Top 75 New Technology Quotes

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There is a set of emotions around money and new technol

There is a set of emotions around money and new technology and advertising and that sort of thing, and there is this kind of changing, transforming way we go through the world happening. The lyrical eye, the perspective of poetry, can get to something like this when other forms of writing can’t.
Alissa Quart
There’s an overemphasis on conservation and other idyllic energy sources that can be harmful in that it hampers new technology and innovation.
Klaus Lackner
Creative people are notoriously the slowest to adopt new technology.
Robert Rodriguez
We’re living in an age where new technology offers gigantic upsides – artificial intelligence has the potential to diagnose cancer, catch serial killers and reduce prison populations.
Hannah Fry
For most Indians in America, wealth is not inherited. Neither do we make it as heads of large hedge funds and private equity funds. For us to make it to the top, we have to use our knowhow to create great new technology products and build high-tech companies.
Romesh Wadhwani
Healthcare is the only civil system where new technology makes prices go up instead of down.
Jaan Tallinn
We’re a very iterative company, so we jump on basically all new technology.
Parker Harris
A new bubble will replace the old one. A new technology will come along to fix the messes we made with the last one. In a way, that is the story of the settling of the Americas, the supposedly inexhaustible frontier to which Europeans escaped.
Naomi Klein
I love the new technology. New things give you a reason to want to go to the studio. New challenges mean you have to keep up, you know?
Dr. Dre
I don’t think any of us can do much about the rapid growth of new technology. A new technology helps to fuel the economy, and any discussion of slowing its growth has to take account of economic consequences. However, it is possible for us to learn how to control our own uses of technology.
Neil Postman
First, we would reposition UPI by bringing it into the 21st century with new technology. And second would be to better utilize its assets, like the library and archives, which have terrific value.
Leon Charney
Every young person gets so excited about new software packages and new technology.
John Lasseter
I am hoping that they come up with some new technology where you can track down your phone even after it’s switched off.
Madhura Naik
New technology creates a new marketplace of words, creating totally new words and changing the meaning and application of existing ones. In doing so, it has a potent opportunity to create new misconceptions and confusion.
Mark Walport
With social media and all the new technology, there’s just more interfaces around and reminders to constantly be working on our body.
Petra Collins
Magic and new technology have always walked hand in hand – even back in the days of Robert Houdin.
David Copperfield
The introduction of new technology is always disruptive to existing markets, particularly to content/copyright owners who sell through well-established distribution channels.
Steve Blank
When new technology in the classroom starts happening, some people get very excited and think of it as a panacea. It attracts very high amounts of money; it raises expectations, and those expectations aren’t met.
Mitch Kapor
The music and movie business has been consistently wrong in its claims that new platforms and channels would be the end of its businesses. In each case, the new technology produced a new market far larger than the impact it had on the existing market.
Steve Blank
I love technology – yes, I have fallen in love with older cars, but I’m all for new technology.
Mario Andretti
Any new technology tends to go through a 25-year adoption cycle.
Marc Andreessen
More than 20 years on, sustained competition, informed customers and the rapid growth of new technology provide the necessary environment for substantial deregulation.
Stephen Carter
What I love about new technology is that it really pushes the art. It really pushes it in a way that you can’t imagine until you come up with the idea. It’s idea-based. You can do anything.
Robert Rodriguez
I’m of the older generation. I accept the new technology, but I try to keep a bit of that away.
Mauricio Pochettino
A moderate tax on robots, even a temporary tax that merely slows the adoption of disruptive technology, seems a natural component of a policy to address rising inequality. Revenue could be targeted toward wage insurance, to help people replaced by new technology make the transition to a different career.
Robert J. Shiller
I was head of the Cold Weather Warfare unit within the Special Boat Service. My job was to do extreme climbs, learn about new technology, and create new ideas on how to operate in those conditions.
Nirmal Purja
I’m interested in things that change the world or that affect the future and wondrous, new technology where you see it, and you’re like, ‘Wow, how did that even happen? How is that possible?’
Elon Musk
We are very excited about launching Ola in Australia and see immense potential for the ride-sharing ecosystem in a country which embraces new technology and innovation.
Bhavish Aggarwal
I walk into the most incredible fashion houses and see the most incredible things – new technology, new ideas, new music. Incredible lighting, new girls.
Pat McGrath
Scientists surely have a special responsibility. It is their ideas that form the basis of new technology. They should not be indifferent to the fruits of their ideas. They should forgo experiments that are risky or unethical.
Martin Rees
There’s been resistance to every new technology that’s ever been introduced. When books came out hundreds of years ago, there were complaints that it would destroy the oral tradition. Some of those fears were justified, but it didn’t stop the rise of the written word. And books have proven to be incredibly useful.
Jeremy Stoppelman
We'll continue to invest in new technology because we t

We’ll continue to invest in new technology because we think every woman should have the ability to be connected through her beauty knowledge, opinions, products, and routine.
Emily Weiss
We often hear people talk about the concept of ‘uberization,’ where a new technology completely turns an industry on its head and forces us to rethink the way things have always been done. No industry will remain untouched by these forces.
Klaus Schwab
If you had no new technology, and you powered society as we do today – mostly by fossil fuels – you’d have only two choices: Doom yourself to horrific climate change by burning all that carbon and releasing all that CO2. Or power down society, reducing total energy usage around the planet.
Ramez Naam
What to do with a leading business that’s challenged by a new technology wave without hurting an existing profit stream? The single greatest example of recent memory is Apple’s willingness to decimate iPod sales by incorporating all the category-defining product’s features into a new gizmo, the iPhone.
Adam Lashinsky
As new technology emerges as the greatest challenge to novels since the advent of film, it may be that the fragmentation of storytelling into installments key to Dickens’s era will be recreated in some way.
Matthew Pearl
The Web and new technology offer more opportunities to reach a world market at a lower price. Today, a person can start a business at home and reach the world market.
Robert Kiyosaki
Condition Zero’ introduces quite a bit of content and gameplay to ‘Counter-Strike’ including new weapons, characters, mission types and even new technology to enhance to look and feel of the game.
Randy Pitchford
We don’t want to put new technology in that would cost teams more to compete with.
Brian France
If you really want to improve technology, if you want things to work better and be better, you’ve got to protect the person who spends a lot of effort, money, and time developing that new technology.
James Dyson
I’m embracing new technology to record my songs, and it’s a wonderful way to interact with people who love Whitesnake and help spread the gospel of the ‘Snake, and I’m having fun doing it.
David Coverdale
I’ve gone to China, bought a manufacturing company and moved it to America. Now China wants to buy back some of that new technology from me. That’s a great story for America.
Terry McAuliffe
In a world of global competition and new technology, I think competition is coming from new places.
Charles L. Evans
We’re in this transition period of figuring out how to deal with all the new technology that is out there, but television still proves to be the granddaddy of them all.
Jeff Zucker
New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It’s all about how people choose to use it.
David Wong
I would have volunteered to work at Netscape. It was the center node of this new technology and the commercial ecosystem of the Internet.
Reid Hoffman
Because it’s not always possible to shoot with a live piglet, I had to create a piglet. I went abroad and enquired about the parts, which cost almost as much as a big actor’s remuneration. I decided to go for an animatronics piglet, which is a new technology.
Ravi Babu
The embrace of a new technology by ordinary people leads inevitably to its embrace by people of malign intent.
Charles C. Mann
New technology is useful, but it’s inefficient and ugly; it knows it’ll be obsolete by lunchtime tomorrow, so it has no incentive to be anything else.
Tom Holt
To bring out a new technology for consumers first, you just had a very long road to go down to try to find people who actually would pay money for something.
Marc Andreessen
I like new technology.
Anderson Cooper
It’s important with any new technology to try to pay conscious attention to what the drawbacks might be. We choose to multitask. Sometimes our choices aren’t the wisest of choices, and we regret them, but they are our choices. I think it’d be wrong to think that they’re automatically bad.
James Gleick