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I have a lot of sketches and ideas, but when you don't

I have a lot of sketches and ideas, but when you don’t use them, they get stale.
Ryuichi Sakamoto
The idea of trying to write sketches the same way we did on Saturday Night Live every day would be damn near impossible.
Chevy Chase
I took classes and performed and did improv and sketch and wrote sketches and did lights and sound for other people’s shows just so I could be around the theater. That was about seven nights a week for seven years.
Rob Riggle
In middle school, I started to draw, and my pencil sketches were huge. They were these 4ft by 3ft drawings, and I got a lot of attention for that, so that was very validating. But I didn’t start cartooning until I was in college.
Jeff Kinney
Then we tried to come up with ideas for the sketches, and then, when we actually shot the movie, we really just sat down – never previewed the movie – we just really winged it.
Joel Hodgson
The first day was memorable for me. I walked into this studio with these giant eyes, slowly met everybody and got to see the story boards and sketches of our characters. I got the see the sets and was just amazed that all this was to be something we all were going to be part of for almost a year.
Kyle Schmid
I did sketches and had the best time of my life because people were laughing. I was not self-conscious, because they laughed when I wanted them to.
Conchata Ferrell
Cheryl’s artistically inclined. She draws and sketches, but I don’t know about acting.
Lana Turner
I have no idea how to do sketches, believe it or not.
Pete Davidson
A man who fails is funny… if my sketches teach anything, it is that, for the male, sex is a snare and a delusion. What’s so corrupting about that?
Benny Hill
People get this very romantic vision of a fashion designer who in one night makes 25 sketches and in the morning throws them on the table and there are a lot of women in white aprons with the pins on the lapel and they start to grab the sketches and… It’s not like that.
Dries van Noten
My books were always full of ink blots, always stained and covered with smeared sketches and pictures, which one draws idly when his attention wanders from his task.
Pierre Loti
My university degree is in art and, yes, I do a lot of drawing for all my books. I have a big drafting table set up in a spare bedroom and I cover it with maps and house plans and sketches that I use in the books. Also, I truly love architecture, so that plays a big part in all my books.
Jude Deveraux
As I got farther and farther along in the series I did less and less preparation. I didn’t use outlines or sketches. I just had a vague idea of what I wanted to tell and then the dialogue just came to me as I was inking the page.
Jhonen Vasquez
Just by nature, I think in comedy. I think in sketches and what have you. In every drama or action movie I’ve been in, I have to make a concerted effort not to turn it into a comedy. Every shot, before action is called and after cut is called, I’m usually in some goofy head space. It feels natural to me.
Michael Jai White
I was doing sketches that were funny but socially irresponsible. I felt I was deliberately being encouraged and I was overwhelmed.
Dave Chappelle
Dysfunctional co-dependent relationships always appeal to me. I don’t know exactly how it started. I start writing sketches of characters and little scene-lets, and then it builds.
Elizabeth Meriwether
I never really set out to be a comedian, but as a kid, I loved doing sketches and playing characters. And then a great friend kept telling me I should be a comedian, so I followed her advice and gave it a shot.
Jerrod Carmichael
We were the best of friends. We monkeyed around recording sketches and jingles in George’s bedroom. On November 5, 1979, I phoned George and said ‘It’s now or never.’ Then we formed our first band.
Andrew Ridgeley
Some of these sketches were done at the very beginning of the Pirates project, when I was trying to find a direction for myself. That was the early sixties… maybe 61 or 62.
Marc Davis
I call ‘Community’ the best day job in the world, because between takes, I get to write music. I get to write sketches. I get to write movies. It’s the best job ever.
Donald Glover
I love Benny Hill. He one of my favourites of aaall time. Like, the way Benny did it, he was just amazing. Just seeing how he put songs together and comedy and the timing and the sketches. He was way ahead of his time.
Snoop Dogg
Simon Critchley’s ‘The Book of Dead Philosophers’ – it’s a quick thumbnail sketches of philosophers through the ages.
David Benioff
I was always doodling house sketches.
Jonathan Knight
It’s way more fun to tell jokes for an hour than it is to sit in a room and bash your head against the wall trying to think of sketches.
Neal Brennan
I never go anywhere. I do sketches and make phone calls, and people visit. It’s more fun to come to Paris.
Karl Lagerfeld
You can’t do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh.
John Singer Sargent
I used to write sketches. I loved David Letterman in the ’80s. I used to write Top 10 lists for him, and I faxed them in anonymously. I’m sure they threw them away.
Dan Schneider
My dad would write these sketches for me while I was at ‘SNL.’
Casey Wilson
I acted at school but got very bad parts – things that they’d made up in Shakespeare plays like ‘Guard 17’ – so I wrote plays and gave myself parts, then I wrote sketches, then I did stand-up. Even in the school nativity I was the emu in the manger.
Jack Whitehall
Some films really do take years to get going, but I’d say that most of the films I want to do are slightly smaller projects. Some could be sketches. They’re not all oil paintings.
Richard Linklater
I grew up on 'S.N.L.,' doing all the sketches on the pl

I grew up on ‘S.N.L.,’ doing all the sketches on the playground.
Cecily Strong
I don’t believe in making pencil sketches and then painting landscape in your studio. You must be right under the sky.
William Merritt Chase
With ‘Puddle Cruiser,’ the first 15 minutes are the weakest. When you’re total unknowns and you have a weak opening, it’s a real problem. At some screenings, we’d see the odd walkout before the movie even got going. But to counteract that, we’d do sketches before the show to introduce the film.
Jay Chandrasekhar
When I travel, I draw and paint sketches which is great fun. And as long as you are fully aware that it has nothing to do with actual art, I think that’s all right.
Arne Jacobsen
I definitely knew I wanted to be an actor in high school. I was doing plays and musicals, and I loved ‘Saturday Night Live’ and thought that was what I wanted to do – funny sketches and comedies. So I knew then, but I didn’t know how to go about it, but I found my way.
Jerry Trainor
I have a million funny ideas for sketches, but I don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars shooting them.
Gavin McInnes
I spent a lot of time on my own working out the physical vocabulary for how Gollum moved. As I say, I drew on a lot of Tolkein’s descriptions of how he moves, but also the conceptual artist sketches.
Andy Serkis
When I’m stopped in the street, people want to talk about ‘The Two Ronnies’ and the sketches we did.
Ronnie Corbett
In the past, so many of my records, really, have been sketches for records that never really got made.
Robert Wyatt
I tend to think that there is a sophistication to everything at ‘Saturday Night Live,’ including the sketches.
Fred Armisen
My first improv was Second City in Chicago. Before that, I worked at – with a partner, doing comedy sketches.
Fred Willard
I think the Mama people remember is from ‘Mama’s Family.’ She really turned into a pretty cool character. The sketches from the ‘Burnett’ show, if people are old enough to remember, were written by writers who all hated their mothers.
Vicki Lawrence
I recently discovered that Karl Lagerfeld sketches every single design in the Chanel collections. This made me so happy. I know it seems obvious, that the head of a fashion house such as Chanel would do this, but it isn’t always the way.
Dawn O’Porter
I started out in comedy gigging and scraping a living together, and eventually worked up to doing shows at the Comedy Store in London in 1979. That led on to me presenting a show in the early days of Channel 4 called ‘Whatever You Want,’ which had live music and sketches.
Keith Allen
All the drawings and sketches and clothes of Yves Saint Laurent in the ’70s were so colorful, so bright.
Frida Giannini
Remember that film ‘Sliding Doors,’ when John Hannah woos Gwyneth Paltrow by reciting Monty Python sketches? I can tell you now that doesn’t work, so that film’s wrong.
Stephen Merchant
I created DonorsChoose by putting pencil to paper – literally – and sketching out each screen of the web site and how it would work. Then I paid a programmer from Poland $1,500 to turn my sketches and common-sense rules into a functioning website.
Charles Best
If you look at any successful skit comedy show, ever, there is that format of introducing you to the player in the beginning, and then going on to see those sketches.
Keegan-Michael Key
I just use all the skills that I learned in film school, and I just incorporate them into my sketches. People don’t realize that, with a story, there has to be a beginning, middle and end. There has to be a problem and a resolution. Just because it’s six seconds doesn’t mean it’s not a story.
King Bach
As far as my sketches, I’ve always loved ‘What’s Up With That.’ It’s just a whole lot of fun, and I love ‘Black Jeopardy,’ too. Any kind of host capacity, I’m usually pretty good at.
Kenan Thompson
My acting has always been in the world of comedy, but in my writing, other than writing sketches, I really am drawn to the balance between comedy and drama. I like things that sort of toe that line of one minute you’re in this emotional space and then all of the sudden something happens.
Jim Rash
I am always making sketches of how information should look or mapping out a marketing campaign. When I present my notes, people start responding to them. Desktop publishing makes everything look slick. When you present sketches, it helps start the dialogue and collaboration.
John Katzman
I combined theatre and films with live TV, such as ‘The Royal Variety Show,’ performing sketches opposite Bob Hope and Maurice Chevalier.
Shirley Eaton
I did a lot of acting, funnily enough, unprofessionally, as a kid. From when I was 10 years old until I was about 19, I was always doing little sketches with my friends, and doing different accents and voices.
Sharlto Copley
I think I’m one of those guys who was sort of always in comedy. I thought of myself – and other people seemed to think of me – as funny from a very young age. I was a very young comedy nerd and I even did sketch comedy in high school and college. I wrote and shot sketches on video and acted in them.
Andy Daly
In the old days, you had to wait for people to give you money to go and make something. Now, you can post your own sketches online to get them seen. It means more talented people are coming through.
Hugh Dennis
Humanity at the centre of the primates, Homo sapiens, in humanity, is the end-product of a gradual work of creation, the successive sketches for which still surround us on every side.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
I used to sketch – that’s the way I thought out loud. Then they made a book of my sketches, and I got self-conscious, so now I don’t do it much.
Frank Gehry
Scene by scene, you can’t help being impressed by ‘Mean Girls;’ it’s like a group of sketches linked by a theme, with some playing much better than others.
Elvis Mitchell
I love telling stories. I love the intimacy between the writer and reader. When you write sketches it’s over in two minutes. When you write a book the characters have to have a bit of emotional depth.
David Walliams
I think what is nice about ‘Elf,’ and why it doesn’t play as one long sketch, is that the character actually grows up during the course of the film. It’s not just a character that you can keep checking in on and keep doing sketches about. It’s a story. I’m pretty proud of how we told it.
Jon Favreau
I will never tire of recommending the custom, practiced

I will never tire of recommending the custom, practiced by the best architects, of preparing not only drawings and sketches, but also models of wood or any other material. These… enable us to examine… the work as a whole… and, before continuing any further, to estimate the likely trouble and expense.
Leon Battista Alberti
SM:TV’ is where we learned our trade. It was young, we could try out new sketches every week. When we got better ratings than our BBC rival, ‘Live And Kicking,’ it was amazing.
Ant McPartlin
I had to embrace just basically writing and recording on my laptop. On long drives through the Rockies, I would take my laptop and mess around with ideas and make rough sketches of songs.
St. Lucia
Like any other creative person, I would make home videos, and I would make sketches with my friends, and I would make my own movies, so I have some love for the creative process.
Iliza Shlesinger
With the Larry Bertlemann portrait, I started with a photograph that I could use for it. I built the drawing’s identity to serve as a graphic identity. After a number of sketches, I went into my own abstract vernacular of drawn lines and shapes to create the composition for the poster design.
John Van Hamersveld
Those early sketches looked too cartoony; I really wanted to do detailed drawings – I was taking anatomy classes – but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it because of the time element.
Joe Shuster
Daft Wee Stories’ is, as the title says, daft wee stories. I just sort of rattled them out, tried to make them quite funny, with punchlines – they’re kind of like sketches.
I don’t work from drawings. I don’t make sketches and drawings and color sketches into a final painting.
Jackson Pollock