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I'm still trying to get over the fact that my name is b

I’m still trying to get over the fact that my name is being mentioned with people like Brad Pitt.
Lupita Nyong’o
Brad has changed my sister a lot. They have an extraordinary bond, it’s not on the usual level. He’s great with her and I’ve never seen a brood like that who are all so supportive of one another.
James Haven
There are only three men in the world who are licensed to wear shorts: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise.
Bill Nighy
Brad Pitt is amazingly talented and equally good-looking, too.
Hansika Motwani
I like Brad Pitt; I just have nothing to do with him.
Olivier Martinez
If I could be anyone, it would be Brad Pitt.
David Fincher
I have no problem with commitment – you can’t have a real relationship without it. I can flip on a switch in my brain, and even if the next Brad Pitt is standing next to me, I won’t look at him. But I can also turn that switch off, and then I collect attractive boys.
Megan Fox
There are people out there who are into traditional country music and for those people you have artists like Brad Paisley and Josh Turner and Alan Jackson. Then you have artists with a progressive style of country music, like myself and Eric Church and Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert.
Jason Aldean
The one they always forget is Brad Dexter.
Robert Vaughn
If you had known me in middle school, I was definitely not what someone would think of as Brad Pitt. That was not me. I was kind of a dork.
Lucas Till
Brad Paisley is very funny. Who else is funny? I think Reba McEntire is very funny.
Sara Evans
In this business, you’re either Brad Pitt right away, or you’re already going down the ladder.
Skeet Ulrich
Brad will tell you. He puts a movie on, I’m asleep in 10 minutes. I have no patience. But the kids love action movies with comedy, Jackie Chan and all that.
Angelina Jolie
Brad Paisley has always been really great to me, and that’s no secret.
Carrie Underwood
Brad and I have never wanted our kids to be actors, but we also want them to be around film and be a part of Mommy and Daddy’s life and for it not to be kept from them, either. We just want them to have a good, healthy relationship with it.
Angelina Jolie
I’d like to take more pictures of real celebrities. It would be fabulous to photograph Brad Pitt. He’s so good-looking and just such a star.
Alison Jackson
I’m not Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Those guys walk into a room and the room changes. I think there’s something more… not average, but everyman about me.
Matt Damon
George Clooney and Brad Pitt, with those ‘Oceans’ films they do, they get to work together, make a whole lot of money, and make a major film statement. Imagine if once a year, myself, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, James Earl Jones, we did some relevant film together to make a statement.
Louis Gossett, Jr.
My nana is a real life mentor, and so is Brad Paisley and a few other idols in country music.
Kane Brown
I’ll look through ‘Us Weekly’ and I’ll see a picture of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. And I’m like, ‘Wow, they just… they look so good. Even if they’re like just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, they still look great.’
I’m a fan of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and all these people. If I could end up like Jonah Hill, winding up in a Brad Pitt movie, that would be awesome.
Kenan Thompson
I play very sweet characters, so people look at me like I’m the kid from ‘The Wonder Years,’ rather than Brad Pitt.
Chris O’Dowd
The actors I would like to work with are Julia Roberts, just because I’ve admired her work for a long time, well Brad Pitt. I think you know my reasons.
Christina Milian
Space is tight inside a tank: very close confines, and you’re permanently banging. Like in Brad Pitt’s new movie ‘Fury’ – the clanking of metal is all you hear.
James Blunt
I don’t look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. When you put me on the screen, the women don’t want to make love to me, and the men don’t want to be me.
Eddie Marsan
Vince or Brad or Benicio would say, Maybe we should try this, and Guy was open to changes.
Dennis Farina
I think what’s interesting about the whole paparazzi thing is that unless you’re Brad Pitt or Madonna, you can pretty much avoid it. You know when you’re going to an opening that you will be photographed, so that’s fine. And you know the restaurants that have paparazzi, so you don’t go to them.
Annette Bening
Because, let’s face it, I do not get offered the parts that Brad Pitt has just turned down.
Stephen Fry
I have unqualified admiration for Brad Pitt.
Peter O’Toole
No matter what heights you achieve, even if you’re Brad Pitt, the slide is coming, sure as death and taxes.
James Caan
I’m 5 foot 7, and I’ve got pasty white skin. I don’t think I’m ugly, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not your classic lead man, Brad Pitt guy.
James McAvoy
I think there is a way to be formal and elegant and cla

I think there is a way to be formal and elegant and classy, but more modern. Brad Pitt has been changing it, and Will Smith has been doing it in his own way.
Steven Cojocaru
Well, one of my favorite ones to work on – besides just about any scene from ‘Deadwood’ – was my scene with Brad Pitt in ‘Assassination of Jesse James’. That was just a fun day.
Garret Dillahunt
Look, a lot of women would be turned off with hearing me say how hot I think Brad Pitt is! Know what I mean? So I probably don’t help my cause.
Ryan Seacrest
Brad Pickett is one of the coolest guys in MMA and someone I have a huge amount of respect for.
Jimi Manuwa
If Flavor Flav was any smaller and darker, Brad and Angelina would try to adopt him.
Lisa Lampanelli
I liked it because it was such a dangerous script and showed just what human beings are capable of. Here was a movie in which Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, who always win in every movie they ever do, simply don’t win. I felt that was outrageous for a commercial movie.
Kevin Spacey
I don’t know about Brad Pitt leaving that beautiful woman to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean how long is that going to last?
Michael Douglas
The Cavaliers used to play at the Richfield Coliseum, and I actually went to see them when I was a little kid. Mark Price, Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, all those guys.
Dolph Ziggler
Angelina and Brad have shown me that caring for children is the greatest gift in the world.
James Haven
I have no illusions at all about being a sex symbol. None of my former girlfriends ever thought of me that way, and I don’t have any packs of women chasing me down the street like a Brad Pitt or someone like that.
Tobey Maguire
I’m interested in Dathan Ritzenhein’s future in the marathon, and I believe that’s where we need to address some issues he seems to have. He’s had good marathon coaches – both Brad Hudson and me. He’s figured out the fueling. He’s got this incredible aerobic engine. But something’s still wrong.
Alberto Salazar
I love Brad in every state.
Angelina Jolie
There are definitely worse people to be compared with. I think Brad Pitt makes interesting decisions.
Charlie Hunnam
I play Hopkins’ daughter. Brad Pitt plays Death. He’s a very-good looking Death. With him, dying isn’t so bad.
Claire Forlani
I couldn’t have found a better man than Brad. He still opens doors for me and brings me flowers. He’s the sweetest goofball on the planet.
Jennifer Aniston
I do hope to increase what I do into a Brad Goreski brand.
Brad Goreski
For the same reason we have the Brad Pitts and the George Clooneys, it’s just part of human nature to idolize stereotypes.
Neri Oxman
Who wants to get really granular with sabermetrics when you’re going to see a two-and-a-half-hour Brad Pitt movie? You don’t go to the cinema for a maths lesson.
Billy Beane
I never looked at it like I’m one of the most respected, but I always tried to stay to who I was. The way that I am in my music is the way that I am. I’m just not tryna portray nobody but Brad, period!
I sometimes wish I had a good ‘one syllable, one syllable’ name, like Brad Pitt.
Jason Butler Harner
Not everyone looks like Brad Pitt. There are people in the world that look like me. I think people feel that I could be living next door to them. That has much more effect on me.
Willie Garson
For years, friends in Springfield, Missouri, have remarked on the physical resemblance between Brad Pitt and his only brother, Doug. But the two share a deeper similarity: their commitment to charitable causes.
Kate Klise
Achilles was like a rock star of his day so it made sense to have Brad Pitt playing him.
Wolfgang Petersen
I’ve worked with Jack Warner and Jimmy Stewart – and Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp twice. I’ve had dinners with Fred Astaire and Cary Grant.
Peter Guber
Can you ever imagine yourself in a situation like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, where the world feels like they have a stake in your private life? I would never want it.
Amber Heard
My all-time favorite is Brad Pitt in ‘Interview with the Vampire.’ He’s so sexy. I’m a fan of anything he does, but in that film he’s a vampire who doesn’t want to feed. There’s something super sexy about someone who has to feed to survive but doesn’t want to do it.
Kayla Ewell
I went to L.A. to be Brad Pitt; now I just want to be Gene Hackman. I came to Nashville to be Kenny Chesney. I’d be very fortunate to be George Strait.
Christian Kane
The first time I kissed Brad my knees went weak – I literally lost my breath!
Jennifer Aniston
Brad Pitt is a dude who just wants to make good movies. He’s not afraid to surround himself with the greatest actors, which I always appreciate because I’ve also seen actors who only want to surround themselves with weak actors because it makes them look better. That ends up making a poorer movie.
Garret Dillahunt
Mr. Brad Delp. J’ai une ame solitaire. I am a lonely soul.
Brad Delp
My mom wanted to be a country singer, too, so country was always being played. And my girlfriends and I used to go to concerts, like Brad Paisley, in middle school and high school.
Jana Kramer
I knew very early on that I wasn't Brad Pitt.

I knew very early on that I wasn’t Brad Pitt.
Eddie Marsan
What Brad Bushman did is in 2010 he ran what’s called a meta-analysis, which is an analysis that looks at a whole bunch of different studies. They concluded that, yes, there is a link between violent video games and aggression.
Jason Schreier
When I first came to L.A., I was plotting out my career choices as if I actually had a choice. Unless you’re Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, impossibly good-looking, or look like a freak, you have to be malleable and open to everything that comes your way because that’s what makes it possible to pay your mortgage and eat.
George Newbern
I don’t think I’ve ever been in love, I’m sure I will be some day. I’ve had enormous crushes, although I’ve never been into the Brad Pitt thing.
Natalie Portman
Being voted the world’s sexiest vegetarian is about as cool as it gets. It’s not quite as cool as Brad Pitt, but it’ll do.
Chris Martin
When Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the same-sex marriage bill, my blood was boiling. I had been silent, but that night, Brad and I watched the news and saw all these young people pouring out on Santa Monica Boulevard venting their rage, and I said, ‘I have to speak out.’
George Takei
These days, no celebrity on a magazine cover, including Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, or Leonardo DiCaprio, could possibly match the visual punch of Alfred E. Neuman, the gap-toothed, grinning boy, goofily peeking out at us on the newsstand.
George Lois
Brad Pitt has something about him to where he’s played different characters in all his movies, and every single time after he’s done, I want to be him.
Zack Greinke