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If I have to be typecast, I'd like it to be as Abraham

If I have to be typecast, I’d like it to be as Abraham Lincoln.
Sam Waterston
The Emancipation Proclamation, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, was put into effect on January 1, 1863, but news of the Proclamation and enforcement did not reach Texas until after the end of the Civil War almost two years later.
Corrine Brown
Abraham, a simple farmer, at a word from the Invisible God, marched, with family and stock, through the terrible desert to a distant land to live among a people whose language he could neither speak nor understand! Not bad, that!
Charles Studd
I’m not sure I’ll ever fully understand why some Christians get mad when we say that the ultimate hero in the Bible is not Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Paul, etc… but Jesus.
Tullian Tchividjian
The Scriptures contain many stories of people who waited years or even decades before the Lord’s promises came to pass. What modern believers can learn from the patience of biblical saints like Abraham, Joseph, David, and Paul is that waiting upon the Lord has eternal rewards.
Charles Stanley
I have always compared our traditions of liberty, like those of Abraham Lincoln and Ho Chi Minh.
Hanoi Hannah
We can build a better, more representative democracy through technology and ensure what Abraham Lincoln called the last, best hope for Earth will endure past the 21st Century.
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Somebody pitched me a superhero movie involving Abraham Lincoln. I was also pitched the idea of Dwarfula, which involved a mob of little people.
Verne Troyer
Priyanka Chopra has produced a Marathi film. Even John Abraham announced he wants to make a Marathi film. Suddenly everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Shah Rukh, Rohit Shetty also want to do a Marathi film. There is an awareness. But I hope they don’t come and spoil the market by making their kind of cinema.
Mahesh Manjrekar
We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party.
Barack Obama
The president was not the most important political player in the 19th century. Besides Jefferson at the beginning, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln, the center of politics was Congress.
H. W. Brands
But after he was pleased to reveal himself to me I did presently, like Abraham, run to Hagar. And after that he did let me see the atheism of my own heart, for which I begged of the Lord that it might not remain in my heart.
Anne Hutchinson
Even if there is a God, how do you know that his moral judgments are the correct ones? Seems to me Abraham should have said, ‘God, that’s just not right.’
Steven Weinberg
My favorite thought about Abraham Lincoln is he believed in two things: loving one another and working together to make this world better.
Mario Cuomo
We believe slavery was abolished with Abraham Lincoln; unfortunately, human slavery is alive and well.
Marisol Nichols
Just as every Jewish couple gets married under a canopy open on all four sides – a replica of the tent modeled for us by Abraham and Sarah – so must Jewish communities keep our tents open. This is the true source of our longevity and resilience.
Bari Weiss
Abraham Lincoln never denigrated, never scapegoated, never finger-pointed. And he had reason to.
Jamie Dimon
As a schoolboy, I read most of Carl Sandburg’s six-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln.
Gore Vidal
We’ve lost leaders from Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King, Jr. and countless others who have worked to bend the arc of the universe towards justice and equality. Yet, we remain undaunted, dedicated to striving for a fairer, more equal society.
Ralph Northam
My memoirs were written, and a portion of them already in the hands of the publishers, when the startling news came which has thrilled all Europe and filled her inhabitants with horror – the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.
Belle Boyd
President Abraham Lincoln never lost his ardor for the United States to remain united during the Civil War.
Douglas Brinkley
There is, of course, only one chosen nation. But Abraham Lincoln would call America ‘an almost chosen nation’ because he believed that America had a providential role to play in history, inspired by the example of God’s ancient covenant people.
Meir Soloveichik
Abraham is such a fascinating figure. Three world religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – all claim him as a patriarch. He was raised in a religious home. And yet he rejected religion in order to pursue a personal relationship with God.
Anne Graham Lotz
Great was the name of Abraham, but all his Sons were not accepted; only Isaac was in the Covenant.
John Pearson
There can be no doubt that the blessing, of which believers are heirs, is justification by faith; and that the promise, according to which they are heirs of this blessing, is the gospel promise made to Abraham.
Adoniram Judson
Even the poorest in Israel are looked upon as freemen who have lost their possessions, for they are the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Akiva ben Joseph
Hoover himself had risen from the most modest means of any president since Abraham Lincoln. Orphaned as a small boy, he worked his way through Stanford’s ‘pioneer’ class – the first freshmen at Stanford. He started his mining career in hard labor.
Margaret Hoover
How did Abraham know that it was God that bid him offer his son, being a breach of the sixth commandment?
Anne Hutchinson
That settled Abraham Lincoln with me. I was thoroughly satisfied that no such man ought to be President; but I could not yet conceive it possible that such a monster would be the choice of a majority of the people for President.
John Sergeant Wise
Abraham Lincoln went through 12 generals before he got Ulysses S. Grant. He had never done a Civil War before.
Marianne Williamson
Therefore, the church is not absolutely necessary as an object of faith, not even for us today, for then Abraham and the other prophets would not have given assent to those things which were revealed to them from God without any intervening help of the church.
William Ames
We have the promise of God's being our God, and of the

We have the promise of God’s being our God, and of the blessing by Christ for ourselves, as we are Abraham’s seed, yet take the whole promise collectively made to him and us.
Thomas Goodwin
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were gay, just for starters. They didn’t have a name for it, but their primary affections and intellectual attractions were all for other men.
Larry Kramer
Although a madman, Norton wrote letters to Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria which they took seriously.
Kerry Thornley
We belong to the camp of peace. We believe in peace. We believe that our one God wishes us to live in peace and wishes peace upon us, for these are His teachings to all the followers of the three great monotheistic religions, the Children of Abraham.
Hussein of Jordan
I was shooting for ‘Maaya’ when I got a call from John Abraham’s office. They told me about the film and asked if I could audition. But since I was shooting, I recorded my audition and sent them the tapes. The next thing I know, I was on board.
Harshvardhan Rane
Men like Abraham Lincoln recognized that if the slaveholders were not stopped, it would only be a question of time until they spread their system of elite rule to the entire country. Poor men would be bound for life into menial labor, and American democracy would die.
Heather Cox Richardson
It was both Abraham’s and the Jews’ privilege also that they should have this promise to all generations.
Thomas Goodwin
I am humble Abraham Lincoln. I have been solicited by my friends to become a candidate for the Legislature. My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman’s dance.
Abraham Lincoln
The election of the Jewish people is the result of God’s falling in love with Abraham and founding a family with him.
Meir Soloveichik
We are watching industries crumble, Wall Street firms disappear, unemployment spike, and unprecedented government intervention. And our designated opinion leaders want to know: Is Obama up this week? Is he down? And is his leadership style more like Bill Clinton’s, or Abraham Lincoln’s?
Thomas Frank
Most fourth graders can’t say why Abraham Lincoln is an important historical figure? Wow. This is far more distressing than if the news had been that fourth graders were bad at reciting multiplication tables, because you can, in fact, Google that.
Susan Orlean
That was the miracle of Abraham Lincoln, politician. He pursued the high purpose of moving justice forward via the low arts of patronage and patronization. Indeed, in a democracy, it is usually the only way great deeds are done.
Joe Klein
Jews bear children not only because the carnal election of Abraham must continue. For Jews, raising children is essential to living a rounded ethical life.
Meir Soloveichik
Yes, President Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, but a hundred years later, the Republican Party wasn’t Lincoln’s. Richard Nixon became president by courting Americans upset by integration, intentionally fueling the racial divide.
Donna Brazile
The Republican Party, which John McCain led as our nominee in 2008, is going to become irrelevant if we become the party of intolerance and hate. The party founded by Abraham Lincoln was a party that fought slavery and intolerance at every level.
Ed Rollins
Somebody wrote a script around us, but Dustin Abraham came with the best one.
Method Man
The Internet is changing the way we think of our relationship with government; it has the potential to bring to life what Abraham Lincoln said about the presidency being an instrument of the people.
Jose Antonio Vargas
After working on a film with John Abraham, it is very difficult to work with anyone else. It leaves you with very little to learn.
Joy Mathew
F. Murray Abraham is an incredible actor and has been for a long time. I’ve been watching him as I grew up.
Cameron Britton