to play because it’s got that beat, and you see people bouncing.
Duff McKagan
I find it is imperative to switch my footwear at least once throughout the day to avoid fatigue, bouncing around the office in Superfeet-clad sneakers, then slipping into clogs whenever I am in the kitchen.
Chris Morocco
I’ve been bouncing around from comedy to drama and TV and film.
Krysten Ritter
If you remember back to some of the television we saw, Buzz and Neil on the Moon with Apollo 11. Black and white. They were bouncing around a lot. They were really bouncing on their tip toes. Quite fun to do.
Alan Bean
Too many vital education dollars that should be spent in the classroom are bouncing around in the federal bureaucracy.
Mark Kennedy
We’ve talked with over a dozen VCs and angel investors over the years. But we’ve never clicked with any of them until Andreessen. During our initial meeting, we were bouncing ideas around about where Imgur could go.
Alan Schaaf
When our career is over, when we retire and the basketball stops bouncing, we still have to find something else to do.
John Wall
My mother was a doctor and so I spent a lot of time with Hirabai, our maid. One day, she got home and saw Hirabai bouncing me on her lap and cooing, ‘Chunky, chunky.’ She liked the name and it stuck.
Chunky Pandey
Although I have been pretty vocal about hating touring, the only part of touring I don’t like is being on the bus and bouncing around.
Glenn Danzig
The worst time for me is in the final few hours of taking a track that you’ve worked on for two years and bouncing it down to the final stereo mix. The overwhelming emotion for me is complete and utter fear that I’ve made a mistake. I’m scared. Afterward, I obsess endlessly about it.
Kevin Parker
I’ve seen so many people – loved ones and colleagues – who jump from one diet to the next, one exercise regimen to the next . I was trying to figure out what were some of the basic things that each of us can build into a lifestyle for good, instead of bouncing from one thing to the next.
Tom Rath
It’s the warm-up in the changing room when I switch on. I don’t even think about the fight until then. Some fighters are bouncing about the walls, but I switch off. Then it’s like someone flicks a switch in me.
David Haye
I was the guy who had been bouncing around the film industry for years, and I’d been lucky if five or 10 people would see my movies, so Captain Jack did a big flip for my career.
Johnny Depp
My grandmother adopted me for a while, and I was bouncing around a bit. I was always helped by the PTA and church groups with food and Christmas presents. It’s a hard cycle to break, because when you don’t have the resources, it’s almost impossible.
Bobby Bones