Top 70 Popping Quotes

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The British scene in boxing, not just the heavyweight d

The British scene in boxing, not just the heavyweight division, is popping.
Deontay Wilder
In the period before the arrival of Mrs. Thatcher, politics had been in such low esteem. Everything was so hedged, so mealy-mouthed. Then along came this woman who seemed to have no manners at all and said exactly what she thought. Everyone’s eyes were popping and their jaws were dropping, and I really enjoyed that.
Tom Stoppard
A good hair day is when my curls are popping. Sometimes my curls and waves, they like to go a little wild sometimes. They have a mind of their own. But some days, they just fall right into place.
It doesn’t matter where I’m at – if I’m somewhere sitting still for more than an hour, rhymes start popping in my head… It’s just kinda instilled in me.
I used to send out emails to producers to collaborate and they’d give me nothing, not even a response. As soon as I started popping off, out they came!
AJ Tracey
Popping broad beans out of their skins can be therapeutic, but it isn’t everybody’s favourite waste of time.
Yotam Ottolenghi
So if you see me popping up on ‘Cats Does Countdown,’ you know Kath needs a bit of money.
Kathy Burke
I’m allergic to cats, so I’m psychologically wired to associating kittens with itchy eyes and popping Claritin.
Ross Butler
I think ‘Candy Crush’ may be fading in popularity, but there’s always something new that’s popping up.
Kristen Soltis Anderson
New Yorkers tend to have a wall up. Being from the South, I didn’t have that. It helped me meet a lot of people. And, as a Southerner, I love wearing color. New York is a sea of black. My popping out in pink was definitely noticed.
Tinsley Mortimer
Of course I’d like children. But I have to get over my impression that being pregnant is like popping corn. You expand and expand until you pop.
Markie Post
I’m trying to put the past to rest, but things just keep popping up to just pull me back in.
Kendra Wilkinson
I didn’t want to do the usual drill of going down on one knee and popping the question or shower her with roses. Instead, I decided to stand on one leg and propose to her.
I would have loved to have been an aesthetician. I love, like, anything to do with – I know this sounds kind of gross – but any kind of zit popping is so fascinating to me.
Katie Lee
I have a huge note on my phone where things just start popping up. It doesn’t make that much sense to me at the time, but once a song is finished, I can read into it and figure out who the characters are in my life.
Lucy Dacus
We’d have Mick Jagger round for tea one morning or Janet Jackson wandering in, but I wouldn’t have been aware of it. I didn’t have a clue who anyone was. They were just dad’s friends popping in.
Holly Branson
I remember, around age three, peas growing in the back garden. Pinching them from their pods and popping them in the mouth was my first realisation that food came from somewhere other than a shelf.
Caitlin Moran
Games are work. There are economies popping up in games now because people value them.
Jane McGonigal
Enthusiasm just creates bubbles; it doesn’t keep them from popping.
Adora Svitak
I listen to all kinds of music. I love underground, new music that’s popping.
Juicy J
As my mind can conceive of more good, the barriers and blocks dissolve. My life becomes full of little miracles popping up out of the blue.
Louise L. Hay
I write what I think is funny and I write from a sense of popping a balloon or a sense of injustice, whether it’s about yourself, or whether it’s about something else. It’s my worldview; it doesn’t mean that everybody has to agree with it.
Denis Leary
Biggie has been the logo for success, the logo for doing it big – from popping champagne, the ladies, the fashion.
Fat Joe
With ‘At What Cost,’ I was basically reliving a time in my life during the go-go era. I remember when it was popping for my generation and how that felt and what it looked like.
For a while we had trouble trying to get the sound of a champagne cork exploding out of the bottle. I solved the problem by sticking my finger in my mouth and popping it out.
Lawrence Welk
Vine is where ‘Don’t’ started popping off. A lot of famous Viners used the song, and that was crazy because I had never been a part of something like that. I drank champagne for the first time when it got 100,000 plays.
Bryson Tiller
On a sea floor that looks like a sandy mud bottom, that at first glance might appear to be sand and mud, when you look closely and sit there as I do for a while and just wait, all sorts of creatures show themselves, with little heads popping out of the sand. It is a metropolis.
Sylvia Earle
I feel like my job as a storyteller and director is to create an experience where the audience forgets they’re in a cinema and can get lost in the story. Things popping out of the screen call attention to the artifice of what you’re doing, so I use 3D as more of a window into a world behind the screen.
Lee Unkrich
You ask me a question. I have a blank mind. You ask me a question, and the question is informed, and you’re interested, and now my mind starts popping. That’s what conversation is. That’s what communicating is.
Melissa Leo
For whatever reason, Coach Schwartz and I weren’t all that close at first. We didn’t have that kind of relationship, really. I don’t know why, maybe because I was a rookie, but I never felt real comfortable just popping my head in his office and sitting down to talk.
Ndamukong Suh
A juicy chicken breast can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic Caesar salad or a club sandwich. It’s also easy to cook, and can be as simple as dressing it with a few spices and popping in the oven.
Marcus Samuelsson
When I talk to booksellers, they tell me how hard it is

When I talk to booksellers, they tell me how hard it is to hand-sell some of my books because I do keep popping around.
Matthew Desmond
We’re talking about growing up in regular families, dreaming about better things, instead of popping bottles in the club and spending a lot of money that you don’t have while living in your mother’s basement.
Lukas Forchhammer
The older I get, the more grays are popping out. They’re definitely all over my beard.
Will Forte
With Fincher, you can take chances and try things. And what happens is that any pretension and preparation you’ve done, all the square, intellectual work, you can’t keep that up for 40 takes. It breaks down, and new things start popping up. This, for me, is the most exciting thing about film-making.
Stellan Skarsgard
You gotta stay on your P’s and Q’s. When you popping so hard, got these blessings coming down, you got the devil tryin’ to get at you.
If you think about jeans or phones or television, we are used to new brands popping up right and left. But in the car industry, we grew up with Mercedes, BMW, General Motors, and Ford, and nobody can remember during his or her upbringing a new car brand coming to life.
Henrik Fisker
Tech people like to stick to their knitting, and they measure their accomplishments by the growth of their company. Now the tech community is popping up and saying, ‘We do need to be involved in our surroundings.’
Ron Conway
Something that’s Crunk is off the hook. It’s popping, it’s going down if it’s Crunk. A football player listening to his Walkman as he’s getting ready for the game, jumping up and down, he’s Crunk.
Lil Jon
Every time I get on an airplane I have a routine. I cover the inside of my nostrils with anti-bacterial ointment. I’m popping Zicam like it’s candy. And I drink, literally, from L.A. to New York, six bottles of water.
Zachary Quinto
When I got to the NBA, picking and popping came so natural for me.
LaMarcus Aldridge
I like popping my own pimple, so I feel like when I go and get a facial and they do it for me, it’s really annoying. I’d rather do it myself.
Camille Rowe
Don Cornelius did not want to see how I really danced – I was doing hip-hop, and it was foreign to people out in California. They only knew about popping and locking, so they were not keen on hip-hop dancing.
Rosie Perez
I knew how touring was for 10 years, but it’s completely different now that things are popping off.
Nate Ruess
I enjoy popping in to World Duty Free at the airport and trying out perfumes – I can never resist a new scent.
Lisa Snowdon
My interests and obsessions have always been so wide-ranging that I keep popping my head out of different boxes as much as possible.
Tim Curry
When I was writing the first few books, what I would do is write a bunch of sentences and then go back and expand and explode those sentences, pack as much into them as I could, so they’d kind of be like popcorn kernels popping… all this stuff in there to make the writing dense, and beautiful for its density.
William T. Vollmann
This confidence is not something that happens overnight. I have been working on it for a long time. I look in the mirror and do affirmations: ‘You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.’ If my lower pooch is really popping out that day, I look at it and say, ‘Pooch, you are cute!’
Ashley Graham
When you count on someone you want him to be there in times of need. I may not be there when you are popping champagne bottles but I will be there, like a solid rock, if there is a tragedy.
Mahima Chaudhry
Prior to the App Store, the chances of that happening, of somebody really young forming a company and in a period of no time really becoming a global provider of a game or something else, it really didn’t happen. Now there are these success stories popping up everywhere.
Tim Cook
You can’t be glued in the ’60s. Walking around, going up the pub or popping to Tesco in a hunting jacket.
Dave Davies
I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.
Cameron Diaz
When I got my headshots done, there was this woman screaming at me to blow my lips out. She kept saying, ‘You want to be like Scarlett Johansson, don’t you?’ In the shot, my eyes are popping out; I look terrified. I realised I’d rather not get a job than go through pain to be something I’m not.
Jessie Cave